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  1. My Manifesto V1.05 1/12/2019 by TheFireRises
  3. The Situation We Face
  5.     There is a war against White people. Whether or not you choose to fight for your race is meaningless, nor is your acknowledgment even necessary. You’re in this war nonetheless, and you will be treated the same by the enemy as those Whites who fight for their race. Facts can’t hurt you, but ignorance of the facts concerning race can.
  7.     Blacks attack Whites far more often than Whites attack Blacks. As for why people don’t know this fact, I put equally on three trusted institutions:
  9. 1.) The justice system, which has failed to protect its citizens.
  11. 2.) The mainstream media, which does its best to memory hole the atrocities that are occurring on a daily basis.
  13. 3.) The education system, which teaches non-Whites to hate White people, and White people to hate themselves, their culture, and their history.
  15.     Critics often point out that most White people are killed by other White people. This is true, just as most Blacks are killed by other Blacks, not Whites, nor cops. However, what they are loath to discuss, at least not without resorting to name-calling and/or outright dismissal of statistics and facts as “racist”, is what happens when one looks at interracial crime. While some quite heinous examples of White on Black crime do exist, they pale in comparison, both numerically and in their savagery, to the daily Black on White attacks, robberies, rapes, and murders.
  17.     The overall savagery exhibited in the interracial crime cases that I cover can’t be matched, save for what is going on in South Africa, with White South African farmers being slaughtered whole families at a time, while the media focuses on the “Muslim refugees”, who are busy committing their own atrocities in European nations at the behest of their childless leaders.
  19.     This isn’t a new phenomenon by the way. In fact, this has been going on for several decades. It’s merely the frequency of Black on White crime that has increased. This goes hand in hand with desegregation, which forced Whites and Blacks into close proximity with each other. Rich Whites can buy their way out of diversity, while the average White has to put up with subhumans that demand to be treated as equals, yet balk at being held responsible for their actions, or those of their children. “My baby didn’t do nothing!” is a familiar refrain to those who’ve studied Black crime.
  21.     Blacks have been, and always will be, violent savages that don’t deserve to live alongside civilized people, or to even be called human. They have a primal hatred for the White man, and care not for his laws, customs, language, or history. “Feelings” are merely a tool to bleed more out of the host they hate, for, as a parasite, they can’t escape. This explains the rather understandable phenomenon known as “White flight”, and the anger directed at Whites who refuse to go along with this retarded charade known as “multiculturalism”.
  23.     The media has brow-beaten the White race into remaining silent as they are picked off one by one by criminals, who are given lax sentences, and early releases, allowing them to victimize again. In most cases these horrible crimes are barely reported in the media, who often withhold pictures of the attacker(s) and/or the victim(s), lest the White race realize that “diversity” was never supposed to benefit anyone. It’s used solely as a wrecking ball against anything White. This is the same media that highlights the comparatively few White on Black crimes, with reminders on their anniversaries.
  25.     For the uninitiated, it might appear that Blacks are unfairly discriminated against. However, anyone who has dealt with them on a regular basis outside a carefully controlled environment, knows what a truly horrible lie this is.
  27.     They deserve all of the hate they currently receive, as well as the comeuppance that’s in progress. The only thing they have going for them in their quest for “equal rights”, which is a codeword for special treatment, is the media actively hiding their true nature. This is behind the push to censor the Internet.
  29.     They want control of the narrative, because when people learn the truth, they get angry. Truly angry people are hard to control, and they won’t be bought off with electronic gadgets like bugmen. More so, when people wake up and get angry, they begin to tell their friends. The throttling of select content and outright banning of select content creators on traditional social media platforms, is an attempt to make the online world match the tinsel of the multicultural Hollywood lie the media has been selling us for decades.
  31. My Graphics
  33.     The cases I cover range from murder, to hit and run accidents. The reason I cover so many different kinds of cases, is to show the consequences of desegregation, and why segregation needs to be brought back.
