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  1. /Itou sleeps beside the foxdemon, already awake, and wakes up as she moves a bit on the matrace.
  2.  It is the hunderth anniversary of Yuumae growing her first tail, so it’s time for the second. /
  4. *yawning*   Good morning, Itou ! Oh, not long ago,  I just woke up as well. Don’t worry, everything was  *painfull hiss interrupts the sentence* perfect.
  6. Oh it’s nothing, dont worry about it, you dont have to get me anything…Oh…darn, thank you. Chocolate? You think that will ease my pain? *little chuckle*
  8. Anyway, thank you. It feels fabulous that someone cares about me. What? Fi is gone? Well, if she had stayed I would have killed that.. *trembles and stops for a moment* bitch anyway.
  10. No, it’s not the same at all, dont be naive! Since I am a foxdemon I have to prey on souls but that archangel was just a bitch taking advantage of you. Can we drop this for today, makes me wanna kill someone. *ends the sentence playfully but then screams painfully*
  12. Yes, it s a lot worse than I expected. The last time I felt this intese pain was when my tail was grown. There s a chance it is happening again. Yes, I will have two of those beauties. *laughs weakly* Yes, you can caress it, but I doubt it would help.
  14. *in a curious manner* What, you read about it?
  16. Yes, it is true the pain is so intense no human could stand it. As the tail wants to break out, t is  like having your spine broken into half every, single, minute. But you were wrong, kitsunes are still charming, even when growing a tail.
  18. *jokingly* But a lot of us get bewildered, so be careful, human.  
  20. Yes, caress me like this, that feels good, helps to fade it away so much.  Damn, I hate this period. Last time there was no problem but I dont want to kill you out of agony while having sex. This pain…I can’t really...control my mood you know.
  22. *a little bit more tensed up* I may devour you… Itou, seriously, stop, dont touch there…
  24. What? If I ever loved someone? Out of the thousand and thousand of men? Hmmm… *laughing, teasing the boy* There was one prince, around the 17th century. He was a really strong, brave and charismatic man… *hisses in pain again* I am he was really charismatic and althought I was only one of his courtesans,  he paid a lot of attention to me.  *with a little vanity in her voice*
  26. Ahh, no, I said we have to…we can’t… *objects while kissing him* Okay, but only a little… yes, touch me, touch my breasts, play with them as you wish. Oh, yes. Touch me, touch my pussy too. *a little moaning then a short, painful scream* I am sorry, I cant always prepare for it, it s pretty…sudden. *moans again, while getting fingered*
  28. You dont mind it! What a pervert. *laughs a bit while gasps for air* Oh my gosh, your cock never felt this good. *moans a bit as she is getting penetrated. A few seconds of riding noises mixed with muffled screams*
  30. *apologizing* I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to. I can’t control the pain…let’s try it again, okay?  *slowly starts to suck his penis*
  32.  Yes, like this…thank you.. *gasps*
  34. Please, let me try it again…
  36. *slowly starts riding him again and moans*
  37. No, now it s great, it has never been this good, Yes, Itou, deeper, please! You like it too? I bet you do, cum inside as much as you want, enjoy my pussy! Oh yes, like that, just like that!
  40. *quiet cumming that transforms into an unmasked painful scream then relieved grasping*  Ahh, Itou it hurt, it hurt so much! *whines almost crying* But…it was worth it, just look at this nutbrown new tail. Even more fluffy than the white, just look. I love it already. NO! Please, dont touch it yet…it s really sensitive.  We’ ll play with it tomorrow.
  42. *seemingly tired* Good night, Itou.
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