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  1. School festival:
  3. >Kurisu Takeru told Ayumu's class he remembered the incident where everyone turned into animals though Ayumu already wiped everyone's memories. (volume 3 of novels)
  4. >Yukinori got a new phone, she's very cute and moe while asking Ayumu for his email address.
  5. >Her class is apparently doing an art exhibition, Yukinori happily drags Ayumu to her class, and she drew a sun, the sea and sunflowers.
  6. >Kirino is in Yukinori's class and not Ayumu's class here.
  7. >She gives Yukinori incorrect trivia to impress Ayumu, but became the butt of the joke.
  8. >Underson-kun is in Yukinori's class as well.
  9. >A Megalo appears, so Haruna a shit appeared as well, she doesn't have magical powers so she can't sense the Megalo, but the genius devised a system to sense a Megalo that is trying to track a Masou Shoujo.
  10. >Haruna a shit says a normal Masou Shoujo fights a B or C rank Megalo, but Haruna says she doesn't go for small fries. This raccoon is an A rank Megalo and carries a gun, yup, same dude as the one in the anime.
  11. >Racoon Megalo tags team with that gorilla and can generate a shield much like the ones Haruna makes.
  12. >Haruna manages to destroy both Megalo by herself since she made that device which returns her some magical power. Ayumu notes how powerful Haruna is at this point.
  14. >"Listen, Ayumu! An A rank Megalo means it's tough for a Masou Shoujo to beat! To defeat such an enemy with a single attack, you'll need Daisensei's level of magical power! No, defeating a Megalo with only a fireball, that's something only I can achieve! That means I'm the strongest now! I might be able to defeat AAA rank Megalo which requires several Masou Shoujos to take on. Even if it's that rumored 'S rank Megalo that no amount of Masou Shoujo could ever defeat', I can take on her myself!"
  17. >Some light conversation between gapmoekyun and Ayumu after that scene where Kurisu(teacher) walked into them, they talk about ghosts and Taeko is apparently scared of them.
  18. >This is the first time Ayumu meets Chris, and it wasn't a friendly conversation.
  19. >The next day Ayumu's housemates decide to help Ayumu with his class' youkai cafe, they drew things that stuff that they think would be inspiration for the cafe. Eu draws a kotatsu+lion thing.
  20. >On the day of the festival Haruna became sick, Eu explains to Ayumu how her magic powers work. Chris hasn't absorbed anything yet.
  21. >Lots of suffering for Haruna and she cries, Eu puts her armor on Haruna just like in the anime.
  22. >Ayumu helps out with his class and Yukinori's classmates comes to help as well.
  23. >Ayumu splits his free time to tour the school with Haruna a shit, Sera and Eu.
  24. >Eu and Sera sells CDs like in the anime, Yukinori wears a bikini. They're selling Eu, Haruna, Sera and Yukinori's CDs at the Track and Field store, by the way. Each CD costs 20k yen, and doesn't have a vocal track for Eu since she can't speak.
  25. >Ayumu meets Chris and he mistakes her for Kurisu(teacher)'s daughter, then he confiscates her wine bottle, and pats her head, here it says she 'had a look of happiness on her face'.
  26. >Chris starts calling Ayumu 'onii-chan' at this point, and she childishly tackles Ayumu while trying to snatch back her wine.
  27. >Another teacher appears to stop Ayumu, he then tells him Kurisu(teacher) is single.
  28. >By the way, Chris addresses herself in 3rd person from the moment she appears.
  29. >Vampire ninja leader appears to Ayumu like in the anime. Vomits blood as usual, and he says some meta jokes like "you'll need this ring in volume 4, chapter 3"
  30. >He charges Ayumu 100 yen for the ring since Ayumu doesn't accept gifts from strangers, and wanted to buy it instead.
  31. >Ayumu hasn't crossdress for the youkai cafe here, instead a model of him was left outside the cafe so people laughed at him when they saw him.
  32. >Orito who wore the wedding dress made Ayumu put it on at this point, and claims that it's handmade by him. Underson-kun walked into Ayumu while he was wearing the dress, commended Ayumu and immediately took a photo.
  33. >The nametag on Orito/Ayumu's wedding dress reads 'hentai'. Being Ayumu is suffering.
