Child sex avatars in Second Life from 4chan

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  1. Child sex avatars in Second Life from 4chan are a thrifty business deal for Linden Labs.
  3. THIS is what is all about - stalking, harassing, attempting to destroy others randomly (digital terrorism; hacking, ruining other people's experiences and platforms for sharing) and they go after anyone at any time 'for the lulz', and many are long term (multi-year) stalkers of such places as Second Life.
  5. On their own website archive they admit to creating child avatars for child sex acts and stalking others on Second Life, whether innocent or guilty.
  7. In this example, they ask about the child porn (age play) group "LCDN" (now under another name) in Second Life and then 'debate' the matter at hand.  The log into Second Life and they attack someone exposing the hypocrisy of such places until a few of them realize what's actually going on, but is there attacking and abusing everyone present just the same, doing the very thing they say they are 'against', which is how they operate, playing both sides, acting like double agents every time.  This is the 'honour' of the birthplace of 'Anonymous'.
  9. Note the part where they are first concerned about getting caught as they 'troll SL' (using age play as their weapon), then later attack Tiernan McLaglen, a 10 year long veteran of SL who's exposed many levels of abuse and blatant human nature, for exposing the hypocrisy of everything that's taking place. hackers first thought Tiernan was a light-weight as they went after him for standing strong about the double standards for furry avatar forms compared to human ones, then they realize what he's doing and silently (privately in IM) give him a 'nod' and leave him be to continue to expose the whole system that Linden Labs fails to manage effectively (Why not speak up or work together?  Because Tiernan is also exposing 4chan's blatant hypocrisy on every server they have access to, and that's why they continue to attack him after 10 years there under the same name and form).  What's most surprising to the new reader on this subject is the following: hackers then they ask how they can become a 'little girl avatar' in Second Life so they can get off on such sexual activities themselves IN THE SAME THREAD moments later!  The reply is stunning: "Now is not a good time to ask that", and there's your Freudian nature regarding humanity, right there.  They doth protest too much as they are out there doing the very thing they claim they are 'against' - This is where many of these 'child avatars' come from in Second Life, from  Now you know, and now you'll see the proof from their own forum archives.
  11. Ask yourself why this pattern has lasted over 10 years, unchanged, and never stops repeating in cycles as each SIM closes, places that get shut down or simply change their name and location constantly, and how Linden Labs benefits from such activity.  Well, these fake child avatars, whether they are from attackers or not, cost money to set up, and someone has to keep building them for purchase in the first place, and there's the key point for "LL" and certain 'stores' and their builders and users - MONEY.  That's how Linden Labs makes their living, at least in one clear blatant regard.  What was that about finger pointing, Freud?  yup, seems to be true... those who protest the most are typically doing the very thing they publicly claim they are 'against'!  Tiernan McLaglen of Second Life is right - this is indeed true human nature... although never permitted to be discussed openly... except of course his legal contact which he claims he's worked with in court before, Dr Charles Moser of San Fransisco who is very open about such a discussion and has even written psychology studies on this and other related matters professionally.  Interesting... that's the same physical location as Linden Labs isn't it?  I'm sure that's just a coincidence by proxy though.
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  17. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)10:45 UTC+1 No.65831035
  19. Anyone know anything about the LCDN?
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  21. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)10:48 UTC+1 No.65831160
  23. >>65831035
  26. Second Life pedophile ring "LCDN" and Nakimushi Resident.
  27. "Remember to practice safe sex as a little avatar. Never ageplay with strangers no matter how safe they SAY they are."
  29. literally first google result, motherfucking kill yourself.
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  31. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)10:52 UTC+1 No.65831331
  33. >>65831160
  34. i have already read that, and it's bullshit. thanks for acting like a retard though.
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  36. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)10:54 UTC+1 No.65831467
  38. >>65831331
  40. >i'm a retard
  41. >you actually care about pixel child fuckers   
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  43. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:00 UTC+1 No.65831769
  45. >>65831160
  47. [19:02] Tiernan McLaglen: Excuse me?
  48. [19:03] Tiernan McLaglen: If human males don't have to cover up, neither do any furries, otherwise that's descrimination. :>
  49. [19:03] Tiernan McLaglen: I see three males right out here.
  50. [19:03] ThunderBolt Kanto: but your a reptile
  51. [19:03] Tiernan McLaglen: Sounds a bit racist and anti-furry, don't ya think Thunder?
  53. AH
  54. HA
  55. HA
  56. HA
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  60. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:04 UTC+1 No.65831963
  61. File: wtf.jpg-(98x125)
  62. >>65831160Holy shit this...
  64. >>65831160
  65. Holy shit this guy's profile.
  67. secondlife:///app/agent/41b5cdce-fa9c-46ca-9357-c05941abc5f9/about
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  69. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:08 UTC+1 No.65832129
  71. >>65831963
  72. The "Hey 4chan" section is priceless. It's like a guide to how to cling to outdated information and persecution complexes all in one.
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  74. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:08 UTC+1 No.65832136
  76. >>65831963
  77. reminder that that's the guy that wrote that schizophrenic pastebin about LCDN. thanks again to anon linking it as if it answered my question.
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  79. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:13 UTC+1 No.65832360
  81. >>65831331
  82. That thing is definitely wackadoo time, but the gist of it is essentially right. It's a mutual protection ring for ageplayers.
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  84. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:16 UTC+1 No.65832504
  86. >>65832360
  87. except they actively report ageplayers and try to punish sims that don't follow their rules. Giggles recently stopped being in their network.
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  89. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:19 UTC+1 No.65832647
  91. >>65832504
  92. Noooooo, the people they call "unsafe" are people who would report them. Giggles dropped it because 1) they were bamboozled by the doubletalk and 2) this LCDN attacked another club that had some people who were vocal against ageplay.
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  94. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:22 UTC+1 No.65832769
  96. >>65832647
  97. oh wow, that's crazy. second life is fucked up.
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  99. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:33 UTC+1 No.65833276
  101. so how does one go about making a loli?
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  103. Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)11:37 UTC+1 No.65833446
  105. >>65833276
  106. This... is not a good time to ask that.
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