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A Brief History of Worm CYOA

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Jun 5th, 2016
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  1. There's been five Worm CYOA (plus one Jumpchain, and one completely insane version). Some of these CYOA have had multiple updates/revisions to them, but I'm only counting them as one CYOA. In order of release, they are:
  3. #1-
  4. First posted about by an anon on July 18, 2014. Post number 33498924, for those interested in looking for it in the archives. Sporadic discussion follows this (33507483, 33713249, 34369644). A WIP/Preview of the companions page was posted on July 31, 2014 (33787483), and a second WIP/Preview of the first page was posted on September 16 (34910971, note that it's slightly different from the final version's).
  5. The completed CYOA was posted for the first time on September 21, 2014. Post number 35024401.
  6. No revisions were made.
  8. #2-
  9. First posted (in pure text form) on "Sufficient Velocity" (under the username "CatScannerDarkly") forums on February 13, 2015, and shortly afterward on Spacebattles (Under the username "Tylenol"). The first image revision was posted later the same day. A lot of revisions were made very rapidly (more than three, despite the version numbers). The only differences between revisions are new background images and minor clarifications in the text. The second-to-most-recent revision was made on February 18, 2015. The most recent revision was just a touch-up to the graphics of the second-to-most-recent one, apparently made with the assistance of #1's author. It was posted on April 24, 2015. The author answered questions and discussed the CYOA up until December 4, 2015 (and gave a response to a question regarding the image sources on March 4, 2016).
  10. Some people, particularly on Spacebattles/Sufficient Velocity, refer to this one as "Version 3" because of the version number at the top, not realizing that the version number was referring to this person's efforts at revising their own Worm CYOA. These people tend to think that #3 was the second one.
  12. #3-
  13. First posted on the Spacebattles forums (under the username "Sun Tzu") on March 13, 2015. Author answered questions for quite some time afterward (they last discussed/mentioned their CYOA on December 28, 2015), but there were no revisions.
  15. #4- + an "expansion" (
  16. First posted (in text form) on the Spacebattles forums (under the username "Updatedude") on March 6, 2016. A complete text version was posted on March 8, and another on March 13. The first image version was posted on March 15. The final/most recent revision was posted on March 23.
  17. The 'expansion' was posted on March 31.
  19. #5-
  20. First posted on Reddit (under the username "3_tankista") on April 28, 2016. An updated version ("Update Aleph") was posted on Reddit on May 8. On June 4 a further updated version ("Update Bet") was posted on 4chan (post number 47609244), and was revised a few times based on feedback in the thread (still under the title "Update Bet"). A final revision of Update Bet was posted on 4chan on June 5 (post number 47628394), with the author stating "The update is finalized, I won't come back to make any new changes for quite a while."
  22. Jumpchain- or
  23. My dates are less likely to be accurate here because I really don't give a fuck. First proposed as a jump on September 23, 2014 (post number 35059288). Somebody actually starts working on it on November 14, 2014 (post number 36164745).
  24. The earliest versions of it, which appear to have been pretty complete, were in Pastebins with limited lifespans. The first I can find was posted on March 5, 2015 (38487296), another was posted on April 3, 2015 (39107759). Given the date, is probably a copy-paste of the first one.
  26. Batshit Insane-'s_Worm_CYOA/Nightgazer's_Worm_CYOA.htm
  27. First talked about on the Spacebattles forums (under the username "Nightgazer Starlight") on March 4, 2016. The author posts it for the first time on March 7, 2016. To my recollection (only the most recent revision is accessible), the early revisions of this one were actually playable. They were essentially just a mashup of versions 1 and 2 with MLP elements thrown in. Now it has to be seen to be believed. I find it legitimately sad. I think it's pretty likely the author has some form of mental illness, and I don't mean that it some sort of snarky sense. The way they conduct themselves when talking about their "CYOA," their tenacity in posting about it, and the fact that they're making something like this given their alleged age (44, according to their Spacebattles profile) paint a really sad picture.
  28. The most recent revision was posted on June 5, 2016, or today at the time of this writing.
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