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  1. Greetings to all the members of this well read forum. A proper introduction would be ideal, but I'm afraid I can only provide a pseudonym. In such situations, I go by the name K. R. Benson. You may call me K. R. for short, or Benson if you prefer. It really doesn't matter much to me as my time here will be very short. I am currently in a nation that is quite foreign to me, but which I consider safe for the time being. I'm something of a runaway, although I luckily have the financial resources to survive wherever I may go.
  3. I come to you all as a former member of an extremely powerful organization of individuals. Throughout the centuries, there have been many names attributed to this collection of conspirators. Some refer to them as The Freemasons, Skull & Bones, The New World Order, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Rosicrucian Order, The Illuminati and so on. Some of these groups are controlled extensions of my former associates, and some are not. In order to keep this clear and simple, I will refer to this organization as The Conspirators, as they do not actually have a name for themselves. The truth is, as I mentioned previously, there are many different groups that are but an extension of this primary source of consolidated power.
  5. Many of these groups, such as the well known Freemasons, are used as a kind of proving ground. Mainly, it is one of many ways The Conspirators manage to discover and groom potential candidates who will some day be brought into the fold. Still, the majority of those who are raised into the working ranks of this group will never be anything more than peons for those who hold the reigns of power, ignorant of the bigger picture. This is mostly due to the fact that the controlling members of The Conspirators, such as myself, have inherited their positions of power through their lineage. They maintain their power through untold amounts of wealth, yet you will never see their names counted among the world's wealthiest in Forbes. They buy off world leaders with minimal effort. Those who would never sell their nations from beneath their people are of no concern, as The Conspirators can always move the nations they control against those who refuse to comply. They are the unseen hands. An invisible cabal. And they prefer it this way, as when the people of the world, or a simple nation, become unruly and wish to lash out at the assumed source of their troubles, they always direct their attacks at the wrong people. Chancellors. Prime Ministers. Presidents. But never will the people take notice of the power that remains when elections come and go, when coups occur and impeachments are dealt out. Never will the people learn who their true malefactors are.
  7. I know this is much to digest, and as a result of careful conditioning through media and popular culture, a good majority of you will dismiss anything I have to say as mere rubbish. After all, that's what you're supposed to do. Of course, you can always ask yourself why so often the media and entertainment will portray anyone who mentions such things as being a kook. What's funny is that through careful dissemination of absurd theories and other forms of misinformation, the people who DO believe in grand conspiracies are usually so misguided in their understanding and weighed down with nonsense that they easily do the work for us of making themselves seem crazy. It's pretty insidious, but it works so very well to the advantage of The Conspirators.
  9. So you must be wondering by now why I'm taking the time to share such fantastic claims with you all. I will be honest and say that unlike my father, I seem to have a soft place in my heart for humanity. Although I was born into this, and was raised to see everyone else in the world as resource wasting cattle, I still seem to care. Although I was taught that my family, and the other families who we work with, are the only people worthy of leading the world into an age of order and prosperity, I still care. It seems I lack the apathy and resentment toward humanity that my father possesses, and unfortunately I can not be the son that he was counting on. I have failed him in many ways, but I will count the sharing of this knowledge as my most critical of failures yet. Still, I share this with you all because I do care about that which happens to humanity, and I do not agree with my father or anyone else in within The Conspirators.
  11. The overall purpose of this communique is to serve as a warning of what is to occur within the next 1,825 days of our lives here on this planet. It is not pleasant, but in the minds of The Conspirators, it is necessary to bring about their ideal world. This is a world in which my father and his cohorts can operate with impunity, utilizing technology, military strength, bureaucracy and fear to ultimately control the overall population without any chance of revolt or subversion. I do not know all there is to know, but I know enough to frighten most of you who believe me and shake the very foundation of your understanding.
  13. So I guess I will get straight to the point. There have been many rumors that the Swine Flu is a manufactured virus that has been intentionally unleashed on the public. This is not true. Not true at all. Still, the hype surrounding bird flu, SARS, swine flu and any other "killer virus" is there for a few reasons. In so many cases, the actions of The Conspirators carry two or more motives. This is intentional, as it allows the public to focus on what they feel is the most logical reason for what is occurring around them. In the case of all these virus scares, the people and even the majority of those working within the media see it as a great source of ratings. While this is partly true, the real motivation behind these scares is to desensitize the world and condition them to regard all new viral threats as nothing more than hype and fear mongering. Why desensitize the public? Simple. Soon there will be a new virus which will be intentionally released, and this virus will be the one that people should take every precaution against. My father and his ilk are counting on the public to disregard warnings and ignore the hype, thus ensuring that this new virus has ample opportunity to destroy as much human life as possible.
