Xenos Hunters Session 30

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  8.         antoine Anselm has just exited the torture room via the hole Omniel made in the holofield wall. The same wall that the two xenos corpse bodyguards retreated through with their torturous master. Balmung has a naked and partially limbless Inquisitor over his shoulder and is dragging a half comatose pale space marine who was 'saved' from the clutches of the xenos.
  9.         Balmung ++I think it would be wise to get the inquisitor out of here as soon as possible++
  10.         Sinbad  ++Let's go then.++
  11.         Sinbad  ++All in favor of returning to meet with the Salamanders? They are currently pinned and holding the exit point from the xenos counterattackers.++
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  14.         Balmung ++Aye
  15.         Bellerophon     ++I am not leaving this ship until I have recovered all humans aboard this ship.++
  16.         Sinbad  ++Will you too be off then, like the Brother Champion? Throne be with you then.++\
  17.         Sinbad  looks to Balmung and Omniel
  18.         Anselm  comes on over the vox: ++I can route back and meet up with him, but it's then a matter of getting off this ship.++
  19.         Sinbad  ++Understood. Throne guide your actions and health.++
  20.         Sinbad  ++Brother Veteran, Brother Forge Master, shall we recover the Salamanders?++
  21.         Balmung ++Aye++
  22.         Omniel  ++I will accompany you. Our primary objective is of the utmost importance.++
  23.         Sinbad  ++For the Emperor!++
  24.         Sinbad  steps through the holodoor they entered, awaiting his brothers
  25.         Omniel  follows after Sinbad, plasma gun at the ready.
  26.         Balmung readjusts his cargo and follows Sinbad
  27.         antoine The group of humans follow, with Joffery somewhat on edge with the loss of his master but still no where near as jumpy as Patriclus.
  28.         Balmung ++Any news from the Rogue Trader's ship?++
  29.         Sinbad  ++Good notice. Vox the Salamanders, if you would?++
  30.         Balmung ++Aye++
  31.         Balmung ++They are holding out but the ship is retreating we should hurry incase they leave++
  32.         Sinbad  ++Understood! All, increase pace! Brother Champion, Brother Devastator! If you cannot leave in time, Throne guide your souls!++
  33.         antoine The group moves on, back through the ship's corridors. the left wall has bowed in about 30cm but has not buckled. The damage to the ship must have been extensive for such an effect so deep. You hear the footsteps of xenos occasionally but do not run into any. You do hear human voices up ahead, around a corner that if memory serves you leads to your destination.
  34.         Omniel  ++Brothers, I detect something about the voices ahead.++
  35.         Balmung ++What is it?++
  36.         Sinbad  ++Do tell.+
  37.         Sinbad  raises his bolter at the corner, peering into the darkness
  38.         Omniel  ++They are speaking low gothic, with a distinctly Orkish dialect. One has asked 'where the boss is at', I believe.++
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  41.         Balmung ++Greenskins?++
  42.         Omniel  ++Perhaps. At the least, they are likely not human.++
  43.         Balmung ++How many mortals do you know willingly speak like a greenskin?++
  44.         Sinbad  ++Not many. Arms up.++
  45.         Omniel  ++Acknowledged.++
  46.         Sinbad  ++Brother Forge Master, auspex ping? Their numbers and relative positions?++
  47.         Sinbad  ++All, prepare for offensive action.++
  48.         Navarre ++Galaxy is a big place, brother. They speak like that in some underhives.++
  49.         Balmung grunts
  50.         Balmung readies his bolt pistol
  51.         Omniel  concentrates on his sensors, scanning the area for more details.
  52.         Omniel  ++There are... many greenskins. Perhaps a hundred. The corridor is completely filled with them.++
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  54.         Sinbad  ++...I hate this ship. Bolters and hellguns up. Keep at a distance and open fire. ...Time we need him, and the Brother Devastator is not here. Brother Devastator, where are you?++
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  59.         antoine You turn the corner to find indeed there is a massive horde of orks. The carry xenos weapons as clubs or spears. The spiked weapon's ranged capability forgone by the brutes. Some use the blades to absentmindedly pick their teeth while others argue amongst themselves. Some drag chains behind them and other are missing limbs or appendages that were likely used to keep them contained.
