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The Father's House

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  1. "The House of the Father"
  3. By a black national socialist.
  5. It happened that when the father died, the three brothers took their leave and went their own way; as all young men must do.  One went east, one went north, but the third, the youngest, stayed in his father's house.
  6.         "I will attend to his affairs," he said.
  7.         The older brothers said nothing and left all the same.
  8.         The eldest brother walked north.  He soon found the bitter harshness of such a place, and wrapped himself in animal furs to keep warm.  Soon he came upon a beautiful woman: white like the winter snow, with flaxen hair that flowed like wine, and eyes that were as water.  She danced the dance of her people for him and he grew to love her, but when he asked for her hand in marriage, the father and the brother denied him.
  9.         Thus did the eldest brother die alone in the frosty north.
  10.         The middle brother went west, and wandered the desert.  He came to know the men who's labour under the sun has burnt them; and there they taught him to make wine and sing and dance.  He eventually took his leave of them as well, and sailed across the sea to the mountain-land.  It had no people then, so the middle brother found the land rich and fertile, and built his home there.  He grew rich from the goodness of the land, but was alone.  He left his affairs in order and went north to look for a wife.
  11.         It had happened that by then the lady of the forest, whose gold had faded to silver, had given birth to a daughter; who was a woman upon the middle brother's arrival.  He offered the lady and her brother (for the father was deceased) tributes that he brought with him: wine, linens, and perfume, for their daughter's hand in marriage.  They denied him his prize, but arranged for a celebration before he left, which he accepted.
  12.         They loved his mannerisms, his clever songs and joyous dances, but not his scent or his curled hair.  They drank wine deep into the night.  But it happened then that the second brother found the eldest's skull, and recognized him immediately, and asked in the fitting manner of the desert cobra, "What happened to his man, whom I never knew?"  They told him, and he flew into a rage, strangling many of their women before stealing away the daughter of the silver haired lady.  He fled home with her, and she came to bear him children; but they looked like neither him nor her.
  13.         The middle brother grew fat and rich and wealthy; he told his sons that one day they must visit his father's house, at the center of the world.  He died, old but not venerable.
  14.         The children grew, each of them as well taking their place in the world.  The world had changed by then, and their father's estate was dense, so some of them went far away, while others went only a little away, and some worked their father's estate.  The oldest, Ephram, was the primary beneficiary of his father's land, and controlled most of its wealth and power.  One day he recalled his father's words and decided to set out to the see Grand-Father's House.  He left recklessly, as young men are wont to do, bringing all his mercenaries and leaving his affairs untended and undecided.
  15.         When he came to the center of the world, the people there were afraid of him, for he did not look like them; nor did he look like the foreign merchants that passed through there.  When he asked where the owner of an estate was; they gave him bad directions, when he asked for his Grand-Father, they denied him, saying, "You are not of his tree, serpent-tongue."  He grew frustrated and wandered the center land aimlessly, determined to find the house.
  16.         It happened then that he found a strange old man, with long white hair and a great beard that flowed around him.  He was naked; and emaciated, and stared dreamily at the sun.  Ephram asked the old man if he knew where his Grand-Father's estate had been, to which the old man replied:
  17.         "It is all throughout the land, as the others took it apart and distributed it."
  18.         Ephram became angry and asked why such a thing had been done.  The old man replied:
  19.         "He was o his people when he was born, and he was of his people in his body.  And now his things are among his people.  Is that not right?" He laughed.
  20.         This man mocks me, Ephram thought, and he threw the old man to the ground.  But the old man's bones cracked, and he said:
  21.         "O father, as I was to you, so my children are to me.  Your estate has become of this land, and your bones are buried here.  I shall be the same and my sons as well, and our women will not betray our people, nor our land or customs - "
  22.         "But you, Ephram, are forever cursed, for you were born of a traitorous woman and a vengeful, sinful father."
  23.         "Your sacrifices are nothing."  And with that he gave up his breath in battle with Ephram, thus giving his spirit to the land.
  24.         Ephram grew afraid, and fled, for a father's death brings vengeful sons.  As he traveled, his mercenaries abandoned him, for they did not trust him.  When he returned home his house was filled with men from the north, who said,
  25.         "As your father took your mother so long ago, so we have taken your family and your estate.  His crime was grievous - our people are forever split.  The wound may heal, but the scar remains: there shall be men of the north and men of the south now; there will be peace between us and no other."
  26.         "But you, accursed one, shall walk with the sun burnt men, if you are to walk with anyone."
  27.         And with that, Ephram fell to his knees, cursed God, and plunged his sword into his heart.
  29.         Deus vult, salve europa, imperium afrika, heill odinn, amen.
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