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  1. Harry the Clown, as he called himself, was attending the party in a clown costume. Originally he was going to dress up as the scary clown IT but he couldn’t seem to find a costume that wasn’t going to cost him a pretty penny.
  3. Instead he opted for a cheap clown costume from Target, it’d do the job just fine. With the addition of a rainbow afro, his face covered in white paint, and a bright red nose, his costume was complete.
  5. Harry was trying to woo the attention of a woman dressed up in gladiator armor but was having no such luck. That would change as soon as the party host finished her speech, not that he was listening anyways.
  7. The rainbow afro attached itself to his head, becoming his actual hair. It then began to straighten and lengthen till it reached past his shoulders, then being pulled into two pigtails. His face softened to a more feminine look. The fake red nose seemed to fuse with his face, becoming his real nose as blue eyeshadow appeared above his eyes.
  9. He had an almost permanent smile as big ample breasts pushed out of his changing clothes. The costume shifted to a tighter fit, becoming a pair of colorful overalls with a low cut shirt underneath, with the tightness showing a now flat crotch. Her ass expanded till it was a cute heart shape as the rest of the changes finished up.
  11. Holly the Horny Clown giggled, it was time to be funny and silly and snag a man while she was at it.
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