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  1. HyperToday at 12:55 AM
  2. so? he shit-talked him for good reasons, Hitler was too focused on biological and scientific in some cases
  5. Forest WizardToday at 12:55 AM
  9. HyperToday at 12:58 AM
  10. Its like he made a mistake for not having better relationship with slavs for example
  13. Forest WizardToday at 12:58 AM
  14. Oh no
  15. Slavs are seething.
  16. He also made a mistake to not make Lebanon the superpower.
  17. Right?
  19. HyperToday at 12:59 AM
  20. no im not saying it from that perspective
  21. HyperToday at 12:59 AM
  22. im talking from war-winning perspective
  25. Forest WizardToday at 12:59 AM
  26. Hitler would've never won the war.
  27. And he knew that.
  29. Forest WizardToday at 1:00 AM
  30. So it's not mistake. Every decision Hitler made came from Truth and therefore cannot be critisized.
  32. Forest WizardToday at 1:00 AM
  33. Hitler was more Metaphysical than Evola, who is he to critisize?
  34. "so? he shit-talked him for good reasons, Hitler was too focused on biological and scientific in some cases"
  36. What's his 'good reason'? Hitler was more focused on God and absolute Truth than Evola could ever hope to be. So how can an inferior man critisize a man beyond good and evil?
  38. Forest WizardToday at 1:08 AM
  39. Hitler was not just ruling though. He was divine. He had all the knowledge in him that Evola and Serrano searched for the entire lives. He was born with it.
  40. So why would a student of Truth critisize a BEING of Truth?
  41. Why would that be ok?
  42. or 'good'
  45. HyperToday at 1:12 AM
  46. >He had all the knowledge in him that Evola and Serrano searched for the entire lives. He was born with it.
  48. And yet we have to use Serrano and Evola and whole Trad school in order to broaden NS cuz on its own it is focused on biological more than on spiritual. Open MK and find me stuff Evola and Serrano wrote about.
  51. Forest WizardToday at 1:13 AM
  52. WE have to. Not Hitler.
  54. Forest WizardToday at 1:13 AM
  55. WE have to use Serrano and Evola and I'm grateful for their works.
  57. Forest WizardToday at 1:15 AM
  58. There are no good reasons to critisize Hitler. If you could find me one, I'd appreciate it. @Hyper
  61. HyperToday at 1:17 AM
  62. 90% of "IM NS" comes from Evola and Trads.
  63. The shit we discuss in here would've been shunned by Hitler, like it was with him thinking Himmler's projects and views were silly, and if WW was esoteric group we would've been banned.
  64. Sure, I will dig up stuff and make a longer post tomorrow.
  65. Like his quote about not wanting SS to make a saint of him after he dies.
  66. We went way above saint and made him avatar instead.
  67. If we follow what you said, that he was born with all the knowledge and was never wrong, then wtf are we doing here? We are going directly against him.
  69. Forest WizardToday at 1:21 AM
  70. >90% of "IM NS" comes from Evola and Trads.
  71. Yes, that is US. I'm not evaluating the works of Evola, in fact I agree with you in its necessity for US. I'm referring to what you said about 'good reasons' to critisize Hitler. If Evola was a student of Truth, he can be wrong at times, such as when he critisized Hitler.
  73. if WW was esoteric group we would've been banned
  74. We would've been banned because the SS was THE esoteric group of the time. Any other would've ended up with justifications to critisize the Fuhrer, obviously.
  75. How are we going against him?
  76. Maybe if we're going against him, we're doing something wrong.
  78. HyperToday at 1:33 AM
  79. Its just weird that Divine figure with all the knowledge didnt reveal that much to us since we have to use mere mortals to actually create some kind of spiritual doctrine.
  80. Yeah the SS was that and yet Hitler wasn't big fan of theirs and Himmler's endeavours. Idk but I would expect Divine figure who was aware of his divinity to actively puruse and approve of things SS was doing.
  81. >What nonsense! Here we have at last reached an age that has left all mysticism behind it, and now [Himmler] wants to start that all over again. We might just as well have stayed with the church. At least it had tradition. To think that I may, some day, be turned into an SS saint! Can you imagine it? I would turn over in my grave ...
