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  1. “…So yeah, my travel agent said I’d feel right at home getting a hotel in Malie City.  I’m not gonna second guess a suggestion like that!”
  2. This Kantonese sightseer hasn’t stopped talking since they sat down next to eachother in the Ula’Ula terminal.  Being only two of many who came in on their ship, there’s a bit of a wait to be served, leaving the one who isn’t here to see the sights with her head down in her hands.  And being a girl in a hurry, the chatter is a bit too idle for her taste.
  3.     “Yeah, I get ya,” she replies, lifting her head up to sit back in her chair, “It’s yer first time leavin’ the region.  Don’t y’all think ya should try ‘n’ get more a’ the local experience?”
  4.     While the sightseer doesn’t exactly seem offended by the suggestion, their confidence does seem to waver a bit.  “You sound like you know where you’re going.  Any place you think would be better?”
  5.     “Naw, I’m new to Alola, too.”  No.  She can’t just say something snotty and not back it up.  “I hear Akala Island is nice.  Got the Wela Volcano Park. ‘N’ all that.”
  6.     Thankfully, she’s rescued from the conversation.  “Next!” the lady at the terminal desk calls out.  That gets the woman in a hurry to hurry right up.  Her hands slap down on the desk.
  7.     “Yeah, howdy, here’s my trainer I.D.  Look, I’m gonna need a map of Malie City, and if you could direct me towards the library, I’d be much obliged.”
  8.     The lady at the desk is hardly in such a hurry.  She looks down at the I.D. presented to her deliberately, comparing the girl with the brown hair and red bandana on it to the one standing right in front of her.  “If you want to go further than Malie City, there’s a bus stop not far from here.  Otherwise, some areas of travel might require permission from the local Trial Captain.  Welcome to Ula’Ula Island.  Alola.”
  9.     “Yeah, thanks, Alola ‘n’ all that.  S’long!”
  10. With that, the girl in a hurry grabs all of her things, including a map of the area, and hurries off.  The bright sun that bathes her as she emerges from the terminal warms her entire body.  “Ah, just like back home!” she announces to herself, not caring who hears.  And she doesn’t just mean the warmth.  Finally being free to walk around on solid ground as she likes is refreshing enough to remind her of her home in the countryside.
  11. Of course, that reminds her that she’s probably not the only one who’d like to stretch their legs a bit.  Fire type Pokemon aren’t known for their love of boats and the sea, so hers is probably eager to get out.  “Come on out, Achilles!”  Plucking a Poke Ball from her belt, she releases the named creature from it.  The light from inside the ball forms into a Kirlia who immediately salutes the sun.  “C’mon.  I’ll give ya a shoulder ride into town.”
  12. So, with a pair of green legs dangling down over her blue overalls and pink shirt, the girl in a hurry takes it a bit easier as she makes her way into the city.  “Land sake,” she whispers to herself as she crosses through the gate leading into the walled city.  Having only been to Vermillion City in Kanto, and never to Johto, the sight of the iconic sloped tile roofs and sliding doors strikes her as the most foreign things she’s ever seen with her own eyes.
  13. In fact, she’s so taken with the scenery that she forgets what she was even in a hurry to do before.  Which is typical of her.  Her belt, heavy with a full team’s worth of Level Balls, is evidence of that.  She wouldn’t have made so many friends if she didn’t get distracted and wander once in a while.  Same way she’s gotten her Pal Pad so filled up.  You never know who you’re going to find out in the countryside or on a route.
  14. It’s her nose that gets her the most distracted, though.  Eventually, she smells something that drags her straight towards the source.  It’s a building with a sign on it.  “What’s this, er, ‘male-uh-sad-uh’?”  Achilles shakes his head, not knowing what it is, either.  “Well, iffin it tastes half as good as it smells…  I gotta have me some.”
  15. A few full bellies later, the two of them come to know exactly what a malasada is, and have already resolved to return for more once their business is through.  Speaking of which, they did come here on business, didn’t they?  Weren’t they in a hurry?  Why, yes they were!  And judging by how late it’s gotten since they lost track of what they were doing, it might be too late to call on anyone for business anyway.  They’ll be in bed!