  35.     Some might ask why I cover a small amount of race mixers in my graphics. “Burn the coal, pay the toll!” is a familiar reply to those graphics when I post them. Just like the White people who foolishly try to buy/sell drugs from Blacks, or, even worse, attempt to be friends with them, they would’ve never been anywhere near a Black had they been told the truth. Quite a few of the victims end up being the children of the race mixers, and so I show those cases to highlight the danger not only to the race mixers themselves, but anyone who has any contact with them.
  37.     When I’m gathering pictures and info for a case, I often come across online memorials, videos, and the victim’s social media accounts. These frequently contain pictures from their childhood. It’s in these pictures that you see the victim before they were brainwashed into self-destruction. If they could’ve been reached back then, then perhaps their lives wouldn’t have ended so tragically, and so soon.
  39.     I’ve had people question my limited coverage of police deaths in the line of duty. My coverage of police deaths isn’t because I support a police state, but rather, because I like to highlight the differences in how the cases are handled compared to crimes against regular citizens. Not just the media response, but also the sentences handed out to the convicted.
  41.     It’s also helpful to illustrate that one of the reasons given for the more heavy-handed police tactics in recent years, is because of the increasingly violent crime they face. The police cases I cover help illustrate where a lot of this is coming from, though, just like with the race mixing and drug dealing cases, I only cover a small amount.
  43.     I realize my graphics will never bring back the dead, but if more people knew the truth, then we’d have less of our people falling victim to these subhumans. The victims also deserve to be remembered, even if some of them made some mistakes, they’re still our brothers and sisters, and I love them.
  45.     By making individual graphics, I allow people to spread the cases that THEY care about. I would never tell a person how to feel about a particular case, regardless of my feelings on the matter.
  47.     I strive for accuracy, and have tried my utmost to verify everything that I produce is correct, with the victims being White (non-Jewish), and the attackers being Black. There are some cases that involve an attacker that is a Black-hybrid of some kind, as well as a few cases involving groups of Blacks with a White accomplice, and/or some other non-White. These are covered as well, as it shows that if you hang with dogs, you’ll get fleas.
  49.     That being said, my graphics are a work in progress, and are updated as new information becomes available. I use surname research to help with verification, along with demographic info on the cases where the victim isn’t identified because they survived a sex crime. In the cases where the suspect has yet to be caught, I hope that the graphic helps lead to an arrest.
  51.     You may call me names: racist, bigot, hateful, evil, nazi, etc. It doesn’t matter what you call me, anymore than it matters who I am. The one name that you can’t call me after examining the entirety of my work, is a liar, because these stories are all true.
  53.     These graphics will continue to be made, and nothing I’m labeled will change that. We are defined by the legacy we leave behind. I want my legacy to be that I fought for my race. My people are being slaughtered, and the media actively covers that up, as well as our failing criminal justice system, which lets these monsters loose to maim and kill again.
  55. White Guilt
  57.     There is a guilt complex that has been installed in a large portion of White people by the media and the education system, which surfaces when talking about interracial crime. This results in a group think mentality, where one victim makes excuses for their attacker(s), which is parroted by other victims, which becomes the approved narrative going forward.
  59.     Because I’m talking directly to my fellow Whites, I look at this a lot like a civil case in US courts, which are usually based on a preponderance of the evidence. Not only am I producing that, and will continue to do so, but one will notice that the other side has nothing of substance to counteract my message.
  61.     They can cite what few White on Black crimes there are, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what I’ve produced so far (over 1000). The message is quite clear: There is a war against White people, with various trusted agencies; the justice system,media,and education system, working together to keep White people in the dark about their own destruction.
  63.     White people are the only group you’re allowed to discriminate against. All White companies are knocked for “lack of diversity”, regardless of the quality of the product they produce, which just goes to show that diversity is just a code word for less (and eventually no) White people. Can you imagine if affirmative action was applied to professional sports?
  65. A Few Examples
  67.     When one reads through these cases, it can’t escape their notice how often the attacker is a felon out on parole. Sometimes it is days, other times they manage to make it slightly longer, but eventually they commit even worse crimes than what they did to get sent to prison the first time.
  69.     I can’t help but think of poor Lauren Anne Deis (#0043), who was raped and killed by violent sex offender Tushon Brown, who was paroled despite the concerns he would offend again. Nonetheless, he was paroled, and raped Lauren before stabbing her to death. He then had sex with her corpse, before attempting to cut off her leg so he could stuff her in a clothes bin. When that didn’t work, he put her body in a basement closet for 6 days, before disposing of it.
