Prestashop export ordini con dettagli

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  1. SELECT d.id_order AS 'ID ordine', o.reference AS 'Rif. ordine', AS 'Stato', o.date_upd AS 'Data ordine', d.product_name AS 'Prodotto', d.product_reference AS 'Cod. Rif.', d.product_quantity AS 'Qt.', s.quantity AS 'In stock', d.product_price AS 'Prezzo', o.payment AS 'Pagamento',  CONCAT_WS(  ' ', g.firstname, g.lastname ) AS 'Cliente',  CONCAT_WS(' ', ad.address1, ad.address2, ad.postcode,, ad.other,, ad.phone_mobile) AS 'Spedizione', CONCAT_WS(' ', ai.address1, ai.address2,  ai.postcode,, ai.other,, ai.phone_mobile) AS 'Fatturazione', AS 'Email', AS 'Gruppo'
  2. FROM ps_order_detail d
  3. LEFT JOIN ps_orders o ON ( d.id_order = o.id_order )
  4. LEFT JOIN ps_customer g ON ( o.id_customer = g.id_customer )
  5. LEFT JOIN ps_stock_available s ON (d.product_id = s.id_product)
  6. LEFT JOIN ps_address ad ON (o.id_address_delivery = ad.id_address)
  7. LEFT JOIN ps_address ai ON (o.id_address_invoice = ai.id_address)
  8. LEFT JOIN ps_group_lang gl ON ( g.id_default_group = gl.id_group )
  9. LEFT JOIN ps_order_state_lang os ON ( o.current_state = os.id_order_state )
  10. WHERE os.id_lang =1
  11. GROUP BY d.id_order, d.product_name
  12. ORDER BY d.id_order DESC
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