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  61.         Bellerophon     ++Presently unavailable, Brother.++
  62.         Sinbad  ++Understood.++
  63.         Bellerophon     steps out from the xenos' crude "apothecarium," and down the hallway they first entered it from, looking for that chamber or room that was reported to be the "combat arena." There were humans there. Hopefully they still live.
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  65.         antoine As you turn the corner the boys look over at you. Their squabbling ceasing to a deathly quiet until a roar of "WAAAARRGGHH" is slowly joined until it becomes a crescendo and they begin to charge.
  66.         Omniel  ++I believe we have lost the element of surprise.++
  67.         Sinbad  ++Damn, damn greenskins.++
  68.         Balmung holsters his pistol and readies his grenade axe
  69.         Sinbad  unslings two frag grenades from his belt, and underhands them into the oncoming mob with a tired contempt
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  71.         Bellerophon     does his best to remain silent as he moves through the entrance to the pit
  72.         antoine The closest of the mob are torn to shreds by the grenades. Shrapnel piercing green flesh with ease.
  73.         Balmung fires a grenade into the horde
  74.         antoine The troopers fire into the orks but their focusing lenses must be off as the shots are weak and fail to do real damage.
  75.         antoine Patriclus does however manage to punch several greenskins to the floor with accurate bolter fire.
  76.         antoine Joffery quickly loads some blazer shells and racks off three quick shells. flame spews forth from his weapon, consuming a fair portion of the front ranks.
  77.         Omniel  steps forward, leveling his plasma gun at the charging horde and opening up. The torch mounted on his pack slides forward, sending a blast of flame down the corridor.
  78.         antoine The energy blasts and flame cut down more of the greenskin warriors down, their outnumbering of you seems to have kept their nerve so far.
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  80.         Navarre fires upon the greekskins!
  81.         Balmung ++Omniel how far from our entry point are we? I am requesting back up.++
  82.         antoine Navarre cuts the greenskins down further, the bodies begin the mount into a pile as the horde rushes over them, breaking bones and shattering skulls in their urge to rend you limb from limb.
  83.         antoine The orks crash into you, the worst of the fight is with the troopers who lose five more men on this now seemingly suicidal mission.
  84.         Omniel  ++According to my calculations, the entry point lies roughly 200 meter from our current position.++
  85.         Balmung ++Alright I have informed them.++
  86.         Sinbad  ++Once they arrive, we must use their distraction to break back for the exit point. We must not allow it to fall!++
  88.         Balmung ++Onmiel provide comms triangulation with the shark!++
  89.         Sinbad  ++Patriclus! Quickly! Plan 4!!++
  91.         Navarre ++I don't think that is how it works.++
  92.         Sinbad  begins to bounce up and down lightly
  93.         Sinbad  "Bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum..."
  94.         Sinbad
  95.         Balmung ++It might help to insult their gods also++
  96.         Navarre ++Do they even have gods worth insulting?
  97.         Balmung laughs
  98.         Sinbad  ++Quickly! Kill them as silently as possible while I lead them away! Mix into them and kill them!++
  99.         Sinbad  hisses into the vox as quickly as he can, yet in tempo
  100.         antoine Sinbad starts jumping and bopping up and down away from the group, dragging the shouting orks behind him.
  101.         Balmung sneaks up behind some orks and slams the head of his axe into their backs
  102.         antoine Balmung slays huge swathes of the group, his axes never ceasing to carve ork flesh from bone.
  103.         Balmung ++Have I ever told you how much I love killing greenskins?++
  104.         antoine The humans manage to down some of the greenskins but the tough hide of the brutes slows their works.
  105.         Omniel  wades into the Ork horde, servo-arms swinging wildly as he attempts to triangulate over the Vox with shark.
