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  1. The WALL
  3. 5 Offensive line: Pink Floyd's The Wall, Hadrian's Wall, Wailing Wall, Jerry Tuite, Theodosian Walls
  4. 2 Quarterbacks: Amanda Waller (G), Rahul Dravid
  5. 2 Starting Receivers: Wall of Fame, Wall of Shame
  6. 2 Backup Receivers: Wall of Sound, Wall of Text
  7. 1 Starting Running Back: Donald Trump (G)
  8. 1 Starting Fullback: Great Wall of China (S)
  9. 2 Backup Running Backs: Walls of Jericho, Berlin Wall
  10. 1 Starting Tight End: Atlantikwall (S)
  11. 1 Backup Tight End: The Fourth Wall
  13. 3 Defensive Line: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, Wall Sina (S)
  14. 4 Linebackers: The Serpent's Spine, Walls of Ba Sing Se, The Wall of the Night's Watch, The Source Wall
  15. 4 Defensive Backs: The Green Monster (G), Firewall (S), Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Facebook Wall,
  16. 1 Kicker: Wall Street
  17. 1 Punter: Joshua Waldemeyer
  19. Anthem:
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