Running Domination Program (Penny Smut)

Nov 13th, 2015
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  1. Darkness.
  3. You wake up in a room. No telling how long you've been out, or how you got here. Your vision is still blury and your head is hurting. When you go to rub your head however, you find that your hands won't...or rather can't move.
  5. You hear a door open and turn your head to see Penny walk inside.
  7. You stare at the ginger haired girl, still unsure about just what's going on
  9. "You're finally awake Anon," Penny smiles brightly at you as you stare, your vision slowly coming back to normal, "I was worried that I might have hit you a little too hard."
  11. “What is this,” you shout, ignoring her comment, “where am I, what did you do Penny?”
  13. She calmly walks over to you and caresses your face with her hand. Then she smiles and slaps you across the face. Hard. You stare in disbelief, your face stinging from her slap, and then you flinch when she goes to touch you again. She puts her hand on your cheek gently, but even the slight touch made the spot sting.
  15. “I did not give you permission to speak,” she says as she traces her finger down towards your chin, propping it upwards with her finger, “my little pet.”
  17. You stare into her eyes and she smiles at you. A smile that you once saw as beautiful now fills you with nothing but fear.
  19. “Oh do not worry Anon,” she said, stroking the other side of your face, “If you are not disobedient, then there will be no need for further punishment.”
  21. she slowly moves her hand down along your body, your eyes following her every move, until it stops and rests on your crotch.
  23. “Oh my,” she says as she starts to stroke it, “Are you getting turned on by all of this? I did not think of you as that type of man, Anon. What a naughty boy you are.”
  25. You feel yourself start to become erect under her touch, despite your resistance, and she smiles wickedly in your direction. She unzips your pants and pulls them down to your knees, leaving you in your boxers with your bulge showing through them.
  27. “We are going to have quite a lot of fun tonight, Anon,” she tells you as she takes her shoes off and climbs into to bed with you.
  29. You look on, unable to do anything, as she straddles you and runs a finger down your chest. She quickly stands up however and places her foot against your crotch. She rubs her foot up and down it, and you twitch against the sole of her foot, even though you try your best to ignore what your body wants to do.
  31. “Are you getting excited anon?” She asks, continuing to rub you, “You're a disgusting little pervert aren't you?”
  32. After she says this, she moves her socked foot to your face.
  34. “Remove it,” She orders you.
  36. “No wa-” you're cut off by her socked foot shoving into your mouth after you opened it.
  38. “Uh-uh Anon,” she smirks, “I'm the one in charge now.”
  40. You gag on her foot as she smiles down on you, wriggling it in your mouth, and as you start to cough and choke on it you know that the only way for her to let you breath again is to do as she says. You close your eyes and bite on the sock, pulling your head back, and she smiles at you.
  42. “Good boy,” she says as she raises her leg up, helping the sock to slide off, “now the other one.”
  44. After you get both socks off of her, she moves one of her feet back to your lips, rubbing her big toe across them.
  46. “Kiss it.”
  48. “Why are you doing this to me Penny,” you look up at her, defeat in your cracking voice.
  50. She does not answer, and instead continues rubbing her foot on you. You stare at her, and tell yourself that if you just do what she wants, if you get this over with quickly, then maybe she might let you go. It's the only hope you have, but you don't know if you can hold on to that hope as you pucker your lips around her toe.
  52. Penny raises her skirt and rubs herself through her panties, as she thrusts her toe in and out of your mouth as though you were giving her toe fellatio. You close your eyes as tears slowly form while your tongue wraps all over her toe, trying to find a safe place in your own mouth.
  54. Finally Penny plops her toe out of your mouth, rubbing it on your shirt to wipe off the string of drool connected to it, and straddles you once more. She smiles and leans in closer to you and starts licking your neck, her tongue feeling wet and smooth as it explores you, as you try and pull away.
  56. “I know you want this Anon,” She cooes, “I can feel you throbbing against me.”
  58. She slides her lower lips along your shaft, still covered by your boxers for now, and you can feel them getting soaked by her juices.
  60. “I know, because I want it too,” She smirks, and her green glowing eyes stare down at you, making you feel small as you lay under her.
  62. “P-Penny, please just let me go,” you stammer out but are cut off by another slap.
  64. “Do not speak without permission you wretch.”
  66. You feel the sting of her slap on your face, with the after effect being almost worst than the smack itself. You tremble under her as she simply smiles down at you and starts to rhythmically move her hips against yours and you feel yourself unwilling twitch against against her panties.