  106.         antoine The orks finally give up after the beating Balmung gave them and they flee the way they came... Only to run into a Salamander with a heavy flamer who cooks them, the foul smell only overcome by the choking fumes of the promethium.
  107.         Anselm  can be heard spitting various High Gothic curses at indeterminate xenos.
  108.         Sinbad  ++Our thanks, Brother Salamander! Quickly, Brothers! To the exit point! Brother Navarre, please see to whatever mortal men you can that fell!++
  109.         Omniel  ++Excellent work.++
  110.         Sinbad  laughs heartily as they reform and make their way back to the Salmander position
  111.         Sinbad  ++Brother Anselm! Report, if able!++
  112.         Sinbad  ++Brother Bellerophon! Report, if able!++
  113.         Balmung takes some ork teef trophies and rejoins the others
  114.         Anselm  grunts: ++Busy!++
  115.         Omniel  reloads his gun as they make their way back to the entry point.
  116.         Balmung shifts the inquisitor on his shoulder and picks up the injured astartes
  117.         Sinbad  offers to hold either of Balmung's charges at they move past, to free the assault marine's speed and ease
  118.         Balmung ++I got them don't worry++
  119.         Sinbad  nods, acknowleding his Brothers' strengths and abilities
  120.         Sinbad  ++Brother Salamander, how have your men fared at the exit? We have our Apothecary ready to take their gene-seed, and assauge the wounded!++
  121.         antoine ++We have held the line. The xenos have been busy fighting the fires ravaging the ship. We however are one of only two boarding parties still here. The others have returned to the Venator.++
  122.         Sinbad  ++Understood. We thank you for your aid, despite this not being your mission.++
  123.         Omniel  ++What of Brothers Anselm, and Bellerephon?++
  124.         Sinbad  ++That is what worries me. The Brother Devastator is not responding. And the Brother Champion...even the likes of him responded that he is "busy." We must try to catch up to him.++
  125.         Omniel  ++Then we are to go after them? Understood.++
  126.         Balmung ++You should go see to him, I should probably get the Inquisitor out of here++
  127.         Sinbad  ++We go as we see fit. Once we make the exit point, you two are given leave to decide what you desire to do. The Throne will guide you both, I know, for you two are steadfast and strong.++
  128.         Balmung grunts and heads for the exit point
  129.         Omniel  ++I shall accompany you, Brother Sinbad. Now that the primary objective is complete, I feel it is my obligation to assist our Brothers.++
  130.         Balmung ++I'll ensure these two get to the infirmary++
  131.         Sinbad  ++My thanks. We shall be able to deploy the nuclear device, if the Emperor wills it. Brother Balmung, since you are returning with the Salamanders, upon returning to the ship and ensuring your charges, please sweep for Eldar raiders.++
  132.         Sinbad  ++Since they came at us, they may try to make slaves of humankind, even in this situation.++
  133.         Balmung ++Aye I'll have the Salamanders assist me++
  134.         Sinbad  ++Bless you all, we shall make the xenos rue the day they transgressed upon the works of Man!++
  135.         Omniel  ++Let us make haste, before it is too late. I fear Brother Anselm may be in some peril.++
  136.         Balmung ++Primarchs watch over you++
  137.         Sinbad  hands Balmung a small pack, then heads off with Omniel to retrace their steps after Anselm
  138.         Balmung ++What's this?++
  139.         Bellerophon     loads the 30 or so corpses on the liberated gravsled, and returns to the Shark Boat
  140.         Omniel  hustles after Sinbad.
  141.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  142.         Sinbad  ++Where shall we go, Brother Forge Master?++
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  144.         Sinbad  ...Did the warp eat you?
