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Feb 16th, 2020
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  1. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:09 PM
  2. Hi and hello, I believe you are Pork Torkleton?? I'm one of the captains for the White Sox (this is my reporter account), and our head draft scout, would you be willing to answer some questions for me?
  3. TyMillionLast Tuesday at 6:11 PM
  4. Yeah I'm Pork, definitely.
  5. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:11 PM
  6. What would you bring to a team, outside of submitting a number? Everyone can and does do that, for the most part, but why should we draft you over Joe Schmoe?
  7. TyMillionLast Tuesday at 6:14 PM
  8. I feel like I would be a pretty active member in whatever clubhouse I belong to. I have always been proud of my sense of humor so I feel like I can lighten the mood and bring a laugh to the group. I've been super interested in the spreadsheets and scouting opposing pitchers. I want to learn and be able to contribute to finding that winning edge.
  9. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:16 PM
  10. Hell yeah. You answered my other questions right there. I'm the guy who does the scouting for chicago, so I'm always excited by people who have interest and experience on that end.
  11. Have any questions for me about Chicago, or the team culture, or the league, or anything?
  12. TyMillionLast Tuesday at 6:22 PM
  13. Would you say you have a pretty active team in the discord?
  14. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:23 PM
  15. Oh yeah. Both Val (the GM, and one of the OOTC) and I pretty much are always on discord, and even beyond us we have a really active core.
  16. TyMillionLast Tuesday at 6:23 PM
  17. That's great, I'm always up for making new friends and meeting new people!
  18. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:24 PM
  19. Love to hear it! We have a public area to the server, if you want to come join!
  20. TyMillionLast Tuesday at 6:24 PM
  21. Yeah definitely.
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