Coc2: Sugo (Caprisun)

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  1. Alright, you'll bite; you want to know why he's wearing that sleeveless blouse. It's a piece of garb that looks to be in better condition than what most people wear! Yet he wears it alongside such a short and plain garment like his caparison?
  3. "Well yeah, it's comfortable. And it's a pretty easy to maintain piece of clothing, I'll have you know! You'd be surprised how hard it is to find one that fits me this well! When I go out, I have to be very careful to not let people grab at it!"
  5. You get that finding a nice shirt might be difficult in a world with cultists and hazards in wait around every corner these days, but it's ridiculous to imagine that fitting clothes would truly be hard or rare to find.
  7. "Huh? What are you talking about? Fitted caparisons are very hard to come by!"
  9. Oh. Wait... he's talking about that cover-like cloth on his horse-end's back?
  11. "Of course I am! Normally horses are used as beasts of burden, so things like caparisons are more of a noble or rich fashion accessory! That's enough so that even centaurs like to wear them to stand out! But they do have one problem that particularly exists more so for a centaur. Normally they're worn beneath a saddle to hold them in place or fitted with a hood that goes over the horse's head or a harness for the neck. They normally never fit or sit right without one, so for centaurs we try to bind it around our waists like a belt or wear a harness. But... well... I like my blouse, so I asked for a somewhat matching one to be made in my size without that belt. I got the harness, but..."
  13. Despite how much information that is, you can't believe the tailor is entirely at fault for the caparison. The question of why he wears a frilled blouse still isn't answered but there's a much more alarming condition being that his caparison doesn't even fit right. Maybe a new one could make a good gift for the centaur; finding a nice enough one that properly fit and actually covered that horsey dong would probably be difficult regardless of where you went however.
  15. You can't help but wonder though; how did Sugo get this one to sit on his back without a hood or saddle so well? What about that harness he mentioned makes him unable to wear it? Once you ask, all the awkwardness of that mix-up evaporates and turns to his heart-warming smile once more.
  17. "Unfortunately for me this one is both too short and the harness can't fit the specific design they sent. So I had no belt nor a hooded mantle either; so it's... well... sometimes I spend about an hour or two setting it properly. From there I have to move slow to not disrupt it, particularly when I come in and out of my stall. Some days it can take longer or even forces me to not wear it but others? Considering I live here now, there are just some days I can't go out and have to hide inside my stall to not scar any children or get in trouble."
  19. "Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have." The horse looks over his shoulder with a sigh before glimpsing at you from the corner of his eyes.
  21. "It's either that or wear a saddle or an improperly fitted harness... and that'd be far worse and uncomfortable. Could you imagine all the people who'd be trying to ride me and not in the fun way? How my blouse would get all messed up and wrinkled from them grabbing at it to get my attention or punish me? One of these days, maybe I'll get one that's properly fitted; but until then, I will simply have to endure it..."
  23. You'd actually like to talk about something even more important; Sugo keeps on about his caparison... why not replace it now that he's living in town? Surely someone can help him out.
  25. "Huh?" The horseboy's ears perk a bit but lower and he shifts uncomfortably up and away from the counter. "Oh... um... I've... not really met anyone in town. Moving around here is easy and slipping around the outskirts of town but... everyone who might help me runs stores! They're so busy and-"
  27. Your centaur pretty boy blushes red rather shockingly; he's actually embarrassed to point it out. He'd probably end up flashing someone, right?
  29. "Yeah... s-so it's not a good idea for me to be in such a populated spot. But if I had someone help me out...?"
  31. "Yes!" The blonde gives a clop of one of his rear legs, beaming at you as he clamps both hands into tight celebratory fists. "I knew I could count on you!"
  33. Clambering a bit closer, Sugo leans over the counter — poorly containing his excitement — and lifts one of his digits as an idea strikes.
  35. "I'd bet there's two people in town who work with horses or even centaurs to probably have a hunch. The closest thing to the town's lodgemaster or a hunter... that'd be Leorah, right? I bet she'd be a good place to start; I remember hearing about her once or twice before."
  37. Looking out and pointing the finger north, toward the exit of the market plaza and down toward the Old Forest gate, his blue eyes part from you and aim toward a familiar blob of green just barely visible.
  39. "The other would probably be Ogrish; I hear he makes horseshoes, so clearly he'd be a good place to start looking for accessories! Apart from that... maybe some random local could be a good place to start!"