  84. HyperToday at 1:34 AM
  85. If NS given by Hitler was enough we wouldnt have ppl becoming Vaishnavas, Gnostics, Alchemists and so on.
  88. Forest WizardToday at 1:37 AM
  89. Because Hitler was paving the way for it. I'm not saying that Hitler had the knowledge to TEACH. He had the knowledge of ACTION. Everything he did, his entire struggle, stemmed from that Truth within him, his being. Which is why you can be NS, and follow the "worldview of truth" without having to read Serrano, or Evola. You just ARE NS. He is a guiding light in that eternal struggle, regardless of all 'metaphysical reasons' why. He just IS.
  90. However, some men are more predisposed to metaphysics and the nature of Truth, on a higher spiritual and intellectual level, call them Brahmin, whatever. But in general NS, it is not necessary.
  92. Now comes EH. EH is that metaphysical understanding of Hitler's struggle. It's not called Esoteric Traditionalism. It's called Esoteric HITLERISM. Because Hitler himself IS the Myth that we have to study.
  95. Unless you've changed what this server is about. Here are the rules.
  97. 1. No disrespecting AH or saying he did anything wrong.
  98. 2. If you haven't read Mein Kampf you can't join. (Not Serrano or Evola)
  99. 4. before posting something, think to yourself: "Would Hitler be ok with me posting this?".
  101. "I consider a lot of you friends and brothers and we should all strive to become better National Socialists and help each other "shape the sword that he will need when he comes."
  102. So let's make Führer and all other champions of our Struggle proud!  HEIL HITLER!"
  104. Forest WizardToday at 1:38 AM
  105. It's about him being the Myth, and the embodiment of Truth for that very purpose... to lay the path for the man to come.
  108. HyperToday at 1:41 AM
  109. >Because Hitler himself IS the Myth that we have to study.
  110. ye and I studied him and saw a lot of scientism and not a lot of spiritual doctrine
  111. will make post about it tomorrow
  112. >I'm not saying that Hitler had the knowledge to TEACH. He had the knowledge of ACTION.
  113. this makes no sense tbh
  114. especially how smart and great speaker he was
  115. he couldve put spiritual doctrines in place easily, hell just like 10 speeches to SS wouldve been enough if he posseses all that KNAWLEDGE
  118. HyperToday at 1:45 AM
  119. i can bet my sweet ass that if you went back in time and started talking to Hitler about A-Mor, Demiurge and Tantra he wouldve slapped you and sent you to conc. camp for trying to subvert NS with mysticism
  121. HyperToday at 1:48 AM
  122. if NS is enough why niggas go full Hindu and just slap Hitler on their religion as just minor avatar and call it a day
  123. 99.999% of that doctrine = Hindu
  124. rest just having Hitler hang around as minor avatar
  128. Forest WizardToday at 1:48 AM
  129. NS is the application of Truth onto yourself and the world.
  130. NS is enough.
  131. You are convoluting shit for no reason.
  136. HyperToday at 1:48 AM
  137. and yet here we are
  139. Forest WizardToday at 1:48 AM
  140. NS had a simple definition on IM
  142. HyperToday at 1:49 AM
  143. talking about vrilcrafts and poo gods
  146. HyperToday at 1:53 AM
  147. my argument is that NS Hitler gave us obv wasnt enough, otherwise we wouldnt have WW with all its flavors of religions, ppl wouldnt become Vaishnavas and Gnostics if NS was enough to satisfy their spiritual cravings
  148. So I dont see Hitler as being divine in the same sense Steel sees him, as this divine being with all the knowledge. Especially since quotes like the one about SS turning him into saint go against what we are doing. Why would DIVINE being be against that lol.
  149. Divine being: Dont make me Divine
  152. Autumn AlbaToday at 1:55 AM
  153. I'm skeptical as to that quote in general, and I mean given that he's changed his mind before about a number of things (the slavic question, the jewish question etc). But even ignoring that, it could something as simple as that wasn't his role to assume at that time, perhaps one realized only in the aftermath and heroic conflagration that was the end of his reign.
  156. HyperToday at 1:57 AM
  157. @Autumn Alba Sure but Steel's view is much greater than that since he sees him as possesing all the knowledge as i undesrstand so why would being like that change minds?
