CYOAsteady Day 31

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  1. [16:52] <!CYOA-sama> [Day 31 - Barrier Strength 62%]
  2. [16:52] <!CYOA-sama> You wake up.
  3. [16:55] == Lash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 362 seconds]
  4. [16:58] <!CYOA-sama> TIME TO FUCK BITCHES!
  5. [16:58] <!CYOA-sama> You leap out of bed and materialize your robes from thin air.
  6. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> Now who's first on the agenda
  7. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Sam's Date. Just chill together in a beanbag chair and get high, then fuck.
  8. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Miria's Date. Enjoy a drink with your mother at her bar, then get your mind blown by a lover with a thousand years experience.
  9. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Piru's Date. A quiet picnic, and wild anal sex in the park.
  10. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Isis's Date. Wrestle her father, then do her in her juicy brown butt.
  11. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> Choose
  12. [17:00] <Shard> You already know who I'm choosing.
  13. [17:00] <Shard> I shouldn't even have to /say/
  14. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  15. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  16. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  17. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  18. [17:01] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  19. [17:01] <Brutus> [X] Piru
  20. [17:01] <HyakkoF> [x] Isis
  21. [17:02] <Taco_Hell> [x] Isis
  22. [17:02] <!CYOA-sama> That's a tie.
  23. [17:03] <!CYOA-sama> And onii is being a worthless faggot so we have to wait until this game is over for a tiebreaker.
  24. [17:03] <!CYOA-sama> Since he's about to play with his gay friends.
  25. [17:03] <!CYOA-sama> That are faggots.
  26. [17:03] <!CYOA-sama> And gay.
  27. [17:03] <Taco_Hell> That explains why he's playing with them
  28. [17:03] <Taco_Hell> BADUM TISH
  29. [17:08] <!CYOA-sama> I'm going to take a nap.
  30. [17:08] <!CYOA-sama> Because as always onii is a shithead.
  31. [17:09] <@CEB> Shush
  32. [17:09] <@CEB> I'll tiebreak
  33. [17:09] <@CEB> chill
  34. [17:10] <@CEB> shit
  35. [17:10] <@CEB> don't know what to pick
  36. [17:10] <@CEB> hmm...
  37. [17:10] <@CEB> I like them both man....
  38. [17:10] <@CEB> [X] Isis
  39. [17:10] <!CYOA-sama> We'll get to them all eventually.
  40. [17:10] <!CYOA-sama> Mouto gon' be mad atchu
  41. [17:10] <Shard> Already am
  42. [17:10] <Shard> Why can't kitties have love-nya? ;_;
  43. [17:10] <@CEB> sorry mouto
  44. [17:10] <Shard> THIS BREAKS MY DAMN HEART.
  45. [17:10] <@CEB> I'll make it up to you by carrying you
  46. [17:10] <@CEB> it's k
  47. [17:10] <Shard> Fuck y'all I'm going home
  48. [17:11]  * CEB pats the Shard on the head
  49. [17:12] <!CYOA-sama> You blink into Isis' room.
  50. [17:12] <!CYOA-sama> The walls are covered in wrestling and Super Monmusu Ranger posters.
  51. [17:13] <!CYOA-sama> And she even has the SMR bed-set.
  52. [17:13] <!CYOA-sama> She lays curled up in bed next to her black ranger hug pillow.
  53. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Wake her up with a clap of thunder from the anus of an almighty god.
  54. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Wake her up gently.
  55. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Rape her sleepybutt.
  56. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  57. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  58. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  59. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  60. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  61. [17:15] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  62. [17:15] <Brutus> [X] Casts Thunder-Clap !
  63. [17:15] <HyakkoF> [x] Wake her up gently.
  64. [17:15] <@CEB> hmm...
  65. [17:15] <@CEB> [X] Gently
  66. [17:17] <!CYOA-sama> You nudge Isis gently.
  67. [17:18] <!CYOA-sama> Her full lips purse and her delicious brown forehead wrinkles as she struggles to stay asleep.
  68. [17:19] <!CYOA-sama> "Wake up coco-puffs, it's time for me to violate your anus with the savage pistoning of my erect penis." You whisper into her ears in the most high pitched babytalk voice you can manage.
  69. [17:20] <!CYOA-sama> Her eyes open drearily.
  70. [17:20] <!CYOA-sama> "You're not funny..." She says in a monotone as you grab your chest and tumble backwards from the shock and pain of her slanderous lie.
  71. [17:21] <!CYOA-sama> "You madam, are a cunt!" You say in a regal accent as you right yourself.
  72. [17:21] <!CYOA-sama> Isis lethargically uncovers herself and siys up.
  73. [17:22] <!CYOA-sama> The crack of her plump chocolate ass peeks out from beneath her pajama pants and the rights strap of her top hangs off her shoulder revealing delicious sideboob.
  74. [17:22] <!CYOA-sama> Her hair is messy as always.
  75. [17:24] <!CYOA-sama> "You are hot. I want to plow your ass." You say declaratively as if to inform her of something that has already been decided.
  76. [17:25] <!CYOA-sama> Isis smile a little and plops down on her matress with her butt in the air. Her already slipping pajama pants slide down further revealing more of her delicious caramel apple ass.
  77. [17:25] <!CYOA-sama> "Sure, sounds like good ti-" -BOOOM-
  78. [17:26] <!CYOA-sama> Just as you were about to prep yourself for hard anal pounding the wall of the room is blown open violently.
  79. [17:26] <!CYOA-sama> ..... That's adamantine plated reinforced conrete with three layers of raw magical force.....
  80. [17:27] <!CYOA-sama> A large dark skinned man with bandages covering everything but his face and ripped to fuck midsection stands at the hole.
  81. [17:27] <!CYOA-sama> Around his waste is a gaudy golden belt studded with diamonds.
  82. [17:28] <!CYOA-sama> On his head is a golden mask like an Egyptian king would have on his tomb.
  83. [17:28] <!CYOA-sama> "NOT SO FAST, BROTHER!"
  84. [17:28] <!CYOA-sama> The massive mummy points at you.
  85. [17:30] <!CYOA-sama> "IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A TRIP DOWN MY LITTLE ANGELS LOVE SLIDE YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO GO ONE ON ONE WITH THE BIG MAN HIMSELF!" The muscle head says as he points to his chest.
  86. [17:30] <!CYOA-sama> Isis stares up from her awkward position with a deadpan expression.
  87. [17:30] <!CYOA-sama> She seems to blush ever so slightly.
  88. [17:31] <!CYOA-sama> "And who are you.... ?" Of course you know the answer, but you get the feeling this will be more fun if you rile him up first.
  90. [17:34] <!CYOA-sama> As he flexes fireworks go off in the background.
  91. [17:35] <!CYOA-sama> You and Isis clap sarcastically and an awkward silence ensues as he holds his pose.
  92. [17:35] <!CYOA-sama> "Oh... is it my turn?" You ask.
  93. [17:35] <!CYOA-sama> His motionless statue like pose gives you your answer.
  94. [17:36] <!CYOA-sama> "Right then....."
  95. [17:37] <!CYOA-sama> "I'm Karlos, and I'm the guy who's going to pound your daughter's ass until she passes out from orgasm." You say as you hold out your hand.
  97. [17:37] <!CYOA-sama> He grabs your hand and a torrent of mana cascades over the tower.
  98. [17:37] <!CYOA-sama> You find yourself standing in the middle of a wrestling ring surrounded by screaming fans.
  99. [17:38] <!CYOA-sama> You glance to your right and Isis sits there with her blanket.
  100. [17:38] <!CYOA-sama> She shrugs as you look at her, as if to say she has no comment on her father's behavior.
  101. [17:38] <!CYOA-sama> That's fine.
  102. [17:38] <!CYOA-sama> You need some morning exercise anyway.
  103. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> With a quick flourish you augment your attire to something more suite to the environment. A pair of tight pants and boots, No shirt of course... this is pro-wrestling afterall.
  104. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission]
  105. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> My butt hurts.
  106. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> Also I'm hungry.
  107. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> 20 minutes.
  108. [17:41] <@CEB> what day is this again
  109. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> Feel free to discuss how much Isis wants to fuck and how I'm entirely too good at pro-wrestling banter.
  110. [17:41] <!CYOA-sama> 31
  111. [17:41] <Brutus> Emily's butt hurts? I wonder why~
  112. [17:42] <!CYOA-sama> I'm pretty sure.
  113. [17:42] <Shard> Your butt hurts?
  114. [17:42] <Shard> Looks like it.
  115. [17:42]  * Shard clicks her tongue.
  116. [18:35] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission Out]
  117. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> "OHO? SURE, YOU LOOK THE PART, BUT ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN HANG WITH MY MAGE BOY?" Isis' father says as he looks down at you.
  118. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> [Tenser's Transformation]
  119. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> You force mana into your limbs strengthening them dramatically.
  120. [18:39] <!CYOA-sama> "I think I'll be fine." You say with a smug smile as mana explodes from you like a hurricane.
  121. [18:39] <!CYOA-sama> Even a non-mage would have to be blind not to notice the absurd amount of power you've got coursing through your body.
  122. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> -ding ding-
  123. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> The bell rings to start the match.
