CosmicPE Staff Application

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  2. **__Please Fill Out The Application Given. Ensure That All Sentences Are Grammatically Correct And Avoid Making Any Spelling Errors. Take Your Time When Completing The Application And Answer All Questions In Detail, Especially The Ones Marked With (🔸). We Do not Accept 1-2 Sentence Answers.__**
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  4. **__🌌 CosmicPE Staff Application 🌌__**
  6. 🔹**In-Game Name🔹:** Reidrob64
  8. 🔹**Rank🔹:** Voidwalker
  10. 🔹**Age (Preferred Age 14+)🔹:** 16
  12. 🔹**Previous Server Bans? (CosmicPE Only) (If Yes, Please Explain)🔹:** No
  14. 🔹**Which Planet Do You Play On The Most?**🔹: Lava Planet
  16. 🔸**Why Have You Decided To Apply For Staff On Our Server?🔸**: For me, applying for staff is an oppurtunity to help out the cosmic community and work for players. I’ve decided to apply so that I could share content ideas, help out with problems concerning the server or the players, and further expand the horizon of cosmic. I am able to get on at various times throughout the day (after work of course) and maybe fill in any time gaps that there may be now. I’m really looking to help people out and create a more clean, friendly server.
  18. 🔹**How Long Have You Played CosmicPE?🔹**: A little over 2 and a half years I believe.
  20. 🔹**Timezone (Check On Google If You Are Unsure)🔹**:
  21. GMT-6, Central Standard Time USA.
  22. 🔹**Do You Have One Of The Following?🔹**:
  23. ▫Discord: Yes, and try to be as active as I can on it.
  24. ▫Twitter: I don’t have it now but am willing to set up an account.
  26. 🔸**Do You Have Any Previous Experience As Staff? (If Yes, Please Explain The Server And The Rank In Detail)🔸**: Sadly not. I have helped out some friends of mine with starting their servers up, but they are very small communities.
  28. 🔹**Do You Have Any Other Accounts You Use? (Please List Them)🔹**: None
  29. 🔹**How Often Do You Play On Our Server?🔹**: I usually play cosmic about daily. I do skip days every now and then for personal matters but have a pretty loose schedule.
  31. 🔹** How Much Time Do You Have To Contribute To The Role On A Daily Basis?🔹**:
  32. I have about 6 hours of free time a day, in which a majority could be spent contributing to the server and I’m usually able to chat on discord the majority of the day if needed. I’m always able to be pulled in as well.
  33. 🔸**Why Should We Choose You To Be Staff On Our Server? (Explain)🔸**: I’m a pretty calm guy, and don’t really get into many arguements or problems. I think I could really bring up some creative topics about cosmic and it’s future and I’d like to discuss some. I get along with a lot of people and can relate to many too. I’m open to voice chat almost any time and I try my best to stay out of unnecessary drama. I try my best to stay positive.
  35. 🔹**Do You Speak Any Other Languages Enough To Help With Translations? (Must Speak English And Be Understandable!)🔹**: None fluently.
  37. 🔸**Is There Anything You Would Like To Change About The Server And If So, What Would Your Steps Be To Improve It?🔸**: I’d love to make the server just a chill community. I would pay attention to game chat and discord and respond to people with questions. I’ll try to break up disputes and help people solve their issues. I do pay a lot of attention to the suggestions channel in discord, and even though might be too far out of reach, would love to help implement those. If not, Id still love to communicate with players and discuss their suggestions.
  39. 🔹**Tell Us About One Of Your Best Moments On The CosmicPE Server🔹**: My best times were probably back on Dream Planet, just interacting and communicating with people on there. It showed me the capabilities of cosmic and just how much is out there. Talking and doing stuff with my faction really made strong relationships.
  40. 🔹**If You Have Any, What Hobbies Or Activities Are You Involved In Outside Of Minecraft?🔹**:
  41. I play football at my school and have a part time job. I also am involved with school a lot but usually have a big chunk of free time. A note that should be taken though is that I do have a vision disability which affects my outside life some, but I’m still able to see my phone and everything fine, so it wouldn’t interrupt with my cosmic experience.I do have some fixes to help me as well.
  42. **__Thankyou For Applying! You Will Be Contacted Soon If We Have Approved Of Your Application.__**
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