Session 1D - Old Forest

Jul 7th, 2011
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  1. [15:23:30] <@Paradox> Intro: It's the 37th of Spring, and a lovely and sunny day. It's a big day for Miss Norana Charm, who is finally getting to mount her long-awaited expedition into the Ruins in the Old Forest. The old forest is no place for a young lady to wander all by herelf however, so she's been asking for help around town - with the promise of lucrative payoffs on treasure found.
  2. [15:24:35] <@Paradox> The hour is finally here, and Norana and Lisa wait patiently (or not so patiently, perhaps) at their home to see who will show up.
  3. [15:24:58] * Henry is prompt and knocks once he reaches the door.
  4. [15:25:17] * LisaHornsby Grumbles to herself "At least it isn't the mines this time. No more getting lost underground"
  5. [15:25:51] <Jack> Jack is, of course, here, always ready to throw his life in immediate danger for the vague promise of fortune. Taro, his Eevee, comes along happily in tow. "Hey there! So," he says with a wave as he approaches, "I heard you're heading out to the forest today."
  6. [15:26:44] * Barkeep takes a deep breath. "Okay... gotta raise up money for the bar somehow..."
  7. [15:26:45] * Henry is waiting for the door to be answered. :3c I guess Jack's talking to him?
  8. [15:27:06] * Barkeep strides forward into view with his Mime Jr. and approaches the house.
  9. [15:27:29] <Barkeep> "Excuse me? Is this the place for the expidition?"
  10. [15:27:34] * Jack derps out, realizing he's at the door. He tries to look like he was in fact talking to Henry.
  11. [15:27:42] <Henry> "Yes, I decided to volunteer to help out. Business has been... well, it could be better, but I'm not worried."
  12. [15:27:44] <Jack> "Oh, yes, it seems to be!"
  13. [15:28:42] <Henry> "Hey, Barkeep, looks like you're joining us?"
  14. [15:28:51] * LisaHornsby Scurries to the door and opens it. 'Hel-Ohwowthereisalotofyouttoday! Come on in. Norana is around somewhere getting ready. 'Provintions' or somethingshe said."
  15. [15:28:52] <Henry> "You too, Jack?"
  16. [15:29:03] * Henry turns as Lisa answers the door.
  17. [15:29:32] <Henry> "Oh? Alright, thank you." he smiles broadly, and offers his hand. "Henry Whitacre, a pleasure to meet you, miss...?"
  18. [15:30:22] <Jack> "Jack Arlen," he smiles and tips his cap, "nice to meet you."
  19. [15:30:26] <Henry> Bernard, Henry's Scraggy, is hanging around somewhere nearby and looking a bit excited at the prospect of an adventure. He fiddles with his suspenders somewhat nervously.
  20. [15:30:35] * LisaHornsby Takes his hand and shakes it quickly "Lisa Hornsby, just Lisa is fine though."
  21. [15:31:04] * Henry , for reference, is a young adult in a white suit and dark red shirt, though he seems to have left his hat home today.
  22. [15:31:29] <Henry> "Well met then, Lisa." he steps inside, looking around the home/shop,.
  23. [15:31:30] <Barkeep> "Is Miss Charm in at the moment?"
  24. [15:32:26] <Henry> "Yes, she just said she was getting prepared. I don't mind the wait."
  25. [15:32:33] * LisaHornsby Is a short woman in her mid twenties with black hair held back in a green headband and a simple lavender shirt and skirt.
  26. [15:33:23] <LisaHornsby> "Yeah...Norana should be around some where...I hope she dosen't plan to be out for more than a day or two this time." D=
  27. [15:33:54] * Henry quietly takes a seat.
  28. [15:34:19] <Henry> "So what can you tell me about your shop here, Lisa?"
  29. [15:34:21] <Barkeep> "I should hope not. Nephene wouldn't be happy if I left her to work alone that long."
  30. [15:35:22] <LisaHornsby> "Oh I just run the counter here sometimes, and help make dodads and gejaws. I actually have a little spot Norana lets me work my own buisness out of."
  31. [15:35:27] <Norana> "Oh don't go off whining again Lisa. It's just a day trip~" Norana is at the top fo the stairs looking down on everyone with a smile. She's got long black hair and is wearing a white button up and khakis with boots. There's a worn fedora on her head.
  32. [15:35:30] * LisaHornsby Beaming she says "I tell fortunes."
  33. [15:36:05] <Jack> "Fortunes? Really. That's interesting," she then looks up, spotting Norana, "Hey there! Nice hat!"
  34. [15:36:11] <Henry> "Fortunes, eh? Intriguing... Oh! Miss Norana Charm, I presume?" he looks over as she enters.
  35. [15:36:37] <LisaHornsby> "You said that last time too!"
  36. [15:37:21] <Henry> "Lovely name, really." he murmurs. "It's suiting. I'm Henry Whitacre, the new tailor in town. I just opened yesterday, but I thought I'd at least try to help out in other ways."
  37. [15:38:11] <Barkeep> "Hello, Miss Charm. Good day for an Expedition, isn't it?"
  38. [15:38:14] <Jack> "I'm Jack Arlen. I'm taking over the property on the edge of town. The old farm."
  39. [15:39:08] * LisaHornsby Whispers something to herself as a tiny litwick waves its arms at the counter to be picked up. "Alot more faces thand I expected. What are we after today Nora? And hold on Tori I'll get you in a minute."
  40. [15:39:16] <Norana> "Oh you're no fun Lisa... welcome everyone! Good to see such a turn out!" Norana descends the stairs and it's now obvious that she has a rather huge backpack on. "Every day is a good day for an expedition! It's great to see some new faces."
  41. [15:39:33] * Henry looks at the Litwick curiously.
  42. [15:41:16] <Henry> Bernard, Henry's Scraggy (complete with suspenders) is parading around the shop and generally being nosy.
  43. [15:41:58] * LisaHornsby The litwick smile and waves at Henry as it grows to be about a foot tall.
  44. [15:42:31] * Henry waves back, grinning.
  45. [15:42:37] <Henry> "Adorable little creature."
  46. [15:42:50] <@Paradox> < old. old. dirty. downright appaling.> Bernard says to Henry, as he inspects several items in the antique's shop.
  47. [15:43:25] <Norana> "Not specific thing to look for really. I'm just ecstatic to finally go check out the ruins out in the old forest!"
  48. [15:43:27] * LisaHornsby Smiles "She is, a bit of a handful sometimes when she gets in the mood to play hide and seek though. Especially when we are out on an expedition."
  49. [15:43:29] <Jack> Taro seems to be sniffing the antiques, surprisingly careful not to brak anything.
  50. [15:44:08] <Norana> (man when did my grammar fly out the window jesus)
  51. [15:44:14] <Henry> "Oh, don't say that, Bernard." :I "I'm sure there are a lot of interesting things here, even if some probably do need a little spiffing up... Either way, this expedition is sure to be exciting."
  52. [15:44:26] * LisaHornsby "Alrighty! Lemme go grab my things and I'm good to go!" she says rushing up to her room.
  53. [15:45:24] <Barkeep> "I'm looking forward to a good haul today."
  54. [15:45:37] <Norana> "Lisa really? How are you not ready yet?" Norana puts a hand to her forehead with an exasperated sigh. "Oh well... and what's that about spiffing up antiques and artifacts? That's just... silly."
  55. [15:45:45] <Barkeep> "I've got good luck about finding these sorts of things." he smiles, flipping his lucky coin and catchin git.
  56. [15:46:22] <Jack> "Whenever you're ready then."
  57. [15:46:30] <Henry> "Well, if you happened to find, say, a priceless vase, don't you think a little shine would do it some good?"
  58. [15:48:10] * LisaHornsby Scurries down the stairs wearing a similar (but much more reasonable) backpack and a necklace with a small crystal ball on it. Along with a little hat for Tori the Litwick to sit on.
  59. [15:48:14] <LisaHornsby> "Ready!"
  60. [15:48:24] * Henry stands up again, and stretches.
  61. [15:48:32] <Henry> "I'm good to go whenever the rest of you are."
  62. [15:48:36] <Norana> "There's a little charm in something not being polished to perfection you know~" Norana smiles warmly. "Now that slowpoke Lisa over here is ready, shall we get going?"
  63. [15:48:52] <@Paradox> The walk to the old forest itself isn't long - only about three miles out of town, under Old Amaranth Mountain.
  64. [15:48:58] * Barkeep grins, carrying a nice bag over his shoulder. "Sure thing. Time to go to work."
  65. [15:49:51] * Henry has something slung over his shoulder, by the way. It seems to be a fairly expensive looking camera.
  66. [15:50:05] <Henry> "Let's."
  67. [15:50:06] <@Paradox> It's hard to believe the Old Forest is so different from the Alizarin Forest; while the latter tends to be beautiful and full of the cries of pokemon, the old forest is ... dark, and silent.
  68. [15:50:44] * LisaHornsby Cuddles with Tori as they get closer "Nice and quiet atleast."
  69. [15:50:48] * Henry keeps close to the people who know the way.
  70. [15:50:55] <@Paradox> Once within the forest, the walking is slow-going - the trails are twisty and overgrown.
  71. [15:51:04] <Barkeep> "Nice to see that litwick can help lead the way."
  72. [15:51:05] <Henry> "Not the best for sightseeing, however..."
  73. [15:51:30] * Norana lets out her own pokemon, a small little Snorunt. "Lemeza here should be able to light the way!" The Snorunt spins around a bit somehow glowing because APPARENTLY SNORUNTS CAN DO THAT.
  74. [15:51:32] * Jack walks right behind Taro, keeping an eye out for any interesting pokemon...or any worthwhile plants and berries on their way up.
  75. [15:52:27] * Henry is just determined not to get lost. :B
  76. [15:53:11] * LisaHornsby Cuddles Tori. "You are like my own private saftey light. Just no hide and seek today. Okay?"