  124. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Shitstomp him so you can get to plowing his daughter.
  125. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Put on a good show.
  126. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  127. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  128. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  129. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  130. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  131. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  132. [18:40] <Brutus> [X] Put on a good show.
  133. [18:40] <@CEB> [X] Put on a good show. We are a showman nigger, it's what we do
  134. [18:41] <Taco_Hell> [x] Put on a good show
  135. [18:43] <!CYOA-sama> You hold up your hands as The Pharoah begins to circle indicating you want to test your strength against him.
  136. [18:43] <!CYOA-sama> He raises an eyebrow and locks hands with you.
  137. [18:44] <!CYOA-sama> He attempts with all his might to force you back, but because of your vast artificial strength he's unable to even bend your wrist.
  138. [18:45] <!CYOA-sama> The crowd cheers and some laugh as massive musclehead attempts to overpower you, a mage 1/3rd his size, and fails.
  139. [18:46] <!CYOA-sama> You lift him into the air by his wrists and twist them.
  140. [18:46] <!CYOA-sama> His face contorts in pain as he kicks his legs trying to free himself.
  141. [18:46] == ANTS [webchat@1377149a.371cd19e.2c5db252.4b89d8fX] has joined #CYOAsteady
  142. [18:47] <!CYOA-sama> You toss him into the air and catch him on your shoulders as he comes down.
  143. [18:47] == ANTS [webchat@1377149a.371cd19e.2c5db252.4b89d8fX] has quit [Client exited]
  144. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> With a flourish you drop backwards knowing full well the "technique" won't actually hurt him, but the loud crash into the mat seems to please the crowd.
  145. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> Feigning injury as part of the act The Pharoah makes his way to his feet.
  146. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> He locks arms with you.
  147. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> You easily overpower him and throw him into the ropes.
  148. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> As he rebounds off them and runs towards you he attempts to clothesline you.
  149. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> You duck and retaliate with a dropkick to the face as he turns in faux surprise.
  150. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> You both roll across the ring and stand before running at each other again.
  151. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> This time you get "knocked over" as he shoulder tackles you.
  152. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> You get up slowly as if it somehow winded you and he quickly grabs you and performs a textbook verticle suplex.
  153. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> It of course doesn't hurt, but you arch your back in pain anyway.
  154. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> The Pharoah stands and attempts to elbow drop you.
  155. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> You roll to the side and leap to your feet promting a cheer from the crowd.
  156. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> As the Pharoah stands from his prone position you scoop him up and snap him down onto the mat with a slam. It looks especially rediculous given your size differences.
  157. [18:55] <!CYOA-sama> He quickly kicks out of the pin and the cycle begins again.
  158. [18:55] <!CYOA-sama> For a good 30 minutes the two of you exchange slams and holds trying to be as convincing as possible despite never actually hurting one another.
  159. [18:56] <!CYOA-sama> Finally it seems the time to end it has arrived.
  160. [18:56] <!CYOA-sama> The Pharoah runs at the ropes and graps the top rope with both hands.
  161. [18:57] <!CYOA-sama> Like a crossbow he cocks himself in the ropes and launches towards you.
  162. [18:57] <!CYOA-sama> He aims his elbow at you forming a triangle with his arms the way he locks them together.
  163. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> This is his finishing me, a diving elbow to the chest, The Pharoah's Curse, or so it's called.
  164. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Let him beat you so he looks good in front of his fans and daughter.
  165. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] LOL NOPE
  166. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  167. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  168. [18:59] <HyakkoF> [x] Let him.
  169. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  170. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  171. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  172. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell
  173. [18:59] <@CEB> [X] Let him
  174. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> REALLY?
  175. [18:59] <Brutus> [X] Let him
  176. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> .....
  177. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> Okay then....
  178. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> Because it makes sense for Karlos to do that.
  179. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> But okay.
  180. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> You throw an intentionally off-target punch as his elbow slams into your chest.
  181. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> It actually hurts for once.
  182. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> You're driven into the mat and pinned.
  183. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> The referee counts to 3 and the bell rings.
  184. [19:02] <!CYOA-sama> The Pharoah's music begins to play and he does a victory dance around the ring as you struggle to your feet.
  185. [19:02] <!CYOA-sama> He turns to you after the match and extrends a handshake.
  186. [19:03] <!CYOA-sama> You return the gesture and walk out of the arena as the crowd cheers for him.
  187. [19:08] <!CYOA-sama> Backstage you make your way to the locker room where you shower and wash the scent of manpits off of yourself.
  188. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> When you exit the shower Isis is seated on a bench in the lockeroom.
  189. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> "You're dumb..." She says deadpan as she hugs her blanket.
  190. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> "Why?"
  191. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> "You could have beat him." She responds.
  192. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> "Yeah, well, I could also create an exact replica of you out of jello and have sex with it, but I'm not doing that either." You retort
  193. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> ".... What?"
  194. [19:15] <!CYOA-sama> "Just because I can do something doesn't mean I want to."
  195. [19:15] <!CYOA-sama> ".... Being nice to Papa isn't going to make me want to bang you any more."
  196. [19:16] <!CYOA-sama> "True, but it won't make you want to bang me any less either." You rep[ly with a smile.
  197. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> "..... Shut up and do me." She says deadpan.
  198. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> "As you wish."
  199. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> You clap your hands and the locker room instantly goes dark.
  200. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> Seconds later a spotlight falls upon Isis as she sits on the edge of a rose colored heart shaped bed.
  201. [19:22] <!CYOA-sama> Immediately after a spotlight falls upon you as well, you stand dressed in black and red with a rose in your teeth, your chest is exposed thanks to your unbuttoned silk shirt.
  202. [19:22] <!CYOA-sama> "..... Really?" Isis says with a tone that tells you she aint buying this shit.
  203. [19:24] <!CYOA-sama> "..... We could just go back home, then." You suggest.
  204. [19:24] <!CYOA-sama> "Lets...." She says.
  205. [19:24] <!CYOA-sama> Nofunallowed.flac
  206. [19:25] <!CYOA-sama> You take Isis's chocolate hand and teleport back to the tower.
  207. [19:25] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission]
  210. [16:28] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission Out]
  211. [16:29] <!CYOA-sama> You reappear in Isis' room.
  212. [16:30] <!CYOA-sama> "It's going to be really hard to keep an erection with monmusu rangers and muscular pro-wrestlers staring at me from every direction." You say as she plops down on the bed.
  213. [16:30] <!CYOA-sama> "Deal with it." Isis responds as her round butt is hiked in the air.
  214. [16:31] <!CYOA-sama> You throw off your shirt and climb on the bed behind her.
  215. [16:32] <!CYOA-sama> "TIME FOR SEX!" You shout. Isis stares back at you unmoved by your sillyness.
  216. [16:34] <!CYOA-sama> You slide down her pajama pants revealing her round chocolate butt and her slightly wet pussy.
  217. [16:34] <!CYOA-sama> "Dohoho? And here I thought you'd be dry as a bone what with the total and complete lack of enthusiasm for everything." You remark as you run your hand across her round bottom.
  218. [16:35] <!CYOA-sama> "I'll show you enthusiasm...." She says flatly as she flips over on her back.
  219. [16:35] <!CYOA-sama> She spreads her legs wide as she looks up to you with her typical deadpan expression.
  220. [16:36] <!CYOA-sama> "What no foreplay?" You ask jokingly as she takes her inviting position.
  221. [16:37] <!CYOA-sama> "I want the dick. The foreplay is the two weeks you've had me waiting." She retorts.
  222. [16:37] <!CYOA-sama> Your penis, as if understanding the phrase "I want the dick" springs to attention instantly.
  223. [16:37] <!CYOA-sama> It bounces out as you slide down your pants.
  224. [16:38] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Plow her pussy.
  225. [16:38] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Stick it in her mummy pooper.
  226. [16:38] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] SLURP SLURP NIGGA!
  227. [16:38] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  228. [16:39] <Brutus_> hmmm
  229. [16:39] <HyakkoF> Hmmm.
  230. [16:39] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard
  231. [16:39] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard
  232. [16:39] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard
  233. [16:39] <!CYOA-sama> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard
  234. [16:39] <@CEB> [X] Anal
  235. [16:40] <Brutus_> [X] Stick it in her mummy pooper.
  236. [16:40] <HyakkoF> [x] Plow her
  237. [16:41] <Shard> Is this Isis?
  238. [16:41] <!CYOA-sama> You lift Isis' hips.
  239. [16:42] <!CYOA-sama> She stares up at you through her bandages. "Anal, huh? Okay."
  240. [16:44] <!CYOA-sama> She wraps her arms around her legs freeing your hands to spread her round butt cheeks.
  241. [16:44] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft round ass cheeks make for nice handles as you line your cock up with her asshole.
  242. [16:45] <!CYOA-sama> You push into her as she closes her eyes and relaxes.
  243. [16:45] <!CYOA-sama> The head of your dick slips into her and she lets out a soft moan.
  244. [16:46] <!CYOA-sama> This is perfect jackhammering position but you should probably take it easy at first.
  245. [16:48] <!CYOA-sama> Her virgin butt squeezes your shaft as you inch slowly into her.
