Red string application

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  1. ❝ when i meet you after time passes. ❞
  3. |¦° username
  4. ➶ MissTWD
  6. |¦° password
  7. ➶ Han Jisung
  9. ❝ you were my future. ❞
  11. |¦° slot + back-up slot
  12. ➶ Wee Woo, Sha la la
  14. |¦° face claim + back-up
  15. ➶ Twices Chaeyoung, Red velvets Yeri
  18. |¦° love interest + back-up
  19. ➶ Stray Kids Bang Chan, Astros Cha Eunwoo
  22. ❝ i was your yesterday. ❞
  24. |¦° full name
  25. ➶  Song Kila
  27. |¦° other name
  28. ➶ Song Keira
  30. |¦° nicknames
  31. ➶ Kaza, Bean, Kay
  33. |¦° birthday
  34. ➶ 24th July 1998
  36. |¦° nationality + ethnicity
  37. ➶ Nationality: English
  38.  Ethnicity: Korean
  41. ❝ i won't be lost or sad. ❞
  43. |¦° personality
  44. ➶ Her personality completely depends on who she’s with. Strangers, and she’s polite and will make small talk, trying to get to know them whilst spending he entire time wishing she was at home. Friends, and you’d wish she was at home. She’s loud, excitable and extremely talkative. She loves talking to her friends about stuff that is happening, she’s a little bit of a gossip, not that she’d admit it though. She also loves talking about strings, she knows everything there is to know about the origins of the red strings, as well as finding out how other people found their soulmate. The fact that she can’t see hers doesn’t effect her fascination with them, and her love of the idea of, well love.  Whilst she loves talking, she is also an amazing listener. Her years and years of reading and watching  countless love and romance books  and movies mean that she has lots of tips and tricks about relationships (supposedly) and is the person that all of her friends go to when they’re havinf problems with their soulmate, or if they’re just feeling low. She always seems to know exactly what to say, and makes them feel a million times better just with her cheerful and excited presence.
  46. |¦° background
  47. ➶ Kila’s mother was Korean English (she was Korean but was born and raised in England), so she was born in England, and was raised there until the age of ten. Her father, who was born and raised in Korea who then moved over for work, was transferred back to Korea, and his family moved with him. They moved back to Seoul, where she stayed until the present day. Dispite the fact that she hasn’t lived there for a long time, she still managed to maintain her english accent, which everyone loves.
  49. |¦° family
  50. ➶ Song Ryung, mother, 49, 8 closeness
  51.   Song Sam, Father, 53, 6 closeness
  52.   Song Kite, sister, 13, 8 closeness
  55. ❝ the flower path grows thorns. ❞
  57. |¦° likes
  58. ➶ Theater
  59.   Romance (obviously)
  60.   Sleeping
  61.   Spending time with her little sister (usually watching a movie or just talking about life)
  62.   Tea
  63.   Pizza
  64.   Fire (it sounds weird but she finds it beautiful)
  65.   Climbing trees
  66.   Swimming
  67.   Performing (singing, dancing, acting the whole deal)
  70. |¦° dislikes
  71. ➶ seeing her friends hurt
  72.   Being reminded that she can’t see her string (it makes her feel hypocritical of being a fan of love when she can’t tell if her own soulmate is close or not)
  73.   Her need to please people
  74.   Tuna
  75.   Coffee
  76.   Running or any form of exercise that isn’t dance or swimming
  77.   Silence
  78.   Horror movies (they go against all she believes)
  79.   People not taking her seriously
  84. |¦° habits
  85. ➶ Playing with her fingers
  86.   Tapping on things
  87.   Chewing on her tongue when she’s nervous or concentrating on something
  89. |¦° trivia  
  90. ➶ she couldn’t sit still to save her life
  91.   Her hatred of silence is the reason why she talks a lot
  92.   She’s grown up listening to all sort of music, and loves all kinds, no matter be genre
  93.   It was her mother that first introduced her to romance novels and movies
  94.   She’s delt with insecurities with her body her whole life
  95.   Whilst she loves the idea of romance, she knows that the moment she meets her soulmate she will freeze
  96.   Whilst in England, she was a part of an acting troop, and a dance group
  97.   In Korea, she went to SOPA (school of performing arts)
  98.   Her favourite lessons in school were drama and a English (writing and literature)
  99.   She has a teddy of Winnie the Pooh that’s she’s not had since she was born
  100.   Only her close friends called her Kay or Kazzer, and very close ones might call her Keira.
  101.   Her biggest fear is that when she meets her soulmate, he won’t like her and will reject her.
  102.   She has a high alcohol tolerance, and likes to drink. She enjoys the experience. Plus, she is lucky enough to not have to deal with hangovers, her throat only feeling a little dry the next day whereas her friends will cry because of how bad it is.
  106. ❝ then you reach out to save me. ❞
  108. |¦° your relationship from beginning, middle and end.
  109. ➶  
  111. First meet: When they first met, She froze, just like she knew she would. She couldn’t even look at him, her heart would race at even the tiniest of interactions. That didn’t stop him though. He was thrilled at the thought of finally having his soulmate with him. So he wouldn’t let her go. He was always holding her hand, or had an arm around her waist. When he would leave her he would kiss her cheek or nose. He was all star struck, and would love it when her cheeks would flush and she would stare at the ground, unable to look directly at him. Her friends constantly teased her, after her always talking about how close her and her soulmate would be. Eventually she got used to it.
  113. Middle: They were the clingy couple from then on. She began to reciprocate the attention he would give her, much to everyone else’s disgust. They always had a hand on the other. PDA was not a problem, they loved showing each other off, happy that they had someone to call their own.