  71.     Whenever a White commits a crime against a Black, the response from the police is that they’ll investigate to see if it’s a hate crime, with the media often playing up the racial angle, even before all the facts are known. Whites are rarely offered such an investigation, and the media downplays any racial angle.
  73.     Even when the Black attacker says it was racially motivated, such as the case of Brittney Fox Watts (#0156), who was targeted by Nkosi Thandiwe, who told the court that he targeted Whites:
  75.     “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you were trying to spread the message of making White people the enemy,” asked Assistant District Attorney Linda Dunikoski. “Yes,” replied Thandiwe.
  77.     Thandiwe worked as a security guard in the building where Brittney was killed, and mentioned that his views developed when he was an Anthropology major at the University of West Georgia. This brings up the education system’s role in the fomenting of anti-White hatred in the younger generations. The education system works hand in hand with the media to craft a narrative of non-White victims, and White oppressors, which also leads to even more violence against Whites, as well as silence from surviving White victims.
  79.     An all White jury is seen as unable to render fair verdicts, and the media makes a habit of playing that up, especially when talking about convictions in older cases. Take the case of 7-year-old April Cherié (court documents have her middle name as Sherry) Turner (#0826) who, in 1989, was brutally raped by Henry Lee Harrison, then stabbed 36 times in her neck, 6 times in her forehead, and once behind her left ear. According to the autopsy, her genital area had been subject to a “massive penetrating tearing injury” so severe, nothing separated her vagina from her rectum.
  81.     Harrison was convicted and sentenced to death, but that was successfully appealed in 1994 on the basis of “life-long mental retardation”, and “chronic paranoid schizophrenia”. In that appeal, it was said: 22. The district attorney abused his discretion in seeking the death penalty against Henry Lee Harrison, a Black, for the murder of April Turner, a White.
  83.     Mental retardation as a basis for not executing is brought up quite often, and is successful enough times that it will likely continue. This is partially due to the fact that a lot of Blacks are bordering on mentally retarded IQ-wise, even if they aren’t technically mentally retarded.
  85.     The excuses that are given for why these monsters can’t be put down are endless, but little thought, if any, is given to the victims and their families. This is illustrated by the habit of the media of referring to the victims by their last names, and the attackers by their first names. I make it a point to do the reverse, so that we refer to our lost brothers and sisters, who remain alive in our hearts, the same way as when they were alive, the soulless monsters that stole them from us being referred to by an impersonal last name.
  87.     The Parker family massacre (#0011) is a perfect example of our broken justice system. The Parkers; Carl "Bubba" Webster Parker 58, Bobbie Jo Aulridge Parker 45, Gregory Wade Parker 12, and Charlotte Jo Parker 9, were returning home from church February 2, 1990 in the small town of Walnut,MS, home to little more than 500 people, when they walked in on Robert Simon Jr. and Anthony Carr burglarizing their home.
  89.     The family was tied up at gunpoint. 9-year-old Charlotte was raped and sodomized, before being shot 3 times, all while Carl Parker was forced to watch. They cut off his finger to steal his wedding ring, before shooting the whole family, then setting the house on fire. Bobbie Jo’s body was burned beyond recognition, preventing the coroner from determining if she was raped and/or sodomized. Bobbie, Carl, and Gregory died of gunshot wounds, while Charlotte died of smoke inhalation.
  91.     Simon and Carr are still on death row, nearly 30 years later, kept alive by excuse after excuse. In 2002, an attorney for Carr said he was mentally retarded, and therefore ineligible for execution.  In 2011, Simon was 4 hours away from his execution, when it was halted by a federal appeals court, because Simon said he fell and suffered a brain injury and had amnesia. In 2016 it was ruled he was faking and his execution was back on.
  93.     Dean Parker, Carl’s son from a previous marriage, died in 2017, still waiting for justice for his father, step-mother, and half-siblings. Quitman County had to raise taxes 3 years in a row to pay for the defense of Simon and Carr.
