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  1. echo_tine (Lyra)Yesterday at 11:36 PM
  2. So I just thought of something as I was planning for a game this weekend:
  4. If I run an adventure, that means I should either not bring one of my characters or not give them full rewards.
  5. Because I'm running an adventure, that means I might miss out on other GMs adventures that run at the same time, if they ever do, or I'll just not have enough time to dedicate to two sessions.
  6. Together, that means GMs won't be getting as much XP as people who are always playing in other people's adventures with their characters.
  8. I know that overall XP greed might not go away if we give people downtime XP or other "adventure" rewards, but there are a lot of similar problems that giving XP weekly might solve, and we should at least try to fix those somehow.
  9. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:39 PM
  10. There are. Most persisent RPs use some manner of downtime xp system. I showed one such system off as an example, which also includes a way to work on gold, crafting, and other things.
  11. Now, the argument could stand that xp only matters for adventures anyway, but that's only true to a point. Some class abilities can be both usable in town RP or integral to a concept. Others interact with kink stuff such as bulk thresholds. I know there are at least a few people (I can name names if I have to) who are wary to engage in town RP they'd otherwise enjoy because they're trying to stagger their weight gain until they get a class feature that helps with bulk limits.
  12. There's also things like, say, a battle chef's tool proficiencies, just as an example.
  13. They could take those from background sure, but then once they hit level 3 those proficiencies from the class are lost.
  14. Finally, there's another problem that will develop in the future: Disparity between levels. Adventures won't be level neutral forever. Some characters will inevitably become much higher than others and adventures will need to have level restrictions most likely.
  15. When that happens, keeping xp adventure-only only serves to widen a gap.
  16. One way or another.
  17. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:47 PM
  18. I think that the reason why a good GM should be discouraged from participating in their hosted adventures is that it's less fun. We all already know to watch them like a hawk for unfair play and they know it too. I don't think that will be a serious problem.
  19. But with the way that our town roleplay system works, players have some leeway in bending the rules of their D&D sheet for the sake of fun, including accessing features early that their class level doesn't give them access to yet.
  20. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  21. You should establish that later part in the design document.
  22. And actually codify that into rule.
  23. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:50 PM
  24. Without this kind of rule, the divide between Civilian and Adventuring characters would be so much greater than the divide that you had mentioned.
  25. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  26. There's also the matter of the future and the level divide that will inevitably form.
  27. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  28. We did imply it in the "On your honor" part of the document. But perhaps you are right that we should make it more specific
  29. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:51 PM
  30. There is already, as stands, way fewer adventures and GMs that players who are interested in them.
  31. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:52 PM
  32. You really think a level divide will happen because GMs will go on fewer adventures than everyone else? I don't think I agree.
  33. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:53 PM
  34. No
  35. Grog1024 (Dellea|Ellin|Bok)Yesterday at 11:53 PM
  36. Well a level divide could form in general the longer the server exists
  37. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:53 PM
  38. I'm talking about yes
  39. The one that will inevitably form as time and the xp curve continues.
  40. Considering new characters always start at level 1.
  41. Well, new players, anyway.
  42. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:54 PM
  43. I know that an XP divide is likely to happen, but I don't think that who hosts the adventures will have anything to do with it.
  44. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:54 PM
  45. No, it won't.
  46. Which is perhaps the wrong way to start this.
  47. My point is that there are other benefits to non-adventure xp.
  48. There's also the fact that the way things are now kind of discourages people from GMing.
  49. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:56 PM
  50. Have you ever been in a campaign where a new player doesn't understand the features of their level?
  51. I have and it's a goddamn circus. It was much more frustrating than fun.
  52. Maralei (Moiraine)Yesterday at 11:57 PM
  53. I can understand where you're coming from, but I don't think making things harder for more experienced players is the answer.
  54. Especially given experienced players may want to run more adventures, but don't want their own characters to fall behind
  55. Which are mine and echo's personal concerns.
  56. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Yesterday at 11:59 PM
  57. We have many more new players than experienced players. That's a very important thing to remember.
  58. I think that schedule availability will be by far the most important factor in determining who levels up the fastest, even more than players who spend their time to GM instead of play.
  59. Besides, all living world campains and their encounters have to be built to accomodate the level gap.
  60. November 9, 2018
  61. echo_tine (Lyra)Today at 12:02 AM
  62. Putting aside who runs games, that schedule availability still seems like a problem that passive XP gain could help with.
  63. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Today at 12:03 AM
  64. I ask the question again of why is XP gain so critical?
  65. The GM builds their encounters based on the levels they expect their players to have, and can even restrict levels if they wish. It's like the level system of Skyrim.
  66. Maralei (Moiraine)Today at 12:03 AM
  67. Players who are quite good roleplayers and experienced with the system but just can't make adventuring times might also get discouraged. I know a few I'd describe like that who are already worried about that.
  68. They can restrict levels, yes
  69. echo_tine (Lyra)Today at 12:04 AM
  70. Who are the highest XP characters on the server so far?
  71. Natsu-Kashi (Lilli, Non, Cream)Today at 12:05 AM
  72. As long as new players keep coming in, there is no way that everyone will become close to the same level, and as time goes on it will become even more diverse. Trying to boost everyone to be the same level just isn't going to work.
  73. Grog1024 (Dellea|Ellin|Bok)Today at 12:05 AM
  74. Bandages I think is pretty high XP(edited)
  75. Maralei (Moiraine)Today at 12:05 AM
  76. But I'm just looking at how few adventures get run here. When they become level restricted, that becomes even one more hurdle to jump for availability
  77. When scheduling and scarcity are already big ones.
  78. echo_tine (Lyra)Today at 12:07 AM
  79. Ara is level 3.
  80. Grog1024 (Dellea|Ellin|Bok)Today at 12:07 AM
  81. wait really
  82. woah
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