The Sperm Extraction Facility

Jan 16th, 2017
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  1. [Script Offer] The Sperm Extraction Facility [FF4M] [Possible Collab] [Rape] [Forced Impregnation] [Fdom] [Orgasm Control] [Creampie] [Dystopian/Utopian Society]
  3. EVA is an employee at Ovahri Industries. It's her responsibility to show the client all the specimens they have on offer and help in any way they need.
  4. JANE is the client who wants to get pregnant. She is curious about the past when men walked free and wants to experience the traditional way of insemination.
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. JANE: Um, hello. I have an appointment for-
  11. EVA: Yes, we've been expecting you, dear. Is this your firt time at our sperm extraction facility?
  13. JANE: Yes, first time... I just think my body is ready to bear children and I've heard good things about this particular facility.
  15. EVA: Ah, good to hear. Then if you'll follow me I'll walk you through the process.
  17. JANE: Yes, ma'am.
  19. EVA: There's no need to be nervous, it's all a simple and pain free system. We'll have your belly swelling with a goddess in no time.
  21. JANE: [nervous chuckle] I think I'm more excited than nervous...
  23. EVA: That's good to hear. Right through this door if you will.
  25. [Auto door opens]
  27. EVA: Now, this room serves as both a selection room and a breeding room. All along this corridor you'll see our specimens. Here. See in here?
  29. JANE: Ah! That's one of them? I've never seen one in person before...
  31. EVA: Indeed, that is a real life man before you. They are in stasis for most of their lives, hooked up to our machines that keep them fed and hydrated. They are all in optimal shape.
  33. JANE: Oh goddess, how am I gonna choose....
  35. EVA: Here, step up to the pod and look into this scanner.
  37. JANE: Okay...
  39. [Machine scanning]
  41. EVA: It will scan your whole body and compare it to the thing inside. Then our state of the art algorithm will make a prediction on what your goddesses with this ones seed will turn out like.
  43. JANE: Ah, I see it! This ones seed will give me goddesses that are average physically, but will have great intelligence.
  45. EVA: Now, you walk down this corridor until you find the one that will produce the desired goddesses.
  47. JANE: Hmm, how about.... this one. Yes, this one seems to have the right proportions and the genetics look perfect. They should pass down well to any children I have.
  49. EVA: You’ve made a wonderful choice, my dear.
  51. JANE: I have?
  53. EVA: Oh yes. He is by far our most popular and you can tell just by a glance. So, if this is the one you want we’ll go ahead and extract what you need or, if you want a more authentic experience, you can do it as we used to all those hundreds of years ago.
  55. JANE: Wait, what do you mean, 'how we used to do it'?
  57. EVA: [chuckle] I think it would be better to show you. So, here is your chosen specimen. As you can see it’s strapped in by it’s wrist and ankles to a special mechanism which can be adjusted however we desire.
  59. JANE: It looks so… broken.
  61. EVA: They have been trained since birth to accept this. It’s a punishment, if you will, for man’s misdeeds in the past. It knows what it’s ancestors did wrong and it will do what it can to atone.
  63. JANE: Well, [giggle] let’s help it work off its karma.
  65. EVA: Right then. First what you need to do is get the man aroused. This is easy. You take the penis in your hand, like so, and caress, and pretty soon… Ah, see. Already it begins to engorge.
  67. JANE: It’s that easy?
  69. EVA: Man cannot control its atavistic desire to breed. Or at least, for the most part. While they are locked in here, we certainly can [laugh]
  71. JANE: [gasp] It grows so much!
  73. EVA: So now that it has fully erected we can do many things. Some clients like to just get right to natural insemination while others like to explore out of curiosity more than anything.
  75. JANE: [small moan] The sight of its breeding apendage does make me feel something down below. And here I thought the sight would disgust me, and it kinda still does, and it... it really turns me on...
  77. EVA: It is an ancient thing built into all of us. That is why we hide all the men away in these facilities, to prevent unwanted distractions. As you know, men once almost destroyed the world but now that women have ascended, look at how society has bloomed!
  79. JANE: Look indeed… God this thing looks delicious…
  81. EVA: [chuckle] One thing they once loved was when a woman took their cocks in their mouths. I believe it was called a blowjob, just one of the many crass names for the act.
  83. JANE: A blowjob... Mmm... so I just... suck? [blowjob audio, hesitant at first, then getting into it]
  85. EVA: That’s it. Use those lips to run up and down its length, taking pleasure in its girth against your jaw, using your tongue to caress the tip which in the most sensitive part. Think of it as an oversized clitoris.
  87. JANE: [giggle while sucking]
  89. EVA: Now, if you’d like, you can use your hands against its testicles. Sometimes a soft caress adds a new layer of pleasure.
  91. JANE: Mmhmm. [continued blowjob audio, maybe some light gagging?]
  93. EVA: Very good. Almost a natural I think.
  95. JANE: [gasp of breath] Oh god, it’s so warm, and it throbs in my mouth. Look at how the veins pulse down its length with each pump of blood. Is it ready for penetration yet?