  34. >Sera who was in the cafe keeps calling him Aikawa Hentai-san. She shoots down Orito's invitation to tour the school as well.
  35. >Saras appears in a gothic lolita dress and talked to Sera about Chris, Sera then tells Ayumu that Haruna wanted company and should not be leaving her sight when she's all sick.
  36. >Saras came to visit Ayumu, she tells Ayumu about Chris and how she lost to that scary monster about a hundred years ago and how much she trusts Sera's ability. Sera's assignment this time is to defeat Chris, and Ayumu decides to help Sera.
  37. >Ayumu teases Saras a little and was attacked by her fans.
  38. >Saras has a habit of putting her finger on Ayumu's lips, which Ayumu notes that it's a habit of Sera's.
  39. >There's a side story of Sera challenging Saras to a duel here but I won't go into details.
  40. >Yukinori appears here at mistakes Ayumu and Sera for a couple since their bodies are close. Sera breaks one of Ayumu's fingers.
  41. >The reason why she approaches Ayumu is because she got a love letter and wanted Ayumu to know.
  42. >It's actually a scheme created by the vampire ninja leader, and the events that unfolds is the same as the anime.
  43. >Ayumu's wedding dress is all torn and bloody after that ordeal, and he walks around alone.
  44. >He meets Chris at a store which you hurl water filled balloons at the headmaster, 100 yen for 1 game.
  45. >Chris paid 10k yen.
  46. >Ayumu confiscates Chris' wine bottle again, and he drank some of it to see if it's wine. Chris escapes again.
  47. >Eu finds Ayumu and she changed out of her bunny girl clothes, she asks if Ayumu wants to hold hands.
  48. >Eu tells Ayumu that she wants to to join a karaoke competition. A dream of her is to sing in front of lots of people.
  49. >The reason being she wants to leave an impression on people since she'll lose her voice again someday.
  50. >Ayumu calls Yukinori and tries to get her help to arrange for an impromptu outdoor stage, he wants Eu to sing now and not have to wait until the karaoke competition.
  51. >Yukinori, Kirino and Underson-kun are watching a movie, and Ayumu tells Yukinori off for leaving her cellphone on during the play. They agree to help Eu.
  52. >Haruna a shit finds Ayumu this time, and tells Ayumu that she has a song ready for Eu, it's in Eu's CD. She charges Ayumu 10k yen for it.
  53. >Ayumu finds Saras to enlist her help with preparation, she agrees and Ayumu calls her a tsundere. By the way, this whole volume AyumuSaras interaction is mostly Ayumu teasing Saras.
  54. >Saras sings and after the song ends, she calls Eu a goddess and invited her on stage.
  55. >Haruna a shit wants to sing as well.
  56. >Before Eu can sing, there was a sudden downpour. It seems to be Haruna's emotions causing it.
  57. >Eu understands Haruna and forgives her, some heartwarming lines between them here and there, and Eu sings despite the strong rain and wind.
  58. >All of Ayumu's housemates and schoolmates joins Eu on the stage, including Underson-kun.
  59. >Eu's songs gets praised by the audience and people wanted an encore.
  60. >Kurisu(teacher) appears and stops the performance, it wasn't in the itinerary.
  61. >Underson-kun wanted to pass on a message to Eu and talks to Ayumu, Ayumu realizes he has never told Underson-kun Eu's name.
  62. >Ayumu the detective (he does that from time to time) uses the information Underson-kun provides and inferred that Eu didn't want to take back her powers from Haruna although she could, Ayumu concluded that Eu wanted to spend some time with Ayumu at the cultural festival hence she didn't take back her magical powers that Haruna a shit stole.
  63. >Underson-kun tells Ayumu that the situation might not end up with storm/hurricane, a full scale invasion by the Masou Shoujo might follow, and that he loves this world.
  64. >Eu really wants to sing, and Ayumu didn't want to crush that dream of hers, though Underson-kun reminds Ayumu that he shouldn't let the situation worsen.
  65. >Ayumu tells Underson-kun that Eu might have hesitated to take back her magical power, but she did not force it upon Haruna as well.
  66. >Apparently Yukinori and Eu overheard the conversation, and she apologizes and gave Ayumu the sweetest smile he had ever seen.
  67. >Eu takes back her powers from Haruna a shit.
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