  16. This time, they follow the map straight to where they wanted to go in the first place.  That is, the Malie City Library.  By the time they get there, it’s dark.  Luckily for them, there’s still someone awake tending the front desk when they walk in.  “Howdy.  Er, Alola,” the girl in a hurry begins, setting her Kirlia down, “Are y’all still open?”
  17. “Why yes,” the young man behind the counter replies, closing the book he was reading to do so, “We’re open twenty-four hours a day.”
  18. “Alright, good.  Listen, I’m lookin’ fer, uh, a Samson Oak.  A professor Samson Oak.  You know anybody called that here?”
  19. “Why yes.  The Pokemon Professor is renting one of our privacy rooms to act as his lab while he’s in the City.  Would you like to leave a message for him when he gets back?”
  20. “Is he, er, gone?”
  21. “Why yes.  He left a short while ago.  He mentioned he was headed for the Recycling Plant on the cape.”
  22. “Oh, so he left a SHORT while ago?”  This question isn’t asked to reconfirm what he had said.  No, she’s asking it entirely to scold herself for her own incompetence.  If it hadn’t been for her losing track of time wandering around the city, she might have caught him.  “To, uh, where exactly is this?”  Her face returns to her two hands.
  23. “The Recycling Plant?  Why, it’s just to the north of the city.  North and west.  Not very far.  You should be able to make it there without issue.”
  24. “Thanks.  Alola.”
  25. Now no longer in a hurry at all, this girl just picks up her Kirlia and sulks off to find herself a motel to stay at while she’s in town.  And since it’s dark, there’s nothing to distract her from doing so.  “Come on out, Beacon,” she asks of another of her Pokemon once she’s found a room to be down in.  This one is a Flaaffy wearing a thick coat of wool that her trainer cuddles up against.  It’s not like her to feel like a failure or give in to her negative emotions, but it’s still nice to have someone to lean on when it feels like she might.  Once the sheep has stopped braying to comfort her, the Pokemon and their trainer drift to sleep.
  26. When morning comes, these three don’t waste any time.  The heel of the trainer’s cowboy boots click rapidly on the streets of Malie City as she hurries to the other side of town flanked by her two Pokemon.  This time, she’s far too determined to get distracted, much as she might be tempted to do so when seeing places like high end sushi restaurants on her way out.  Mostly because sushi is something they have back home, but also the determination.
  27. The walls of the city open up into the wilderness of Ula’Ula Island.  As the girl in a hurry keeps a good pace, she marches further away from the city, the land around her growing more wild as she does.  It doesn’t take very long for her to be in the right place for Pokemon as wild as the terrain to be a common sight.
  28. Again, she’s reminded of home.  She’s heard of the Pokemon here.  Alola is a region where certain Pokemon have adapted to the isolation by changing in unique ways.  Which, to her, is and always has been a normal thing.  The thought of the sheep walking next to her being anything other than a Normal type still mystifies her.  And if she weren’t on a mission, she would consider catching some of this region’s unique Pokemon.  But that can wait.  She can always return to Alola again some day.
  29. The import of her mission doesn’t make the sight of the wild Pokemon she sees along the way any less agonizing.  Who wouldn’t want to catch one of those strange green and yellow Grimer, or one of those black colored Rattata?  No, her own regional variants are what she has to stick to.  Who would feel her sincerity if she wasn’t totally dedicated to her cause?  Again, she reminds herself that she can always come back.
  30. At any rate, the noticeable incline of the land makes for quick travel.  If the Recycling Plant is on the cape, all she has to do is follow the land uphill, and she should eventually make it there.  And thanks to her total refusal to engage with the local wildlife, much to her Pokemon’s chagrin, she manages to come within sight of the plant by dusk.  “Land sake,” she says to herself, petting Achilles on the head as she does, “Say, Beacon, why don’t y’all use Flash, make us some light fer the last stretch.”
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