  77. [15:53:16] <Norana> "Another adventure begins~ Glad you all decided to come along. There's really nothing as exciting as new expedition!" Norana is clearly excited.
  78. [15:53:17] <Jack> "Between the Litwick the your Snorunt...we've no problem with light."
  79. [15:53:38] <@Paradox> (also, roll WIS checks~)
  80. [15:53:39] * Jack looks to Norana with a smile, "You really get into this, huh?"
  81. [15:53:42] <LisaHornsby> "Yep!"
  82. [15:53:42] <Henry> "Good! Because I certainly did not bring torches or a lantern..."
  83. [15:53:43] <Jack> 1d20 derp
  84. [15:53:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, derp: 4 [1d20=4]
  85. [15:53:44] <Henry> 1d20+6
  86. [15:53:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d20+6: 20 [1d20=14]
  87. [15:53:48] <Barkeep> 1d20-2
  88. [15:53:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20-2: 7 [1d20=9]
  89. [15:53:55] <Jack> ((:|))
  90. [15:54:05] <Norana> 1d20+2 ohlordwis
  91. [15:54:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, ohlordwis: 12 [1d20=10]
  92. [15:54:15] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+2
  93. [15:54:15] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, 1d20+2: 14 [1d20=12]
  94. [15:55:06] <Norana> "Of course! Just like my parents, I'm an explorer at heart. Always on the hunt for artifacts and rare items!"
  95. [15:55:32] <Henry> "I imagine you make quite the living, then. I didn't expect such a profession in a village like this..."
  96. [15:56:16] <@Paradox> (also, everyone had a chance to buy ball before this ... so if you wanna get any of those, buy 'em now and let me know)
  97. [15:56:19] <Henry> "I have to admit, my curiosity is a good chunk of why I decided to volunteer."
  98. [15:56:27] <Jack> "Let me know if you ever need help like this in the future. I could use the money," he says, sounding a bit embarassed as he admits, "I'm trying to build a gym."
  99. [15:56:29] <@Paradox> (in PM)
  100. [15:56:59] <Henry> "If you're that strapped for cash, Jack, I might have a job for you at a later date..."
  101. [15:57:39] <Norana> "Sure thing. I think Lisa here might run off on me if I keep dragging her into the mines."
  102. [15:58:07] <Jack> "It's not that I'm strapped, it's more that I've been looking over what I would need and its the rather costly endeavor. Anyway, we can talk later."
  103. [15:58:34] <Barkeep> "Mmhm, let's keep our eyes open for now."
  104. [15:59:25] <Henry> "I assure you that I am. The last thing I want is to get lost in such a place."
  105. [15:59:31] <Norana> Lemeza is still walking in front of the group being a living flashlight. He spins around as he walks. "Sno~sno~"
  106. [16:00:05] <LisaHornsby> "Hey! I would not! I might just protest. Alot."
  107. [16:00:11] <Barkeep> Marcel spins around too. "Mime~ Mime~"
  108. [16:00:14] <LisaHornsby> "Mr. Jack what are you saving up for?"
  109. [16:00:25] <Henry> (Bernard has a type advantage against EACH of your pokemon. Interesting)
  110. [16:00:55] <@Paradox> As you walk through the forest, you see a few oddish, seedot, and tangela waddling through the underbrush, and some burmy, weedles, and wurmple in the canopy. The cries of murkrow punctuate longs periods of silence, along with the rarer call of a purrloin.
  111. [16:01:09] <Jack> "Like I said, I'm trying to turn my grandpa's old farm into a Pokemon gym, like the ones in the city."
  112. [16:01:10] <Henry> (Who's taking care of Seen, anyway?)
  113. [16:01:15] <@Paradox> (no one)
  114. [16:01:19] <@Paradox> (because I don't do seen)
  115. [16:01:24] <Henry> (Oh)
  116. [16:01:25] <@Paradox> (because it's a pain)
  117. [16:01:26] <Henry> (Ok)
  118. [16:01:45] <@Paradox> (also no pokedexes :3c )
  119. [16:01:52] * Henry observes the pokemon with some interest...
  120. [16:02:16] * LisaHornsby Watches the pokemon. "Huh. Not nearly as scary as I thought they might be."
  121. [16:02:27] <Henry> "One moment, if we can spare one..."
  122. [16:02:38] <Barkeep> "What's up?"
  123. [16:02:45] <Jack> "Not very interesting, either," he eyes them, a bit disappointed.
  124. [16:02:45] <Henry> "I spy an exquisite looking pokemon."
  125. [16:02:51] <Jack> "Oh?"
  126. [16:02:53] <Barkeep> "Really now?"
  127. [16:02:53] * Henry looks at the Tangela.
  128. [16:02:55] <LisaHornsby> "Really? Which one?"
  129. [16:03:11] <Henry> "That one, the one made of vines."
  130. [16:03:14] <LisaHornsby> "Wait, the bush?"
  131. [16:03:24] <Norana> "Oho. This forest appears to be quite the lively habitat for pokemon~"
  132. [16:03:26] * Barkeep stares. "I don't know if exquisite is the word I'd..."
  133. [16:03:52] <Henry> "Bernard, up for a little tangle with that bush?"
  134. [16:05:39] <@Paradox> < But ... it's so disheveled >
  135. [16:06:08] <Norana> "A little pokemon catching? I guess we have time for that... I don't think the ruins are terribly far away now anyways."
  136. [16:06:17] <Henry> "Perhaps, but I can see it has its own charm."
  137. [16:06:39] <@Paradox> < I suppose it has a roguish sort of charm. Very well. >
  138. [16:07:01] * Henry approaches the Tangela and gets ready, then. Dex 5, speed 5.
  139. [16:07:15] <LisaHornsby> "Huh. Hey Norana you think any of these would fit the shop? I think a krow would be sorta nice and spooky for Cassandra's Gift. Not sure that is the atmosphere I want to give it though."
  140. [16:08:13] <Henry> (Whenever you're ready, Dox)
  141. [16:08:17] <Norana> "Hmm... I dunno about Cassandra's Gift but I don't see anything here that would be a good Ruins Mania mascot. Now if we were up on the mountain and found a Geodude however..."
  142. [16:08:23] <@Paradox> Bernard goes first!
  143. [16:08:26] * Henry will start things off by snapping a Wild Photo.
  144. [16:08:30] <Henry> 1d20+6 value
  145. [16:08:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, value: 23 [1d20=17]
  146. [16:08:45] <Henry> Bernard moves in with a Feint Attack!
  147. [16:08:47] <Barkeep> "Mind if Marcel lends you some support?"
  148. [16:08:47] <Henry> 1d20 crit check
  149. [16:08:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, crit check: 4 [1d20=4]
  150. [16:08:59] <Henry> "Not at all, my good man."
  151. [16:09:15] <Henry> 3d10+11+1d4
  152. [16:09:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 3d10+11+1d4: 28 [3d10=2,3,10; 1d4=2]
  153. [16:10:06] <@Paradox> BONK
  154. [16:10:15] * LisaHornsby As they fight the bush she digs through her bag to place a little tiara on Tori. "I almost forgot about this!"
  155. [16:10:27] <@Paradox> Bernard sneaks up, and hits the little tangela hard.
  156. [16:10:45] * Jack watches, as though evaluating the fight.
  157. [16:10:45] <Henry> "But Bernard is a hard hitter, so it might be overkill..."
  158. [16:10:51] <Barkeep> (oh, marcel is speed 6)
  159. [16:11:04] <@Paradox> 1d20
  160. [16:11:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  161. [16:11:10] <@Paradox> (AC 2?)
  162. [16:11:13] <Jack> "I'll help if you want, but I don't think you'll have a problem."
  163. [16:11:15] <Henry> Hits
  164. [16:11:32] <@Paradox> 1d8+10
  165. [16:11:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d8+10: 15 [1d8=5]
  166. [16:11:48] <@Paradox> The Tangela's vines grip Bernard, sapping life from him!
  167. [16:12:05] <Henry> Bernard barely feels the blow! 5 damage!
  168. [16:12:20] * Norana looks on as Lisa places a tiara on the Litwick. "He... hey wait a minute. Didn't I have that set up in the shop? You said you sold that tiara!"
  169. [16:12:24] * Henry goes ahead and attempts a pokeball.
  170. [16:12:27] <Henry> 1d100+5
  171. [16:12:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d100+5: 91 [1d100=86]
  172. [16:12:32] <Norana> (lolno)
  173. [16:12:38] <@Paradox> Henry hits the nearby bush square on!
  174. [16:12:39] <Jack> (Dicemaid's gonna dice.)
  175. [16:13:08] <@Paradox> Bernard's turn
  176. [16:13:10] * Henry frowns, he's always been a bit lacking in the dextrous department.
  177. [16:13:21] <Barkeep> (marcel is speed 6, doesn't that make him faster than bernard?)
  178. [16:13:30] <@Paradox> (oh is Marcel helping?)
  179. [16:13:33] <@Paradox> (sorry I didn't see)
  180. [16:13:35] <Barkeep> (yeah, I said that before)
  181. [16:13:37] <Barkeep> 1d20 tickle
  182. [16:13:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, tickle: 17 [1d20=17]
  183. [16:13:57] <Henry> (At this level, another attack might KO the Tangela, actually D=)
  184. [16:14:09] <@Paradox> The Mime Jr pirouettes to the bush, and begins tickling it! How does one tickle a bush? This sounds like a set-up for a dirty joke :O
  185. [16:14:23] <Henry> "Hold off, Bernard, and just try to blind it for now!"
  186. [16:14:35] <Henry> Bernard whips a sand attack into the disheveled pokemon's already dirty features.
  187. [16:14:39] <Henry> 1d20 Sand Attack
  188. [16:14:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Sand Attack: 5 [1d20=5]
  189. [16:14:44] <Henry> AC 2
  190. [16:15:08] <Henry> +1 accuracy for its AC checks.
