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  1. To All WPD Subscribers post top level comments archive:
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. How to join our community(ies):
  7. You can visit a proxy to ZeroNet by visiting <>
  9. If you'd like to connect directly to the ZeroNet p2p network for the WPD site...
  11. How to set up ZeroNet:
  12. 1) Go to <>
  13. 2) Click 'Download for Windows' (or whatever your OS is)
  14. 3) Extract the zip file
  15. 4) Navigate to the main folder and launch the ZeroNet.exe file
  16. 5) You can now enter ZeroNet addresses into your URL bar
  17. 6) The WPD ZeroNet adderess is <>
  19. How to join our Discord:
  20. 1) Go to <> and click Download
  21. 2) Install Discord and launch
  22. 3) Click on the plus sign on the left side of the Discord UI and paste <> to add the server
  23. 4) Do not post any NSFW content or any embedded links.  Discord may ban this channel as they did with the last WPD channel.
  25. If the Discord can't be joined (i.e. banned):
  26. 1) Go to
  27. 2) Create a name and enter the chatroom
  28. 3) It's a sort of ghetto chat room just meant to serve as a contingency communications option so that if Discord gets banned, we know where to go.
  30. How to join our Telegram:
  31. 1) Install Telegram on iOS or Android
  32. 2) Confirm your phone number to create an account (your phone number will not be shared with anyone)
  33. 3) Install Telegram on whatever platform you want (you can even do the browser based Telegram and not install anything)
  34. 4) Message @tejmar and request an invite to the WPD telegram group
  35. 5) He asked me for my Reddit username. That may just be what he asks everyone, so just give it to him.
  36. 6) Follow the invite link that he messages you
  38. How to join the WPD Announcements Telegram
  39. 1)
  40. 2) This one does not need a special invite from Tejmar
  41. 3) It contains general announcements about the WPD community web
  43. How to join our 8chan board:
  44. 1) Visit <>
  45. 2) Rules here are nothing illegal.  Have at it.  Just remember that we're trying to start our own site- not make 8chan our primary home.  It is just a backup for if Discord and Telegram get banned.
  47. Possible future website (in development):
  50. Alternative communities:
  51. (very toxic community)
  54. Feel free to comment any suggestions regarding the future of the WPD community on any of these communal hubs.
  55. Hope to see you around.
  56. -r8
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