  160. Forest WizardToday at 1:57 AM
  161. I didn't say he had ALL the KNOWLEDGE and PERRRFECT
  163. I said "Hitler was not just ruling though. He was divine. He had all the knowledge in him that Evola and Serrano searched for the entire lives. He was born with it."
  166. Autumn AlbaToday at 2:00 AM
  167. I view him as a sort of lightning rod to the cosmic who brought forth an avalanche that carried all the knowledge we rediscover now in it's wake, back to us
  171. Forest WizardToday at 2:04 AM
  172. Regardless of what your beliefs are. The quote that got me sperging was this.
  173. "so? he shit-talked him for good reasons, Hitler was too focused on biological and scientific in some cases"
  175. It's such a materialistic take on the Man.
  179. HyperToday at 2:04 AM
  180. >Hitler was not just ruling though. He was divine. He had all the knowledge in him that Evola and Serrano searched for the entire lives. He was born with it."
  181. Why didnt he share all that knowledge with us but instead decided to let us go through Evola, Serrano and 10 different traditions and cherry-pick what we like, differently from person to person.
  182. Kinda weird if he was Divine being giving the world new relevation.
  185. Forest WizardToday at 2:04 AM
  186. HE DID SHARE IT. Serrano STUDIED HIM. And THROUGH HIM we got the knowledge.
  189. HyperToday at 2:05 AM
  193. Forest WizardToday at 2:05 AM
  194. Yes he did.
  195. Dumbass
  198. HyperToday at 2:06 AM
  199. where did hitler reveal el/ella and tantric sex through his actions
  202. Kjarvalur (Culchie Mór)Today at 2:06 AM
  203. So what about the quote where he told his friend at 16 about his life exploits and what will happen to Germany? Him believing he was a reincarnated aryan warrior? Him promoting spiritual pagans in high positions? The coming man? Jungs corrosion to him and Wotan? Him possessing Heilge? There's too much information to disseminate that he was too scientific, in contrast he believed in a spiritual dimension by the way he acted; and going from selected quotes from the most lied about man in history is strange. For what other reason did he chose the Swastika? @Hyper
  207. BáleygrToday at 2:06 AM
  208. Hitler was favoured by the heavens and received this inspiration from above, he himself however was a man
  212. Forest WizardToday at 2:06 AM
  213. Hitler revealed NS. He is the pure manifestation of NS, which is Truth manifested on earth.
  215. Forest WizardToday at 2:06 AM
  216. Hitler didn't come for your SEX VRIL CRAFTS
  217. He came for TOTAL ARYAN VICTORY
  218. you intellectual sperg
  220. Forest WizardToday at 2:07 AM
  221. We can live without the VRILCRAFT TANTRA but we cannot live without our BLOOD
  224. ⚡Dharma Sieg ☀Today at 2:07 AM
  225. I don't get what's the problem with seeing Hitler as a hero empowered by the divine for his mission.  It doesn't make him any less important than if he was actually God.
  229. Forest WizardToday at 2:07 AM
  230. Not everybody is meant to know about Tantra and Metaphysics.
  231. Because this nigga is critisizing Hitler for being too focused on the biological...
  233. super villain Hate & BlaKKK MaSSToday at 2:08 AM
  234. God or no god ordinarily men do not accomplish what Hitler did. It's not humanly possible, yet he did. This can only be understood in a mystical way
  238. HyperToday at 2:08 AM
  239. @Kjarvalur (Culchie Mór) none of that contradics my view that he wasnt divine being with supreme esoteric knowledge Evola and Serrano could only dream of but chose not to reveal it to us for some reason.
  241. Forest WizardToday at 2:09 AM
  242. He did reveal it to us. Here we are pursuing it, because of HIM.
  246. Forest WizardToday at 2:09 AM
  247. You got into all of this BECAUSE of Hitler and NS. Now you discard it as just being a stepping stone to achieve Astral projecting, and Hitler can now be critisized.