  246. [16:51] <!CYOA-sama> "Mmmm..." She moans as you go deeper into her.
  247. [16:52] <!CYOA-sama> "You're not really the vocal type huh?" You ask as you look down as her slightly flushed face.
  248. [16:53] <!CYOA-sama> "I prefer to.... let my body do the talking." She says as she pulls her legs apart. Her glistening pussy considerably wetter now thatn it was a moment ago.
  249. [16:53] <!CYOA-sama> "I see...." You say as you run your finger across her slippery lips.
  250. [16:54] <!CYOA-sama> She sighs lustfully as you slide ever so slowly into her twitching ass.
  251. [16:55] <!CYOA-sama> Her sticky juices coat your fingers as you plunge them into her pussy and she arches her back and pushes your cock deeper into her, eager for you to get things underway.
  252. [16:56] <!CYOA-sama> You bottom out in her ass, your balls resting against her.
  253. [16:59] <!CYOA-sama> She grabs your wrist as she lets go of her legs and they drop to either side of you causing her tight assholes grip on your cock to change slightly.
  254. [16:59] <!CYOA-sama> She pulls your fingers from her dripping cunt as guides them to her lips.
  255. [17:00] <!CYOA-sama> She sucks her sticky juices from your fingers as her eyes starre up to you seductively.
  256. [17:01] <!CYOA-sama> You pull your fingers from her lips with a pop and grab her hips.
  257. [17:02] <!CYOA-sama> Slowly you begin to thrust as her incredibly tight ass massages your shaft.
  258. [17:03] <!CYOA-sama> Her hands caress her chocolate breasts as she lifts her shirt and sighs in extasy.
  259. [17:05] <!CYOA-sama> Your thrusts become shorter and sharper as you slowly go from a long deep stroke to a quick snapping of your hips.
  260. [17:05] <!CYOA-sama> Isis begins to bounce in time with your fucking of her ass causing her small breasts to jiggle lewdly.
  261. [17:08] <!CYOA-sama> Her ass repeatedly slaps onto your thighs and the tightness of her ass eases as she relaxes and it becomes an immensely pleasurable sucking sensation.
  262. [17:08] <!CYOA-sama> You lift her up as you fall backwards, if she wants to let her body do the talking then let her.
  263. [17:08] <!CYOA-sama> You fall into a seated position with Isis seated in your lap, your cock still firmly up her ass.
  264. [17:09] <!CYOA-sama> Without missing a beat she begins bouncing on your shaft.
  265. [17:10] <!CYOA-sama> Her breathe begins to quicken as she rides you with her ass, her pussy dripping sticky fluids down her thighs,
  266. [17:10] <!CYOA-sama> As her sexual excitement grows her lewd juices begin to coat your shaft serving as warm lubricant and allowing her to comfortably quicken her pace.
  267. [17:11] <!CYOA-sama> Before long Isis has her arms wrapped tightly around you as she bounces, the full length of your shaft pumping in and out of her ass.
  268. [17:13] <!CYOA-sama> She literally milks your cock as her ass tightens on the up stroke of each bounce.
  269. [17:14] <!CYOA-sama> Her eyes begin to go hazy as she bounces on you and you feel your balls tightening and aching for release.
  270. [17:15] <!CYOA-sama> Finally unable to take it anymore Isis lets out her first loud moan as he asshole tightens hard around your cock.
  271. [17:16] <!CYOA-sama> Sticky juices spray from her dripping pussy and coat your lap.
  272. [17:16] <!CYOA-sama> Her violent orgasm causes tremors through her body that bring you over the edge.
  273. [17:19] <!CYOA-sama> You explode in her twitching ass which just propels her further into orgasmic convulsions.
  274. [17:19] <!CYOA-sama> Her moaning gives way to screaming as she clamps her thighs aroungd you tightly.
  275. [17:20] <!CYOA-sama> When her orgasm passes she falls onto her back still shaking.
  276. [17:20] <!CYOA-sama> You pull your cock from her ass and collapse next to her.
  277. [17:22] <!CYOA-sama> Occassional spurts of sticky girlcum still squirt from her pussy as she shudders and her eyes come slowly back into focus.
  278. [17:23] <!CYOA-sama> "You alright?" You ask as she looks at you with her messy hair and hazy eyes.
  279. [17:23] <!CYOA-sama> "Yeah.... that was nice. You should fuck me stupid more often...."
  280. [17:23] <!CYOA-sama> "I'll make a note of that." You reply with a smile.
  281. [17:24] <!CYOA-sama> For another 30 minutes you stay snuggled next to her and bask in the afterglow.
  282. [17:24] <!CYOA-sama> When she finally falls asleep you teleport to your room and take a quick shower.
  283. [17:25] <!CYOA-sama> .... Now who's next?
  284. [17:25] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission]
  287. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> You blink into Piru's room.
  288. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> As soon as you materialize she leaps onto your back and covers your eyes.
  289. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> Her long legs wrap around your waist and she rubs her cheek against your face.
  290. [18:27] <!CYOA-sama> "You smell like sex. Nyaa?" She says as she molests your face with her cheek.
  291. [18:28] <!CYOA-sama> "Yes... yes I do, now where do you want to go for your date I got shit to do."
  292. [18:28] <!CYOA-sama> The catgirl swings around you to look you in the eyes.
  293. [18:30] <!CYOA-sama> "You're mean." She says as she puffs her cheeks.
  294. [18:30] <!CYOA-sama> You sigh.
  295. [18:31] <!CYOA-sama> "Fine, I'm sor-" "A picnic." She interrupts.
  296. [18:31] <!CYOA-sama> "I want to go on a picnic, nyaa?"
  297. [18:31] <!CYOA-sama> "Nyaa..." You reply.
  298. [18:32] <!CYOA-sama> You sit on a stool in the bar/kitchen while Miria giggles in the corner as Piru prepares drinks and sandwhiches for your picnic.
  299. [18:33] <!CYOA-sama> You glare at her and point as you mouth the words "You're next granny." wordlessly.
  300. [18:33] <!CYOA-sama> The Elf Milf sticks her tongue out at you.
  301. [18:34] <!CYOA-sama> Finally finishes Piru stands in front of you holding the picnic basket and wearing a sundress and wide brimmed hat with holes for her ears.
  302. [18:34] <!CYOA-sama> "Stop it..." You say as you look into her eyes.
  303. [18:34] <!CYOA-sama> "Stop what, nyaa?"
  304. [18:34] <!CYOA-sama> She tilts her head to the side quizzically.
  305. [18:34] <!CYOA-sama> "THAT!| You shout as you point.
  307. [18:35] <!CYOA-sama> "Cute girls can be crazy...." She says as she yan faces and runs her fingers down her face slowly.
  308. [18:35] <!CYOA-sama> STOP IT BONER!
  309. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> You resist the urge to shout at your pants and take the catgirl by the hand.
  310. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> "So where are we going for this picnic?"
  311. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> "Hell." She says with an innocent smile.
  312. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> ..............................
  313. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Isn't the whole point of the barrier to stay AWAY from Devon and his goons while we prepare?
  314. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] SURE! WHICH LAYER? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  315. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] No.
  316. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Alright.... but only because you're wearing that fucking sundress.
  317. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Choose
  318. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  319. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  320. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  321. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  322. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  323. [18:38] <HyakkoF> [x] Alright (What could possibly go wrong?)
  324. [18:39] <Taco_Hell> [x] Isn't the whole point? BITCH, WE GONNA DIE.
  325. [18:39] <@CEB> [X] Alright.... but only because you're wearing that fucking sundress.
  326. [18:39] <Brutus> [X] Isn't the whole point of the barrier to stay AWAY from Devon and his goons while we prepare?
  327. [18:40] <@Aeria> ...Sundress.
  328. [18:41] <!CYOA-sama> "Fine, but only because you're wearing that sundress."
  329. [18:41] <!CYOA-sama> You glare at Piru.
  330. [18:41] <!CYOA-sama> She smiles her cheshire cat smile and leans in.
  331. [18:42] <!CYOA-sama> "That's all I'm wearing too."
  332. [18:42] <!CYOA-sama> STOP IT BONER
  333. [18:42] <!CYOA-sama> 'No.' Your boner replies telepathically.
  334. [18:44] <!CYOA-sama> You grab Piru's wrist and teleport to the first layer of hell.
  335. [18:44] <!CYOA-sama> When you arrive you stand on the edge of a tall cliff overlooking a burned forest.
  336. [18:45] <!CYOA-sama> A lake of fire is visible in the distance.
  337. [18:45] <!CYOA-sama> Yep, that's hell.
  338. [18:47] <!CYOA-sama> You turn around and Piru sits behind you on the colorful blanket she's laid out.
  339. [18:47] <!CYOA-sama> She inhales deeply.
  340. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> "Isn't the smell of brimstone wonderful?"
  341. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> Her smile is so genuine you almost forget you're in hell for a minute.
  342. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> "Yeah, nothing like a rock that smells like rotten eggs."
  343. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> She pats the blanket next to her.
  344. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> You take a seat.
  345. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> Piru begins taking food from the basket.
  346. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> A rustle from the bushes is the only warning as a demon armed with some kind of gun burst out and opens fire on the area to your right.