  15. The purpose is not to kill all people on the planet, as this would be counterproductive in the grand scheme of things. No. The purpose is to destabilize the world as a whole, and in that moment of chaos, bring about the changes that have been in planning since even before I was born. These changes will be the beginning of the ideal world that The Conspirators have in mind. A significant reduction in population will be required, as well. This is something they hope to accomplish by way of viruses, starvation and the overall destruction of the third world.
  17. The time of change is nearly upon us. The last piece required before the new world can arrive has finally fallen in to place. I speak of The United States of America and what has occurred there recently. My father brags about how most of the first world has been disarmed and brought to submission. Many of The Conspirators were concerned about The United States for some time, but they worry no more now that they have managed to get a stranglehold on this nation within the last decade. Most of you don't even realize this, but before Bush came along, you all in the states still had the power to overthrow your government if need be. Your chances at doing so with success were questionable, but you still had a chance at it, and that always made its way to the table as a major concern. Now it's impossible, no matter how well armed you people are, you still wouldn't be able to even get the spark revolution started before the government would stomp it out and make you into a domestic terrorist.
  19. All of this is possible through the implementation of technologies which can monitor every form of communication that could provide the people with a fighting chance. You now have no option but to sit and watch as your nation begins to transform. These changes I speak of have been slow in the past, but soon the new world will arrive, and the changes will come fast. So fast that the people will find it difficult to accept them. This is why Bush made for such a wonderful tool. He is nothing more than a businessman, motivated by greed. But this is not the time or place for a discussion on Bush's motives. Just understand that he dealt the fatal blow to your nation's ability to resist what is soon to pass.
  21. You must understand that The Conspirators do not fear the people, for the people will not discover them. What they fear the most is all of their hard work being in vain. In order for their plans to continue unimpeded, they require that those who have power over the people are capable of wielding it without interruption. This is why the people must be disarmed, and if not disarmed, then carefully monitored and controlled. There are multiple layers of control here, but ultimately The Conspirators want their puppets to stay in power for as long as possible, or as long as that asset's term allows until the time comes to buy off yet another politician.
  23. I have shared what I could without making things too wordy. There is so much more to cover, but I find it impossible to fit everything into this one post. That being said, I will be available off and on for perhaps a week's time and then I will have to leave and attempt to begin a new life in a nation that has yet to succumb to The Conspirators' will.
  25. Until the time of my departure arrives, I will be willing to answer any questions that you might have about our history or what else is planned for the world. I feel I am privy to quite a bit, considering who I was within The Conspirators, but I also know that there are many things that I will come to understand until I one day take my father's place. Seeing as this will never happen, and also seeing how it is likely that I will die soon, I don't really mind sharing what I do know with all of you. Of course, I'm marked for death anyway for leaving my father's side, and since dead men tell no tales, I'm going to tell as much as I can before it's time for me to go.
  28. ZeeToo posted:
  30.     Are you a Reptilian?
  32. There are no such things as Retilians disguised as people. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, this wasn't one of The Conspirators' creations, but instead something that a conspiracy theorist concocted.
  34. Nekodoshi posted:
  36.     Wow, that's an awful lot to even take in all in one go. So basically you're an ex-member of "The Conspirators" on the run. And you're telling us that the Swine Flu is in fact manufactured to wipe out part of the human population, even though many are saying that it's being blown completely out of proportion, not unlike the first time it came around in the 70s.
  37.     So if all, if any of this is in fact true, what are we supposed to do about it? Do you want us all to take up arms and start taking out Big Brother somehow? Go to D.C. and take out random senators with a sniper rifle? I'd appreciate it if in your next post, you could tell us what we need to do, if we wish to take action.
  39. I said quite the opposite. Read my post again and you will notice I explained that the swine flu is NOT a virus to worry over, and that it is indeed hyped to absurd proportions.
