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  1. 22:40:59Old Spice!: So.
  2. 22:41:06Old Spice!: Hello.
  3. 22:41:20Shihoin Yoruichi: Yes wriggle?
  4. 22:41:35Old Spice!: wriggle?
  5. 22:41:48Shihoin Yoruichi: or whoever you are, how might I help you?
  6. 22:42:10Old Spice!: Who, is wriggle?
  7. 22:42:19Old Spice!: Banning Tsutaya
  8. 22:42:37Shihoin Yoruichi: o.o.. who is this?
  9. 22:43:22Old Spice!: I'm not telling you who I am. I am just asking you to ban some one who is causing problems in the group?
  10. 22:44:05Shihoin Yoruichi: Yea, unless you are willing to come forward with who you actually are in the group. And give a legitimate claim. Its not gonna happen.
  11. 22:44:27Old Spice!: You know I can't do that Cate.
  12. 22:44:50Shihoin Yoruichi: And thats why you wont get what you want wriggle. The name is Kate by the way.
  13. 22:45:04Old Spice!: Why do you call me Wriggle?
  14. 22:45:19Shihoin Yoruichi: Is leviathan better?
  15. 22:45:34Old Spice!: ...
  16. 22:45:56Old Spice!: Hmph.
  17. 22:46:28Shihoin Yoruichi: Anyhow, things were nice when you were not bothering us. How about you resume not bothering us.
  18. 22:46:36Old Spice!: Listen you know who I am it seems.
  19. 22:46:53Old Spice!: Bothering you?
  20. 22:47:00Shihoin Yoruichi: I've known who you are from the beginning.
  21. 22:47:10Old Spice!: How the fuck does HE not bother you.
  22. 22:47:15Old Spice!: Then who am I?
  23. 22:47:47Old Spice!: Seriously, he is fucking annoying. All he does is whine about shit. All he does it ask people for cyber sex.
  24. 22:48:17Shihoin Yoruichi: I just said who you are, leviathan, wriggle.. etc. Things were nice when you werent bothering us with your ban him hes horrible person ban him... no one here has complained about any of that. Just go get a life..
  25. 22:48:55Old Spice!: One, I have not complained about him untill he started shit a few days ago.
  26. 22:49:06Old Spice!: And people bitched at me for calling him a faggot in the room.
  27. 22:49:13Old Spice!: So yeah.
  28. 22:49:20Shihoin Yoruichi: wouldnt that mean -you- started shit?
  29. 22:49:28Shihoin Yoruichi: since you called him a faggot?
  30. 22:51:28Old Spice!: God. Nevermind fuck this.
  31. 22:52:04Shihoin Yoruichi: Lol just give up, he has the proxy skill to come back from sadas bans.. and he is welcome in the room. So... you have no hope.
  32. 22:52:13Old Spice!: Seriously, no. Rukien is a fucking little faggot who spammed his own number, Ino even told me SADAKO told her. You are stupid.
  33. 22:52:18Old Spice!: Seriously?
  34. 22:52:21Old Spice!: Jesus.
  35. 22:52:42Shihoin Yoruichi: lol you are Ino also ya dumb bitch..
  36. 22:52:43Old Spice!: I've already told Sadako she plans on banning him soon, or fixing something so he cant log in.
  37. 22:52:47Old Spice!: THen I will be back.
  38. 22:52:49Old Spice!: No.
  39. 22:52:52Old Spice!: I am not. :/
  40. 22:53:03Old Spice!: Ino how ever is that Tiffany bitch.
  41. 22:53:08Old Spice!: in Catland.
  42. 22:53:15Shihoin Yoruichi: she isnt gonna do anything, she doesnt have the ability to cover proxies..
  43. 22:53:26Shihoin Yoruichi: but whatever.. get lost.
  44. 22:53:32Old Spice!: ... She has his real IP.
  45. 22:53:36Shihoin Yoruichi: I have better things to do than bother with you.
  46. 22:53:39Old Spice!: Just fucking ban him Kate.
  47. 22:53:44Shihoin Yoruichi: Nope.
  48. 22:53:53Old Spice!: Kate. Listen. Do you even know the reason he is there?
  49. 22:53:57Old Spice!: One fucking reason.
  50. 22:54:05Old Spice!: Some S a m u i person asked him to.
  51. 22:54:20Shihoin Yoruichi: are you done?
  52. 22:54:31Old Spice!: They were all flirting one day, something about her Admiting she had a "shadow fetish"
  53. 22:54:48Old Spice!: And yeah. Most likely have been e-fucking ever since.
  54. 22:54:50Shihoin Yoruichi: none of this concerns me even a little bit.
  55. 22:55:47Old Spice!: I dunno. Just did not think you would welcome one-lining faggots like him who just start shit and mouth off to mods. Thats all he did to me in the naruto room.
  56. 22:56:19Shihoin Yoruichi: well he hasnt done that here at all.. has rped paras.. and has respected mods. Kinda doesnt match up.
  57. 22:56:37Shihoin Yoruichi: so I repeat. Are you done?
  58. 22:56:41Old Spice!: Because he is fucking acting.
  59. 22:56:45Old Spice!: No I am not.
  60. 22:56:56Old Spice!: I refuse to come back into the group unless he is gone.
  61. 22:57:04Shihoin Yoruichi: We dont want you here. lol
  62. 22:57:15Shihoin Yoruichi: If I knew what names were yours I'd ban them all.
  63. 22:57:20Old Spice!: Dealing with enough shit going though rehab.
  64. 22:57:21Old Spice!: Well its clear you still think I am her.
  65. 22:57:34Old Spice!: Can tell you I'm one of the 7 grimjows.
  66. 22:58:08Shihoin Yoruichi: Thats the same as telling me nothing.
  67. 22:58:19Shihoin Yoruichi: anything else? So I can close this window?
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