  347. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> The creatures jagged teeth curve into a grin as he approaches and picks up something that's not even there.
  348. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> "Master Devon will be pleased to know that I've removed his problem." The demon says as it pretends to drape something over it's shoulder.
  349. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> "Mislead..." You say as you look over to Piru.
  350. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> "It makes the caster invisible and creates an illusionary replica near them."
  351. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> "Yup!"
  352. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> Piru smiles wide.
  353. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> "Want to see something funny?" She asks as her tail flicks excitedly.
  354. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Sure.
  355. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Let's just enjoy the meal please.
  356. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Is it your butt?
  357. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  358. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  359. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  360. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  361. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  362. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  363. [18:53] <Taco_Hell> [x] Is your fluffy tail?
  364. [18:53] <Taco_Hell> (is it fluffy tail even)
  365. [18:54] <@CEB> [X] Is it your butt?
  366. [18:54] <!CYOA-sama> (Piru's tail is fuzzy, not fluffy. It's a cat tail not a fox tail.)
  367. [18:54] <Brutus> [X] Sure.
  368. [18:57] <HyakkoF> [x] Butt
  369. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> "Is it your butt?" You ask.
  370. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> "MY BUTTS NOT FUNNY!" She shouts as her tail stands on end.
  371. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> "Do you wanna see or not?"
  372. [18:58] <!CYOA-sama> "Sure..." You reply as you recover from your mild heart attack.
  373. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> "Okay!"
  374. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> The demon screams and you glance over in his general direction as he begins to flail and scream in abject terror.
  375. [18:59] <!CYOA-sama> You don't know what he's seeing but it must be pretty fucked up.
  376. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> The demon hunter places his gun tot he side of his head and pulls the trigger.
  377. [19:00] <!CYOA-sama> His demon brain goo splatters over a nearby tree as Piru giggles girlishly and claps.
  378. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> "Isn't that neat? These guys are so whimpy! It wasn't even that scary. Ahahahaha~"
  379. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> ....
  380. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> Illusion magic is derived from the imagination of the caster.
  381. [19:01] <!CYOA-sama> You can't help but wonder what sort of thing goes through Piru's mind.
  382. [19:02] <!CYOA-sama> To drive a demon to suicide it's got to be pretty fucked.
  383. [19:02] <!CYOA-sama> You look into the eyes of the sociopathic catgirl next to you and briefly wonder what she sees when she looks back at you.
  384. [19:03] <!CYOA-sama> "Are you having fun?" She asks suddenly without breaking your gaze.
  385. [19:03] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] I find tender love more fun that horrifying murder.
  386. [19:03] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Well I'm with you, so yeah.
  387. [19:04] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] No. You're a bad waifu. Go kill yourself 9 times. You suck.
  388. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] My penis is too confused to answer that question fairly.
  389. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  390. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  391. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  392. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  393. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  394. [19:05] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  395. [19:05] <Brutus> [X] Well I'm with you, so yeah.
  396. [19:05] <@CEB> [X] Well I'm with you, so yeah.
  397. [19:05] <Taco_Hell> [x] My penis is a question mark.
  398. [19:06] <!CYOA-sama> (That would feel AWESOME)
  399. [19:06] <!CYOA-sama> (Ahn~ Yeah! FUCK ME RIDDLER-KUN!~)
  400. [19:06] <Taco_Hell> (LEWD)
  401. [19:07] <HyakkoF> [x] With you
  402. [19:08] <!CYOA-sama> "Well, I'm with you. So yes, I am."
  403. [19:09] <!CYOA-sama> "You are cheesier than than an old succubi's vagina." She replies unammused.
  404. [19:09] <!CYOA-sama> "But I'm glad...."
  405. [19:10] <!CYOA-sama> "I was worried that if we did something that didn't immediately lead to sex you wouldn't enjoy it... on account of me being 'an annoying catbitch' and all."
  406. [19:10] <!CYOA-sama> "Meh, my taste in women has refined with age."
  407. [19:11] <!CYOA-sama> You sip whatever the fruity drink she gave you is and take a bite of your sandwich.
  408. [19:11] <!CYOA-sama> "......" She stares at you without any visible emotion on her face.
  409. [19:11] <!CYOA-sama> ".... Something on my face?" You ask.
  410. [19:12] <!CYOA-sama> "Yes..." She says as she kisses your cheek.
  411. [19:12] <!CYOA-sama> She then goes back to her emotionless stare.
  412. [19:12] <!CYOA-sama> "Are.... you okay?"
  413. [19:12] <!CYOA-sama> "..... I'm trying to be sweet and romantic but I'm not sure what kind of expression to make...."
  414. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> ....
  415. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> What an odd problem to have.
  416. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] You could just... you know... smile.
  417. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] "GO LIKE THIS!" then proceed to make the most goofy face you can.
  418. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Maybe it would help if you were naked.
  419. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> Choose.
  420. [19:13] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  421. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  422. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  423. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  424. [19:14] <!CYOA-sama> Aeria CEB ants Brutus HyakkoF Taco_Hell
  425. [19:14] <Taco_Hell> [x] You could just smile while naked.
  426. [19:15] <Brutus> [X] You could just... you know... smile.
  427. [19:16] <HyakkoF> [x] Smile?
  428. [19:16] <@CEB> [X] You could just... you know... smile.
  429. [19:17] <!CYOA-sama> (Keep in mind this is Piru. She smiles like this )
  430. [19:17] <Taco_Hell> (And that's why I said smile while naked)
  431. [19:17] <!CYOA-sama> (Or does the phrase Cheshire Cat Smile not convey the full toothy insanity of it well enough?)
  432. [19:18] <!CYOA-sama> "You could just... you know... smile."
  433. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> After thinking for a moment Piru curls her mouth into a forced toothy grin.
  434. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> She looks so rediculous you can't help but laugh.
  435. [19:19] <!CYOA-sama> "Nyaa? What is it? Did I do something funny?"
  436. [19:20] <!CYOA-sama> "Hahaha, your 'smile' is a bit off." You say as you chuckle at Piru dropping spaghetti everywhere.
  437. [19:20] <!CYOA-sama> She tries again and it's even worse this time.
  438. [19:21] <!CYOA-sama> "No, do it like this!" You say as you stick your fingers in her mouth and start manually shaping her cheeks while making goofy faces of youir own.
  439. [19:21] <@Aeria> It's okay waifu-cat. I don't know how to smile either.
  440. [19:22] <!CYOA-sama> You fall on top of her and she laughs softly as you look down at her face.
  441. [19:22] <!CYOA-sama> "HOLD IT!" You shout.
  442. [19:22] <!CYOA-sama> You lean in and kiss her smiling lips gently as her eyes widen.
  443. [19:23] <!CYOA-sama> You pull back and she smiles the softest most natural smile you've ever seen her smile as her cheeks flush red.
  444. [19:23] <!CYOA-sama> "You have a beautiful smile." You say as you look into her eyes.
  445. [19:24] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft lips curl into a squiggly line of moeness as she gets visibly embarrased.
  446. [19:25] <!CYOA-sama> "I love you, Karlos." She whispers so softly you barely heard it.
  447. [19:25] <!CYOA-sama> "What?" you ask
  448. [19:26] <!CYOA-sama> "I love you." She says again at a normal volume.
  449. [19:26] <!CYOA-sama> "What?!"
  450. [19:26] <!CYOA-sama> "I love you!" She says frustrated at your aparent inability to hear.
  451. [19:26] <!CYOA-sama> "WHAT?!" You shout.
  452. [19:26] <!CYOA-sama> "I LOVE YOU YOU JACKA-" She screams as you cut her off with a kiss.
  453. [19:27] <!CYOA-sama> This kiss last a lot longer this time.
  454. [19:27] <!CYOA-sama> When you finally pull away Piru lifts herself into a seated position.
  455. [19:27] <!CYOA-sama> "I... want to give you something."
  456. [19:27] <!CYOA-sama> You raise your eyebrows fully expecting this to be sexual because you're a terrible person.
  457. [19:28] <!CYOA-sama> Piru reaches under her hat and pulls out a blue choker.
  458. [19:28] <!CYOA-sama> "..... My papa gave this to my mother.... and she gave it to me when I told her about you..."
  459. [19:29] <!CYOA-sama> "Hellcats... normally don't find life mates. We just rape men to make babies and spend our whole lives in territory disputes."
  460. [19:29] <!CYOA-sama> "But I don't want that... I want to..."
  461. [19:29] <!CYOA-sama> "I want to be your wife... like Sam and Tili, but I don't really have a formal way to propose."
  462. [19:30] <!CYOA-sama> "So... will you marry me?" Piru asks as she holds out the choker.
  463. [19:30] <!CYOA-sama> Her cheeks are red and her whole body is shaking.
  464. [19:31] <!CYOA-sama> You reach out and pull her into a hug as she puts choker around your neck.
  465. [19:31] <!CYOA-sama> She runs her fingers gently down your back and you feel her warm tears on your chest.
  466. [19:31] <!CYOA-sama> "I really.... really... love you."
  467. [19:31] <!CYOA-sama> "Even if I'm crazy and I don't understand emotions well and..."