  191. [16:15:10] <@Paradox> Bernard and Marcel gang up on the poor vine pokemon, tickling it and throwing sand in its eyes.
  192. [16:15:21] <@Paradox> It attempts to absorb Marcel
  193. [16:15:21] * Henry then throws another pokeball. :B
  194. [16:15:22] <@Paradox> 1d20
  195. [16:15:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  196. [16:15:26] <Henry> (Oh right)
  197. [16:15:29] <Henry> (It gets a turn :3c)
  198. [16:15:35] <Jack> (And a crit.)
  199. [16:15:41] <Barkeep> (you know what's worse than getting your bush tickled? Getting sand in your bush)
  200. [16:15:48] <@Paradox> It grabs Marcel and SLUUURPS
  201. [16:16:01] <Barkeep> crit absorb I presume?
  202. [16:16:05] <@Paradox> (yep)
  203. [16:16:14] <Barkeep> Luckily
  204. [16:16:16] <Barkeep> marcel takes a mere 3 damage.
  205. [16:16:31] * Henry throws another pokeball now!
  206. [16:16:33] <Henry> 1d20+5
  207. [16:16:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d20+5: 15 [1d20=10]
  208. [16:16:36] <Henry> (errr)
  209. [16:16:38] <Henry> 1d100+5
  210. [16:16:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d100+5: 37 [1d100=32]
  211. [16:16:54] <@Paradox> LOB
  212. [16:16:55] <@Paradox> HIT
  213. [16:16:58] <@Paradox> ROLL ROLL
  214. [16:17:00] <@Paradox> CLICK
  215. [16:17:16] <@Paradox> Congratulations, you've caught a tangela!
  216. [16:17:39] <Henry> "Excellent job, I knew the one strike would be sufficient! Thank you anyway, Barkeep, I do appreciate the help."
  217. [16:17:52] * Henry recovers the ball and takes a look at the first one he threw. :B
  218. [16:18:14] <Barkeep> "No problem. Marcel is especially defensive against those types of attacks. I figured it could be handy for you.
  219. [16:18:16] <Norana> (Lisa still has some 'splaining to doooo :D)
  220. [16:21:14] * LisaHornsby Smiles innocently "Uh. Right. Well. Um. They said they didn't care of its aestetics so, uh I bought it?" =D
  221. [16:22:16] * Norana initially makes a :/ face but then starts to giggle. "Well I guess as long as it was paid for... and Tori does look pretty cute."
  222. [16:22:37] <Barkeep> "Miss Charm, are the ruins close by?"
  223. [16:23:14] * LisaHornsby Sighs in relief and smiles. "I know right?"
  224. [16:24:12] * Henry thinks hard as he grasps the ball, and thinks.
  225. [16:24:13] <Norana> "We shouldn't be terribly far by now!" Norana is jumping up and down in anticipation. "So let's get to it! There's unexplored ruins to explore!" Lisa should be very familiar with this by now. Norana is about to be in artifacts mode.
  226. [16:24:30] <Henry> "Your name shall be... Herbert."
  227. [16:24:40] <Barkeep> "Nice name."
  228. [16:25:09] * LisaHornsby Groans silently. "And off we go. Lead the way Nora."
  229. [16:25:22] <Henry> "I do try." :3c
  230. [16:25:34] <@Paradox> (quick snapshot into the life of doxy - me trying to pronounce herbert "sherbert? herburb? herrberr? fuck.")
  231. [16:25:46] <Henry> (Haha)
  232. [16:26:06] <LisaHornsby> (Herrberrrrrr =D)
  233. [16:26:22] <Botherer> ( Herpderp is also an acceptable mispronunciation :3 )
  234. [16:26:23] * Henry lets the Tangela out to get to know it as they proceed.
  235. [16:26:26] <Norana> "Naturally!" She starts walking off ahead at a frightening pace.
  236. [16:26:27] <@Paradox> Unless anyone else stops to check out more pokemon, the group follows Nora's lead towards the ruin.
  237. [16:26:35] <@Paradox> (Does anyone else stop to check out wilds?)
  238. [16:26:53] <Jack> (Jack does, if there's more than what's already listed.)
  239. [16:26:57] <LisaHornsby> (I'm good)
  240. [16:27:55] <Barkeep> (same as jack)
  241. [16:28:35] <@Paradox> Roll WIS if positive, or 1d20 if not both of you then.
  242. [16:28:44] <Barkeep> 1d20
  243. [16:28:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  244. [16:28:51] <Henry> 1d20+6
  245. [16:28:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d20+6: 24 [1d20=18]
  246. [16:29:07] <Henry> (Or wait)
  247. [16:29:11] <Henry> (Who did you mean to roll)
  248. [16:29:34] <Jack> 1d20
  249. [16:29:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  250. [16:29:51] <Jack> (Why does dicemaid hate me?)
  251. [16:29:56] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+2 If I was meant to roll too~
  252. [16:29:56] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, If I was meant to roll too~: 3 [1d20=1]
  253. [16:30:08] <LisaHornsby> (Lisa is alos in RUINSMODO apparently)
  254. [16:32:16] <Norana> 1d20-20 we are here for RUINS
  255. [16:32:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, we are here for RUINS: -12 [1d20=8]
  256. [16:33:41] <@Paradox> 1d100
  257. [16:33:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 47 [1d100=47]
  258. [16:33:46] <OmegaX> (
  259. [16:34:21] <@Paradox> You see ... oddish, seedot, burmy, weedles, wurmples, caterpies, murkrows, and a purrloin. Not a whole lot more than before.
  260. [16:34:21] <Norana> (I love you Omega :3)
  261. [16:36:07] * Barkeep doesn't notice anything particularly useful looking.
  262. [16:36:18] <@Paradox> If no one stops for any of those, then you get to the ruins after a solid two hours of hiking through the thick thick ruins.
  263. [16:36:45] <Norana> (we hike through ruins to get to ruins? HOT DOG)
  264. [16:36:54] <Norana> (jk love you Doxxx :3)
  265. [16:37:30] <@Paradox> (FOREST)
  266. [16:37:49] <@Paradox> thick thick FOREST.
  267. [16:37:51] <Botherer> ( If Ricki were with you guys, there'd be at least eight capture rolls flung at those Pokemon all at once :p )
  268. [16:38:03] <Norana> "Aha! There they are!" Norana pretty much sprints as fast as possible. "Come on! There's things to discover!"
  269. [16:38:03] * LisaHornsby Staaares at the ruins. "Huh. Wonder what this place was."
  270. [16:38:19] <@Paradox> (hold up a sec, DESCRIPTION INCOMING)
  271. [16:39:06] <Henry> "We're finally there?"
  272. [16:39:09] * Henry has a look. =O
  273. [16:39:16] <Barkeep> "So much walking..."
  274. [16:41:06] <@Paradox> You pass under a tall stone archway that still remains standing intot he site of the ruins. They seem to be three stone buildings, all of which are at least partially collapsed. Thick plants grow within the wreckage, and ivy and vines grow over the stone.
  275. [16:41:12] <Jack> "Looks like it," he eyes the ruins ahead, curious.
  276. [16:41:56] <Barkeep> "Hmmm... where to first?"
  277. [16:42:11] <Norana> (would Norana know of what the ruins possibly are?)
  278. [16:42:21] * Henry pulls out a handkerchief and wipes sweat off his brow.
  279. [16:43:26] <@Paradox> The center building seems to be the largest, and in best shape. It has several tall pillars on its outside, holding up the building's outer frame. The stone roof of the building seems to have collapsed.
  280. [16:43:33] <@Paradox> (It .. basically looks like the parthenon)
  281. [16:43:41] * Norana stands in the middle of the area and drops her backpack down to the ground, opening it. She pulls out all kinds of tools. Archeology brushes and all sorts of other tools, looks like enough for everyone too.
  282. [16:43:52] <Jack> "I'd...never thing something like this would be here."
  283. [16:43:58] * LisaHornsby Peers at the ruins. Scurring over to and around the pillars.
  284. [16:44:33] <Barkeep> "Gives off kind of an impressive feeling, don't you think?"
  285. [16:45:01] <Henry> "So what USED to be here, and who?"
  286. [16:45:08] <Norana> "It's even more exquisite than I had imagined!" Norana scurries around all over the area examining the buildings. "Truly remarkable!"
  287. [16:45:11] <Henry> "And how long ago?" he quirks an eyebrow.
  288. [16:45:35] <LisaHornsby> "Hmm. I don't know. Maybe I can check."
  289. [16:46:34] * LisaHornsby Roots around the building for stuff.
  290. [16:46:44] <Norana> "It's an ancient temple of the ancient Aphrygia civilization. They were assimilated into the Empire long ago. This temple is in great condition!"
  291. [16:47:07] <LisaHornsby> "Huh, really?...What does that mean?"
  292. [16:47:11] <Barkeep> "Maybe we could find out more if we went in one of those buildings."
  293. [16:47:26] <Henry> "I will defer to your knowledge and assume it is, despite the, er, 'ruined' state I perceive."
  294. [16:48:22] <LisaHornsby> "So we going in now or just looking at the outside?"
  295. [16:48:41] <Norana> "The civilization was conquered and made to live by the Empires standards... their villages and temples are forcible abandoned and eventually forgotten about... It's so remarkable to find one so close to home!"
  296. [16:48:52] <Barkeep> "Well, Miss Charm?"
  297. [16:49:36] <Norana> "Alright! Everyone grab whatever tools you prefer from my bag and let's get to searching!" With that she grabs brush and scurries of to a collapsed side building.
  298. [16:49:53] <LisaHornsby> "Wait...If this is the temple where was the village?"
  299. [16:50:02] * Jack takes a handful of tools, not particularly mindful of what he takes.