  145.         Sinbad  (retcon that; thumb touched the touchpad, then the wrong tab)
  146.         Omniel  ++Perhaps we should retrace our steps to where we last saw Brother Anselm? He may have left a trail from there.++
  147.         Bellerophon     returns to the Shark after a long lonely walk
  148.         Sinbad  ++Good idea, Brother Forge Master.++
  149.         antoine Sinbad and Omniel soon make their way back to a ransacked room still filled with torture equipment and dead bodies
  150.         Sinbad  ++Shall we follow him down that hallway?++
  151.         Sinbad  ++Looks to be a tight fit.++
  152.         Omniel  ++It would seem the most direct route. Can you raise him on the vox?++
  153.         Sinbad  ++Got it.++
  154.         Sinbad  ++Brother Anselm, how fare you? We are trying to come to you? Is the hallway you entered from the torture chamber the way to go?++
  155.         Anselm  can be heard to snarl and shout over the vox: ++Infernal!...++
  156.         Sinbad  ++Into the tunnel. We'll find the way soon enough.++
  157.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  158.         Sinbad  ++I shall take point. My cameleoline cloak shall obscure us both this way.++
  159.         antoine You have just entered the hole in the wall. Inside is a cramped corridor. When you stand at your full height your horns scrape the ceiling while your shoulder's have about 20cm of clearance on both sides.
  160.         Sinbad  pulls out his power claymore, and lowers it like a lance and enters, awaiting Omniel
  161.         antoine The corridor is completely dark except for the light that enters from the excess entering via the hole you gained access through.
  162.         Sinbad  (Oh god we got horns; we're Chaos marines now)
  163.         Omniel  heads into the tunnel after Sinbad.
  164.         antoine (fuck, reposting
  165.         antoine to save time and speed up)
  166.         antoine You have just entered the hole in the wall. Inside is a cramped corridor. When you stand at your full height your helmet is close to the ceiling while your shoulder's have about 20cm of clearance on both sides.
  167.         antoine (There)
  168.         Sinbad  (lol, I was kidding, but thanks, I guess)
  169.         Sinbad  moves along
  170.         Omniel  hoofs it down the tunnel, keeping his various weapons at the ready for any sign of Xenos.
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  173.         Anselm  grunts over the vox: ++"if my Brother didn't need you alive!..."++
  174.         Sinbad  ++My apologies! Think of the torture it will go through after we bring him!++
  175.         Sinbad  says into the vox
  176.         Omniel  ++We must be nearing his location soon... he can't have gotten too far.++
  177.         antoine The liquid ceases to form on the ground, leaving you in an empty corridor that splits up ahead into two directions. One to the left, the other to the right.
  178.         antoine *you in an empty corridor that splits up ahead into two directions. One to the left, the other to the right.*
  179.         antoine retcon the non-starred thingy
  180.         antoine You make out two distinct smells. One is a lingering smell of perfume's of all kinds that overlap and intertwine coming from the left added to it is the smell of holy oils and blood. The one of the right has a faint smell of death.
  181.         Sinbad  ++...Brother Forge Master, can you bring up the direction of his vital signs on your auspex?++
  182.         Omniel  ++If he is within range, I should be able to.++
  183.         Sinbad  ++You may access the signum on my armor, if that may aid you as well.++
  184.         Sinbad  ++Excellent.++
  185.         Omniel  points to the left fork. ++He is there, Brother!++
  186.         Sinbad  ++You are a master, as always! We're off!++
  187.         Sinbad  brings up his black sword, and his bolter in the other hand
  188.         Omniel  forges ahead down the tunnel, plasma gun in hand. ++Brother Anselm, we are nearly there.++
  189.         Anselm  's voice echoes throug the hall: "I hold this man's life in my grasp! Stay back, do not dare to approach me, and I will not crush his spine!"
  190.         Bellerophon     says on the killteam network
  191.         Bellerophon     ++Brother Balmung, Tellion, the Astartes, and our human retainers, those alive and dead, have now left the ship.++
  192.         antoine You continue down the left route, heading further upwards until you reach a turn that leads to another fake wall. However the placement is unusual, it is 3 meters off of the floor, halfway up the room it is connected to. Inside you see six beings with inky black skin like shadow itself approach they have no faces, merely a smooth slate of black while they appear to be humanoid they are...
  193.         antoine ...completely inhuman. They carry long serrated blades and have brightly coloured tattoos of some kind on their skin. The room is large with an arched roof, you see a double door entrance on the other side of the room suggesting you are at the rear of the room.
