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  1. Cancer are one type of dangerous disease.when we heared about it, we scared for that. But in nowdays Cancer Words are common to heared.
  2. Cancer patients are need to care for itself including skin care, Nail care, Health because of they had been side effects like hairfall, skin Injuries,brittle nails etc.
  3. Cancer patients goes in two step of treatment namely Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy.
  4. Chemotherapy medicines infrequently cause mellow, transitory changes in nails and nail beds. These may incorporate weakness, cutting, staining, change in development rate, elevated affectability, and lifting of the nail bed.
  5. In the event that the last happens, nails ought to be kept short.
  6. Don't cut your fingernail skin is one of the first imporatant thing for Nail care. Use fingernail skin removers.
  7. Rub fingernail skin cream into the fingernail skin zone to neutralize dryness, part, and hangnails.
  8. Wear gloves while doing errands, for instance, washing the auto or the dishes. Superfluous prologue to water can provoke infectious ailments of the nail bed.
  9. Women can use Nail Polish to help keep nails strong and protected from the harmful germs in overall environment. Clear nail polish can be helpful for men.
  10. Be careful when getting a manicure or other cosmetic nail treatments. If you do get a manicure, bring your own nail care implements. Stay away from acrylic nails or wraps applied because bacteria can grow behind the synthetic nail or wrap and possibly cause an infection.
  11. Outstandingly dry nails can get the chance to be unmistakably weaker or more delicate in the midst of treatment. To take off clean, use a smooth remover.
  12. In the event that you're encountering chemotherapy, keep up a vital separation from reenacted nails.
  13. Alert your expert to any signs of bothering or pollution.
  14. Approach a specialist manicurist for more information on consistently home care to keep your nails sound and strong.
  15. Please far away from that products which are consist more chemicals.
  16. When you follow all that things definately you will get beautiful and stylish nails even during chemo treatment.
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