  300. [16:50:10] * LisaHornsby Mumbles this as she takes off her necklace holding it inbetween her hands.
  301. [16:50:13] <Norana> Her bag is situated in a central location of the area and is packed with all sorts of things from brushes to chisels.
  302. [16:50:28] * Barkeep follows Norana, not really interested in the tools he isn't sure how to use.
  303. [16:51:35] * LisaHornsby Uses DAYS PAST just to see if anything interesting has happened in the last day.
  304. [16:52:13] * Norana is stooped down brushing furiously at the base of a crumbled pillar, examining the stone work. She doesn't seem to be quite aware that Barkeep has followed her yet.
  305. [16:52:50] <@Paradox> 1d100
  306. [16:52:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 20 [1d100=20]
  307. [16:53:01] * Barkeep looks down at her and walks in to see the inside of one of the side buildings.
  308. [16:53:27] <@Paradox> (Okay, everyone roll 1d100 to LOOK FOR TREASURE~)
  309. [16:53:38] <Barkeep> 1d100
  310. [16:53:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d100: 62 [1d100=62]
  311. [16:53:42] * LisaHornsby Shakes her head quick. "Whoa. That was a big one."
  312. [16:53:43] <Henry> 1d100
  313. [16:53:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, 1d100: 83 [1d100=83]
  314. [16:53:46] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 I have itemfinder anyway
  315. [16:53:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, I have itemfinder anyway: 8 [1d20=1]
  316. [16:53:50] <Barkeep> :<
  317. [16:53:50] <LisaHornsby> 1d100
  318. [16:53:50] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, 1d100: 27 [1d100=27]
  319. [16:53:53] <Norana> 1d100 TREASURE
  320. [16:53:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, TREASURE: 20 [1d100=20]
  321. [16:54:03] <Henry> (>rolled Dox's exact roll)
  322. [16:54:04] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 try again?
  323. [16:54:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, try again?: 8 [1d20=1]
  324. [16:54:11] <Barkeep> 1d20 shiny?
  325. [16:54:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, shiny?: 19 [1d20=19]
  326. [16:54:17] <@Paradox> (ffff)
  327. [16:54:41] <@Paradox> (also DL, I think I'll adopt the Turf rules for PC)
  328. [16:54:49] <Barkeep> (oh really?)
  329. [16:54:50] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+3 For ITEMS
  330. [16:54:51] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, For ITEMS: 17 [1d20=14]
  331. [16:55:04] <Barkeep> (I'm more than okay with that)
  332. [16:55:07] <Jack> 1d100 TREASURE
  333. [16:55:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, TREASURE: 66 [1d100=66]
  334. [16:55:10] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+3 For ITEMS AGAIN
  335. [16:55:10] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, For ITEMS AGAIN: 5 [1d20=2]
  336. [16:55:16] <Jack> (CHECK OUT MY DOUBLES)
  337. [16:55:18] <Barkeep> (can I prob control my d100 roll?)
  338. [16:55:23] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+3 For ITEMS For the last time?
  339. [16:55:24] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, For ITEMS For the last time?: 19 [1d20=16]
  340. [16:55:30] <@Paradox> (hmm sure)
  341. [16:55:35] <Barkeep> 1d100
  342. [16:55:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d100: 27 [1d100=27]
  343. [16:55:37] * Henry goes about looking with Bernard and Herbert, without any real tools to speak of and he's not that much of a help. :<
  344. [16:55:38] <LisaHornsby> (Cock tease DM)
  345. [16:55:39] <Barkeep> ...
  346. [16:55:52] <Barkeep> (2 20's 2 27's)
  347. [16:55:56] <Barkeep> (doubles)
  348. [16:56:01] <LisaHornsby> (Yep_
  349. [16:56:05] <Barkeep> (all these doubles)
  350. [16:56:47] * Barkeep flips his lucky coin, which almost gets away from him. He looks over at the main building, the direction it was leaning. He tries searching in the main building then.
  351. [16:57:00] <Norana> (i'll roll my PETRO HUNTING in a bit when Dox doesn't have 20 million rolls to look at)
  352. [16:57:15] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 another itemfinder in the main building. last one
  353. [16:57:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, another itemfinder in the main building. last one: 21 [1d20=14]
  354. [16:57:19] <Barkeep> (success :D)
  355. [16:57:35] <@Paradox> Henry looks casually through the ruins, finding ... a BLUE HERB. Not related to ruins, but, hey why not.
  356. [16:58:06] <Norana> "Hmm..." Norana is deep in thought and relocates to another smaller building to keep examining and searching.
  357. [16:58:19] * Henry briefly wonders if he can make dye out of this, but he should probably have it checked out before doing something so rash.
  358. [16:58:23] <Norana> 2#1d20+5 Stone Huntin' DC 20 ;-;
  359. [16:58:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, Stone Huntin' DC 20: 17 [1d20=12], 7 [1d20=2]
  360. [16:58:52] <Barkeep> (you only have 2/day?)
  361. [16:59:03] <Norana> (yup c.c)
  362. [16:59:03] <@Paradox> Lisa finds an interesting looking stone tablet, with odd writing on it. You're not familiar with the alphabet on it. There's also a carved image of a man and a woman holding hands, and standing in front of a large bird.
  363. [16:59:46] <Norana> 2#1d20+5 Rare Item Hunting DC 23 nnghpetrofeats
  364. [16:59:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, Rare Item Hunting DC 23 nnghpetrofeats: 21 [1d20=16], 12 [1d20=7]
  365. [16:59:53] * LisaHornsby Stares at the tablet. She sets it on the ground gently swaying her crystalball on a chain over it, chanting. Psychometry, ho!
  366. [17:00:00] <OmegaX> (Inb4 Articuno feather to marry.)
  367. [17:00:17] <Norana> 2#1d20+5 Fossil Hunting loldc25 screwyoupetro
  368. [17:00:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, Fossil Hunting loldc25 screwyoupetro: 12 [1d20=7], 9 [1d20=4]
  369. [17:00:47] <Barkeep> (Imma give you... one pc on stone hunting, how's that?)
  370. [17:00:54] * Norana is busy being the most horribly incompetent archaeologist ever.
  371. [17:01:04] <Norana> (if you want :O)
  372. [17:01:08] <@Paradox> Jack finds a large claw that seems to have been lost by a Liepard!
  373. [17:01:09] <Barkeep> (roll it again then)
  374. [17:01:14] <Norana> (huggles Barkeep)
  375. [17:01:20] <@Paradox> (Quick Claw, or level 30 Dark Material if you want)
  376. [17:01:27] <Norana> 1d20+5 Stone Hunting DC20 NNNNGH!
  377. [17:01:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, Stone Hunting DC20 NNNNGH!: 10 [1d20=5]
  378. [17:01:31] <Norana> (nope)
  379. [17:01:48] <Norana> (I love/hate Petro right now seriously)
  380. [17:02:12] <LisaHornsby> (I feel you. But I shall see if I know anything abou the seekrits of this tablet =3)
  381. [17:02:28] <Norana> (brb crying in the corner)
  382. [17:03:36] <@Paradox> Barkeep also finds a BLUE HERB, and a King's Rock.
  383. [17:03:46] <@Paradox> Norana meanwhile, as she searches one of the smaller buildings...
  384. [17:03:50] <@Paradox> (dex check, Norana!)
  385. [17:04:04] <Norana> 1d20+5 Dexin' it up please
  386. [17:04:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, Dexin' it up please: 11 [1d20=6]
  387. [17:04:12] <Norana> (Dicemaid you are a hussy and I hope you die)
  388. [17:04:55] * Jack pockets the claw, "I think Arawn may want to see this later."
  389. [17:05:37] <@Paradox> The stone floor gives out under Norana very much unexpectedly, and you all hear her scream as she falls 10 feet or so, landing hard in a dark corridor below.
  390. [17:06:05] * LisaHornsby Rushes to the floorturendhole "Norana! You okay!?"
  391. [17:06:17] <Barkeep> "Miss Charm? Miss Charm, are you allright?"
  392. [17:06:45] <Jack> "Norana! What happened?" he bolts over.
  393. [17:06:56] <Henry> "Eh?" He rushes over when he hears the scream.
  394. [17:07:31] <Norana> "Ugh..." you can hear her groan from down below but she doesn't sound too seriously hurt. "...I think I'm okay..."
  395. [17:07:59] * LisaHornsby Rushes to the bag and starts digging in it. "Where is that rope..."
  396. [17:08:04] * Henry examines the area around the pit, did it just collapse?
  397. [17:08:56] <Barkeep> "Can you see anything down there?"
  398. [17:09:11] <Jack> ((I need to AFK for 10 or so.))
  399. [17:09:13] * Norana picks herself up and checks herself to assess if she has any bad sprains or injuries. "...Well on the bright side there's more ruins down here!"
  400. [17:09:29] <@Paradox> It seems to have been a trap door of some sort that just collapsed through. It looked no different than the surrounding stone floor due to the layer of dirt and debris on it.
  401. [17:09:50] <Barkeep> "Does it lead somewhere?"
  402. [17:10:06] <@Paradox> Lemeza jumps down to Norana, lighting the hallway for her.
  403. [17:10:18] * LisaHornsby Finds the rope and rushes to the hole. "I got the rope!"
  404. [17:10:26] <@Paradox> It does seem to lead somewhere, but it's too dark to see.
  405. [17:10:26] * Henry peers down, looking at Herbert and frowns. Power 2 Tangela is not good for-oh good, rope.
  406. [17:10:51] <LisaHornsby> "Uh, uh. what is strong enough to tie this too?"
  407. [17:10:56] <Henry> "And now begins the real adventure of our expedition, I suppose."
  408. [17:11:10] * Barkeep looks around for a hammer and some stakes.
  409. [17:11:14] * Henry looks around for a column
  410. [17:11:39] <@Paradox> The columns would be sturdy enough to tie the rope to, yes.