  468. [19:32] <!CYOA-sama> "Even if I do stupid stuff that annoys you... I really love you more than anything."
  469. [19:32] <!CYOA-sama> "I don't even know why I just..."
  470. [19:32] <!CYOA-sama> You pull her away from your chest and kiss her deeply.
  471. [19:32] <!CYOA-sama> The tension leaves her body and she collapses into your arms.
  472. [19:33] <!CYOA-sama> You lay her gently on the blanket and run your hand across her body.
  473. [19:33] <!CYOA-sama> A flock of hellbats takes off from the nearby forest.
  474. [19:33] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission]
  477. [18:19] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission Out]
  478. [18:20] <!CYOA-sama> You slide your hand along Piru's toned thigh gently brushing her sundress aside.
  479. [18:20] <!CYOA-sama> Her sweet lips quiver as she presses them against yours.
  480. [18:20] <!CYOA-sama> As your hand reaches her hips she squirms beneath you.
  481. [18:23] <!CYOA-sama> "It's going to be very hard to keep this romantic." You whisper to her as your hands continue from her hips and slowly slide the sundress up past her soft toned belly and eventually her perky breasts.
  482. [18:24] <!CYOA-sama> Her cotton dress now around her neck and looking more like a scarf she smiles and responds simply with "Good... that means the fun part is coming."
  483. [18:24] <!CYOA-sama> You place a hand on either side of Piru as she wiggles the sundress over her head and lays beneath you totally nude.
  484. [18:25] <!CYOA-sama> "It's not fair for a woman to be as hot as you you know that?" You say with a grin as you lean in for a kiss.
  485. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> The flustered catgirl simply giggles as she meets your lips and wraps her arms around you.
  486. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> Your clothes dissolve in a cascade of magical sparkles as you lift Piru off the ground.
  487. [18:26] <!CYOA-sama> Her legs wrap around your waist as you press your shaft into her damp pussy.
  488. [18:27] <!CYOA-sama> You penetrate her slowly.
  489. [18:27] <!CYOA-sama> The two of you share a breif moment of eye contact as you both grin pervertedly.
  490. [18:28] <!CYOA-sama> With a sharp buck of her hips your cock is thrust deep into Piru.
  491. [18:29] <!CYOA-sama> She bites her lower lip as you hold her up and she bucks repeatedly driving you into her warm pussy over and over.
  492. [18:30] <!CYOA-sama> You're once again reminded of the reason you're so attracted to crazy women as she hangs from your neck and stretches seductively without ever breaking her rhythm.
  493. [18:31] <!CYOA-sama> You grab her defined hips and begin returning her efforts with a rhythmic thrust of your own.
  494. [18:33] <!CYOA-sama> As the two of you quickly find a pace your comfortable with Piru's arched back proves too enticing and you let your hands wander across her body.
  495. [18:35] <!CYOA-sama> You kiss her soft tummy which combined with the feeling of being penetrated by you and the feeling of your muscular hands around her waist causes her to let loose a soft moan.
  496. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> Her quivering lewd voice urges you to continue as you kiss her repeatedly a bit higher each time until you reach her soft perky breasts.
  497. [18:36] <!CYOA-sama> You take her erect nipple between your lips and gently suck her breasts.
  498. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> Your hands now around her back run across her shoulders and you feel goosebumps roll across her body.
  499. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> Her pace quickens and you feel her tighten around your cock.
  500. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> Her short breathing tells you she's going to cum soon.
  501. [18:37] <!CYOA-sama> And she's not the only one.
  502. [18:38] <!CYOA-sama> The tight warm wetness of her pussy and the delicate feeling of her soft skin under your hands and lips is bringing you ever closer to the edge as well.
  503. [18:39] <!CYOA-sama> Her quicken breath gives way to moaning.
  504. [18:39] <!CYOA-sama> Piru grips your upper arm tightly in each hand as she bounces on you vigorously trying to push herself over the edge.
  505. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> You grab her hips firmly and force yourself into her deeply with each thrust.
  506. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> A pressure build in your loins.
  507. [18:40] <!CYOA-sama> You kiss Piru's neck as her entire body shudders.
  508. [18:41] <!CYOA-sama> "C-cummming~" She whimpers as she tightens around your shaft.
  509. [18:41] <!CYOA-sama> Your eyes go hazy as well and everything flashes white in your mind.
  510. [18:42] <!CYOA-sama> You cum hard along with Piru as she squeezes you tightly.
  511. [18:42] <!CYOA-sama> The aftershocks of orgasm wash over both of you as you embrace the soft warm hellcat tightly.
  512. [18:43] <!CYOA-sama> Drained of energy you allow yourself to fall backwards.
  513. [18:43] <!CYOA-sama> Piru falls on top of you as you do, but she weighs next to nothing so you don't really mind.
  514. [18:44] <!CYOA-sama> Her wavy hair brushes against your face as she moves her head slightly.
  515. [18:44] <!CYOA-sama> Unable to resist you bite gently on one of her ears which is met with a girlish giggle and more goosebumbs rolling across her bare skin.
  516. [18:45] <!CYOA-sama> "Stooooop~" She whimpers in an exhausted voice.
  517. [18:46] <!CYOA-sama> Your softening dick slips from her dripping vagina, a sensation that causes both of you to sigh slightly.
  518. [18:46] <!CYOA-sama> Motionless Piru lays on top of you for a time.
  519. [18:47] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft breathing sounds almost like purring as you gently run your hands down her back.
  520. [18:48] <!CYOA-sama> Only after several minutes to you realize she's fallen aslep on top of you.
  521. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> Ever so gently you take her in your arms and teleport back to her room in the tower.
  522. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> You princess carry the sleeping kitten to her bed and lay her down gently.
  523. [18:49] <!CYOA-sama> You brush the hair from her cheeks and look down at her.
  524. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> As you stand to walk away your hand is gripped tightly.
  525. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> You turn and Piru looks up at you with sleepy eyes.
  526. [18:50] <!CYOA-sama> "Not yet.... just a little longer." She says as she holds your hand tightly.
  527. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> You simply smile and climb in bed next to your lovestruck kitty.
  528. [18:51] <!CYOA-sama> The one next on the list is Miria.... but she's waiting a hundred years, so another hour won't hurt.
  529. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> Piru burries her face into your chest as she holds you tightly.
  530. [18:52] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft snoring sounds content and you can't help but smile as you stroke her short fluffy hair.
  531. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> Her tail curls around your thigh.
  532. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> You'll probably be here a while.
  533. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> .... and you're okay with that.
  534. [18:53] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission]
  537. [16:16] <!Emilybroshoujo> [Intermission Out]
  538. [16:16] <!Emilybroshoujo> Piru sleeps doundly in your arms.
  539. [16:19] <!Emilybroshoujo> Her soft snoring tells you you could probably slip away.
  540. [16:19] <!Emilybroshoujo> With a heavy heart you teleport away...
  542. [16:21] <!Emilybroshoujo> As Miria grabs her chest in terror from the sudden intrusion you snicker to yourself like an old timy cliche villain.
  543. [16:21] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Hello, dear." She says as she realizes it's you and not some hellish nightmare form beyond tearing a hole in spacetime.
  544. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Sup bitch, I'm here to rape yo butt.
  545. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Hello mother dearest, I'm here for incestruous relations.
  546. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Hi... -sit down-
  547. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> Choose
  548. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  549. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  550. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  551. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  552. [16:22] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  553. [16:23] <@CEB> [X] Sup bitch, I'm here to rape yo butt.
  554. [16:23] <Shard> [ ] Hello mother dearest, I'm here for incestruous relations.
  555. [16:23] <Brutus_> [X] Hello mother dearest, I'm here for incestruous relations.
  556. [16:26] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Hello mother dearest, I'm here for incestruous relations." You say as you open your arms wide.
  557. [16:27] <!Emilybroshoujo> "......" The milf elf.... mElf... stares at you straightfaced waiting for the punchline.
  558. [16:28] <!Emilybroshoujo> "No really let's get shaggadellic baby." You say with a British accent as your teeth quadruple in size and your clothing transforms into a flower print bodysuit.
  559. [16:28] <!Emilybroshoujo> "I wanna get freaky deaky wiht your elf booty sexy momma." You suggest as you gyrate your hips.
  560. [16:28] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria laughs at your shenanigans.
  561. [16:28] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Will you please...." she says, attempting to get you to be serious.
  562. [16:29] <!Emilybroshoujo> You shake your head from side to side quickly to undo the transformation.
  563. [16:29] <!Emilybroshoujo> She stares at your 60s inspirede attire.
  564. [16:30] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Hey... the clothes stay until we're naked." you say sternly as you point.
  565. [16:30] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria shakes her head and sits down across from you.
  566. [16:30] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Are you really going to reduce your own mother to harem-slut status?"
  567. [16:31] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Tow thing!" You say as you hold up the index finger on each hand."
  568. [16:31] <!Emilybroshoujo> "One! I love all of my harem girls with all my heart... well... 1/20th of my heart give or take but you get the idea."
  569. [16:32] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Two! We're not blood related uguuuuuuuu~" you say as your eyes become big and sparkly.
  570. [16:32] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria pulls out a bottle of elven wine and pours two shots.