  194.         Sinbad  ++Excellent to hear, Brother Devastator! Throne give you speed on the voidwinds!++
  195.         Bellerophon     ++Our primary objective is now complete.++
  196.         Bellerophon     ++I have not left with them. My goal remains unfinished.++
  197.         Sinbad  ++Brother Forge Master, into the storm!++
  198.         Sinbad  raises his blade and grasps his bolter in the other hand
  199.         Bellerophon     ++I have located the slave pens. I shall attempt to liberate them. This ship is small, but perhaps there are extraction vehicles to be found in its hangars.++
  200.         Omniel  ++That may be our only hope. Emperor guide you, Brother Bellerephon.++
  201.         antoine Omniel tries to breach the wall only to have his weapon pass through unexpectedly and almost over balance and fall into the room. This wall is not solid at all.
  202.         Sinbad  follows through, grumbling about the need for holo-doors when they don't need to be opened
  203.         Omniel  ++A most impractical design!++
  204.         antoine The beings advance until they are extremely close to the wall, they are in a semicircle out of sight now.
  205.         Sinbad  ++Brother, are you alright?!++
  206.         Omniel  ++I am alright.++
  207.         Sinbad  ++And the Brother Champion? Where are you?++
  208.         Anselm  ++Stay back!++ Anselm shouts hinting some desperation in his voice.
  209.         Sinbad  ++From what?! Brother Forge Master! Auspex ping?++
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  211.         Anselm  stands in the center of the shadow-beings' destination: an alcove built into the wall. In the Knight-Brother's hand is a dangling and struggling Dark Eldar in ornate dress. Three enormous panes of transparent material look out on the void at the other three sides of the room.
  212.         Sinbad  rushes in, his bolter lowered
  213.         Omniel  doesn't quite charge in, but enters the room nonetheless, weapons at the ready.
  214.         antoine the six shadow beings encircle Anselm
  215.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  216.         -->|    Balmung (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  217.         Sinbad  ++As with the Codex Astartes! Fire for effect!++
  218.         Omniel  ++Targets acquired.++
  219.         Sinbad  lays into the enemy, but their unnatural speed dodges even his bolt shells
  220.         antoine The bolts catch the large banner hanging on the wall behind Anselm. It has a slashed eye symbol emblazoned on purple silk which is now burning slowly, the flames creeping outwards from ignition points
  221.         Sinbad  utters a shrill-scream of anger, his armor resounding with an ancient rage
  222.         antoine The six shadow beings break off into two' to attack each of you in pairs.
  223.         Anselm  bites through his teeth and backs off from the shadow-beings, putting as much distance as he can from them. ++This damned xeno is more trouble than he's worth, Brother Sinbad!++
  224.         Sinbad  ++We're coming! This will be worth it, once they burn in radioactive fire!++
  225.         Omniel  brings his plasma torch in close, launching an all-out blast. At the same time, his servo-arm comes up in an uppercut motion towards his opponent's body, hoping to catch him off-guard.
  226.         antoine The plasma torch misses but the servo arm runs through the shadow being, leaving it as a husk on the floor
  227.         Sinbad  swings forth with the Black Sword in his right, and his combat knife in his left
  228.         antoine The Black Sword is passes harmlessly overhead of the xenos while the combat knife gashes the other opponent, leaving a trail of green smoke emerging from a wound.
  229.         Sinbad  "What witchcraft is this thing made from?! Demon!!!"
  230.         antoine Omniel's and Sinbad's opponents fight back as the two others making standing jumps up at Anselm
  231.         antoine They leap high into the air, one of which manages to grab the assault marines jump pack harness to hang on like a brachiating mammal.
  232.         Bellerophon     says on the killteam voxnet
  233.         antoine The blows are unrelenting from these hell monsters
  234.         Sinbad  "Demons...demons! Demons!"
  235.         Bellerophon     ++This is Bellerophon. I have rescued what I think is the complete sum of human hostages onboard. They sum around two-hundred.++
  236.         Bellerophon     ++I am going to attempt to lead them somewhere safe. Perhaps the lighter bays.++
  237.         Sinbad  ++Do so! We shall leave as soon as we get these pests from us! Bless your souls!++
  238.         Anselm  flails about, holding the Archon tight, shaking off the shadow-being from atop him.
  239.         antoine The shadow-being lands nimbly next to its kin.