  411. [17:11:49] <Norana> "Lemeza! Thank goodness you're okay." She hugs the little Snorunt and then looks down the hallway, though Snorunt's light doesn't travel terribly far. "I guess that spot of bad luck paid off."
  412. [17:11:49] <Henry> "Would those work?"
  413. [17:11:53] * Henry points out one.
  414. [17:12:18] <Barkeep> "I think so."
  415. [17:13:07] <Henry> "Either way, good to hear you're not too badly hurt, Norana!"
  416. [17:13:16] * LisaHornsby Rushes over to the column and ties the rope. She is so rushy right now. Afterwards she makes it ot the hoel. "Is it safe to come down Nora?"
  417. [17:13:44] <Norana> (I swear to god if we end up finding ancient guardians and a deity we have to fight I will die of awesome)
  418. [17:13:59] <Barkeep> (and from dying.)
  419. [17:14:19] <Norana> "Nothing in the area I can see, come on down so we can move forward!"
  420. [17:14:51] * Henry begins climbing down the rope then, after letting Lisa go first. He wouldn't want a misunderstanding should the lady be above him, after all.
  421. [17:15:00] * LisaHornsby Tries to rappel/climb down. Tori floating by her as she does so. "More light coming down!"
  422. [17:15:41] * Barkeep makes sure marcel is holding on nice and tight before climbing down
  423. [17:15:45] * Henry recalls Herbert and invites Bernard onto his shoulders. Even his pitiful strength can support a Scraggy's mere 26 pounds.
  424. [17:17:08] <@Paradox> With Tori's additional light, you see that the hallway leads to ... stairs, going further down.
  425. [17:17:22] <Barkeep> "Careful about those stairs."
  426. [17:17:41] <Henry> "Excellent. The best treasure wouldn't be on the surface, after all."
  427. [17:18:04] <Barkeep> (how many itemfinders did you use up lisa?)
  428. [17:18:22] <LisaHornsby> ( All of them. )
  429. [17:18:30] <Barkeep> (all 3?)
  430. [17:18:38] <LisaHornsby> (Yep_
  431. [17:18:42] <Norana> "Of all that I've read on these temples I've never seen anything mentioned of trapdoors or hidden corridors. Now we're really exploring the unexplored. Come on let's get to it!"
  432. [17:18:43] <Barkeep> (:<)
  433. [17:19:05] <LisaHornsby> ( I was also never informed if Psychometry told me anything on the tablet. =< but we can do that after RUINS)
  434. [17:19:27] * LisaHornsby Follows behind Norana "So. This is all new to you? Nifty."
  435. [17:20:05] <Norana> (...mfw we left the backpack of supplies outside)
  436. [17:20:09] <Norana> (oops?)
  437. [17:20:18] <Henry> (One of us could have probably grabbed it)
  438. [17:20:22] <LisaHornsby> (Whoops =3)
  439. [17:20:28] <Henry> "To adventure, then."
  440. [17:20:37] <@Paradox> (WHOOPS INDEED)
  441. [17:22:24] <@Paradox> The stairs are slippery, and damp with moss. Norana, in her eagerness to explore, falls and slips to the bottom.
  442. [17:22:32] <LisaHornsby> "There isn't gonna be like, traps or anything right?"
  443. [17:22:40] <Norana> (D:)
  444. [17:22:57] * LisaHornsby Blinks as she slides down..."Off to a great start..."
  445. [17:22:58] <Barkeep> "I warned her about stairs."
  446. [17:23:04] <Henry> "He did tell her."
  447. [17:23:09] <Norana> "We'll just be careful ok-- AHHHH!" Tumble trip CRASH.
  448. [17:23:34] * Henry shakes his head. "It keeps happening."
  449. [17:23:36] * Barkeep tries going down carefully so it stops keep happening
  450. [17:23:38] <@Paradox> She's nimble enough to not be hurt badly. She and Lemeza disentangle, and look around.
  451. [17:23:45] * Henry follows slowly.
  452. [17:23:57] * LisaHornsby Follows at a sedate rush.
  453. [17:24:09] <Norana> "...careful. Owwww..." She picks herself up and dusts herself off. "Okay! No more crashes today!"
  454. [17:24:22] <Jack> (Back)
  455. [17:24:25] <Henry> "Don't say that, you'll jynx yourself."
  456. [17:24:30] <@Paradox> Norana finds herself in a large, large chamber. The walls are covered in more writing, and carved images.
  457. [17:24:49] * Jack follows behind the others, Taro on his shoulder.
  458. [17:24:49] <@Paradox> There's an altar in the far back of the chamber, surrounded by three tall statues
  459. [17:24:50] * Henry looks around ooh pretty pictures.
  460. [17:25:16] <@Paradox> One seems to be of a tangrowth, another of a golduck, and the last is of a large bird with its wings spread wide.
  461. [17:25:40] <Henry> "Hmm, interesting..."
  462. [17:25:43] <Barkeep> "Maybe you should take a picture."
  463. [17:25:47] * Henry does so.
  464. [17:26:17] <Norana> "Wow... looks like some kind of place of worship..."
  465. [17:26:21] <Henry> "That one looks quite similar to Herbert..."
  466. [17:26:35] * Henry lets the Tangela out, now that they're not climbing ropes.
  467. [17:27:19] <Henry> "I'm sure I've seen that one somewhere..." he murmurs about the Golduck. "But what is this bird?"
  468. [17:27:40] <@Paradox> Herbert waddles away from Henry, towards the corner. He doesn't seem too happy.
  469. [17:27:52] <Henry> :<
  470. [17:27:58] * Henry follows the Tangela.
  471. [17:28:04] <Norana> "What could the significance be I wonder..." Norana walks forward to examine the altar and statues, her glowstick Snorunt in front of her.
  472. [17:28:32] <Jack> "I wonder..."
  473. [17:28:40] <LisaHornsby> "Hmm wait"
  474. [17:29:07] <LisaHornsby> "I saw somethign that looked liek the big herbert when I looked into the past top side."
  475. [17:29:16] <Henry> "Now, now, are you sore about my capturing you? I'll give you a good home, you don't have to worry. You, my friend, are quite exquisite, you stood out."
  476. [17:29:19] <Barkeep> "Huh?"
  477. [17:29:26] <Henry> "Hm?"
  478. [17:29:56] <Norana> "What did you see Lisa?" Norana doesn't seem at all confused about what she's talking about.
  479. [17:30:10] <Henry> "What do you mean, when you looked into the past?"
  480. [17:30:11] <Jack> "If no one thinks it's stupid, I want to see if anything happens if I put something on the altat."
  481. [17:30:40] <Barkeep> "Put what?"
  482. [17:30:44] <@Paradox> The Tangela just rolls his eyes and waddles to another corner.
  483. [17:30:45] <Henry> "I thought fortune tellers were supposed to predict the future, not the reverse..."
  484. [17:30:49] * LisaHornsby "I can look into the past. But, I say a bunch of pokemon pass through in the last day, on eof them being th ebig vine guy."
  485. [17:31:00] <@Paradox> When the lot of you walk up to altar, you see several things upon it.
  486. [17:31:05] <LisaHornsby> "Gotta know the past before you can look forward."
  487. [17:31:34] * Jack takes out the Liepard claw "This maybe? Found it above."
  488. [17:31:38] <Henry> "Interesting..."
  489. [17:31:45] <@Paradox> Firstly, three small lapis lazuli figurines - each almost exactly like the three larger statues surrounding the altar.
  490. [17:32:07] * Henry looks at the altar and its contents.
  491. [17:32:11] <@Paradox> There's a small lacqured wooden branch
  492. [17:32:14] * LisaHornsby peers at the alter
  493. [17:32:19] <@Paradox> and lastly, a large, dusty blue feather.
  494. [17:32:43] <Barkeep> "What do you suppose this all is?"
  495. [17:32:53] <Henry> "Offerings?"
  496. [17:32:59] * LisaHornsby shrugs. "maybe."
  497. [17:33:16] <Norana> "That would be my guess... it looks like an altar of worship or something similar..."
  498. [17:34:01] <Norana> 1d20+5 int what's this bird I wonder
  499. [17:34:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, int what's this bird I wonder: 7 [1d20=2]
  500. [17:34:11] <Norana> (and then dinner time D:)
  501. [17:34:13] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 I wonder too :o
  502. [17:34:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, I wonder too :o: 19 [1d20=12]
  503. [17:34:38] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+3 Do I know? =D
  504. [17:34:39] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, Do I know? =D: 12 [1d20=9]
  505. [17:35:12] * Henry won't even try to recall, he just doesn't know. :3c
  506. [17:35:20] * LisaHornsby Lightly Touches a statue and tries to discern its uses!
  507. [17:35:27] <Jack> 1d20+1 INT
  508. [17:35:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, INT: 15 [1d20=14]
  509. [17:37:21] <@Paradox> No one knows this bird. :(
  510. [17:38:10] <@Paradox> LISA .... the statue doesn't seem to have any covert uses. It does seem infused with a fair bit of water, grass, and ice energies though. And they're probably pretty valuable.
  511. [17:38:25] <Barkeep> "When we get back, we could ask Miss Maka."
  512. [17:39:31] * LisaHornsby "Hmm. These are nifty...And I bet the feather has some sorta use or something with that tablet I found..." Picks up the feather as she muses.
  513. [17:39:54] * Henry takes the Tangrowth statue.
  514. [17:40:56] <LisaHornsby> "I wonder if we should leave an offering of something...Maybe one of those blue herbs?"
  515. [17:41:40] <Barkeep> "An offering, huh?"
  516. [17:42:09] <Henry> "That seems... rather weak if we are taking the previous offerings."
  517. [17:42:25] <LisaHornsby> "I mean it coudln't hurt right? And well what else could we leave?"
  518. [17:42:39] <Barkeep> "Actually I do have something for this sort of occasion."
