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  1. App Name: Spirited
  2. Spirited is a cocktail resource for the professional bartender or cocktail enthusiast.  Users can search cocktail recipes including the classics as well as modern craft cocktails from reputable bartenders.  A recipe-storing component will also allow users to create and update their own recipes, and submit them to be included in the database.  The database will ultimately be available as a free cocktail recipe API.
  3. This app addresses two problems.  Most cocktail apps out there, excepting a few available only on iOS devices, are flooded with out-of-date recipes.  Spirited would be aimed at the professional bartender, with a curated collection of innovative, modern craft cocktail recipes available, and the ability to create and add personal recipes (credited to the creator) for sharing through the API.  On researching free cocktail APIs available for my last project, I discovered that there's only one available, and it is set up for exact-match ingredient search only (so searching for 'lime' will not get you any recipes with 'lime juice', 'rum' will not work for 'dark rum,' etc.), rendering it somewhat useless.  Spirited would be a self-contained app but the ultimate goal would also be to have it available as a free API as well.
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