  240.         Sinbad  ++Brother Champion! Get out of here! We'll block their path!++
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  244.         Omniel  turns to the remaining Eldar, servo-arm pistoning out towards its face. The plasma torch sends another burst of gunfire at its midsection.
  245.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Connection reset by peer)
  246.         antoine The techmarine is unable to pin down his elusive opponent.
  247.         -->|    Sinbad (chatzilla@3DF4EBA4.9F1FF521.69A6B287.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  248.         Sinbad  screams in rage, bringing his weapons in a double-cross down
  249.         antoine The enemy dodged the sword only to be caught by the knife that skewers him and leaves a ghostly sick green liquid on Sinbad's knife.
  250.         Sinbad  pulls out his knife and trades it for his bolt pistol, firing an attack of opportunity at one of Anselm's attackers
  251.         antoine The shadow beings continue to grasp for anselm while assaulting Sinbad and Omniel
  252.         Omniel  weathers the assault, waiting for an opening in the Eldar's defenses.
  253.         Anselm  finally grows so frustrated that he simply tosses the Archon to Omniel and draws his power sword.
  254.         Bellerophon     ++By the Emperor and His Throne...Brothers, I have made it to the hangar. It is full of their xenos craft, from the smallest interceptor up.++
  255.         Omniel  's servo-arm seems to spring out with a life of its own to catch the Archon, instinctively.
  256.         Bellerophon     ++This is unlike anything I have ever seen before.++
  257.         Sinbad  ++Busy!++
  258.         Balmung ++BROTHAS! Stand back from the view screen!++
  259.         Bellerophon     ++Wait! Brother!++
  260.         Balmung ++What?++
  261.         Bellerophon     ++I am in control of the hangar. Hold a moment and I will try to open its doors.++
  262.         Balmung ++This is a quick rescue!++
  263.         Omniel  ++Understood!++
  264.         Balmung ++No time for the hanger!++
  265.         Sinbad  ++Brother Veteran, you are sent by the Throne itself!++
  266.         Balmung ++Set the charge! I do not know how long my escort will last!++
  267.         antoine A shape looms in the viewscreen, what was twinkling lights soon grows into the mouth of a shark attack boat speeding up to ramming velocity.
  268.         Bellerophon     ++Are you sure that is wise, Brother? I believe I have figured out the rudimentary controls.++
  269.         Balmung ++Aye brother the rogue trader's forces have taken heavy loses and her bombers have been fitted for offensive purposes for this rescue!++
  270.         antoine Sinbad drops his second opponent with the same knife
  271.         Bellerophon     ++Have you many men with you? This cache of Eldar technology I am currently has value without number. At the very least it needs to be salvaged for the Inquisition.++
  272.         Sinbad  ++Not the time! Get the mortals and yourself to an exit and to safety!++
  273.         Balmung ++I have the sons of Vulkan with me, grab what you can when we hit I don't think the pilot wants to stay for too long!++
  274.         Bellerophon     ++...What, exactly, are you planning Brother?++
  275.         Balmung laughs +Ramming the bridge what else?++
  276.         Omniel  ++Unfortunate, but I fear we have little choice.++
  277.         Sinbad  ++Grab the xenos-swords! That's all we can make away with for now!++
  278.         Anselm  draws close and inflicts a storm of blows on one of the shadowy xenos.
  279.         Bellerophon     ++I see. That just might work.++
  280.         Bellerophon     ++If the ship is crippled, then we would be able to work at our leisure...++
  281.         Bellerophon     ++Godspeed, Brother.++
  282.         Anselm  spins around, swinging his sword to get the remaining shadow being.
  283.         antoine Now only the one attacking Omniel remains.
