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  1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
  2. Stranger: Hey babe
  3. Stranger: Asl?
  4. You: hey honey
  5. You: nope no asl for you :))
  6. Stranger: Why I just want to know m or f
  7. Stranger: Imma f
  8. You: because people always disconnect and shit
  9. You: i'm an m.
  10. Stranger: I'm f I'm bi sexual andmy pussy is really wet
  11. You: .................
  12. You: fucking get off omegle.
  13. Stranger: See
  14. Stranger: Ur to young
  15. Stranger: Sorry asshole
  16. You: nope.
  17. You: fuck off will ya.
  18. You: stop clogging up omegle.
  19. Stranger: Nope bot endless u fuck me
  20. You: wut?
  21. Stranger: Fuck me I love you
  22. You: you can't even talk correct english..
  23. You: lol.
  24. You: look
  25. You: get a job
  26. You: stop being on internet all the fucking time
  27. Stranger: I don't speak English I'm Italian ass
  28. You: stop whoring yourself out
  30. You: what is so hard?
  31. Stranger: Stope being suck a jackass cause guess what I'm fine I am married and have 2 kids
  32. You: LOL.
  33. You: jesus
  34. You: people like you should die.
  35. Stranger: Are you sure u shouldn't why don't u go outside
  36. You: what would you think if your kids knows about that you've been on omegle whoring yourself out?
  37. Stranger: My kids are happy my husband knows he does the same ass
  38. You: wow
  39. You: i can't imagine that my parents would do the same.
  40. You: you're not a good role model to your kids.
  41. Stranger: I was raised by fucking drunks and now there dead anything else
  42. You: so, do you wanna be the same rolemodel to your kids?
  43. Stranger: I'm not a drunk
  44. Stranger: Thank you
  45. You: but you still whore yourself out on the internet. what if you see your own kids do the same?
  46. You: would you be proud? i don't think so.
  47. Stranger: So take your little fat ass and get ourself a fukin life an go to hell you fucking faget
  48. You: i've got my own life, thank you. it's astounding.
  49. Stranger: Go tO hell
  50. Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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