  249. Autumn AlbaToday at 2:09 AM
  250. >what did X say about Y
  251. look this is an easy way to frame a question to get alot of information but the moment you start considering this absolute simply because X recorded and not because of the self-evident truth within the statement indepedent of it's source and how it accords with what is already known to be true.  Hitler was divinely empowered to do what he did and we all have the understanding we do now because of that and hairsplitting over minor conflicts in terminology (was he a god or an avatar) or what the truth breadth of his knowlede was (did he have a perfect, serranoist understanding of metaphysics or did he not/was it even nessecary that he did?) is retard Abrahamic.
  254. HyperToday at 2:10 AM
  255. we are pursing it because Crablord Evolanized NS
  257. Forest WizardToday at 2:10 AM
  258. Esoteric Slavrosism
  260. super villain Hate & BlaKKK MaSSToday at 2:10 AM
  261. Speak for yourself
  263. HyperToday at 2:10 AM
  264. otherwise we would be stuck at /pol/ tier NS
  266. Forest WizardToday at 2:10 AM
  267. What?
  268. Maybe YOU
  270. SkateToday at 2:10 AM
  271. Love is a chakra you fill, and then detachment is another chakra you fill and part of that is getting rid of love
  273. super villain Hate & BlaKKK MaSSToday at 2:11 AM
  274. I did not enter through the IM door
  276. Forest WizardToday at 2:11 AM
  277. Slavros was empowered by Hitler.
  279. BáleygrToday at 2:11 AM
  280. @Forest Wizard none of what we say is backtracking
  282. Pesto botToday at 2:11 AM
  283. Shootout to Alba's comment :point_up:
  285. Autumn AlbaToday at 2:11 AM
  286. No this knowledge would have forced it's way into existence through one channel or another, if not us, then someone else. We can take credit and pride in the privilege of being on the ground to watch that happen, but to take it as granted that this only happened because of you is the height of ego
  288. ChnoubisToday at 2:11 AM
  289. April 30th, 1945, 15 hours, 15 minutes in the afternoon. Shells and shrapnel rain down
  290. ceaselessly on Berlin and raging firestorms give the impression of an hallucinating drama. The
  291. Götterdämerung, Twilight of the Gods. Within the Bunker, Adolf Hitler calls for the Chief-
  292. assistant of his personal service, SS Official Sturmbannführer Heinz Linge, and tells him he must
  293. leave the scene.
  294. Then Linge asks him:
  295. “For whom must we fight now, Mein Führer?”
  296. And Adolf Hitler replies:
  298. From Heinz Lange's book, Bis zum Untergang,
  299. (Towards the Collapse)
  301. BáleygrToday at 2:12 AM
  302. Hitler is more like Jesus in a sense
  304. SkateToday at 2:13 AM
  305. If you truly believe it is perennial knowledge, then it will show up with or without evola or hitler tbh
  306. it all comes and goes
  308. Forest WizardToday at 2:13 AM
  309. But Hitler is the Myth that revived Truth.
  310. Or that Truth used
  311. to bring about a Fascist rennaisance.
  313. IronCeltToday at 2:21 AM
  314. >If Hitler was divine and possessed all the knowledge why do we have to work to acquire it?
  316. This sounds like immense bourgeoisie bullshit. Nothing worth having is free, especially esoteric fucking knowledge.
  319. Wehrwolf-JugendToday at 5:23 AM
  320. I see Hitlerite tantra as simply the inner resistance to giving in to sexual desires thus focusing all your power on fulfilling your Will/mission/goal, forces Serrano call Vril or Odal powers. These powers can be made stronger with the help of a woman during tantric love & sex as expounded by Serrano.
  322. “For Serrano, Hitler has to be described in hermetic language to be understood. He had a mysterious power that caused terror in Goebbels: “At times, I think the Fuhrer is not human”. Since birth, Hitler was predestined, committed to his mission. He sublimated his sexual drive into a love for Germany. He was the Hyperborean Archetype, chosen to reinforce the Memory of the Blood – the Eternal Return of the Archetype”
  324. Also we don’t worship him, he is the Führer and his title as leader still remains after his death, I don’t think he would be rolling in his grave at loyal young Hitlerians carrying on his mission.
  326. “I do not believe that the Churches will continue to exist in their present form. In the future religion will be called National Socialism. Its prophet, its pope, its Jesus Christ, will be called Adolf Hitler.”