  41. As far as action, I also explained that there is no way to fight what is coming. There was once, but you lost that chance in the past decade. I guess what I'm saying is that you're stuck with it.
  43. Not to be rude, but I get the feeling you skimmed my post and missed a few of these details.
  45. BaShildy posted:
  47.     Which of the following conspiracies are true:
  49.     a) The Denver Airport Underground houses aliens and UFOs. The murals displayed at the airport were created by the aliens as secret messages.
  50.     b) The US Government worked with the Germans to create the video game Polybius ( A modified version of Tempest ) to act as a mind control tool that backfired and caused the suicide and mental breakdown of everyone who played it. All copies from the arcades where they were test run in were destroyed except for a few lone ROMS that are believed to exist.
  51.     c) The Mexican, Canadian, and American governments are working together in secret to phase out North American currency and create the Amero, which will be the only accepted currency in all three countries. This is the early phase to bring about an authoritarian regime controlled by the Illuminati.
  52.     d) All of the above.
  55. a) False and preposterous.
  57. b) I know nothing of this game, but certain branches of the United States government, as well as other governments in the world, has been known to dabble in mind control experiments. Still, if this is true, The Conspirators had nothing to do with it.
  59. c) Somewhat true. The idea is to form unions of nations among the continents, and then someday join those unions into a world government. This union of the North American continent is one of the goals of The Conspirators, and the foundations are already in the process of being laid for it.
  61. By the replies I've seen so far, I'm amazed with how the truth can be laid out before everyone and still regarded as fiction. I was certain this would be the overall reaction, but it's still astounding to see it firsthand. Of course, I never thought I would actually share any of this with those who were forbidden to know it.
  63. Reverend Gnome posted:
  65.     In the interest of content, I guess I'll ask the eight ball something. So, Ordo, if your group is so ultra-amazing-super-secret, why aren't you dead yet? You'd figure they'd have their lesser peons monitering popular forums in case something like this were to occur.
  67. They don't know yet, but they will soon, and that's when they'll begin looking for me. I have enough resources to survive and lay low, and I am doing my best to cover my tracks, even on the internet.
  69. I chose this website to share this with due to its large number of people from across the world who visit and chat on it. I figured it was the best place for exposure, and still my best chance at staying off the radar for the time being.
  71. As for my motives, this is my way of clearing my conscience and letting go of years of guilt. At least I will not take these dark secrets to my grave. I'm sorry that I don't have any solutions. The best thing any of you can do, if you survive what is soon to come, is go along with the changes to your government and your life. Do not resist it.
  73. Idimmu posted:
  75.     Why did they go with such a gay name as The Conspirators, and not something that identifies with their actual goal or beliefs?
  77. Please read my post carefully. If you had, you will recall my mentioning that they don't actually have a name that they go by, and that I'm the one who decided on naming them as The Conspirators as a way of referring to them throughout my posts.
  79. Pepper posted:
  81.     Even though I'm one of the skeptics I fail to see why your colleagues would want to kill everyone. Don't they rely on us peons?
  83.     If you kill all your subjects there's no one left but rulers. Then the rulers start taking themselves out.
  85. In my post I explained that they do not wish to kill everyone. Their goal is to significantly reduce the world population and destabilize governments in order to make a grab for power. There are mechanisms already in place, as well as ones which will be introduced when the time for them has come. Mechanisms which will ensure this global coup d'etat will succeed.
  87. Jigg posted:
  89.     You have still evaded one important question.
  90.     Who is your daddy and what does he do?
  92. If I'm not giving out my own name, what makes you think I'd tell you my father's?
  94. Ridleys Revenge posted:
  96.     So what country are you fleeing to, that isn't under their control?
  98. I will not be too specific, but once they learn that I've betrayed them, they'll know that I'm somewhere in the middle east.
  100. I have to get offline soon, so if anyone has a serious question for me, please ask.
  102. Whether or not you believe me, this is actually a very unique and rare opportunity to seek actual answers from someone who has been a part of the greatest conspiracy to ever exist.
