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  1. *** Lee Martin was frozen mid gesture, calling out "Anyone he-" as the door swung open.
  3. *** [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] walks through the doorway, discreetly shutting it behind him.
  4. [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] says something in Japanese.
  6. *** Lee Martin squinted, turning his head slightly. "Uh, I'm sorry. I don't speak, uh..."
  8. [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] says "That was Japanese... Sorry. -- How can I help?"
  10. Lee Martin says "Ah. Well, I just transferred in." He would glance around the building. "I'm just checking out the city, I guess."
  12. *** [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] nods, quickly tapping on the Register; slotting the machine's tray back in with a sleight of his right hand. "Ah, sorry. There's normally a lot more customers, but it's died down a fair bit recently. I'm about to clock out, so... -- Need anything?"
  14. *** Lee Martin glances down at the menu, his hand absent-mindedly moving towards his back pocket. His face falls slightly as he pats down an empty pocket. "Almost forgot I had to spend all my tokens on a relocation ticket." He offers a weak smile. "Well if you were just leaving, don't let me hold you. I gotta get to know the city some, anywho."
  16. *** [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] nods, breaking out into a small smile. "Ah, is that so? Well, I might as well issue you with /this/..." He reaches into the back of his pocket, rifling through the small slip of denim before withdrawing a small, discrete snippet from the depths. "Here, the /special/ of the day. Better eat it before the 'cops catch you with it." He starts to disembark the counter, moving adjacent from his current position. " -- What's your name, anyway?"
  18. *** Lee Martin looks towards the bar handed towards him, graciously taking it into his own hands. "That's real decent of you. I don't quite know what to say." The expression on his face plainly showed he wasn't lying. "I'm Lee, nice to meet you."
  20. *** [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] shoves his hands into his gracious pockets, chuckling. He casts a small glance around the place, returning his undivided attention back to Lee. "Well, Lee -- welcome to City Seveenteen. As they say, it's /safer/ here... of course, that's all bullshit. Do yourself a favour, and stick out of District Four's basement." He casts a look over to his watch, checking the small ornate hands. "I'm Al. -- And of course, I'm almost late again." He utters a small sigh.
  22. *** Lee Martin pockets the granola bar, briefly glancing at it to assure himself that it wasn't obvious he had it. "It always is. Gotta say though, this city is a bit more miliarised even compared to where I've been." He began to move towards the door. "Al. I'll remember that. Let's hope I can repay your gift with my patronage when I have the tokens. Have yourself a good day."
  24. *** [6'1 / Unshaven; visib...] nods, quickly a brief glance at the small flickering light-strip near Lee. "They've increased the security because of a whole /slew/ of stuff. You'd best want to snag somewhere safe..." He begins to move towards the door, but quickly glances at Lee again as he walks out. "By the way, you've /probably/ figured this out, but by the time you see me again I'm not going to be here." He opens the door, casting a direct enterance into the city's slums. He impromptly adds "I /don't/ exactly work here..." with a chuckle, dissapearing into the district.
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