Dog Gone Shame

Feb 18th, 2016
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  1. Russ – Male. Biggest Diamond Dog. Muscular. Serious. Work oriented. Leader. Red vest.
  2. Tina – Female Diamond Dog. Curvy. Cheerful. Friendly. Likes ponies. Diplomat. Yellow vest.
  3. Bulk – Male Diamond Dog. Fat. Happy just to be here. Carefree. Besties with Skull. Black vest.
  4. Skull – Male Diamond Dog. Skinny. Happy just to be here. Carefree. Besties with Bulk. White vest.
  6. >You’re Russ.
  7. >You’re huge.
  8. >Like, buff, huge.
  9. >It was awesome.
  10. >You were also intimidating, which was also awesome.
  11. >All of this was icing on the cake of the fact that you’d made it to Equestria, and you were a badass motherfucking Diamond Dog.
  12. >You had huge beefy arms and hands, coming out of your equally ripped chest.
  13. >Your jaw had massive fucking teeth jutting out of it, and you had a goddamn morning star for a tail.
  14. >You skipped leg day, though.
  15. >No biggie.
  16. >You’d dreamed of falling, but this time when you hit the ground, you’d been in a field surrounded by all sorts of weird equestrian creatures.
  17. >The majority were ponies, of course, but you’d spied several other diamond dogs in there.
  18. >You didn’t want to have to deal with an army of mares kicking your damn teeth in, so you’d booked it as fast as you could.
  19. >You’d run into some other Diamond Dogs on the way and you’d convinced them to come with you, so you had the making of a tiny little society going on.
  20. >Unfortunately, the quality of your team was a little lacking.
  21. >Tina was pretty good.
  22. >Smart as a whip and sensible.
  23. >Problem was she really wanted to be friends with the ponies.
  24. >She wanted to try to convince them to let her live in the city and be friends with them.
  25. >Unfortunately, most of the ponies in the town most of the other ponies had made, Adorbia, you think?
  26. >Well, they didn’t really think you guys were all that cute.
  27. >It was kind of racist, honestly, but that was that.
  29. >Now Tina wanted you to all go visit other cities, and you said you would.
  30. >Eventually.
  31. >The other two additions to your team were two best friends who called themselves Bulk and Skull.
  32. >They were super happy to be here, and were really just along for the ride, so long as they could hang out together.
  33. >They were your grunts, really.
  34. >They’d do whatever you asked of them, no questions.
  35. >So you’d decided to set up a makeshift home underground in the Everfree, with Bulk and Skull doing most of the digging.
  36. >You didn’t want to get your claws dirty quite yet, so you and Tina were talking about what else you could do to be friends with the ponies.
  37. >You stared at her while she talked, gushing about how cute the ponies were and she wanted one as a pet and she wanted to pet it and dress it up.
  38. >You plucked idly at your vest.
  39. >It was kind of cool, actually, when you got here you were all given color-coded vests.
  40. >Came free with the body, it seems.
  41. >Shame about Tina’s, though.
  42. >She was real shapely, but her vest draped so neatly over her frame, that it obscured her tits at all times.
  43. >It was a little maddening.
  44. >”Yo, boss! We got us a little problem here!” Skull said, popping his head out of the dirt.
  45. “Hm? What’s up?”
  46. >Your voice was a fucking awesome bass rumble.
  47. >It was great.
  48. >Bulk popped up next to Skull. “Well, it would seem that some roots don’t want us to go a certain direction.”
  49. “Are they actively moving to block your path?”
  50. >”Yeah, boss. Growing right across the dirt we wanna dig in.” Skull said.
  51. “Then don’t go that way. It’s the Everfree, and we really don’t want to piss it off.”
  52. >”Righto boss!” They said in unison.
  53. >They both salute you and dive back underground.
  54. >”So do you think we could go visit Ponyville tomorrow?” Tina asked. “It’s not very far away, and we could talk to Twilight Sparkle about setting up here legally, rather than hiding.”
  56. >Tina was nice, but idealistic.
  57. >She kept assuming everypony was going to be willing to listen to what she had to say, rather than running away scared.
  58. >It would require careful planning, and a lot of work to get them to listen clearly.
  59. >You had to prove your goodwill.
  60. >”AHHHHH!”
  61. >Screaming comes from the hole as Bulk and Skull burst out of it in fright, followed by what you could only call a honey badger.
  62. >It was large, had huge stinger-shaped claws, and was made of beeswax that was dripping with honey.
  63. >This place was hilarious.
  64. >It growled and fixed its hexagonal eyes on you as Bulk and Skull hid behind you in fear.
  65. >Alright! This place was great!
  66. >You flexed and cracked your neck, then beckoned to the honey badger.
  67. >It’s claws kicked up dirt as it ran at you, swiping at your right side with a wicked swing.
  68. >you stepped closer to it, grabbing it’s arm in your paws, turned around, and leaned over, swing the badger up over your back, and slamming it into the ground on top of Bulk and Skull.
  69. >They should be fine.
  70. >You loved this shit, you were so strong.
  71. >You bend down and punch the badger once, twice, three times in the face, until it stops moving.
  72. >Gg, badger.
  73. >You pull the badger off Bulk and Skull.
  74. >They groan a little, but sit up.
  75. >Yeah they’re fine.
  76. >”Nice job, boss!” Skull says.
  77. >”Yeah, nice job!” Bulk reiterates.
  78. ”S’what I’m here for guys. I’m gonna go deposit this guy further in the forest away from us. I’ll be back. You two keep digging. Tina, help ‘em out.”
  79. >They all three salute you and you heft the honey-boated beast and trudge into the forest.
  80. >It’s a tricky place, and you make sure you scratch some trees to mark your path back to your friends.
  81. >You finally think you’ve gone far enough, and drop the badger down on the ground in a small clearing. >You wipe your hands on some moss and turn around to head back.
  83. >”What’s this my eyes are showing me? A Diamond Dog in the Everfree?”
  84. >Well that had to be Zecora.
  85. >Hopefully the real one.
  86. >You turn around and see a tiny zebra with a Mohawk looking up at you and your recently defeated badger.
  87. “Uh, hi?”
  88. >You don’t want to give away that you know her.
  89. >That would be creepy.
  90. >You don’t want to scare her, though.
  91. >Simple greetings are best.
  92. >”No gems of power, great or small, are found in the Everfree. None at all. A question then, from me to you: What do you seek? Please tell me true.”
  93. >Truth? Okay.
  94. “My friends and I are looking for a place to live near Ponyville so we can become friends with them. Not all Diamond Dogs are bad, and we want to prove that.”
  95. >”A noble cause, I know your plight. I used to give them such a fright. But gentle ponies in town hide, we need to bring one to your side. I think I match the type you seek, I’ll tell the princess just this week. Then maybe we can, altogether, make our lives, just that much better.”
  96. >Make our lives… tell the princess… hide…
  97. >You think you follow.
  98. >The rhyming makes it a little difficult, but it sounds like she’s offering to be your spokespony to the town.
  99. >That’d be neat, and Tina would be thrilled.
  100. >”My home is really quite close by, come with me now, please, don’t be shy. Once you know just where I live, we can talk more, and friendship give.”
  101. >Okay, she was gonna show you her house, so you could visit her later?
  102. >Okay, you think you got it.
  103. >This worked out pretty well.
  104. >Super convenient. What could possibly happen? You were huge.
  105. >You followed the zebra into the forest, marking trees as you went.
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