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  1. Honestly it has come to my attention I need to set down some ground rules. These rules will go away once you get a job and can contribute to OUR bills and our rent
  2. 1 There is NO overnight guest(s) allowed for any reason without my permission with the ONLY exception being your daughter which I have already given you prior permission. if you have a house guest that refuses to leave, I do not care if I am dead asleep. you will need to come get me and not just let them do whatever.
  3. 2. there are to be NO guests allowed in the house between 1AM -8AM. You honestly need to be looking ACTIVELY for work and having guests over constantly at night honestly makes it hard for me to sleep with them going in and out. I am tired of being woken up by the door opening and closing, your guest making noises, etc. there is honestly no way you can be looking for work if you are constantly up all night and hanging out with people all night
  4. 3. You need to be cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen there is no reason for me to have to do your dishes for you.
  5. 4. I mean no offense when i say this, but I do not want my house to become a "flop house" you can either decide to stay here and contribute and be productive or I will be forced to ask for you to leave. that means I need you to look for a job and not just say you are looking for a job. This is mandatory. I know you have your people that are #0 priority in your life however, finding a job and contributing to our bills should be more important then hanging out with friend A, or Friend X or friend C at any given time. Hanging out with your bestest friend doesnt pay our bills or our rent
  6. ------------------
  7. while I can't force you to do the following it would be nice: I would like for you to try an attempt to actually reset your sleep schedule where you can sleep during at night so you can be awake to look for work during the day. your track record for sleep is spotty and with you being tired cause of your sleep schedule, I do understand that it makes it difficult. I am in no way upset or made because you don't have a job yet or because of your sleep schedule. however there are wayd to try to improve the situation and I would likefor you to be productive.
  8. I am in no way angry you have a social life. so please do not think i am angry for you for being social with other people.
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