  68. She giggles and reaches down, causing you to flinch, but this time she simply runs her hand through your hair. She moves her panties to the side with her free hand and then moves your boxers down, and you spring out from them.
  70. She starts moving her hips again, making your member wet and slick. You feel your face heat up and you silently hate yourself for being turned on by this, but you know you don't have any chance of fighting back.
  72. “Just get on with it,” You say, not able to look your captor in the eyes, “Just do what you want.”
  74. “Oh Anon,” You feel her hand moving along your chest, “I just want us to have a little fun together. You might even enjoy yourself if you try.”
  76. You shift your eyes to look at her and see that eerie smile. It would look sweet and innocent to anyone else, but to you it was like being trapped by a grimm that just marked you as its prey.
  78. She holds your throbbing cock in her hand, and positions it at her entrance and starts lowering herself onto you. You slide in with little trouble thanks to her slicking you up, and you both gasp slightly at the feeling of you being inside her.
  80. She's still for a moment as she gets used to you being inside, and then she starts slididing up and down. She barely has half of you inside, and her breathing gets heavier and goes in rythem with her actions. Up and down, in and out.
  82. Once she finally gets adjusted, she starts to take you slightly deeper, the pace of her breathing increasing the more she takes, until she finally takes you down to the base. Your breathing has picked up now, and you can feel your face heating up.
  84. You don't want to enjoy this, You don't want anything that's happening to be real. At least that's what you keep telling yourself as Penny gasps when you twitch inside her.
  86. Your body doesn't share your hateful sentiments on the situation and Penny just continues smiling at you.
  88. “It seems you are finally starting to enjoy yourself as well Anon,” She closes her eyes and slowly continues to raise and lower her hips, “I told you that this would be fun.”
  90. You start to object, but before you can leans down and presses her lips to yours. He tongue intrudes your mouth and takes over.
  92. Against your will, you moan into her mouth as she dominates yours. She pulls away, a shimmering line of spit still keeping you connected for a moment before she wipes it away with the back of her hand.
  94. You just stare at her as she relishes how good everything is feeling, a bright red blush becoming more noticeable on her face.
  96. You hate that she's enjoying using you like this, you hate that you don't have anyway to fight her off or stop this, but more than anything you hate yourself. You hate that you're starting to enjoy what's happening.
  98. You don't want to enjoy it, the feeling of being inside her, of how warm and inviting it feels, of how good it feels when she slides up and down you all while your hands are literally tied up to keep you there.
  100. But you can't help it, and you're starting to feel yourself lose any urge to resist what your body is telling you to enjoy.
  102. Penny starts to pick up her pace, clutching tightly to your shirt as she bounces, and your legs start to squirm under her. She slams down once more, taking you to the base, and starts to grind her hips on you.
  104. Your legs squirm more and more underneath her and you feel her bite your collar bone, a muffled moan coming from her, and your head jerks back from the sudden feeling of her teeth on your skin.
  106. You soon feel her nails dig into you through your shirt and wince from the pain as Penny finally stops biting you. She unclinches and quickly gets off of you and turns herself around, giving you a view of her small, petite, ass, and lowers herself back on you.
  108. If you weren't bound hands over head, you doubt you'd be able to resist grabbing it as she bounces on you. She grabs your legs for support as she begins slamming her ass up and down you, a distinctive slapping noise being heard every time your bodies make contact.
  110. “OH, OH ANON I'M GONNA,” Penny throws her head back and screams, “CUUUUUUUMMMM!”
  112. Penny arches back as she screams, and she clamps around your member making it tighter around you, and your toes curl as you feel yourself ready to shoot your built up load inside of her. But before you can reach your own climax, Penny slides herself off of you and turns back around.
  114. You stare pitifully at her, desperate for release despite how all of this started. Penny just smiles at you and grabs your throbbing cock in her hand and slowly strokes it up and down, teasing you.
  116. “I want to hear you ask for it,” she says, moving her face next to your member, still panting as she tries to catch her breath,
  118. “I want you to beg me for it.”
  120. You stare at her, your member twitching in her grip as you feel her panting against it, her lips just inches from you. You can't help yourself anymore. Even if you hate what's going on you can't just end it like this, so you steady your breathing as best you
  121. can and look her in the eyes.
  123. “Please, Please let me get off,” you plead.
