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Geir Ivarsøy obituary

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  3. Thursday March 9 was a sad day for everyone at Opera Software. That day,  
  4. co-founder Geir Ivarsøy died after a long fight with cancer. Geir's fight  
  5. demonstrated his strength to us all. Geir showed us the way. Many others  
  6. would have given up after years of bad news. Geir displayed his mental  
  7. strength during difficult times.
  9. Geir first got sick in 1997. Shortly thereafter he implemented so-called  
  10. stylesheets (or CSS, a language used in almost all Web pages today) in the  
  11. Opera browser, with advice from Håkon Wium Lie. By that time, Håkon had  
  12. already spent three years guiding Microsoft and Netscape [in the use of  
  13. CSS], but Geir managed to create a better implementation in only three  
  14. months, while sick.
  16. In this period we were also contacted by a big international company which  
  17. wanted to acquire Opera Software. It would have been understandable if  
  18. Geir supported the opportunity, given his health, but Geir preferred to  
  19. continue building the company.
  21. Geir was a role model for many of us. Geir managed to combine work and  
  22. family life. He came early to work and left early. But when he was at work  
  23. he created wonders, something he willingly shared with others. At home he  
  24. spent time with his family and was an active contributor on many levels. A  
  25. true role model for the rest of us. After his kids went to bed he often  
  26. spent hours solving complex technical problems. He brought the results  
  27. with him to work the next day.
  29. We will all miss Geir. Geir contributed to making Opera Software to what  
  30. it is today. He never spoke loudly [Norwegian expression] about his  
  31. abilities. He was a reserved man but we will remember him as a hero and  
  32. someone who championed a better world.
  34. Jon S. von Tetzchner and all employees in Opera Software ASA
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