  95.     The Parker family massacre is but one of many that most people will never hear about. Yet, if the races were reversed, we’d still be hearing about it, and the killers would’ve been executed long ago. Note that when he was Attorney General, Eric Holder wanted to halt all executions, going so far as to take the death penalty off the table for the four gang members who murdered Kevin Wayne Quick (#0223). Yet he had no problem with Dylann Roof getting the death penalty.
  97.     Speaking of Dylann, I find it interesting the way the media framed his unfortunate outburst in church. The narrative is: “he hates Blacks”. By keeping it simple, they get White people to dismiss anything he might say or write, all the while repeating the narrative in the media at every opportunity. If a White person were to read his manifesto, they might find themselves agreeing with what he wrote, even though they object to what he did. The last thing they want for anyone to have for any White person, is sympathy.
  99. My Background
  101.     I was raised to treat everyone with equal respect until they show me a reason they don’t deserve it, much like most of the White people I know. This works around fellow Whites, but falls apart when dealing with non-Whites. The problem is that far too many Whites get their information about non-Whites from the mainstream media, and limited interactions with them. This paints a dangerously deceptive picture of race relations.
  103.     Going to diverse public schools, I had a chance to see multiculturalism in action. This consisted of classes where we were divided into groups with the most diversity, before being assigned group projects. The Whites and Asians would concentrate on the assignment, while the Blacks and Latinos would busy themselves with anything but the assignment. The end result, is that the Whites and Asians would do nearly all of the work, while the Blacks and Latinos still got equal credit. A primer for “affirmative-action” if there ever was one.
  105.     When we’d get out of class and head to lunch, a remarkable thing would happen. Almost without exception, the kids separated off into their racial groups and went to a different section of the cafeteria. For the most part, that’s how it stayed, even in school assemblies and spirit events, much to our naive teachers’ chagrin. There was a certain pleasure in watching these baby boomers talk in class about how it was “only a matter of time” before all the racial problems were somehow solved and we’d all get along, only to have reality get in the way.
  107.     I hung out with the smart kids, which were mostly White or Asian. The Whites and Asians in my group weren’t treated all that differently by our peers, save for some teasing about taking our heads out of our books and playing sports once in a while. The Blacks and Latinos on the other hand, were ridiculed for “acting White”, and being “sell outs”. The biggest barrier to the few non-Whites who want to achieve something with their lives, is their own people trying to stop them.
  109. The Media
  111.     Some people paint the media as impartial observers. However, given their history of promoting lies and war over truth and peace, I consider them enemy combatants, and undeserving of the respect and protections traditionally afforded to neutral parties.
  113.     The consequences of their lies abroad are clear. However, the consequences at home are even more serious. They’re part of the attack on social cohesion, playing up the natural hatred most Blacks have for Whites, and using that to force Whites into handing over everything we’ve built and earned. The demands never stop, and will only grow. First it’s the media attacking confederate monuments. The next thing on the chopping block, are the founding fathers.
  115.     The media is no friend of non-Whites either, as they will only let their pets speak if the message is kosher. The media suppresses news on the race war going on in the public schools in places like California, where Blacks and Latinos are involved in open gang warfare.
  117.     “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb is a must-read investigation into the CIA’s role in drug running to fund Nicaraguan rebels against the Sandinista government. This helped fuel the crack cocaine epidemic in South Central LA in the 1980’s. Another good book is “Whiteout:The CIA,Drugs, and the Press” by Jeffrey St. Clair, which goes into detail about the real history of the CIA.
  119. The Justice System
  121.     The justice system is supposed to be blind, but one would have to be blind to believe that to be true. I could go into many different cases, but the “justice” handed out in the case of Jayla in Twin Falls, Idaho (#0218) speaks volumes. This poor 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by “refugees” from Eritrea (African), and Iraq (Arab), in an attack recorded by her attackers.
  123.     What was the punishment handed out? We’re not sure, but it involves no jail time, with the exact punishment being sealed, and a gag order being issued by Judge Thomas Borresen of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District. This means the girl’s own family is being prohibited from saying anything about the decision, other than they are “unhappy with it”.