  519. [17:43:06] * LisaHornsby Blinks at the feather. "Whoa..."
  520. [17:43:14] <Barkeep> "Huh?"
  521. [17:44:17] <LisaHornsby> "What did you have in mind Mr. Barkeep?"
  522. [17:45:39] <Barkeep> "Sake in a lacquer cup."
  523. [17:46:02] <Henry> 'I wonder if that is appropriate..."
  524. [17:46:17] <Henry> "Either way." he has a further look at the Tangrowth statue, and pockets it for now.
  525. [17:46:49] * Henry looks around for Herbert.
  526. [17:46:57] <Henry> "I hope we haven't offended the little fellow.."
  527. [17:47:40] <LisaHornsby> "Uuuh. Maybe. I think. Uh. Hmm. I think this was for a marriage ritual or something? Maybe? The tablet outside had pictures of a man and woman and this feather. And this feather is giving off alot of intense emotion."
  528. [17:47:55] <Henry> "It's so much easier reasoning with pokemon when you can understand them... Bernard, will you help me mediate sometime?"
  529. [17:47:57] <Henry> "Oh?"
  530. [17:48:11] <Henry> "That does sound interesting..."
  531. [17:48:32] * Jack picks up the golduck statue curiously.
  532. [17:48:33] <@Paradox> Herbert is just standing in the corner, not really paying much attention.
  533. [17:48:36] <Barkeep> "Oh. So I guess maybe we're not upseting any gods after all."
  534. [17:48:45] <Henry> "I do hope not."
  535. [17:49:09] <@Paradox> < Mediate? Must I? >
  536. [17:49:17] <LisaHornsby> "Well. It also had a picture of the big bird. Maybe it was the god that over sees marriage? Or something? Nora is much better at this than me."
  537. [17:49:32] <Henry> "If it's not a bother, my friend."
  538. [17:50:03] <@Paradox> The Scraggy goes off to talk with the Tangela for a bit.
  539. [17:50:18] * Jack keeps an eye on Taro to see what he's up to.
  540. [17:50:25] * Henry looks at Lisa, hmming.
  541. [17:50:34] <Barkeep> "I suppose we might as well take this stuff then? So we can study it for its cultural significance."
  542. [17:51:09] <Henry> "History is a significant aspect of culture, after all. I'd like to think we're paying respect to their memory by learning more about them."
  543. [17:51:46] <@Paradox> Taro is sniffing at the ground. Hmm
  544. [17:51:58] * Jack looks to Taro curiously, "Find anything?"
  545. [17:52:08] <@Paradox> He perks his ears, and begins barking back towards the exit.
  546. [17:52:11] <LisaHornsby> "I guess...Yeah. Are there any torches to light or something?"
  547. [17:52:34] <Barkeep> "Is something coming?"
  548. [17:53:23] * Henry looks over.
  549. [17:54:00] <Norana> (back :<)
  550. [17:54:50] * LisaHornsby Looks at the exit, "Something there? Hmm, hey Tori. Go seethrough and see if anything is out there!"
  551. [17:55:18] * Jack gets ready, keeping his eyes turned towards the exit before looking back to Taro, "Let's go check it out, then?" He warily draws closer.
  552. [17:55:20] * Norana stares intently at the altar for a bit, "As much as I would love to take these for further examination... I just get the feeling we shouldn't..."
  553. [17:55:50] <Henry> "Are you certain?"
  554. [17:55:52] <Barkeep> "Well... it's your dig I guess."
  555. [17:55:52] <LisaHornsby> 1d4 how lon gyou invisible ghost?
  556. [17:55:53] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, how lon gyou invisible ghost?: 1 [1d4=1]
  557. [17:56:14] <LisaHornsby> (Welp. A single minute.)
  558. [17:56:16] * Henry will reluctantly put the Tangrowth statue back then, if Norana insists. :<
  559. [17:56:39] * LisaHornsby Sends Invisicandle to go check out the hallway.
  560. [17:56:45] <Norana> "Maybe I've just read too many adventure novels..." Norana picks up the bird statue and looks it over.
  561. [17:57:14] * LisaHornsby Holds the feather still. "Maybe...But I have that same feeling of 'thisiswrong'."
  562. [17:57:22] <@Paradox> Jack, Taro, and the litwick go up to investigate.
  563. [17:58:11] <@Paradox> They all go up the stairs, and see ... a gigantic tangrowth, waiting outside the temple. It's looking straight at Jack and the two pokemon.
  564. [17:58:35] <Norana> "You too? ...and you have much better senses for these kinds of things too."
  565. [17:58:42] <@Paradox> That tangrowth has gotta be at least 13 feet tall.
  566. [17:58:54] <Henry> "I'll leave it be, then."
  567. [17:59:02] <Henry> "It truly is a pity..."
  568. [17:59:12] <Barkeep> "Well you got pictures. That should be enough."
  569. [17:59:35] * LisaHornsby Nods. "Yeah...This just feels wrong. The feather...It gives off such strong emotions. I-I'm not sure what this place was for. But I think it would be wrong to disturb it."
  570. [17:59:35] * Henry takes another snap of the relics all together on the altar.
  571. [17:59:45] <Norana> "Needless to say I'll be back to study this place again."
  572. [18:00:10] <Barkeep> "Well, let's go back up then."
  573. [18:00:16] <Henry> "Very well."
  574. [18:00:17] * LisaHornsby Nods. "Yeah. I think it'll be interesting."
  575. [18:00:21] * LisaHornsby mumbles
  576. [18:00:24] <LisaHornsby> "and not in the mines."
  577. [18:00:28] * Henry heads for the exit. "Bernard? Herbert?"
  578. [18:01:05] * LisaHornsby Absently holds onto the feather as they leave. "I wonder what else we can find in here. Any idea what thesepalces were for Nora?"
  579. [18:01:07] * Jack calls down, "I think we've got company up here." He then sets his eyes dead on the tangrowth, remaining motionless for the time being.
  580. [18:01:08] <@Paradox> Bernard and the Tangela follow after Henry.
  581. [18:02:22] <Norana> "...It's hard to say. I'll have to research this back at home."
  582. [18:02:24] <Henry> "What sort of company?" he calls up, looking.
  583. [18:02:34] <@Paradox> < I had a good chat with him. Just him time, can't expect a pokemon to like it's trainer minutes after being caught. I guess even the Charming Henry Whitacre has his limits. >
  584. [18:02:53] <Henry> "Thank you, Bernard. I suppose I understand."
  585. [18:03:32] <LisaHornsby> "Company? Who from town came late?"
  586. [18:04:21] <@Paradox> As you all climb the rope one by one, you see the Tangrowth still just standing there, looking at Jack.
  587. [18:04:27] <Henry> "...Oh dear."
  588. [18:05:06] * LisaHornsby "" He tries to cuddle her ghost but she is currently somewehre else. Cuddles the feather instead.
  589. [18:05:13] <Henry> "Is this, perhaps the same one you saw, Lisa?"
  590. [18:05:50] * LisaHornsby Nods slowly.
  591. [18:06:05] <Norana> "...This doesn't look good. It doesn't seem very pleased... did anyone forget to put something back?"
  592. [18:06:16] * Henry looks at Lisa and the feather.
  593. [18:06:21] <Barkeep> "I don't think we took anything from down there."
  594. [18:06:28] <Barkeep> "Oh."
  595. [18:06:54] * LisaHornsby Blinks and then turns a deep red. "uhoh."
  596. [18:06:57] <@Paradox> The tangrowth tilts its mass of vines slightly, looking at the group curiously.
  597. [18:07:03] <@Paradox> (DEX / speeds )
  598. [18:07:08] * Henry decides to press his luck and moves forward. "Good day, sir or madam! Terribly sorry if we disturbed your home."
  599. [18:07:22] <Henry> (5 dex, 5 speed, would be using Bernard)
  600. [18:07:42] <LisaHornsby> (Dex 16 Spd 2 Tori the Litwick)
  601. [18:07:54] <Norana> (Dex 20, Speed 8)
  602. [18:08:07] <Norana> (for lemeza the snorunt :3c)
  603. [18:08:18] <LisaHornsby> (We got this Nora =3)
  604. [18:08:22] <Barkeep> 10/6
  605. [18:09:12] <Jack> (12 dex, 10 speed)
  606. [18:10:03] <Henry> For the record, Henry's trainer action will be Judge Blinders, initiating Follow Me since he's left himself so wide open.
  607. [18:10:27] <Henry> (But he's also the slowest PC so I dunno :3c)
  608. [18:13:17] <Henry> (I'm not even sure if it's attacking D=)
  609. [18:14:31] <Jack> (If I use Hidden Strength on my trainer turn, does it consume both my Pokemon's actual turn and my trainer turn?)
  610. [18:14:42] <Jack> (The book isn't very clear.)
  611. [18:15:08] <Henry> (Hidden Strength consumes your trainer turn. Then, on your pokemon's turn, they can use its effect.)
  612. [18:15:42] <Norana> "Get ready to defend yourselves!" Norana reaches into a pouch on her belt and pulls out a blue-colored orb of some sort and throws it underneat the massive Tangrowth. (Pit Trap Bubble)
  613. [18:16:02] <Henry> "Are we even sure it's-"
  614. [18:16:18] <@Paradox> The Tangrowth waves a large vine hand
  615. [18:16:57] <@Paradox> And suddenly four nearby clusters of vines peel off the stone ruins, and surround the group.
  616. [18:17:02] <@Paradox> Norana's turn
  617. [18:17:07] <Henry> "...Ok, yes, it's attacking."
  618. [18:17:33] <Norana> (my action will still stand :P)
  619. [18:18:03] <LisaHornsby> 1d20+5 Frantic Research "Uhuhuh.I'msorryguys!"