  41. You blink as the centaur slips back properly within his stall, gently smoothing his blouse as he stares at you excitedly. Isn't he... going to pay you or anything? You don't work for free, after all.
  43. "Oh... um... if you do it for me, we can kiss!"
  45. Kiss? Doesn't he already let anyone and everyone have sex with him?
  47. "Pft." The blonde rolls his eyes, waving dismissively at you. "I mean, yeah... I do... but I don't kiss someone. I mean, you'd really be doing me a favor! Returning it for you, Calice, would be loads of fun. And I assure you; kissing someone who's been around as many others as I have? Trust me; it'll be worth it!"
  49. You're still not quite sure about that but you did say you'd help. Ignoring him is always an option but maybe flattering him and just doing this favor could lead to more later on. A more respectable Sugo means there'd be no chance of any of this coming back to bite you in the butt later for simply associating with him. For now though, you wave in farewell and turn back to leave Sugo to his stall. And considering a hunky lupine comes rushing past you and to the counter in a blink, you're sure he's going to keep being nice and busy for a while longer.
  50. __________________________________
  52. Is Ogrish any good at outfitting centaurs?
  54. "Centaurs? I mean, no different than I am with horses and people I'd wager. Why?"
  56. Well, you've got a friend; a local pony, specifically. You were hoping he could help out and supply a new caparison?
  58. "A caparison- oh." Initially a question, Ogrish' eyes show he know exactly who it's for before putting on a frown. "You must mean for Sugo, the centaur lad from the valley who moved in, right? I'd seen his caparison and thought of suggesting him get a new one... but I don't sell pieces of clothing like that. I make armors and weapons; smithies don't sew."
  60. So he can't help you. Great.
  62. "Now hold on, I do know someone who can. Leorah certainly works enough around the area and probably has some leads on someone who could get one made. It'd probably not fit the best but all you need is a longer one right? I'm sure she could help you out."
  63. ______________________________________
  65. Waiting for Leorah to not seem like she's about to start skinning some pelt or sorting through some foraged goods, you finally halt the Hawkethorne huntress and tailor.
  67. "Ah, yes? What is it? Need a new bow? Or maybe a nice warm rug to lay some special guy or girl down by a cozy fire?"
  69. Not today but maybe the offers can be redeemed on a rainy day; for now you need a new caparison for the local horse boy and had been told to ask her. Surely she has something, right? It takes a few moments whilst Leorah's ears twitch and her tail flicks side-to-side, the left corner of her mouth folding in as she gently bites at it.
  71. "Mmm..." Leorah's right hand raises to cradle her chin in thought. "Well... I think I know a guy; someone who can get a good order. I'm generally pretty good at sizing folks up from afar, so I'd bet I could get one. It's because his is short, right?"
  73. Your nod only brings a playful smirk to the predatory catfolk woman.
  75. "I figured as much. Sure; since he's more or less a part of the town thanks to you, I don't mind. But I think you should pay us all back. So how about we make a deal?"
  77. Well, surely it can't be anything too awful; Leorah couldn't possibly be that mean. Hopefully. Either way, you can either choose to hear her out or turn her down; no point making her waste her breath otherwise.
  79. Leorah's smirk tapers back into a proper smile; seems you've made her quite happy with agreeing to help out.
  81. "Good to see the hero in you step up; it's really cute." Her feigned disinterest slips briefly for her compliment, carefully reaching down and hefting an older ledger from beneath the counter and plopping it onto the surface for the pair of you. "Just stand there a moment..."
  83. Crossing your arms patiently, you watch as Leorah takes her time shuffling and sorting through the pages of the heavy thing. It's a strange sight when you really think about it; the shop-owner looks like she'd be more at home hunting in deserts than reading through a book in the Frost Marches. Thankfully for the pair of you, her reading anguish and your waiting isn't destined to be a long encounter. A final flick of the pages inspires the green-eared woman to smile, ears twitching with recognition as her sapphired gaze sets in on you.
  85. "I need you to bring me good lumber, some metals and sturdy stone; so it looks like you're heading to the Old Forest and Foothills at the very least. I'd bet that you could probably get some nice metal from beating up some of the clowns running around outside of Hawkethorne; anyone wearing nice armor or a fine sword."
  87. So basically find wood in the Forest, stone from the nearby Foothills and then beat up local riffraff? The first two were simple but the last one seems like a quest in its own right; she wasn't just trying to get you to do something that adventurers like you could get paid for was she?