  125. The Education System
  127.     The only function of our modern education system, is to brainwash the children into not questioning anything told to them by those in power. Those individuals that question the system and who resist the programming, they’ve surrounded with unthinking drones called peers. Instead, they’ve turned everything into feelings.
  129.     To that end, they fill the White children with guilt over non-existent crimes, while simultaneously teaching non-Whites that anything bad in life is because of White people in some way. This is paired with the media reinforcing the same message with movies and television shows that portray Whites in the worst way possible, always denying non-Whites a fair chance to compete in the world.
  131.     This not only angers the non-Whites, it also causes the Whites to think that most non-Whites are “misunderstood”, and so they attempt to befriend them partially out of guilt. This also leads to the phenomenon of having a token non-White friend as some type of status symbol, not unlike White girls who date outside their race.
  133.     This leads to tragic consequences, such as the case of Kye Matthew Boudreaux (#0220), who went camping with his “black friend” Detrell Scott, only to have Scott shoot him in the back of the head with his own gun. Scott then stole Kye’s wallet, car keys, cell phone, and some drugs he had on him.
  135.     Kye’s boat was found drifting in the water the next morning, his truck and trailer found in a sugar cane field after Scott unsuccessfully tried to burn them. Scott bragged to friends in text messages: "Man, bra, I knocked my White boy off last night."
  137.     Kye should still be alive, as should countless other White people who were fooled into believing a horrible lie.
  139. Self-hating Whites
  141.     This is a group that I’m hoping to reach, even though they’re programmed to reject me and my message. I’m sure plenty of people that I’ve covered in my graphics would be appalled at what I’m doing. However, what if that same person had a friend they trusted, that introduced this material to them when they were younger?
  143.     Culture jamming is nothing new, but I’m hoping that my graphics will have an impact all their own by merging information, and the means to verify it, all in a package that is easy on the eyes, even if the information it contains is hard on the heart.
  145. Other Races
  147. Latinos
  149.     While some people seem to hold Latinos in a higher regard than Blacks, I’m not among them. They might have a slightly higher IQ than Blacks on average, but they also seem to use that extra intelligence to be even more sadistic when they commit crime.
  151.     I’ve started a separate series called “White Victims of Illegal Aliens” that contains, as one would expect, mostly Latino cases, though any illegal alien qualifies. With this series, I hope to show the true cost of illegal immigration, though I’m opposed to any immigration from non-White countries.
  153. Asians
  155.     Out of all the non-White groups I've experienced, I've found Asians to be the easiest to deal with overall, although just like Latinos, Asians are a spectrum. I’ve found Asians also to be the most understanding when it comes to having an aversion to dealing with Blacks.
  157. Jews
  159.     I honestly didn’t even know that much about the Jews when I was young. I only really recognized the ones in full Orthodox dress, but that is because I thought it was merely a religion, as opposed to a race as well. On that note, there are many different groups known as “Jews”. When I speak of Jews, I speak primarily of the Ashkenazi Jews, and Sephardi Jews.
  161.     There are plenty of graphics out there that illustrate Jewish control over the media, including the news networks. There are also plenty of graphics that show the Jewish role in pushing desegregation, with the media covering up the very crimes I’m covering in my graphics.
  163.     The key thing to keep in mind, is that Jews aren’t White, and don’t have White people’s interests in mind. “Is it good for the Jews?” is the only question Jews ever ask themselves. There’s a section on The Daily Stormer called “Jewish Problem”, which is a good way to learn about what they’re up to now, as well as have their history pointed out to you.
  165. Solutions
  167.     Freedom of Association laws need to be restored, as well as segregation. One is often allowed to ban dogs, cats, and other pets from their rental properties because of the problems associated with them. Why isn’t race on the list?  We admit pit bulls are dangerous, why not Blacks?
  169.     I hope that my graphics help convince people to voluntarily segregate themselves, and choose friends that do the same. If there was a strong social pressure to segregate, a lot more White lives could be saved.
  171. Final Thought
  173.     A person’s reaction to my work, is directly proportional to the amount of information that has been withheld from them. While a violent reaction isn’t my aim, given the severity of the censorship, a few shots are bound to leave their mark.
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