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  1. The Abominations-
  3. My grandfather recently passed and me and anyone else alive who was mentioned in his will went to see what he left us. We all had high hopes since he was ex-military retired at the rank of Brigadier and had a hefty pay at that. When my name was finally mentioned all i had received were documents with the words "CLASSIFIED" all over them as well as a trip to the Nevada Desert for some reason. I was wary to open them here so i quickly left ready to open the documents like a present on Christmas day. At first it was the normal military jargon some of which mentioned my grandfather, but then it turned to.... something else, something much darker. These documents were from the World War two and talked of highly secret experiment regarding illegal gene splicing to better the U.S. in the war. It told of humans being injected with many strands of animal, or plant DNA as well as many minerals and resources to strengthen them. These pictures showed grotesque some human like figures such as a man mixed with a cock roach to survive possible nuclear fallout was turned inside out slowly dying in the test chambers as they analyzed what happened. There was one in particular that alarmed me at that moment, it took place outside of the normal military facility in Nevada. All there was for this one was a picture of the creature and a message telling me to end what they had started. This all became clear why the ticket to Nevada, why all these documents, he wanted me to end what he could not
  5. (3 Days later)
  7. I packed my bags and headed for Nevada to explore this forgotten remnant of the war. I showed up asking for where it could be all anyone knew was there were strange buildings in the desert some where and said i should load up for a long travel across the Mohave. (1 Week later) I finally found the base its beaten down to a steel husk covered in sand, and as i push through the gate i hear noises that which no human can make. I'm wary at first but i push myself deeper into this tomb of military relics. I find one thing within this place i cannot think of without fear its near me anymore. I found a man covered in raps and sand sitting there rocking back and forth. I walk around him with ease and he does not seem to care. I look t him closely to see much of his tissue is gone and all that remains is patches of skin and and the blood red gleam of muscle. I try to move closer he looks up... his... face is contorted in a wicked smile his eyes bleeding as he stares at me. He lunges at me and grabs my arms. He begins to pull back and i can hear the muscle and bone tear and brake as he does this, i collapse and he stands over me with evil and insanity within his eyes but then he runs for no reason that i know of and i pass out on the floor in pain. I woke around two hours later and could barely move, i heaved my body back to the vehicle and with what was left of my strength and drove back for immediate medical attention and when i am healed, document what happened in this journal. I awake many nights with the thought of an abomination releases unto the world who can tear limbs, bone, muscle right off of anyone it desires and i'm always wondering, will i ever find it or will it find me?
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