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Jul 15th, 2015
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  1. ---How to Encrypt Files---
  3. Hello! I understand a lot of people do not yet currently understand how to
  4. Encrypt Mib files, so I created this quick guide to help. It is a very simple process,
  5. and nobody should be left out of creating fun! You will first need to install all of
  6. the programs on: and will
  7. need to download the pre-decrypted files provided by APM at
  9. 1. Go to the mhef Folder.
  10. 2. Enter to the 'Examples' folder.
  11. 3. Enter the 'n3ds' folder.
  12. 4. In here you will see, which is what we will be using.
  13. 5. Right click + Shift at once on the folder, and click 'Open Command Window Here'
  14. 6. Enter this command into the command window: python e m(file # you will be using).mib Em(same file # as before).mib
  15. 7. A new file will be created in the folder, which will be called Em(file # you just used).mib
  16. 8. The original unencrypted file will be kept, so you can use it in case you need to make further edits.
  17. 9. Remove the 'E' from the mib file you just created, and Hazzah! Now you have an encrypted file!
  21. ---How to Upload Files you have already encrypted---
  23. The next step in playing your Custom Quest is actually downloading the file,
  24. which I will discuss here.
  26. 1. First, you need to upload your mib file you just created on puush.
  27. 2. Assuming you downloaded it from the link provided earlier, be sure that puush is on
  28. and right click it's icon at the bottom right of your screen, at the task
  29. bar. It will be a small arrow.
  30. 3. Click 'Upload a file' and select your encrypted mib file.
  31. 4. Puush will now upload your file and copy the link for you.
  32. 5. Turn on SKFU proxy, which should have been downloaded with the link provided earlier.
  33. 6. Click the https rules tab.
  34. 7. In the target box, paste the link puush just copied for you.
  35. 8. In the Source tab, enter this: # you are using).mib
  36. 9. If you are from Europe, replace 'us' in that with 'eu'.
  37. 10. Now, before you click Start on the bottom right, make sure your 3ds is set for
  38. SKFUproxy's settings. If you did not do this, continue on with the guide, if
  39. you already did, then skip to step #22.
  40. 11. On the bottom left of SKFUproxy, you will see a Proxy IP and a Proxy Port.
  41. 12. Turn on your N3DS XL/3DS/2DS, and click System Settings
  42. 13. Click Internet settings.
  43. 14. Click Connection Settings.
  44. 15. Click your current connection.
  45. 16. Click change settings.
  46. 17. Click the arrow on the right.
  47. 18. Click Proxy Settings.
  48. 19. Click Yes, and then click 'Detailed Setup'.
  49. 20. Enter the Proxy IP on SKFUproxy into the 'Proxy Server' tab, and the 'Proxy Port'
  50. into the Port 'Port' tab.
  51. 21. Click ok, then click save. When asked to perform a connection test, click 'No'.
  52. 22. Click start on SKFUproxy. If you want to double check, you can go back and have
  53. it ask if you want to perform a connection test again while the proxy is on.
  54. 23. Now, go to the DLC section in MH4u.
  55. 24. Go to event quests, and check the file you edited. It may look the same as before and
  56. say it has already been downloaded, but check it regardless and then download it again.
  57. 25. After that is downloaded, enter the game and find where you put your quest.
  58. 26. Start it up, and enjoy!
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