  620. [18:18:04] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, Frantic Research "Uhuhuh.I'msorryguys!": 15 [1d20=10]
  621. [18:18:38] <Barkeep> (so she gets level)
  622. [18:18:43] <Henry> (Hm)
  623. [18:18:50] <Barkeep> (right)
  624. [18:19:55] <Jack> "No escape, then? Fine!" he grimaces, ready for the challenge.
  625. [18:20:28] * LisaHornsby Starts to whimper.
  626. [18:20:46] <Norana> "Oh Lisa... don't worry about it! I expected a little danger on this expedition!"
  627. [18:22:08] <Henry> (What's Jack doing)
  628. [18:22:12] <LisaHornsby> (We. Are. So. Boned.)
  629. [18:22:21] <Jack> (Jack is goign to use Hidden Strength +)
  630. [18:22:40] <Jack> "Alright, Taro, give 'em something special!" Jack shouts. Taro nods knowingly.
  631. [18:22:45] <@Paradox> Barkeep is up~
  632. [18:23:32] * Barkeep runs to the back and tries to stay out of the way, but secretly attempts to put a hold on that tangrowth.
  633. [18:23:35] <Barkeep> 1d20+7 stop!
  634. [18:23:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, stop!: 14 [1d20=7]
  635. [18:23:38] <Barkeep> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  636. [18:23:58] <Norana> (and Norana forgot to bring her trident oops D:)
  637. [18:24:04] <OmegaX> D:
  638. [18:24:09] <Barkeep> (one off...)
  639. [18:24:16] <Barkeep> (I could prob control but then if those vines hit me once I'm dead)
  640. [18:24:31] <@Paradox> Henry's turn!
  641. [18:24:39] <Barkeep> (it's not worth it :<)
  642. [18:24:39] * Henry locks eyes with the Tangrowth.
  643. [18:24:47] <Henry> Judge Blinders are go. Follow Me!
  644. [18:26:04] <@Paradox> Taro!
  645. [18:28:20] <Jack> (Sorry, checking poikedex.)
  646. [18:28:38] <Jack> (Ember on Tangrowth.)
  647. [18:28:39] <Jack> 1d20
  648. [18:28:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  649. [18:29:10] <Jack> 2d10+7
  650. [18:29:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d10+7: 21 [2d10=8,6]
  651. [18:29:20] <@Paradox> The Tangrowth doesn't seem to notice.
  652. [18:29:52] <Jack> Taro...spits out a -fireball- at the gigantic Tangrowth, and Jack seems rather shocked as it seems to prove useless.
  653. [18:29:55] <Jack> "What?!"
  654. [18:30:06] <Norana> 1d20 ac2 Powder Snow~
  655. [18:30:06] <@Paradox> Lemeza
  656. [18:30:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, ac2 Powder Snow~: 14 [1d20=14]
  657. [18:30:25] <Norana> 2d10+1d4+8
  658. [18:30:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Norana, 2d10+1d4+8: 19 [2d10=3,6; 1d4=2]
  659. [18:30:45] <Norana> Aiming for the Tangrowth and any sprites if possible
  660. [18:31:08] <@Paradox> (You could hit two sprites OR the tangrowth but not both)
  661. [18:31:21] <Norana> (go for the 2x sprites then :3)
  662. [18:33:01] <@Paradox> Both of the sprites shiver and screech as they're hit by the ice.
  663. [18:33:36] <@Paradox> They all rush the group, whipping their vines around in a frenzy!
  664. [18:34:10] <@Paradox> 4#1d20 Henry/Jack/Norana/Barkeep
  665. [18:34:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Henry/Jack/Norana/Barkeep: 7 [1d20=7], 7 [1d20=7], 16 [1d20=16], 13 [1d20=13]
  666. [18:34:23] <Henry> (Yup, hits)
  667. [18:34:24] <@Paradox> 2d10+8
  668. [18:34:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d10+8: 24 [2d10=10,6]
  669. [18:34:32] <Norana> (owmyface)
  670. [18:34:33] <Barkeep> (err, what about the follow me)
  671. [18:34:53] <Henry> (;_; Don't make it worse on poor Henry)
  672. [18:35:02] <@Paradox> (oh follow me is ALL enemies, not just one)
  673. [18:35:05] <@Paradox> (welp)
  674. [18:35:15] <LisaHornsby> (Poor henry)
  675. [18:35:40] <@Paradox> 96 damage to Henry then. :I
  676. [18:35:48] * Henry is whipped until he's bleeding, but he grits his teeth.
  677. [18:35:54] <Botherer> ( Oww... )
  678. [18:36:00] <@Paradox> Marcel!
  679. [18:36:29] <Norana> (and then I had to go afk because the universe hates me >:)
  680. [18:36:58] <Barkeep> Marcel tries to use confusion on the tangrowth!
  681. [18:37:02] <Barkeep> 1d20
  682. [18:37:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]
  683. [18:37:19] <Barkeep> 4d6+1d6+5
  684. [18:37:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Barkeep, 4d6+1d6+5: 20 [4d6=2,5,1,2; 1d6=5]
  685. [18:38:06] <@Paradox> Bernard!
  686. [18:38:09] <Henry> "You... you know the drill, Bernard! The bigger they are..."
  687. [18:38:21] <Henry> 1d20 AC 2 Low Kick on the Tangrowth.
  688. [18:38:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, AC 2 Low Kick on the Tangrowth.: 2 [1d20=2]
  689. [18:38:25] <Henry> (NOOO)
  690. [18:38:27] <Henry> (FUCK)
  691. [18:38:28] <Henry> (FUUUUCK)
  692. [18:38:31] <LisaHornsby> (The less you hit.)
  693. [18:38:47] <@Paradox> Tori!
  694. [18:38:48] <Barkeep> (oh god we're so fucked)
  695. [18:38:56] <Barkeep> (dicemaid y u do dis ; ;)
  696. [18:39:28] <LisaHornsby> "OhgodI'msorry TORI HEATWAVE!"
  697. [18:39:41] <LisaHornsby> 1d20
  698. [18:39:41] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  699. [18:39:54] <LisaHornsby> (damnitdicemaid)
  700. [18:39:58] <Barkeep> (... why dicemaid ; ;)
  701. [18:40:06] <Henry> (Barkeep, use your PC ;_;)
  702. [18:40:10] <LisaHornsby> (Got that PC =<?)
  703. [18:40:14] <Henry> (We kind of need that)
  704. [18:40:22] <Barkeep> (I will DIE. In one hit.)
  705. [18:40:25] <Barkeep> (If I use this pc)
  706. [18:40:33] <LisaHornsby> (Die?)
  707. [18:40:36] <Barkeep> (ahh fine)
  708. [18:40:39] <Henry> (I just took 96 damage for you :<)
  709. [18:40:39] <Barkeep> (Use it :I)
  710. [18:40:45] <Barkeep> (henry will die if I don't.)
  711. [18:40:52] <LisaHornsby> 1d20 HIIIIITPLEASE
  712. [18:40:52] <DiceMaid-9001> LisaHornsby, HIIIIITPLEASE: 1 [1d20=1]
  713. [18:40:55] <LisaHornsby> (Asdljl'[askjdas
  714. [18:40:55] <LisaHornsby> d; as
  715. [18:40:56] <Barkeep> (...)
  716. [18:41:05] <Henry> 1d20 trollmaid check
  717. [18:41:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, trollmaid check: 13 [1d20=13]
  718. [18:41:11] <Barkeep> (I hit my forehead so hard I chipped a tooth.)
  719. [18:41:24] <OmegaX> (D:)
  720. [18:41:29] <Barkeep> (dicemaid what did I ever to do you)
  721. [18:41:33] <LisaHornsby> (We are doomed)
  722. [18:41:43] * Garlyle ( has joined #OldForest
  723. [18:41:47] * Henry grits his teeth and gets his camera ready.
  724. [18:42:14] <Henry> (Well, Dox never said if the 5 hit the sprites)
  725. [18:42:20] <Henry> (It's AC 4, it's well possible)
  726. [18:42:28] <@Paradox> (it doesn't on a nat 1)
  727. [18:42:38] <LisaHornsby> (We rerolled it so yeah.)
  728. [18:42:38] <Henry> (The first roll was a 5)
  729. [18:42:40] <Henry> (Did that hit)
  730. [18:42:46] <Henry> (Because if it did there was no need to PC it)
  731. [18:43:19] <LisaHornsby> (Well lets see how bad the tangroth kills Henry)
  732. [18:43:26] <Barkeep> (I'm really hoping that if I get hit marcel can take it with an intercept)
  733. [18:43:27] <@Paradox> The Tangrowth walks towards the group, and stretches its arms wide
  734. [18:44:28] <@Paradox> Green energy pulses out from the tangrowth as it arms whip out, spreading over the entire area
  735. [18:44:34] <Henry> (Did the bubble pit trap go off)
  736. [18:44:48] <@Paradox> Weeds, flowers, and plant shoots grow instantly from the ground
  737. [18:44:50] <Henry> (Because you just kind of ignored it)
  738. [18:44:55] <@Paradox> And you're all healed to full HP.
  739. [18:45:00] <Henry> ...=O
  740. [18:45:04] <LisaHornsby> (Ahah!)
  741. [18:45:11] <Barkeep> "... huh?"
  742. [18:45:18] * LisaHornsby Cringes holding up the Feather..."Wha?"
  743. [18:45:32] <Henry> 1d20+6 Action Photo+ let's see if I can snap that.
  744. [18:45:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Henry, Action Photo+ let's see if I can snap that.: 19 [1d20=13]
  745. [18:45:36] <Henry> (DAMMIT)
  746. [18:45:57] <Jack> "Wait...what?"
  747. [18:46:03] <Henry> "...Wait, are you helping us?"
  748. [18:46:22] <LisaHornsby> "I, I think it just wants us to put the stuff back...?
  749. [18:46:23] <LisaHornsby> "
  750. [18:46:37] <@Paradox> It picks up Henry with a hueg vine tentacle.