  571. [16:32] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Ooooooh! I've never had sex while intoxicated before..." You say as you reach for a shot glass.
  572. [16:33] <!Emilybroshoujo> "You won't start now either, they're both mine."
  573. [16:33] <!Emilybroshoujo> Your mother giggles at her own pitiful attempt at shenanigans.
  574. [16:33] <!Emilybroshoujo> "So are you just gonna drop your panties and let me bend you over the bar or do I have to work for it?" You ask with a grin.
  575. [16:34] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria sighs and hangs her head.
  576. [16:34] <!Emilybroshoujo> "At least take me to dinner first you goon..."
  577. [16:34] <!Emilybroshoujo> YOUR SO IN!\
  578. [16:34] <!Emilybroshoujo> You stand up and make several celebratory pelvic thrusts.
  579. [16:35] <!Emilybroshoujo> After completing your customary (as of 11 seconds ago) "I'm gon git sum pussay" dance you sit back down.
  580. [16:35] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Where would you like to go?
  581. [16:35] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] I got something you can eat. -grabs dick-
  582. [16:37] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Walk 500 miles, then walk 500 more to be the man who walked 5000 miles to fall down at her door.
  583. [16:37] <!Emilybroshoujo> Choose
  584. [16:37] <@CEB> [X] Where would you like to go?
  585. [16:37] <!Emilybroshoujo> (Only two of these are real options.... which two? WHO KNOWS!)
  586. [16:38] <!Emilybroshoujo> (I missed writing for Karlos, his romantic pretext with Piru made that scene so stuffy... this... THIS is my element)
  587. [16:38] <!Emilybroshoujo> (Shenanigans and elf pussy... that's how momma likes it)
  588. [16:38]  * Emilybroshoujo pelvic thrusts.
  589. [16:38] <!Emilybroshoujo> (|Unf!)
  590. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Taco_Hell_
  591. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Taco_Hell_
  592. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Taco_Hell_
  593. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Taco_Hell_
  594. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Taco_Hell_
  596. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> This vote is jsut and excuse for me to be lazy as we all know what's going to win.
  597. [16:39] <!Emilybroshoujo> Now to watch spongebob and wait.
  598. [16:40] <Brutus_> [X] Walk 500 miles, then walk 500 more to be the man who walked 5000 miles to fall down at her door.
  599. [16:41] <!Emilybroshoujo> .... god damn it Brutus....
  600. [16:41] <!Emilybroshoujo> FINE
  601. [16:42] <!Emilybroshoujo> CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
  602. [16:42]  * Emilybroshoujo crosses her arms.
  603. [16:45] <Shard> Karlos goes to fight Devon while taking Miria on a date.avi
  604. [16:47] <HyakkoF> lol
  605. [16:47] <!Emilybroshoujo> Music fills the bar suddenly.
  606. [16:48] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria stares at you straight faced as you stand up and rainbow strobe lights fill the room and you begin singing a remix of the Proclaimers' hit song "I'm Gonna Be"
  607. [16:48] <!Emilybroshoujo> Her astounding ability to not laugh at your rediculous bullshit should be applauded.
  608. [16:49] <!Emilybroshoujo> You take her hand and begin dancing with her amid a swirling vortex of pulsing rainbow lazers as you sing.
  609. [16:49] <!Emilybroshoujo> The way she actually dances with you and plays along all without losing her stonefaced expression makes you all tingly inside.
  610. [16:50] <!Emilybroshoujo> Truly a feat only a mother could manage.
  611. [16:50] <!Emilybroshoujo> "LA-DA-DA, LA-DA-DA, LA-DA-DA-DADADA-DADADADADAAAAA~" you sing as you dance around Miria like an idiot.
  612. [16:51] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Are you quite finished!" she shouts over the music.
  613. [16:52] <!Emilybroshoujo> Her expression slowly softens into a smile and she finally loses it and begins laughing at the utter sillyness of the situation.
  614. [16:53] <!Emilybroshoujo> The two of you dance to exhaustion before collapsing into a pair of chairs.
  615. [16:53] <!Emilybroshoujo> When Miria catches her breath she looks around and notices you've teleported the two of you to a rather fancy restaurant.
  616. [16:54] <!Emilybroshoujo> Her cheeks flush a light pink at all the people staring at her breathing heavily like she just got done running a marathon.
  617. [16:54] <!Emilybroshoujo> You chuckle to yourself and snap to get the waiters attention.
  618. [16:55] <!Emilybroshoujo> After ordering for both Miria and yourself in three languages you flick your wrist causing the menu to erupt in blue flames.
  619. [16:55] <!Emilybroshoujo> You shake the flames away to reveal a pair of hundred dollar bills you stuff in the waiters apron.
  620. [16:55] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Very good sir." He says in a posh French accent as he goes to get your meal.
  621. [16:56] <!Emilybroshoujo> "You.... are something else, darling." Your mElf momma says from across the table.
  622. [16:56] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Is it a good something or a bad something?" You ask with a cocky grin.
  623. [16:56] <!Emilybroshoujo> "I'm not sure you qualify as either." She replies.
  624. [16:58] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Thanks? .... Ouch?.... I'll go with ouch." you say after a moment of contemplating what she's trying to say.
  625. [16:58] <!Emilybroshoujo> "So did all that serenading increase my chances of slipping into your panties at all?" You ask.
  626. [16:59] <!Emilybroshoujo> "We'll see..." Miria replies with a coy smile.
  627. [17:00] <!Emilybroshoujo> The food arrives.... most of it is disgusting... you probably should have read the menu instead of burning it with magic money fire to show off...
  628. [17:01] <!Emilybroshoujo> "So people eat snails huh? Who knew...."
  629. [17:01] <!Emilybroshoujo> "It wouldn't be the slimiest thing I ever put in my mouth." Miria says which makes you choke on your wine.
  630. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> "Can we not talk about all the dicks you've sucked?" You say as you catch your breath.
  631. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> "What? I'm like 5000 times your age you really think I haven't caught the dick by now?"
  632. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> NOT THE POINT!"
  633. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria giggles to herself as you feel an unfamiliar sensation.
  634. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> HOLY CRAP YOU'RE BLUSHING
  635. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> WHAT ARE YOU A SCHOOLGIRL
  636. [17:02] <!Emilybroshoujo> STAHP
  637. [17:03] <!Emilybroshoujo> "It's okay darling... you'll definitely be the first reality warper I've had the pleasure of sleeping with." Miria says as she shoots you a look that can only be described as bedroom eyes.
  638. [17:04] <!Emilybroshoujo> You take a moment to process that sentence before deleting your food like Kha'Zix deletes Sona.
  639. [17:04] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria finishes the portion of her food she actually wanted to eat and takes your hand.
  640. [17:04] <!Emilybroshoujo> You teleport the two of you to....
  641. [17:05] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] Her bedroom
  642. [17:05] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] The fanciest hotel room on the planet.
  643. [17:05] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] A BDSM club
  644. [17:05] <!Emilybroshoujo> [ ] The house you lived in before being sent to the circle.
  645. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> (SEX, HOT SEX, KINKY SEX, OR ROMANTIC DEVELOPMENT THEN SEX)
  646. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> Choose
  647. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  648. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  649. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  650. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  651. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> CEB Brutus_ HyakkoF Shard Taco_Hell_
  652. [17:06] <Brutus_> [X] The house you lived in before being sent to the circle.
  653. [17:06] <HyakkoF> [x] House you lived in
  654. [17:06] <@CEB> [X] The house you lived in before being sent to the circle.
  655. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> Miria is the used goods fetish incarnate.
  656. [17:06] <!Emilybroshoujo> Why am I so good?
  657. [17:07] <!Emilybroshoujo> You know you're rocking the Milf angle when you turn KARLOS into a blushing virgin.
  658. [17:07] <!Emilybroshoujo> [Intermission]
  661. [20:38] <!CYOA-sama> [Intermission Out]
  662. [20:45] <!CYOA-sama> You explode into reality in a storm of sparkling mana because you're fabulous like that.
  663. [20:46] <!CYOA-sama> As Miria steps through the light she immediately recognizes the place you are and her mouth falls open in shock.
  664. [20:46] <!CYOA-sama> "This is.... how did you?...."
  665. [20:46] <!CYOA-sama> "Magic..." You say with a grin.
  666. [20:47] <!CYOA-sama> She makes a complicated expression trying not to laugh/cringe at your terrible anti-joke.
  667. [20:48] <!CYOA-sama> She merely shakes her head as she approaches the house.
  668. [20:48] <!CYOA-sama> The white building has a massive oak tree growing around it and it's windows and doors are covered in vines.
  669. [20:49] <!CYOA-sama> ".... I'm guessing the tree isn't from the past 10 years of poor maintenance." You say as you follow her into the house.
  670. [20:49] <!CYOA-sama> "No, it's part of the building, the overgrowth though... nobody's lived here since you went away to the academy."
  671. [20:50] <!CYOA-sama> "Couldn't take the single life huh?" You ask with a half smirk.
  672. [20:50] <!CYOA-sama> ".... It broke my heart to send you away." Miria says as she places her hand on the door.
