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  1. Krytxx
  2. #1382
  5. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:15 AM
  6. How can I help you?
  8. KrytxxToday at 3:15 AM
  9. Maybe having an issue with another player. I wanted to bring it to your attention in case it gets out of control.
  10. don't plan it to be, but the person seems a tad unreasonable
  12. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:15 AM
  13. Alright what is the problem?
  15. KrytxxToday at 3:19 AM
  16. So, theres a person we met early in the season that we had a very negative interaction with the first meeting. That is fine, but I guess made a general precedent of tension between our groups. I've probably actually been in the presence of this person 3 times total. The first she screamed at us for several minutes, the second I interacted with other people and we did not address each other at all, the third she spoke to me as possessed, and as a monster hunter, I asked our leader if I should kill it.
  17. She has now messaged our lead accusing us of bullying her.
  19. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:20 AM
  20. may I have the name of the person please because dming about OOC stuff isn't allowed that is crossing the line and it will stay confdential
  22. KrytxxToday at 3:20 AM
  23. Tanvi
  24. But until now we were under the impression it was all IC. We've barely interacted, and each time it has been unpleasant
  26. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:21 AM
  27. I had feeling alright Just keep me posted if this continues because this is not acceptable.
  29. KrytxxToday at 3:21 AM
  30. so we mostly avoid aasha
  31. Umm Dantoons is responding to her now. WE haven't said anything back yet
  32. should I tell him not to? Or you can talk to him about what the message actually says
  34. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:22 AM
  35. would you ask your leader to send me a copy of the DM and he doesn't have to respond at all to her
  37. KrytxxToday at 3:22 AM
  38. he just said something and I didn't want someone saying we were bullying people to admins without knowing the situation
  40. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:22 AM
  41. No I understand
  43. KrytxxToday at 3:24 AM
  44. I asked him to dm
  45. thank you! I don't want to cause issues, and certainly do not want to make her feel bullied. She's sent people to our house and made a lot of IC threats to us, so I assumed it was all in the rp, and as I said we've had like 3 interactions since the season started.
  46. so a bit confused
  47. we even did a whole thing where she was trying to find out my name, I carved it in a desk in front of her, and she emoted taking down the name
  48. so I gave her something to go on and she took it
  49. so I was never aware that there was an ooc issue
  51. MikkiMonsterToday at 3:26 AM
  52. No  I understand and the statement of being bullied when one hasn't bullied but is the bullier so to speak.
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