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  1.    Testing for qmake...
  2.    Testing for mingw32-make...
  3.        Using mingw32-make.
  4.    Testing for optional external libraries.
  5.    If tests fail, some features will not be available.
  6.    Testing for Berkeley DB...
  7.        Berkeley DB disabled.
  8.    Testing for Zero Conf...
  9.        Zero Conf disabled.
  10.    Configuration successful.
  11.    Generating makefiles...
  12. Project MESSAGE: building docs
  13. Project MESSAGE: building core module
  14. Project MESSAGE: building gui module
  15. Project MESSAGE: building network module
  16. Project MESSAGE: building sql module
  17. Project MESSAGE: building web module
  18. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/tools/3rdparty/qdoc3/
  19. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/core/
  20. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/gui/
  21. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/designer/
  22. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/network/
  23. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/sql/
  24. Reading C:/Temp/libqxt-libqxt-v0.6.2/src/web/
  25.    Makefiles generated. Run  now.
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