  673. [20:51] <!CYOA-sama> You wrap your arms around her and she sighs and leans into your embrace.
  674. [20:51] <!CYOA-sama> "Shall we survey the damage then?" You ask as you magically open the door and guide her inside.
  675. [20:52] <!CYOA-sama> The decidedly elven structure is remarkably well preserved, the furniture still relatively clean with the exception of the odd leaf or flower petal scattering the inside of the house.
  676. [20:52] <!CYOA-sama> "This place is magically enchanted to repel vermin..." You observe aloud as you walk from room to room trying to spark a memory.
  677. [20:53] <!CYOA-sama> "Yes, a spell I placed when we moved in." Miria confirms.
  678. [20:53] <!CYOA-sama> You enter what you assume is Miria's bedroom, the white blankets still as pristine as if the bed was made this morning.
  679. [20:54] <!CYOA-sama> "We slept together in here...." You say as Miria follows you in the room.
  680. [20:54] <!CYOA-sama> "Yes, we did. you were a lot more innocent back then."
  681. [20:54] <!CYOA-sama> "Maybe that's just what I wanted you to think while I got some boob." You retort scoffing at the notion you were ever not a pervert.
  682. [20:55] <!CYOA-sama> Miria giggles.
  683. [20:55] <!CYOA-sama> You sit on the bed and look out the window, the leaves falling from nearby trees as the sun peaks through the forest canopy is beautiful.
  684. [20:55] <!CYOA-sama> "This place...." You say softly.
  685. [20:55] <!CYOA-sama> Miria smiles.
  686. [20:56] <!CYOA-sama> "Makes me feel like a filthy knife-ear hippie...." You finish your thought.
  687. [20:56] <!CYOA-sama> Miria bursts into laughter, probably expecting something like that.
  688. [20:56] <!CYOA-sama> "Sam would love it here."
  689. [20:56] <!CYOA-sama> Miria covers her mouth trying to muffle her laughter.
  690. [20:57] <!CYOA-sama> She snorts.
  691. [20:57] <!CYOA-sama> SHE SNORTED!
  692. [20:57] <!CYOA-sama> "YOU SNORTED!" You shout as you point at her.
  693. [20:57] <!CYOA-sama> She turns red and runs across the room to push you.
  694. [20:58] <!CYOA-sama> She giggles as she grabs your face and smushes it.
  695. [20:58] <!CYOA-sama> "Sh-shut up!~" She says between her giggling as you laugh at her.
  696. [20:59] <!CYOA-sama> You grab her and roll arounjd on the bed with her as she continues to try and silence your laughter.
  697. [20:59] <!CYOA-sama> You end up laying slightly on top of her in the middle of the bed as she stares up, smiling with a slight blush as she catches her breath.
  698. [21:00] <!CYOA-sama> You look down at her and find yourself stricken by how naturally beautiful she looks.
  699. [21:00] <!CYOA-sama> She seems to sense the change in atmosphere as her hands that were struggling against you fall to either side of her head.
  700. [21:01] <!CYOA-sama> "You.... are so much prettier when you smile." You whisper.
  701. [21:01] <!CYOA-sama> "That's good, now that I have a reason to smile again." She says softly.
  702. [21:02] <!CYOA-sama> Her lips glisten a natural light pink as she purses them and leans ever so slightly towards you.
  703. [21:02] <!CYOA-sama> You close your eyes and lean down pressing your lips to hers softly.
  704. [21:03] <!CYOA-sama> It's a simple kiss, not a deep tongue mouth-fucking like you'd be having with most of the other girls, just a kiss.
  705. [21:03] <!CYOA-sama> Something about Miria.... tames you, in many ways.
  706. [21:03] <!CYOA-sama> You pull away and stare into her dazzling blue eyes.
  707. [21:03] <!CYOA-sama> "My my, who taught you how to kiss like that?"
  708. [21:04] <!CYOA-sama> "Why? That good?" You ask with a grin.
  709. [21:04] <!CYOA-sama> "No, not really, I wasn't aware you were an alter boy." She says straight faced with her slightly raspy voice.
  710. [21:04] <!CYOA-sama> Oh you're asking for it mommy dearest....
  711. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Kiss her again and molest her tonsils.
  712. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Slip a hand up her dress.
  713. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Call her a dirty knife-ear and rape her butt.
  714. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> Choose
  715. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> One of these is not like the others.
  716. [21:05] <!CYOA-sama> One of these does not belong.
  717. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  718. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  719. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  720. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  721. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  722. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  723. [21:06] <!CYOA-sama> .... Does Wizzy actually monitor this channel anymore?
  724. [21:07] <!CYOA-sama> I remember he kind of faded away because of college.
  725. [21:07] <CEB|Archive_mode> He never talks, but I'm sure he does
  726. [21:07] <Brutus> He comes in and out, but I'm sure he does.
  727. [21:07] <CEB|Archive_mode> [X] Kiss her again and molest her tonsils.
  728. [21:07] <!CYOA-sama> Is he even like, around? Or does he hate me now like everyone else?
  729. [21:07] <CEB|Archive_mode> why would he hate you lol
  730. [21:07] <!CYOA-sama> Dunno.
  731. [21:07] <Brutus> [x} Molest dem tonsils
  732. [21:07] <!CYOA-sama> I miss him, he was the only one brave enough to play a loli in my campaign.
  733. [21:07] <!CYOA-sama> ;_;
  734. [21:08] <Brutus> Why not poke and see if he is here?
  735. [21:08] <!CYOA-sama> And I rewarded him with near bandit rape and a pedophile stalker based on one of the best manga characters of all time.
  736. [21:08] <!CYOA-sama> Not sure if good DM or terrible person.
  737. [21:08] <Brutus> Or both.
  738. [21:08] <HyakkoF> lol
  739. [21:08] <Brutus> In a good way.
  740. [21:08] <!CYOA-sama> Probably both.
  741. [21:09] <HyakkoF> [x] Molest the tonsils.
  742. [21:11] <@Asuka> [ ] Kiss her again and molest her tonsils.
  743. [21:11] <!CYOA-sama> >no x
  744. [21:11] <!CYOA-sama> \YOU LAZY
  745. [21:11] <@Asuka> You ask for vote
  746. [21:11] <@Asuka> I vote.
  747. [21:11] <@Asuka> You don't ask for X.
  748. [21:11] <@Asuka> No X.
  749. [21:11]  * CYOA-sama spanks the mouto
  750. [21:11] <@Asuka> What, is problem?
  751. [21:11] <@Asuka> I can fix, maybe.
  752. [21:12] <@Asuka> Pay for time.
  753. [21:12]  * Asuka nods.
  754. [21:12] <@Asuka> [21:08] <!CYOA-sama> And I rewarded him with near bandit rape and a pedophile stalker based on one of the best manga characters of all time.
  755. [21:12] <@Asuka> [21:08] <!CYOA-sama> Not sure if good DM or terrible person.
  756. [21:12] <@Asuka> Also both-ish.
  757. [21:12] <@Asuka> I don't play a loli because I /know/ what you'll do.
  758. [21:12] <@Asuka> Tsk tsk tsk~
  759. [21:12] <!CYOA-sama> Rape you to death with dragon dicks?
  760. [21:12] <!CYOA-sama> I'm going to do that anyway though.
  761. [21:13] <!CYOA-sama> :3
  762. [21:13] <!CYOA-sama> MOVING ON!
  763. [21:13] <!CYOA-sama> You lean back in and forcefully kiss Miria deeply.
  764. [21:14] <!CYOA-sama> Your tongue slips between her lips and you feel her return the favor.
  765. [21:14] <!CYOA-sama> As your tongues dance around each other you run your hand through her hair and down to her neck and shoulder.
  766. [21:15] <!CYOA-sama> You feel goosebumps shiver across her when you touch her bare shoulder and slip the strap holding up her dress off gently.
  767. [21:15] <!CYOA-sama> You pull away without a word and place a kiss on her neck and then her shoulder.
  768. [21:16] <!CYOA-sama> A soft moan and the feeling of her hand sliding beneath your shirt and up your back signals you to keep going.
  769. [21:16] <!CYOA-sama> "Mmmm~" Miria whimpers as she bites her lip.
  770. [21:17] <!CYOA-sama> You hand runs gently up her leg and thigh.
  771. [21:17] <!CYOA-sama> Your fingertips reach ehr lace panties as you kiss her neck and collar bone working your way slowly downward.
  772. [21:18] <!CYOA-sama> You run your fingers along the edge of her panties and around to grab a firm handful of her soft ass.
  773. [21:19] <!CYOA-sama> "Not exactly the athletic type are you?" You say with a mischeveous grin as you squeeze her plump butt.
  774. [21:19] <!CYOA-sama> "Insulting a womans weight with her knee so close to your crotch is very unwise, darling." She says as she rubs her thigh between your legs.
  775. [21:19] <!CYOA-sama> You laugh softly.
  776. [21:20] <!CYOA-sama> Miria bites her lower lip and looks down seductively as she feels your erection on her thigh.
  777. [21:20] <!CYOA-sama> She pulls you closer smushing her soft breasts against you.
  778. [21:22] <!CYOA-sama> "Are you tired of the foreplay too, or am I going to have to go all milf dominatrix on you?"
