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  1. msg ravien Greetings Speaker. I have a matter of some concern to me that I need to bring up with you. Throughout my many years of defending Eleusis I have never been so upset with a citizen’s representation of Eleusis. What occurred with Aodfionn was something I never would have expected to see from anyone. A number of months ago during a raid defense for Eleusis which I lead I took some notes about guard placement and came up with a number of suggestions to improve the city’s ability to defend itself during a raid. Both northeast and northwest Eleusis is strongly underguarded while a number of rooms near to gatehouse are overly guarded to the point it is excessive. I spoke to Aodfionn as he is your Minister of Security and asked him about guard placement and recommended looking at spreading out the guards more he eventually said that Rangor was in charge of guard placement. This month after a raid defense that I lead again I spoke to Rangor about my ideas. I may have been a bit pressing in the presentation of my ideas as just like many of Eleusinian citizens I have been giving my blood to its defense for many years. I gave Rangor some examples of where guards could be moved since they had not been doing anything and Rangor at one point seemed to agree with me on a couple ideas. Overall though Rangor’s decision was that "It's just annoying to be given suggestions that I've already considered." which does not bother me. It was simply my intent to give the suggestion in the hopes of making growth. At this point however Aodfionn came to me and requested to speak with me. The following took place at this point “Aodfionn Longshanks-Drac'kal, Loaim kahi Abha Ardu smiles and says to you, "I have receive reports from several of I aides that you have had many great suggestion for guard placement." Aodfionn Longshanks-Drac'kal, Loaim kahi Abha Ardu says to you, "Very... enthusiastic, suggestion, even." Aodfionn Longshanks-Drac'kal, Loaim kahi Abha Ardu says to you, "I here to thank you for concern, and to give you gift that I think best shows our feelings for such a thing." Aodfionn gives the corpse of Father Garron, the priest to you. Aodfionn tells you, "Oh, and in case you have more suggestion - unless you feel like pay for new barracks, we already have as many guards as can." I’m shocked that this is what a simple suggestion is taken as. Aodfionn killed an innocent priest denizen of Jaru, a village protected by Shallam, and gave it to me as a “gift”. Which by Shallam’s laws will require Aodfionn to be enemied. I’ve forwarded the occurrence to Veldrin to let him to deal with it to ensure the enemying is done properly if Veldrin deems it required. I then spoke to Rangor about Aodfionn’s actions and he recommended I speak to you about it. While I have been composing this message I also received the following message to Aodfionn: “If you want to complain about how mean it was to give you corpse of priest, do it to I face.” I believe Aodfionn’s behavior is disrespectful and unacceptable as 1) I am an ally of Eleusis. 2) He represents the government of Eleusis and if there was a true problem he should act like a professional. 3) Even as an Achaean his behavior is simply disrespectful and shows no thought on his part. I’m not one of those to simply request to be unallied at this happening and of course I will always continue to defend Eleusis but I am deeply hurt by the actions of a representative of Eleusis and I worry that Aodfionn may find a way to turn away other or future allies at one point. Thank you for your time and I apologize for the long message.
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