  751. [18:46:41] <Henry> :B
  752. [18:47:13] <Henry> "U-um. Hello."
  753. [18:47:18] <@Paradox> It looks at Herbert, then back at Henry. Then back at Herbert. He pulls Henry a little closer.
  754. [18:47:29] <Henry> "Oh, um... are... are you two related?" D=
  755. [18:48:16] <@Paradox> It just tilts its head when Henry speaks, its eyes curious and child-like.
  756. [18:48:47] <LisaHornsby> "Uuuh. Maybe he wants his son back?"
  757. [18:48:50] <Henry> "I couldn't help but notice how amazing a pokemon Herbert was, I just wanted to make a new friend." :B
  758. [18:48:59] <@Paradox> It puts Henry back down.
  759. [18:49:18] <@Paradox> The big vine hand pats him on the head.
  760. [18:49:37] <Henry> "Ah... hah. Thanks?"
  761. [18:49:53] * Jack just watches in awe...what WAS this thing?
  762. [18:50:23] <@Paradox> It pats Taro, Lemeza, Marcel, Bernard, and Tori in turn.
  763. [18:50:42] <Barkeep> "..."
  764. [18:51:12] * Barkeep calmly reaches into his bag and puts down a lacquer cup, pouring a small quantity of sake into it. "Sorry for disturbing you."
  765. [18:51:38] * Henry looks around at the sprite creatures.
  766. [18:52:17] <Henry> "I... um, thank you for not killing us."
  767. [18:52:31] * Henry scratches his head awkwardly.
  768. [18:53:03] <@Paradox> It looks at the group one last time, and begins waddling off into the forest. It stops about 30 feet away, then a large vine graps the lacquer cup, taking it with him.
  769. [18:53:27] * Henry breathes a huge sigh of relief.
  770. [18:53:32] * Henry looks over at Herbert.
  771. [18:53:37] * Henry then looks at Bernard.
  772. [18:53:43] <Henry> "Did you catch any of what just happened?"
  773. [18:54:20] * Henry has notably lost the eloquence in his words.
  774. [18:55:00] <Barkeep> "I..."
  775. [18:55:25] <Barkeep> "I don't think I want to go on any more expeditions without Nephene..." :<
  776. [18:56:07] * Henry rubs where the cuts were in his clothing from the repeated vine whips.
  777. [18:57:21] <Henry> "...uninjured..."
  778. [18:57:43] * Henry just has a seat right there, it's a bit much to take in what just happened.
  779. [18:58:02] * Jack looks about ready to faint as he tries to contemplate what just happened.
  780. [18:58:09] <Jack> "'s not...angry or?"
  781. [18:58:26] <Henry> "I don't even know..."
  782. [18:59:15] <Henry> "But I'm thankful it spared us."
  783. [18:59:29] <Barkeep> "I think it's okay with us now..."
  784. [18:59:34] <Barkeep> "Can we go home?"
  785. [19:00:55] <Jack> "I...I think we should, yes, with Norana's permission."
  786. [19:01:32] <@Paradox> Norana indicates ... that she just needs a minute!
  787. [19:01:55] <@Paradox> She runs back down into the temple, and comes back a little later with the figurines and the lacqured branch.
  788. [19:02:47] <Henry> "..Are you really sure, after all that?"
  789. [19:02:53] <@Paradox> She hands the little tangrowth statuette to Henry.
  790. [19:02:56] <Barkeep> "It... well it didn't mind the feather..."
  791. [19:02:58] * Henry has a look at it.
  792. [19:03:10] <@Paradox> "Yeah! I just ... got this feeling, after it looked at me. I knew it was okay."
  793. [19:03:11] <Barkeep> "I don't think it actually was going to attack us until we attacked it."
  794. [19:03:44] <Henry> "I was unsure until those things came off the walls, but I guess Norana kind of provoked it..."
  795. [19:04:10] <Henry> "Well, alright. I suppose we should be getting back now."
  796. [19:04:37] <@Paradox> </session> ... for most of you.
  797. [19:04:47] <@Paradox> JACK AND I have some unfinished business. B[
  798. [19:05:00] <Jack> Eeep. D:
  800. [19:03:45] <~Paradox> 1200 EXP to Taro, Lemeza, Marcel, Bernard, and Tori BTW
  801. [19:04:24] <Jack> (1800 for me...)
  803. ---
  805. [19:05:38] <@Paradox> Jack wearily makes his way back to the old farm after the long hike back.
  806. [19:06:04] <@Paradox> Taro perks up his ears as you get close, and soon you hear it too; there's a strange sound coming from your fields.
  807. [19:06:36] <Jack> "Huh..." Jack runs over to check it out.
  808. [19:07:10] <@Paradox> You see a round pink pokemon punching rocks in your field.
  809. [19:07:40] <@Paradox> It notices you moments after smashing a boulder into bits with a single punch
  810. [19:07:46] <@Paradox> "Puff, puff!"
  811. [19:07:52] <@Paradox> It looks at you angrily.
  812. [19:09:19] <Jack> "Woah, now...What's the big fuss?"
  813. [19:09:31] * Jack watches it guarded, keeping Taro just before him.
  814. [19:11:15] <@Paradox> It calmly walks up to you, and kicks you in the shins.
  815. [19:12:17] <OmegaX> (Hahahaha, Reminds me of Sumoto.)
  816. [19:12:39] <@Paradox> ( ... oh god yes )
  817. [19:12:55] <Jack> " little bugger! Taro, tackle!"
  818. [19:13:18] <Jack> (Roll it?)
  819. [19:13:28] <@Paradox> (yep)
  820. [19:13:42] <OmegaX> (If it knows counter and Metronome, RUN.)
  821. [19:15:12] <Jack> 1d20
  822. [19:15:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  823. [19:15:38] <Jack> 2d10+7
  824. [19:15:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d10+7: 24 [2d10=9,8]
  825. [19:15:43] <Jack> 4d6 STAB
  826. [19:15:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, STAB: 14 [4d6=1,3,5,5]
  827. [19:15:54] <Jack> (38 damage.)
  828. [19:16:23] <Jack> Taro charges the creature, while Jack gets out his change, "You're a rotten little puffball, aren't you?"
  829. [19:42:44] <Paradox> The Jigglypuff takes the hit, but uses Taro's momentum against him - he whirls, and sends the Eevee flying against a nearby boulder.
  830. [19:43:03] <Paradox> Taro collapses in a small heap.
  831. [19:43:54] * Jack grimaces as Taro falls, then reaches for one of his apricorn balls, ready to toss, "Time to wrangle you up!"t that at all.
  832. [19:44:03] <Jack> 1d100+5 Don't fuck up DM
  833. [19:44:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Don't fuck up DM: 82 [1d100=77]
  834. [19:44:09] <Jack> (:|))
  835. [19:47:56] <Paradox> The Jigglypuff knocks the pokeball aside, and gives the universal finger waggle for 'come at me bro'
  836. [19:48:16] * Jack pulls out his chainscythe and gets ready to do just that
  837. [19:48:23] <Jack> 1d20 Attack AC 6
  838. [19:48:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Attack AC 6: 17 [1d20=17]
  839. [19:48:33] <Jack> 1d10+3 damage
  840. [19:48:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, damage: 7 [1d10=4]
  841. [19:47:56] <Paradox> The Jigglypuff knocks the pokeball aside, and gives the universal finger waggle for 'come at me bro'
  842. [19:48:16] * Jack pulls out his chainscythe and gets ready to do just that
  843. [19:48:23] <Jack> 1d20 Attack AC 6
  844. [19:48:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Attack AC 6: 17 [1d20=17]
  845. [19:48:33] <Jack> 1d10+3 damage
  846. [19:48:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, damage: 7 [1d10=4]
  847. [19:49:46] <Paradox> The puff takes the hit, and then retaliates with stone-shattering force!
  848. [19:49:48] <Paradox> 1d20
  849. [19:49:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  850. [19:50:11] <Paradox> 2d10+1d6+7 ROCK SMASH
  851. [19:50:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, ROCK SMASH: 22 [2d10=8,5; 1d6=2]
  852. [19:51:32] * Jack grimaces, then pulls his scythe back to launch another attack.
  853. [19:51:35] <Jack> 1d20
  854. [19:51:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  855. [19:51:39] <Jack> 1d10+3
  856. [19:51:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d10+3: 5 [1d10=2]
  857. [19:52:54] <Paradox> The jigglypuff seems worn down now.
  858. [19:53:22] * Jack readies another apricorn ball.
  859. [19:53:28] <Jack> 1d100+5 Dicemaid, come on!
  860. [19:53:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Dicemaid, come on!: 56 [1d100=51]
  861. [19:54:16] <Paradox> (oh man)
  862. [19:54:39] <Paradox> 1d100 be extra nice?
  863. [19:54:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Ilya, be extra nice?: 71 [1d100=71]
  864. [19:54:50] <Paradox> (ah fuck it)
  865. [19:54:55] <Paradox> The ball rolls around a bit .... then clicks.
  866. [19:55:13] <Paradox> (needed 55 technically <:3c )
  867. [19:56:08] * Jack picks it up, then takes Taro and begins to rush to go bug Cress at this hour. Good thing he bought that free healing coupon. :3c
  868. [19:56:26] <Paradox> Level 10 Jigglypuff, Male, Normal/Fighting. Egg Moves: Counter, Detect, Rock Smash
  869. [19:56:42] <Jack> (>Normal/Fighting. Oh god.)
  870. [19:56:46] <castfromhp> (aura-puff!)
  871. [20:00:37] <Paradox> oh, forgot nature and ability
  872. [20:00:44] <Paradox> ADAMANT nature obviously
  873. [20:00:50] <Paradox> HUSTLE ability
  874. [20:01:40] <Jack> (Oh god. This thing's a beast.)
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