  779. [21:22] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Oh, that sounds fun....
  780. [21:22] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Yeah, I'm tired of it too, let's get to the fun parts.
  781. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] SHUT UP AND BEND OF KNIFE-EAR WHORE!
  782. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Choose
  783. [21:23] <Brutus> [X] oh, that sounds fun....
  784. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> I suspect this vote shall be split.
  785. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  786. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  787. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  788. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  789. [21:23] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  790. [21:24] <HyakkoF> [x] That sounds fun
  791. [21:24] <CEB|Archive_mode> [ ] Yeah, I'm tired of it too, let's get to the fun parts.
  792. [21:25] <@Asuka>  [ ] Oh, that sounds fun....
  793. [21:25] <@Asuka> Heh
  794. [21:25] <@Asuka> heheheeh.
  795. [21:25] <!CYOA-sama> "The milf dominatrix thing sounds fun...."
  796. [21:26] <!CYOA-sama> Miria giggles in a way that gives you chills.
  797. [21:26] <!CYOA-sama> "You really are a pervert." She says as she pushes you off her and down onto the bed.
  798. [21:26] <!CYOA-sama> As you lay on your back she straddles you and looks down seductively.
  799. [21:27] <!CYOA-sama> Her dress still hangs off her shoulder and her hair is messy from rolling around in bed.
  800. [21:27] <!CYOA-sama> The way she smiles shows years of pent up sexual frustration ready to burst out.
  801. [21:28] <!CYOA-sama> "Try not to die, sweetie." She says as she draws a symbol on your chest causing your shirt to dissolve into mana.
  802. [21:28] <!CYOA-sama> "If I do at least I'll die happy." You retort.
  803. [21:29] <!CYOA-sama> "Oh.... that's for damn sure." Mira says as she grinds her crotch against yours and leans down to run her tongue across your abs and chest.
  804. [21:29] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft hands run along your sides feeling your muscles as she kisses your neck.
  805. [21:30] <!CYOA-sama> "Gods your handsome...." She whispers as her hips gyrate.
  806. [21:30] <!CYOA-sama> She sits up straight and drops the other strap of her dress.
  807. [21:31] <!CYOA-sama> It falls down around her hips revealing her soft breasts.
  808. [21:32] <!CYOA-sama> Thgey slope slightly more than the other girls but they're still perky and they look somehow softer.
  809. [21:33] <!CYOA-sama> You reach up to touch them but Miria grabs your hand and pushes it back down to your sides.
  810. [21:33] <!CYOA-sama> "Uh-uh..." She says as she leans down.
  811. [21:33] <!CYOA-sama> Her soft breasts rest on your face heaving with her heavy breathing.
  812. [21:34] <!CYOA-sama> You part your lips and take one of her nipples between them with a gentle sucking.
  813. [21:35] <!CYOA-sama> Miria hugs you tightly smothering you in her tits as your sucking and tonguing at her nipple excites her.
  814. [21:36] <!CYOA-sama> Your hands slide up her thigh and stroke her soft ass before embracing her pale back and pulling her closer to you.
  815. [21:38] <!CYOA-sama> Her body is, to put it simply, womanly. It's not the body of a young girl but she's by no means old and busted like she probably thinks.
  816. [21:38] <!CYOA-sama> The thought of the impending sex with her is already fogging your mind.
  817. [21:39] <!CYOA-sama> Miria pulls away her gasping slightly as you pull free of her breast with a pop.
  818. [21:39] <!CYOA-sama> "I can't stand it anymore.... do you want to be on top or bottom?" She asks with a desperate quiver in her voice.
  819. [21:39] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Top
  820. [21:39] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Bottom
  821. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> [ ] Rape her stupid because she's a dirty knife-ear.
  822. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Choose
  823. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  824. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  825. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  826. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  827. [21:40] <!CYOA-sama> Asuka ANTS Brutus CEB|Archive_mode HyakkoF
  828. [21:40] <Brutus> [X] Top
  829. [21:41] <CEB|Archive_mode> [ ] Top
  830. [21:42] <!CYOA-sama> STOP FAPPIG AND VOTE!
  831. [21:42] <Brutus> I mean really!
  832. [21:42] <Brutus> This is why you have two hands.
  833. [21:42] <!CYOA-sama> >fappig
  834. [21:42] <!CYOA-sama> >fap pig
  835. [21:43] <!CYOA-sama> >Healthy girls are moe.jpg
  836. [21:43] <Brutus> They are moe.
  837. [21:44] <@Asuka> top
  838. [21:44] <!CYOA-sama> SO BE IT
  839. [21:44] <!CYOA-sama> "Top..." You say almost breathlessly as you stare up at her.
  840. [21:45] <!CYOA-sama> "Oh gods yes...." Miria says as he lips curl into a grin.
  841. [21:45] <!CYOA-sama> She stops stradling you and slides down her lace panties, the patch of wetness on them is easily visible.
  842. [21:46] <!CYOA-sama> The beautiful elf woman lays back in bed, her dress crumpled around her waist leaving her entire body exposed.
  843. [21:46] <!CYOA-sama> "Your turn stud..." She says as she lays there breathing heavily.
  844. [21:46] <!CYOA-sama> You stand up and look down at her.
  845. [21:47] <!CYOA-sama> Her pussy glistens with her juices as she stares up at you, only the tiniest patch of pale blode pubic hair visible.
  846. [21:48] <!CYOA-sama> She folds her arms under her breasts causing them to smush together and perk up as she squirms in excitement.
  847. [21:48] <!CYOA-sama> You unfasten your pants before you go totally mad with lust.
  848. [21:49] <!CYOA-sama> They fall to the ground and your throbbing cock bounces out of your boxers.
  849. [21:49] <!CYOA-sama> Miria's eyes twinkle and her toes curl preemptively.
  850. [21:49] <!CYOA-sama> "You ready?" you ask as you kneel on the bed and approach her.
  851. [21:50] <!CYOA-sama> "I've been aching for release for two hundred years, you're damn right I'm ready." She whimpers.
  852. [21:50] <!CYOA-sama> You press the tip of your dick to her pussy and both of you sigh sharply as you slide into her.
  853. [21:51] <!CYOA-sama> Her warm wetness surrounds your shaft and sucks you in deeply.
  854. [21:51] <!CYOA-sama> Her legs entertwine with yours and tense up as you enter her.
  855. [21:52] <!CYOA-sama> "Haaaa~" She moans as she arches her back and massages her own breasts.
  856. [21:52] <!CYOA-sama> Her warm pussy squeezes you in ways that give you goosbumps.
  857. [21:53] <!CYOA-sama> As you rock your hips slowly you feel her adjusting to match your rhythm and your toes curl from the sensations it sends through you.
  858. [21:54] <!CYOA-sama> Miria places a hand on your abs and looks up at you with a look of raw desire on her face.
  859. [21:54] <!CYOA-sama> She gently gyrates and you watch her midsection flex and undulate in rhythm with yours as you feel her pussy massaging your shaft.
  860. [21:55] <!CYOA-sama> You grit your teeth to hold off orgasm long enough to please her.
  861. [21:55] <!CYOA-sama> You won't have to wait long.
  862. [21:55] <!CYOA-sama> her breathing grows shorter and sharper.
  863. [21:56] <!CYOA-sama> "Yes... yes.... yes.... yes....." She whimpers in a soft raspy whisper as she grows closer and closer to climax.
  864. [21:56] <!CYOA-sama> You quicken your pace trying to drive her to orgasm before you go totally insane.
  865. [21:57] <!CYOA-sama> You place your hands on her hips and her moans grow louder as you begin thrusting sharply into her.
  866. [21:57] <!CYOA-sama> "O-oh yeah... yeah... OH~ Right there! Yes Fuck me!~" She moans as you evidently hit the right spot.
  867. [21:58] <!CYOA-sama> She undulates her hips and you feel her pussy clamp down around you.
  868. [21:58] <!CYOA-sama> Her legs tighten around your waist and she arches her back sharply as she makes a noise you're not entirely sure women should be capable of.
  869. [21:59] <!CYOA-sama> It doesn't stop you from peaking though as you grab Miria's soft body and pull her close.
  870. [21:59] <!CYOA-sama> You shudder and pump your load in her, something she seems to appreciate if the squirming of her thighs and the sensation of her fingertips dragging down your back are any indication.
  871. [22:00] <!CYOA-sama> AS your orgasm fades you collapse onto Miria's body.
  872. [22:00] <!CYOA-sama> She shakes slightly.
  873. [22:00] <!CYOA-sama> Her hands weakly run across your back.
  874. [22:01] <!CYOA-sama> You feel totally drained.
  875. [22:01] <!CYOA-sama> "That was amazing Miria..." You whisper as you lay on her chest.
  876. [22:02] <!CYOA-sama> "Indeed... you were amazing yourself.... Karlos." She says as she runs her fingers through your hair.
  877. [22:03] <!CYOA-sama> The sound of her soft breathing and the warmth of her embrace quickly lull you to sleep.
  878. [22:03] <!CYOA-sama> You drift away to the sound of her gentle motherly humming.
  879. [22:04] <!CYOA-sama> [Day 31? - End]
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