  97. EVA: [chuckle] The moment it’s erect means its ready for penetration.
  99. JANE: [giggle] I think I am to. My panties are soaked...
  101. EVA: So, you can either keep the table as it is and perform penetration by bending over and backing up onto it, or lower the table so that it is in a lying position.
  103. JANE: Oh, from behind? So animalistic. I want that first.
  105. EVA: Then go right ahead. For a more authentic insemination, I recommend a total removal of clothing.
  107. JANE: Oh… [giggle as undress] The airs a little cool...
  109. EVA: [chuckle] I can tell. It'll warm up soon enough. So, ignore this thing’s wide eyed stare and begin when you please. Unless you want me to cover its head?
  111. JANE: No, no. It’ll be more authentic to see its face and the way it'll twist and scrunch in pleasure...
  113. EVA: Very well, then you may begin. I’ll be here to guide, should you need me.
  115. JANE: Right, so I bend and guide the engorged penis to my [gasp] yes... and push back- Ah, fuck… [moaning as fully penetrated] Goddess above, this is nothing like the sexual release pods...
  117. EVA: [small moan] There really is nothing like the real thing... A hot length of cock sliding into your dripping pussy... [clears throat] My apologies...
  119. JANE: [moaning, maybe light skin on skin slapping for effect?] How long -fuck- how long until its seed is extracted? [moan]
  121. EVA: We have full control of it, so, whenever you are ready.
  123. JANE: Not yet, not yet! [moan] Goddess, it feels so fucking good... to think... this is how women were fucked... I mean... this is how we bred... all those years ago...
  125. EVA: What choice did we have? Man was destroying our world. They had to be stopped before they ended us all.
  127. JANE: Yes! Hear that, man? It’s your fault you’re caged here, only to be used to make more women! Yes, deeper!
  129. [moaning for a little while until the next section. Perhaps EVA moans a little in-between too for effect?]
  131. JANE: Oh, fuck me... [fucking stops] I want... [heavy breathing] I want the table adjusted so that its prone on the floor.
  133. EVA: Then please step aside. Thank you. [perhaps a mechanical whirr or something?] There. How’s that for height?
  135. JANE: Perfect. This time... [moaning as entered again] This time I’ll look into its eyes as I ride. [skin slapping again?] how do you like that, pathetic man? I bet you loved to do this to women for your own pleasure.
  137. EVA: Well, not that one specifically, but men were known to be prone to sexual abuse thanks to their once superior physical strength and brain numbing lust.
  139. JANE: [skin slapping intensifies for a moment] How do you like that!? Now I am the one lusting for you while you struggle for mercy. God, it feels so good yet I’m so repulsed by this thing under me. Can it speak?
  141. EVA: [laugh] We don’t teach them to talk. If a male [obvious disgust in voice saying the word] is born they are kept in a suspended animation until they are ready to be used for extraction.
  143. JANE: [moaning] Manual extraction... what a wonderfuly vile chore... yes... extract this cock right into my tight, fertile, sacred cunt.
  145. EVA: You may notice that it can’t help but stare at your breasts. It was a favourite pass time of men, to leer at a woman’s chest whenever the chance presented itself.
  147. JANE: Yeah? [moan] You like these tits as they sway, as I ride your big hard cock? [slap] Well don’t! Look into my eyes as I extract all the seed your balls have to offer.
  149. [just more moaning and fucking for a while until you’re ready to finish]
  151. EVA: [small moan] Yes, look at its face, its reddening, its teeth are gritting, eyes going even wider, veins bulging in both neck and temple. It’s almost ready for unloading!
  153. JANE: Yes! I can feel it throbbing inside me! I’m gonna cum to! Oh, fuck, oh... [orgasm as man explodes within]
  155. EVA: Oh goddess, look at it throb balls deep inside you..
  157. JANE: [moaning and breathing heavily] Its so hot as it pours inside me... it feels so... so fertile...
  159. EVA: All the men here are of the highest fertility. Any below excellence are dispatched. [gasp] That is a big load of semen [small moan] Goddess look how it leeks out around his cock and oozes down his balls...
  161. JANE: [gasp] Oh no!
  163. EVA: It’s fine, dear. Even the smallest drop would be enough to get you pregnant.
  165. JANE: [heavy breathing] Oh yes... its slowing... oh goddess, I’m so full... can I... can I taste it?
  167. EVA: [knowing laugh] Yes, my dear, go right ahead.
  169. JANE: Mmm. [sloppy blowjob audio] Ah, tastes... [swallow] a little salty... and so thick... [swallow] kinda sticks to the inside of my cheeks...
  171. EVA: Well, my dear, if you are done we can prepare for gestation, which will only take a month, and then a tiny little goddess will be born upon our womanly world.
  173. JANE: [content sigh] Is it time for this thing to go back now that its done what it was created to do?
  175. EVA: [laugh] Yes. Yes, it is.
  177. [mechanical whirr then fade out on clicking heels]
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