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  1. Fuzznip set a ban on boy_Genny!*@*.
  2. Fuzznip: darkie
  3. Fuzznip: Vader
  4. Vader: ?
  5. Vader: hello that is me
  6. Fuzznip: Can you unban me from #C&C if you can?
  7. Vader: i cant atm because im on ipod x:
  8. Vader: i can tomorrow
  9. Vader: colloquy on ipod doesnt have unban function
  10. Fuzznip: K, np
  11. cyzir_visheen! joined the room.
  12. cyzir_visheen was promoted to half-operator by ChanServ.
  13. Bobtheball4: heh
  14. Bobtheball4: gen ban you from there?
  15. Fuzznip: Yes he did
  16. Bobtheball4: lol
  17. Fuzznip: And I am extremely, extremely frustrated with him.
  18. Bobtheball4: do you wanna do me a really really  big favor
  19. Rising_Dusk: To be fair.
  20. Rising_Dusk: Banning him from here doesn't help your case.
  21. Fuzznip: I've banned him here not only for the reason of him continuously banning me on C&C
  22. Fuzznip: He needs to grow up and learn to respect me.
  23. Vader: the whole feud is silly, js
  24. ....
  25. Fuzznip: shit
  26. cyzir_visheen! left the room. (NickServ (GHOST command used by cyzir_ghostin))
  27. Fuzznip: I have no idea what's up with Gen
  28. cyzir_ghostin! joined the room.
  29. cyzir_ghostin was promoted to half-operator by ChanServ.
  30. Fuzznip: I have done nothing to him
  31. Fuzznip: If this is how he wants it, so be it.
  32. Fuzznip: I'm ready
  33. Bobtheball4: fuzz, are you experienced
  34. .....
  35. Vader: SS stall in LC
  36. Vader: how do you do italics on irc?
  37. Vader: sorry if it is inappropriate lol but
  38. Vader: that is cool and i wanna do it
  39. Bobtheball4: doe this work
  40. Bobtheball4: does*
  41. Bobtheball4: hmm
  42. Bobtheball4: i clicked italics
  43. Fuzznip: Somewhat Bob. Do command + I Vader
  44. Vader: o ok i'll try that on pc with mirc
  45. Bobtheball4: hmm, i went to /font and clicked italics
  46. Bobtheball4: but its not working
  47. Rising_Dusk: I still think you shouldn't ban him.
  48. Rising_Dusk: Or else this is a game.
  49. Rising_Dusk: And you have no argument against him.
  50. Rising_Dusk: Let him do all the work.
  51. Bobtheball4: fuzz, ill ask you later as now doesnt seem like the right time
  52. Fuzznip: I'm not giving in to him
  53. Fuzznip: "Oh Gen banned me from #C&C... maybe I should unban him from #cap.";
  54. Rising_Dusk: Rather, this would be different if you weren't rash and hadn't banned him in the first place.
  55. cyzir_ghostin! left the room. (Ping timeout)
  56. Fuzznip: He deserves a ban/
  57. Forte: I am used to this game Fuzznip
  58. Rising_Dusk: "Oh, Gen banned me from C&C, we'll see what ete thinks of that when he gets back."
  59. Rising_Dusk: For what?
  60. Rising_Dusk: He hasn't done anything in this channel meriting a ban.
  61. Forte: fm banned me from #fluodome 1.5 years ago
  62. Fuzznip: For what?
  63. Forte: After banning him fron the CAP Serv
  64. Rising_Dusk: Shit, locopoke deserves a ban in here more.
  65. Frizy`: Locopoke always deserves the ban more >.>
  66. Rising_Dusk: You must always ban people based on their activity where they're being banned.
  67. Rising_Dusk: Not because they are a dick elsewhere.
  68. Vader: ~*drama*~
  69. Fuzznip: Gen always hates on me in this channel
  70. Fuzznip: And then goes ahead and hates on me in every channel
  71. Fuzznip: And then makes me look like a douche  
  72. Rising_Dusk: I can see this working.
  73. Fuzznip: And then goes ahead and removes my hops in C&C
  74. Forte: Can't you just add him on ignore?
  75. Fuzznip: Oh wait, and now he bans me.
  76. Forte: I mean that wont stop the bans
  77. Rising_Dusk: So you act the same douchebag and do it right back at him!
  78. Forte: But you wont have to see <boyGenny> User Fuzznip fails at X
  79. Rising_Dusk: And prove all of his "Fuzznip is a douchebag" comments as true!
  80. Rising_Dusk: Good job!
  81. Rising_Dusk: You showed him!
  82. Rising_Dusk: This will fix everythin!
  83. Fuzznip: What do you expect me to do?
  84. Fuzznip: Take all of his shit?
  85. Rising_Dusk: No, go through the proper modes to remove him from power for him abusing it.
  86. Vader: honestly, i dont think this is a convo to be had in public
  87. Vader: x;
  88. Rising_Dusk: Probably.
  89. Rising_Dusk: But it's nothing that needs be hidden.
  90. Thorns! joined the room.
  91. Vader: i can understand feeling h
  92. ....
  93. Vader: but i think it is best to keep staff disputes confidential
  94. Vader: i have yelled at gen for the same thing
  95. Fuzznip: I'm not "hurt"
  96. Vader: and eric/sds for that matter
  97. Fuzznip: I'm pissed off
  98. Vader: i'd be hurt /:
  99. Vader: like even if it was some total stranger
  100. Fuzznip: Of course Gen says some hateful comments
  101. Vader: well, either way, this IS your channel so you can do as you please
  102. Fuzznip: 19:46 kd24: so basically  
  103. Fuzznip: 19:47 kd24: this cap is doomed =[  
  104. Fuzznip: 19:47 *** reachkempo quit (Ping timeout)  
  105. Fuzznip: 19:47 Porygon: well we have a shitty TL  
  106. Fuzznip: 19:47 Porygon: and a shitty new mod  
  107. Fuzznip: Who wouldn't be hurt by that?
  108. cyzir_ghostin! joined the room.
  109. cyzir_ghostin was promoted to half-operator by ChanServ.
  110. Fuzznip: I just can't stand this guy anymore
  111. Rising_Dusk: To be fair.
  112. Fuzznip: 9.9
  113. Rising_Dusk: I would've banned him for that.
  114. Rising_Dusk: For like 10m.
  115. Vader: porygon is a bot
  116. Fuzznip: I wasn't on when that happened.
  117. Vader: and this was in #littlecup
  118. Rising_Dusk: Oh.
  119. Rising_Dusk: Context helps.
  120. Fuzznip: He does this everywhere
  121. Fuzznip: I can assure you he shits on me with other users in every channel he visits
  122. Fuzznip: Oh look he starts it again. See: #C&C
  123. Fuzznip: Watch him not even answer you.
  124. Fuzznip: >_>
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