  89. "Pft, of course not." Leorah clasped the book closed, turning it over and pointing at the door. "Now instead of harassing me you should get out there and harass some bad guys for some weapons."
  91. Getting thrown out wasn't on the agenda but maybe the mere mention she'd deceive you had insulted her. Or maybe it was just Leorah playing hard-to-get and feigning distance to intentionally light a fire under your rear end. At least now you have a goal.
  92. ____________________________________
  93. (It took....8 days of get 5 pieces of metal)
  95. Reaching to your pack and pulling free the batch of promised goods, you toss them out over the counter. Leorah is quite pleased; the corner of her lip curling up as the last of your delivery clunks between the pair of you. Sweeping it off and behind into a bin, she unenthusiastically tosses you a thumbs up and returns to her casually uninterested facade.
  97. "Oh! You gathered everything, huh?"
  99. Like the cat who caught the mouse, the shop owner heartily clasps her hands together.
  101. "Good! I'm sure this will come in handy for any construction we might need in the future! With a place like Hawkethorne, you can't ever quite be certain there's not going to be someone new popping in, after all!"
  103. Remembering that she's supposed to be uninterested, she rolls her eyes and unlinks her dexterous fingers to summon a new object from beneath the shop's large surface; a book with a few colors painted onto it.
  105. "Well, pick a color and a design; I'll bet I can get it for your horse-pal... and at just the right length. No more having to worry about upsetting anyone, right?"
  107. (Lets give em a green one)
  109. "Ah, the green? That's a nice one; it comes in plaid."
  111. "If it's green plaid you want then that's the one I'll get."
  113. Thumping her finger against the color and ingraining it into her mind, Leorah looks at you and waves you toward the door.
  115. "Don't worry; I'll get it to your pretty boy once it arrives. No need to come back here, alright?"
  117. Well... if she'll do that for you, sure. You thank Leorah for her help and set off; all you can do is hope Sugo is as pleased as you feel.
  118. _____________________________
  120. Drawing close to the familiar stall, you can't help but notice something completely unexpected; the town's centaur prostitute is outside and standing on his hind legs! a green plaid caparison just like you ordered! Looks like you picked wisely on who you asked for help.
  122. "Ah! Calice!" Sugo whisks his head with just enough force to shake the blonde hair out of the way and smile at you. "There you are! I got this a few moments ago!"
  124. Really? Was it from someone specific?
  126. "Yeah, someone hired by Leorah apparently. They said you helped out the town and she was paying back a favor... so I guess I have you to thank!"
  128. You're just happy to have helped. With this new caparison — at least from how he's resting his front hooves on the side of the stall and his pecker isn't exposed to the world. Wait; how is it not rolling back and falling off?
  130. "Oh! Right!" Pushing off the wall and carefully squeezing his blouse whilst thudding to the marketplace stone, the centaur clops his way over to you. "It's because of this!"
  132. Grabbing the corner of his caparison and tugging it just a bit back over his body, you can see a nicely-fitted harness beneath the caparison. It looks like it might not be the most comfortable thing to wear but your centaur friend must have some thicker hide; that bubbly smile doesn't look the least bothered by it.
  134. "I had this prepared and attached it to a few points on the cloth; so basically it's... kinda like a corset, I guess. It's supposed to help keep my back in a healthy alignment, too! I need some help getting it on, of course but wearing it stops some strong wind from blowing it away!"
  136. The idea of a stray wind taking the caparison up off his back and leaving the centaur like some stripped dame in the street might be one of the most humorous things you've heard all day; though Sugo's blushing face says it might not be a joke or ridiculous scenario. Either way, there wasn't any issues with the new garb? No improper fits, no hate for the color?
  138. "Nope."
  140. Sugo doesn't give you one of his characteristically long answers for the first time... really ever. The chatty centaur actually seems to calm a bit, both palms pressing to that flat chest of his. Both droopy ears give little nervous flits, the blonde leaning down to peck a kiss on your cheek.
  142. "Thank you, Calice. You didn't have to help me back in the Forest or now. At this rate, I'll end up so indebted to you I'd have to marry you or be some concubine!"
  144. Talking about what you're owed is fine and dandy but you've got other things in mind; after all, you came to visit him so maybe the two of you can talk or have a more sexy kind of fun?
  146. "Oh! Sure!" It takes only a moment for him to make his way around to the front and over the counter, spinning on the spot and assuming his every day mantled position to beam that smiling greeting your way.
  148. "So! What can I do for you, my hero?"
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