  104. The Joe Man posted:
  106.     Give us someone's name that we should keep in mind for the next 5 years, and why.
  108. I'll assume that you're in the states. If you're concerned with affairs in your nation, I can tell you that a handful of men within the Rockefeller family are the ones who oversee the direction of your country. Although many of the families in Europe control a multitude of nations through various means, the Rockefellers are the only ones who have stuck to wielding their power over a single nation. They have many ways of doing this, by way of financial institutions and media, mainly. Their most effective method has been through a group known as the Council on Foreign Relations. This organization accepts mostly like-minded members, all who share the idea of a world government or at least some form of radical globalization.
  110. stonedpanda posted:
  112.     But to humor you, here's some questions: Does your organization have any control over the advancement of technology? And what about the threat of nuclear weaponry in countries that you have control over? And do you actually have any control over the media? And what's the deal with North Korea?
  114. No. In most cases, we merely exploit new advances in technology as a means of furthering our control over the populations of the first world. For example, television was not our doing, but it has become an amazing tool for us to use against people.
  116. As far as nuclear weapons are concerned, there are no worries. There are many within our circles who very well desire a terrorist to set off a nuclear device in a place such as Europe or the Americas, as it will only serve to further our goals of stripping societies of their ability to resist what's coming.
  118. Control over the media is amazingly simple. Most of the American media, as you know, is owned by large corporations, many of which work very closely with the US Government. This is no mystery. This in itself allows media to be manipulated to some degree. Still, you have to be subtle in the way you control things. In most cases, the media just reports on whatever will gather it ratings, as in the end, money is the most important thing. But I can tell you this much, there are editors within these media giants who are there for the purpose of making certain that some things never get reported on, and if a reporter wants to make it anywhere in their career, then they'll damn sure report on what is considered newsworthy, and not go chasing after wacky conspiracy theories. When you get right down to it, it's all about money. Nobody wants to lose their job, so they fly straight and report on the things that matter, such as Paris Hilton's crotch or what Donald Trump had for dinner.
  120. crackerjacksoul posted:
  122.     Okay, I'll bite. Can you answer some questions about past events and The Conspirators' involvement? Were they a part of Kennedy's or MLK's assassination? If so, what role did they play? Any involvement in 9/11? Please be as specific as you can in your answers.
  124.     Also, what will an average person's life look like when the Conspirators achieve their goals? A hellish nightmare of slavery and destitution? A boot stamping on a human face forever? What critical event will be the trigger for the near future events you are referring to? Or has that critical event already happened? Thanks for your answers.
  126. It's my understanding that Kennedy pissed off a lot of groups, making Kennedy's assassination was a win win situation for many people, not just one group. The only thing that anyone in my family or any of The Conspirators disliked about him was the fact that he was dangerously close to destroying the third central bank in the United States, which is one of our primary forms of control over a government.
  128. 9/11 was an effort on part of the Rockefeller's assets within your government. a family in Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this crisis was to make the public accept the radical changes needed to finally render the American people completely incapable of revolting.
  130. The leaders in America who went along with this plan are convinced that they will lead the United States into a new era of power and dominance around the world, but they are mistaken. They are merely a tool, laying the needed groundwork for The Conspirators.
  132. As far as what life will look like, there will be obedience. You will have a life, but your purpose will be to support the system you live within. You will still have your mindless entertainment and your happy hours, but you will be monitored closely, and if you do anything to protest or stand against the new way, your accounts will be frozen and you'll basically starve to death.
  134. The overall goal as I understand it is to create a digital currency, so that if you are targeted, your funds can be taken from you without much effort.
  136. Luk0r posted:
  138.     What's your opinion on Alex Jones? A lot of what he says is most likely crap but I'd like to hear your view.
  140.     Members of this forum are generally quite fat and like to laugh about their problems while munching on family size bags of cheetos, I wouldn't expect intelligent responses from most of them.
  142. Alex is the best thing that has happened to us. His many failed predictions on a supposed takeover, and his propensity for screaming like a madman that the end is near, have only helped make anyone who believes such things look like a fool. Alex is pretty good at following clues, but he's quick to jump to wild conclusions. All in all, he's no threat to what we do.
  144. timb posted:
  146.     Is your organization behind The Georgia Guidestones?
  148. One of our lower organizations, The Roscrucian Order, is responsible for those.
  150. 0dB posted:
  152.     This is really lame. Can you please be more inventive? I mean it.
  154. Be more inventive? Look, I'm sorry, but sometimes those wacky conspiracy theories you hear are actually filled with a degree of truth.
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