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  1. Don't worry, that value is only wrong half of the time
  2. The unit test doesn't cover that eventuality
  3. There was too little data to bother with the extra functionality at the time
  4. I thought you signed off on that?
  5. The program has never collected that information
  6. That's interesting, how did you manage to make it do that?
  7. Your browser must be caching the old content
  8. Our internet connection must not be working
  9. I couldn't find any examples of how that can be done anywhere online
  10. I thought I fixed that
  11. The marketing department made us put that there
  12. Somebody must have changed my code
  13. Maybe somebody forgot to pay our hosting company
  14. That was literally a one in a million error
  15. There's currently a problem with our hosting company
  16. I'm not sure as I've never had a look at how that works before
  17. The accounting department must have cancelled that subscription
  18. I'll have to fix that at a later date
  19. I didn't anticipate that I would make any errors
  20. That process requires human oversight that nobody was providing
  21. It worked yesterday
  22. It's a third party application issue
  23. It works, but it's not been tested
  24. Well done, you found my easter egg!
  25. That's already fixed it just hasn't taken effect yet
  26. Well, that's a first
  27. I'm still working on that as we speak
  28. It's always been like that
  29. It's a known bug with the programming language
  30. The code is compiling
  31. It must be because of a leap year
  32. That's not a bug it's a configuration issue
  33. Our code quality is no worse than anyone else in the industry
  34. I haven't touched that code in weeks
  35. I can't make that a priority right now
  36. The problem seems to be with our legacy software
  37. The person responsible doesn't work here anymore
  38. Well at least we know not to try that again
  39. The existing design makes it difficult to do the right thing
  40. The download must have been corrupted
  41. Oh, that was only supposed to be a placeholder
  42. Even though it doesn't work, how does it feel?
  43. It works for me
  44. How is that possible?
  45. It's a known bug with the server software
  46. It must be because of a leap second
  47. It would have taken twice as long to build it properly
  48. Did you check for a virus on your system?
  49. The request must have dropped some packets
  50. I thought I finished that
  51. I broke that deliberately to do some testing
  52. My time was split in a way that meant I couldn't do either project properly
  53. There must be something strange in your data
  54. Oh, that was just a temporary fix
  55. Everything looks fine my end
  56. It's never shown unexpected behaviour like this before
  57. It's just some unlucky coincidence
  58. The client wanted it changed at the last minute
  59. We outsourced that months ago
  60. It was working in my head
  61. I couldn't find any examples of how that can be done anywhere else in the project
  62. Why do you want to do it that way?
  63. You must have done something wrong
  64. Our hardware is too slow to cope with demand
  65. What did I tell you about using parts of the system you don't understand?
  66. I haven't had the chance to run that code yet
  67. We should have updated our software years ago
  68. That important email must have been marked as spam
  69. You're doing it wrong
  70. Well, at least it displays a very pretty error
  71. The WYSIWYG must have produced an invalid output
  72. That feature was slated for phase two
  73. Where were you when the program blew up?
  74. I'm not getting any error codes
  75. The original specification contained conflicting requirements
  76. You must be missing some of the dependencies
  77. There were too many developers working on that same thing
  78. I told you yesterday it would be done by the end of today
  79. It would take too long to rewrite the code from scratch
  80. Management insisted we wouldn't need to waste our time writing unit tests
  81. Nobody has ever complained about it
  82. I usually get a notification when that happens
  83. I was told to stop working on that when something important came up
  84. I was just fixing that
  85. That behaviour is in the original specification
  86. Our redundant systems must have failed as well
  87. That feature would be outside of the scope
  88. That error means it was successful
  89. The third party API is not responding
  90. It can't be broken, it passes all unit tests
  91. I have never seen that before in my life
  92. I haven't been able to reproduce that
  93. I couldn't find any library that can even do that
  94. THIS can't be the source of THAT
  95. I must not have understood what you were asking for
  96. The user must not know how to use it
  97. That isn't covered by my job description
  98. We spent three months debugging it because we only had one month to build it
  99. You must have the wrong version
  100. The third party documentation doesn't exist
  101. I'm surprised it works as well as it does
  102. I can't test everything
  103. That's the fault of the graphic designer
  104. It probably won't happen again
  105. The third party documentation is wrong
  106. I had to do the project backwards as people demanded results out of order
  107. This is a previously known bug you told me not to work on yet
  108. Nobody asked me how long it would actually take
  109. Actually, that's a feature
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