Breed Dating

Jun 30th, 2018
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  1. [Script Offer] Breed Dating [FF4M] [Sci-fi] [A Plethora of Cock] [Gloryhole] [Breeding] [Impreg]
  3. Welcome to Gravata Vessilyev! The world top Breed Dating service. The concept is simple. Walk into a room where you are greeted with a decent sized hole in the wall, big enough for a man's penis and balls. On the bell, a cock will appear and you will have two minutes to get to know him before the bell rings again and a new cock will appear. Once you've seen each and every member we have to offer you get to choose which one to breed with. You will be guided into the next room, the breedery, where your chosen stud will enter and come breed you with the thickest and most fertile load of semen he possibly can.
  5. ----------
  7. W1: Welcome to Breed Dating! Do you have an appointment?
  9. W2: Uh, yes. I'm kinda nervous about the situation...
  11. W1: There's nothing to be worried about. [tapping on keypad] This must be you here. [pause] Yup, all looks in order and the specimens are ready and waiting for you, ma'am. It's all pretty simple. Just make your way into the adjoining room and the rest will be explained to you within.
  13. W2: That's it? I just walk in?
  15. W1: Exactly. It'll all become clear once you're inside.
  17. W2: Alright... Thank you.
  19. W1: Enjoy your time breed dating.
  21. [automatic or futuristic door opens and closes]
  23. W2: Um... hello?
  25. AI: Greetings and welcome, breeder. You are in this room because you chose to use the Gravata Institute's Breed Dating service.
  27. W2: Oh, hi, yes I would like to find a donor of sperm and um...
  29. AI: Then please, step up to the panel on the wall. You will find a chair, a small table, paper and pen, and a water bottle.
  31. W2: Ah, yes, I see it.
  33. AI: Starting in one minute, you will have a series of male genitalia to inspect in any way you choose. You may look, touch, taste, or anything else except penetrative sex for two minutes per penis. There is a notepad on the table for you to use to record your thoughts if you so choose. At the end of the series, you will choose one or more penises to breed you. Since you chose face to face insemination, you will then be shown into one of our breeding rooms to meet your chosen donor or donors and be bred in the natural fashion. Do you have any questions, breeder?
  35. W2: No, I think I understand. Thank you.
  37. AI: Your penises will appear from the panel soon. Good luck.
  39. W2: Oh, fuck... Am I really doing this? Oh my god... I ache to be bred so bad and this seems the easiest way.
  41. [chime of some sort]
  43. [the panel opens and the first cock appears]
  45. W2: [gasp] Holy...
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