  115. Plot point: After a while, He began to work more, and became more and more tired. That meant that he no longer was as clingy and loving as he was before, and was quick to anger. Usually, he would be able to tell her nicely that he wasn’t feeling too good and did not want to cuddle. However, one day he had had enough, and snapped at her, yelling about how he did not want her anymore, and began to point out all the flaws and insecurities  that she had, all the things hat he didn’t like about her and how she would never leave him alone. He yelled that he wished that she wasn’t his soulmate, something that she was absolutely terrified about and he knew that. She didnt say anything, just stood there listening to his hurtful words. He was so angry and tired and emotional that he did not run after her after she ran out, crying her eyes out. He sat at home, still absolutely furrious with her. He only realised what he had done a couple days later. But by then it was too late.
  117. End/resolve: He tried to forget it, focusing on work, and trying to talk to her like nothing happened. But if seriously hurt her, so much that she refused to talk to him when he when he tried to reach out. Finally he tried to apologies, but her friends wouldn’t let him anywhere near her. After a really long time of trying to talk to her, he eventually made a big romantic gesture, recreating her favourite scene from her favourite romance story, the Fault in Our Stars. He bought her the blue dress that hazel wore and set up a dinner that was layer out in the exact same way that it was in the movie, with a little help from her friends who realised that he understood what he did was wrong. She forgave him, and they went back to the way there were before hand and stayed that way.
  119. |¦° your first impression
  120. ➶ what were your thoughts when you finally met your soulmate?
  121.   “Uh uh uh oh god he’s there. He’s really there. That’s      
  122.    my soulmate. He’s so perfect. Oh god he’s talking to
  123.    me help what do I say”
  125. |¦° their first impression
  126. ➶ what were their thoughts when they finally met you?
  127.   “Is that her? My god she’s so beautiful. How did I get
  128.    So lucky? Aww and she’s all shy as well. Hopefully she won’t be for that long and we can be all coupley”
  130. |¦° your quotes
  131. ➶ what do you always say? min. 3
  132.  •dude I’m trying to read/watch do you mind?
  133.  •so help me if you don’t stop talking right now I will take my bookmarks and shove it down your throat
  134.  •I know because I’m the only one here that does research on this kinda stuff (romance advice)
  135.  • *sighs wistfully*
  136.  •this is actually my favourite thing ever (said like every five seconds about completely different things)
  137.  • pleeeeeeeaaaasseeee *puppy dog eyes*
  138.  •YEEET (he repeats it, and she says “maybe yeet will be our always”)
  139.  •I know things because I’m a Ravenclaw that’s what we do
  141. |¦° love interest quotes
  142. ➶ what does your love interest always say? min. 3
  143.  •Cheer up! I wanna see that smile!
  144.  •okay time to die (usually when she does something cute or he’s really tired)
  145.  •are you trying to kill me? (Her answer is always yes)
  146.  •I don’t have a superiority complex. I have a height complex. I have to always be taller than you (when she or anyone else wears heels)
  147.  •YEEET
  148.  •Shove off
  153. ❝ you protected me. ❞
  155. |¦° requested scenes in general
  156. ➶ min. 3
  157.  •helping Kite get ready for her first date (she was lucky enough to find her soulmate at the age of 13, which annoyed Kila quite a lot)
  158.  •her friends walking in on her sobbing her eyes out whilst eating ice cream and watching Titanic and not batting an eyelid because it’s the third time that week that it’s happened
  159.  •Kila sitting by herself, where all of her insecurities about her body and her looks are revealed
  160.  •talking to her mother about what happened with her soulmate, and her convincing her to meet up with him (where they end up getting back together again)
  162. ¦¦° requested scenes with other slots
  163. ➶ min. 3
  164.  •Watching movies with Wakey Wakey and obsessing over actors
  165.  •Talking with No Air, who she sees as a big sister, about her problems and fears, and life in general. They talk to each other for hours because they find it so easy to talk to one another
  166.  • Listening to Miroh complain about the idea of soulmates, and trying to convince her that they are good.
  167. •Getting drunk with Boy with Love in her appartment and completely trashing the place. Then she has to look after BWL the next day, not that she minds.
  170. |¦° requested scenes with love interest
  171. ➶ min. 3
  172.  •Going on a movie marathon, watching not his and her favourites
  173.  •Going our with both his and her friends, and annoying them by acting all lovey dovey together
  174.  •him comforting her when her insecurities get to much
  175.  •him waving tuna in her face whilst she tries not to throw up
  176.  •him forcing her to exercise with him, and her almost dying because she couldn’t keep up with him
  177.  •Walks in the park
  179. |¦° anything else we have missed? any extra info you want to add?
  180. ➶ she used dyes her hair a lot. Now, she keeps it her natural brown colour, although she will occasionally dye it her favourite colour, a deep purple. It was this colour when she met him.
  182. |¦° note to us
  183. ➶ Hi! I’m Keira, I’m from England I’d you couldn’t tell. I really love this story idea, and I really hope I you accept me. I tried to give the plot line as detailed as I could, but feel free to do anything to want with it. You can decide how they met, I really don’t mind. I tried to mainly write his character around Chan as he is my first choice as a love interest, but it could also work for my back up. Again, I really hope you like my application and I hope that you accept it, I really want to find out what would happen in this story. Thank you!
  185. |¦° note to you
  186. ➶ hello, i'm luna! welcome to nk and i's collab! thank you for taking interest in this, we will do our best to write out your character if you get accepted! uwu❤
  188. ❝ i desired you. ❞
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