  125. She smiles and rubs her cheek against you, teasing you with how close her mouth can get without touching it. She rubs her thumb against the head of your cock and pre-cum makes it shimmer.
  127. “I don't really believe you,” She coos, “I think you can be more convincing anon.”
  129. You twitch again and close your eyes.
  131. “Please Penny, I...I want you to make Cum. Please let me cum.”
  133. You here her giggle and prepare for the worst, you get ready for her to walk away leaving you an unfulfilled mess tied to the bed. But your distress quickly passes as you feel yourself get taken in her mouth. You open your eyes and see her head bobbing up and down as she holds one side of her hair back.
  135. You can hear her moans and slurping as she bobs before plopping you out of her mouth and strokes you off more. The mix of her saliva and juices causing a squishing sound to come from it.
  137. You watch as her tongue hangs from her mouth when she licks it, swirling the tip of of it around your head, causing you to throb in her hand. She smacks you against her tongue a few times before taking you back in, and you feel yourself hitting the back of her throat as she starts to make gagging noise as she goes. She only sucks you for maybe fifteen or twenty seconds when you feel yourself ready to cum.
  139. “P-Penny,” you begin to sputter,” I'm, I'm going to-”
  141. She just looks up at you, cock in mouth, and smiles. She starts going faster and faster, her tongue wrapping around you every which way and slurping sounds echo around you. It feels like your hips are thrusting on their own as you try to get as much of yourself in her mouth as possible.
  143. “F-Fuck, P-PENNY,” you scream her name out, Your breathing turns rapid and unsteady, you toes curl and your legs go stiff. And you cum in her mouth.
  145. You can hear Penny gulping down your load as you continue to spasm in her mouth, but she eventually has to relent and pull you out, and thick strands of your seed cover her face before your finally spent.
  147. Penny cleans some of it off of her face, and brings it to her lips, sucking her finger like it was you all over again. You stare at her, exhausted and trying to get your breathing under control, and she locks eyes with you. She gets a devious smile on her face and leans forward, getting another batch of baby batter on her finger before holding it to your lips.
  149. You seal them tight and shake your head fervently but she pinches your nose with her other hand and just waits. Your face quickly starts to change colors and you can't hold out any longer.
  151. Your mouth opens to gasp for air when her finger is shoved in your mouth. You shake your head, and try to keep your tongue in the back of your throat, but it's in vein as your forced to taste yourself on her finger.
  153. She twirls her finger around in your mouth for good measure, making sure to spread it all around the inside of your mouth. After about a minute of torturing you with your own seed, she finally pulls her finger out and giggles.
  155. Penny grabs a hand full of tissues from the night stand and starts cleaning up her face.
  157. “I think you and I are going to get along very well Anon,” She says, laying atop you, elbows pressed on your chest and her head propped up by her hands.
  159. You stare at her, now as a broken man with all your resistance from earlier is gone. You've accepted your place as being nothing more than her new plaything.
  161. “'ve...” you try and find the words
  163. “I've what, anon?” She asks
  165. “You've...gotten a lot better at this,” You tell her.
  167. Penny jolts upwards a smiles with Joy.
  169. “Oh Anon, I just knew you'd enjoy it! Yang and Nora told me you'd be against it at first, but they said that the blow job technique would-”
  171. “I don't wanna know. I still say she's a bad influence. I bet Yang's the one who told you to do that part at the end isn't she? That lousy little....”
  173. “Oh no Anon, I thought that if I went off their script a little that it would be more exciting. Was I wrong?” She asks, looking at you with a pitiful pout.
  175. You hate when she gives you the puppy dog eyes.
  177. “No,” you sigh, “Just...maybe give me a safeword next time or a heads up next timr...I was just surprised is all.”
  179. “OH YAY! Anon I'll be twice as demeaning and condescending to you next time!”
  181. -hicup-
  183. “Guess it's not that easy to say you'll be mean to your boyfriend,” you laugh.
  185. “ANOTHER HOUR TO THE BED,” She screams at you.
  187. “Come on Penny, just untie me already,” you plea.
  189. “No! Your mistress demands cuddle time now!”
  191. She wraps her arms around you and burys her face into your chest. Your fairly certain she's still pouting. And that Nora taught her this one.
  193. So now your stuck tied to the bed with Penny both cuddling you...and pouting at you.
  195. The only thing that makes sense to you that you need to eat more pinapples.
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