  327. Alois Spaniol
  329. “Each of us should remind himself daily that the power of his body, soul and mind belong to the Führer, to the Movement and thus to the Nation. May each of us endure the good days as bravely as the bad days.”
  330. -Himmler
  332. Thus Hitler as Avatar is the reincarnation of Wotan and Kristos. Therefore He never wanted to allow the establishment of an exterior public cult to Wotan in Germany, and moreover he forbade it. Because Wotan is not outside somewhere else, but in He. And, as Führer of Germany and the Aryan Race he was conditioned to project this Divinity to his people, in reciprocity, such that Germany was also Wotan. -Miguel Serrano
  335. Vykhukhol (Krishna-karma-Unit)Today at 5:47 AM
  336. @Hyper Hitler being an avatar doesn't mean he will give us esoteric teachings, rather they usually spring up around the initial actions and teachings of that avatar, exactly like you have in Hitlers case.
  338. For most avatars, and especially ones like him, they are here to enact specific pastimes or to achieve very specific missions. In his case, he was the temporal leader of a very large nation, not a priest, so why would he give us deep spiritual knowledge just like that? He was more than busy enough as he was. Maybe if he had won the war he could have retired and done that if it was his calling but it doesn't matter either way. Nor does him saying not to worship him change anything. During his time he was hailed as saviour of Germany and he didn't oppose that.
  340. His constant calls to Providence and deep faith in the divine is enough to say he himself had spiritual knowledge, not to mention the events around his adolescence and so on as retold from his friends. Having it and teaching it are different, and it wasn't his place nor time for that.
  343. Vykhukhol (Krishna-karma-Unit)Today at 6:28 AM
  344. "In August Kubizek’s biography of him as a young man, there is a passage too significant for me not to quote it nearly in extenso. It is the description of a walk to the Freienberg (a hill over-looking Linz) in the middle of the night, just after the future Fuehrer and his friend had attended together, at the opera, a performance of Richard Wagner’s Rienzi. “We were alone,” writes Kubizek. “The town had sunk below us into the fog. As though he were moved by an invisible force, Adolf Hitler climbed to the top of the Freienberg. I now realized that we no longer stood in solitude and darkness, for above us shone the stars.”
  346. “Adolf stood before me. He took both my hands in his and held them tight — a gesture that he had never yet made. I could feel from the pressure of his hands how moved he was. His eyes sparkled feverishly. The words did not pour from his lips with their usual easiness, but burst forth harsh and passionate. I noticed by his voice even more than by the way in which he held my hands how the episode he had lived (the performance of Rienzi) had shattered him to the depths.
  348. “Gradually, he began to speak more freely. The words came with more speed. Never before and also never since have I heard Adolf Hitler speak like he did then, as we stood alone under the stars as though we had been the only two creatures on earth.
  349. “It is impossible for me to repeat the words my friend uttered in that hour. “Something quite remarkable, which I had not noticed before, even when he spoke to me with vehemence, struck me at that moment: it was as though another self spoke through him; another self, from the presence of which he was as moved as I was. In no way could one have said of him (as it sometimes happens, in the case of brilliant speakers) that he was intoxicated with his own words. On the contrary! I had the feeling that he experienced with amazement, I would say, that he was himself possessed by that which burst out of him with elemental power. I do not allow myself a comment on that observation. But it was a state of ecstasy, a state of complete trance, in which, without mentioning it or the instance involved in it, he projected his experience of the Rienzi performance into a glorious vision upon another plane, congenial to himself. More so: the impression he had received from that performance was merely the external Impulse that had prompted him to speak. Like a flood breaks through a dam which has burst, so rushed the words from his mouth. In sublime, irresistible images, he unfolded before me his own future and that of our people.
  351. “Till then I had been convinced that my friend wanted to become an artist, a painter, or an architect. In that hour there was no question of such a thing. He was concerned with something higher, which I could not yet understand ... He now spoke of a mission that he was one day to receive from our people, in order to guide them out of slavery, to the heights of freedom ... Many years were to pass before I could realize what that starry hour, separated from all earthly things, had meant to my friend.”
  352. ~ Savitri Devi's The Lightning and the Sun
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