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  1. anyway, back on the topic of sex and gender
  4. (the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on the definitions of sex and gender, of which there are seperate definitions)
  7. (a GENDER & SOCIETY paper from !!1987!! (not today's "whiny liberals") on the presence of gender in society, including the differences between sex and gender) [link was shortened because it was too long]
  10. (a PSYCHOLOGY TODAY article on the differences between sex and gender differences)
  13. (a paper from people at WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY about how the way of conflating sex with gender is arbitrary and useless)
  16. (a HARVARD book that catalogues how sex has been defined over the course of human history)
  18. tl;ldr:
  19. Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. This includes breasts, reproductive organs, etc.
  20. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.
  21. Sex & gender have been continually redefined over the course of human history. It's not "EVERYONE KNEW THERE WAS TWO GENDERS UNTIL THE SJWS STARTED SCREAMING!!!!!"
  22. Third genders have existed for almost all of the existence of culture. There are the Akava'ine from cook islands. There are Bakla from the phillipines. The Bigu (!!muslim!!) peoples, in indoneisa, has ***five*** different genders, being Bissu, Calabai, Calalai, Oroané and Makkunrai. Most notably of the Bigu, they have believes that gender and sexuality exist on a spectrim for over at least six centuries. There are also the Enaree from Scyth. Eunuchs are a third gender. Fa'afafine are non-binary people from Samoa. There are the Fakaleiti from tonga. The femminiello from naples. Galli was a third gender eunuch priest from ROME! ROME! The society that shane said "knew" that there were only two genders. The Hijra, again, from south asia. Kathoey from thailand. Khanith from oman. Köçek from turkey. Koekchuch from siberia. Māhū from hawaii. Mak nyah from malaysia. Mukhannathun from arabia. Muxe from mexico. Sworn virgins (funny name i know) from albania. Takatāpui from new zealand. Travesti from all of south america. Tumtum from the JEWS! All of these are third genders that have existed across the world for millenia, or more.
  24. What I also found funny: Up until the 18th century, the majority of western science thought that there was only one sex: males, and that females were just the inverse of males.
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