CMC Poop Contest Sweetie Belle Day 1 (SCAT)

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  1. Sweetie Belle Day 1
  3. >A ray of light penetrates your eyelids, and you instinctively raise a hoof to cover them.
  4. >Grunting slightly, you open your eyes, and see your fellow crusaders beside you.
  5. >You remember everything from last night, and you try to focus on your insides.
  6. >Nothing yet, although you do need to pee.
  7. >Thinking about it, you need to figure out your intake.
  8. >You think of some rules, about going to the bathroom and eating.
  9. >Right now your friends are still asleep.
  10. >Scootaloo is face down into the pillow, and applebloom is turned to the side.
  11. >That explains why only you got the sun in your eyes.
  12. >Stretching, you decide not to let the others get any more sleep than you have, and you wake them.
  13. “Scootaloo, Applebloom. C’mon, It’s time to wake up.”
  14. >”Five more minutes, Mom…” Scootaloo mumbles, still asleep.
  15. >Applebloom responds to your awakening call much better, and she sits up.
  16. >”Ughh, mornin, Sweetie Belle. Scoots, get up. You don't want me to do the same thing applejack does when ah don’t get up in the mornin.”
  17. >”Mhhhmmm”
  18. >”Cmon sweetie, lets get her out of there.
  19. >You join Applebloom as she pushes scoot off of the bed.
  20. >”Ow! Okay, I’m up! Why so mean?” >”Heh, sorry. Cmon lets go. We have school today.”
  21. >You and other CMC go about your morning routine, taking turns in the bathroom, before all going downstairs.
  22. >You see your sister putting something on some plates, but you have no idea what it is.
  23. “Morning Rarity! What’s for breakfast?”
  24. >”Well, last night I had a dream I was in Mexicolt, and I figured why not have Mexicolt food for breakfast?
  25. >Dig iiiiinnnn” Rarity sings, while levitating the plates to the table.
  26. >Beans. This would not end well.
  27. >Having made breakfast and lunch for you, Rarity heads upstairs to do her days work.
  28. >You still feel tired, and you see a pot of coffee rarity has made.
  29. >Grabbing it, you pour it into 3 mugs, giving some to your friends.
  30. >”Coffee?” Scoot asks.
  31. “Trust me, it will help in the morning.”
  32. >Your friends just shrug. Drinking it.
  33. >Applebloom just scrunches her face, scoots however, has a much more violent reaction.
  34. >Scootaloo spits out the first sip, gagging on it.
  35. >”Ack! What is this made out of? Burnt rocks?”
  36. “Oh right, sorry, I like mine strong. Here.” You say as you pass the cream.
  37. >You need to set a schedule, you don't want everything to go out of whack.
  38. “Alright girls, if we’re going to do this, we need to do it right. I’ve thought of some rules we will need to follow.”
  39. >”Okay… Shoot.” Scootaloo says.
  41. “First, we will drink at the same time, and pee at the same time.”
  42. >”Right, do you have a specific schedule in mind?”
  43. “Alright, we eat breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, dinner at 5:45, and a snack at 9:00.” >”Wow. I didn’t expect you to actually have a time, Sweetie Belle.”
  44. >You ignore her and continue.
  45. “We can go to the bathroom at 8:15, 11:30, 6:00, and at 9:00.
  46. For food, we have to finish what is on our plates, and drink however much is in our glass. Agreed?”
  47. >”How much time did you spend on this?”
  48. >You shoot scootaloo a glance.
  49. >”…Fine, I agree.”
  50. >”Ah agree as well”
  51. “Good, now lets go, my sister packed us some lunches.”
  52. ….
  53. >After breakfast, you started your way to the school house. >Halfway through, you feel the coffee doing it’s magic.
  54. >You glance at your friends.
  55. >They both have perked up, clearly having never tried coffee before. >You chuckle, and you see the school in the distance.
  56. >Getting inside, you prepare for a normal day.
  57. >Hell, you even forget you had a contest going on.
  58. >At least, until you heard a noise.
  59. >’PBBBBBB’
  60. >You turn towards the noise, theres nothing there.
  61. >Just as you face forward, you hear it again.
  62. >’Pbbbbbbbbbbbbb’
  63. >That one was longer than before. You still have no idea who did it.
  64. >After waiting a few minutes, the bell rings, and you all exit to the school yard for lunch. >You see applebloom make her way to the toilet, with scootaloo behind her.
  65. >You’ll go later.
  66. >Right now you were hungry.
  67. >Sitting out in the sun, you begin to devour your daisy sandwich Rarity packed.
  68. >Its good, and you finish it quickly.
  69. >Scootaloo and Applebloom are walking to you.
  70. “Did either of you fart in class?”
  71. >You realised what you just asked, and your face blushes.
  72. >”Nope, Scootaloo asked if I did it, and I thought you did.” Applebloom answers.
  73. “Huh. Well, I feel bad for the filly it happened to. It was loud.”
  74. >You finish your lunch, and start to head to the bathroom.
  75. >The coffee had made its way through your system, and you need to get rid of it.
  77. >Squatting on top of the toilet, you do your business, and as soon as you finish, you hear the bell for lunch end.
  78. >Class for the rest of the day was boring. And before you know it, school is already over.
  79. >You join up with the rest of your friends, and start crusading.
  80. >Soon applejack calls you in for dinner, and you enjoy a wonderful green apple salad with an apple pie for dessert.
  81. >It gets dark, and you go to the bathroom, and brush your teeth.
  82. >It is at this time your body attempts to follow its natural rhythm.
  83. >You had always gone before you went to bed, but this time you would get no such relief. >Your bowels gurgle in protest, angered by your actions.
  84. >In bed, with the other CMC, you try to fall asleep.
  85. >Your bowels are doing everything it can to prevent that.
  86. > Finally, about an hour after you got into bed, you pass out from sheer exhaustion.
  89. Other Day 1 Pones:
  90. Applebloom:
  91. Scootaloo:
  93. Day 2:
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