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Example Solution [Part 4]

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  1. Don't know how to go on? Ok, here we are. I hope you have already unobfuscated and decompiled the file, if not please do so; when any errors occur ask in the comments and I'll help as far as I can! Also you should already have located the main function, if not see my last post, where I described the location.
  2. Now look at the code. I hope you have a general understanding of C# or at least you should know another language, else could it be hard to RE. You should notice that at the position where in the last program the password was compared with the input, now a method is called. When you have a look at this function you see that it returns a string. Think of it: This should be the password! Now look at the string it returns. This string consists of different C# system variables. You could read about that variables and try to decrypt them one for one, but I prefer another strategy: Maybe you remember the first part of the series where I just put this little line in and got the password? In C# it isn't that easy, but you can just copy the line with the string creation to a new project and append a "Console.WriteLine()". If you have a little knwoledge of C# this won't be a problem for you. Your little program will then print out the password, which can be used in the challenge!
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