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  1. 23:32 < rv6502> goddamnit, I got a reply hitting over 9000 in sarcasm but can't post it
  2. 23:36 < rv6502> ah fuck it, I'm posting it.
  3. ...
  4. 23:44 < aTc> you'll probably get a reply that you should appreciate all the work that went into making those ports, and that you should be gratefull there's so many great software beeing made for the compo
  5. 23:44 < rv6502> yes
  6. 23:45 < rv6502> and I should care for a console I don't have yet and maybe never will
  7. 23:45 < rv6502> and been paying interrest on for over 2.5 years
  8. 23:46 < aTc> the price has gone up 200% in those 2.5 years, best investment ever
  9. 23:46 < aTc> iphones only got cheaper
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