  284.         Omniel  takes a half-aimed potshot at the last one, his servo-arm firmly clamping into the captured Xeno.
  285.         antoine As Omniel holds the Dark Eldar leader in place and fires a ball of plasma at the shadow-being the shark attack boat fills the entire viewscreen before crashing into the wide room. The glass breaks and the doors automatically shut as the room is exposed to open void.
  286.         Sinbad  ++Praise the Throne and the Sons of Russ!++
  287.         Balmung slams his fist on the door release button +BROTHAS! I HAVE COME TO RESCUE YOU!++
  288.         antoine The shark attack boat's door slides open and reveals Balmung and the Salamanders waiting inside, weapons at the ready.
  289.         Sinbad  ++Brother Veteran, handle this wretch besieging the Forge Master!++\
  290.         Omniel  ++Excellent timing.++
  291.         Balmung moves over to help Omniel
  292.         Sinbad  ++...This ship will break from the Matterium soon. Brother Forge Master, prepare the warhead!++
  293.         antoine The rush of air continues to pull at you as you mag lock yourself in place
  294.         Bellerophon     ++Must we destroy it so early? There is much to recover from this ship.++
  295.         Bellerophon     ++To destroy it before the Inquisition or the Rogue Trader have a chance would be...saddening.++
  296.         Balmung ++Our mission is to destroy the ship and that is what we're doing!++
  297.         Omniel  ++Brother Bellerephon, I sympathize. Anything you can salvage would be of great import.++
  298.         Sinbad  ++Still one xenos left!++
  299.         Bellerophon     ++To destroy the ship is one thing. To destroy it without a care for what it might contain would be the antithesis to our very existence.++
  300.         Anselm  ++Cease running your mouth and let that thing be killed!++
  301.         Omniel  ++Agreed.++
  302.         antoine Balmung cuts the last shadow-being to nothing and leaves the room empty of xenos bar the captured leader
  303.         Sinbad  collects the serrarated blades, with ginger hands and tosses them into the gantry as the 1st Company Veteran cleanses
  304.         Sinbad  looks to his Brothers, his helmet almost gleaming
  305.         Balmung ++Set the charge and lets get out of here I don't think the shark can take much punishment from the eldar fighters++
  306.         Omniel  ++Brother Balmung, can you assist with the prisoner?++
  307.         Anselm  snaps off the helm of one of the Incubi before joining the others.
  308.         Sinbad  ++Yes, it is time. Forge Master, Brothers! Let us go!++
  309.         Sinbad  gingerly lifts the bomb off of Omniel's back to his front so that he can minister to it
  310.         Sinbad  ++Brother Bellerophon, we have to hurry before it breaks for their Warp-paths!++
  311.         antoine The flash of lascannons and autocannons can be seen behind the attack boat as bombers and furies dances outside, destroying dark-light turrets and opening the way for you to leave.
  312.         antoine dance*
  313.         Omniel  sets to work on the warhead.
  314.         Balmung ++How are the fighters holding up? We're almost ready to leave++
  315.         Omniel  ++Brother Bellerephon, will you be able to rendezvous with us?++
  316.         Sinbad  ++Brother Bellerophon, get here now, or find your own way out! We cannot leave our Brother behind!++
  317.         Bellerophon     ++I am in the hangar bay.++
  318.         Bellerophon     ++I have commandeered a transport.++
  319.         Bellerophon     ++I am unsure on my piloting skill.++
  320.         Omniel  ++Trust in the Emperor.++
  321.         Anselm  ++You cannot pilot it. Do not try to pilot it. Get up here now, for the sake of the Throne!++
  322.         Balmung ++Aye that is an order get to the bridge now!++
  323.         Bellerophon     ++I do not believe there is a chance to get myself and the humans to the bridge safely.++
  324.         Balmung ++Bring who you can then!++
  325.         Sinbad  ++Then lift off to the void, and when this ship breaks from the materium, it shall explode, leaving you safe enough in realspace!++
  326.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, into the Shark! Brother Forge Master, set the bomb to explode as soon as it leaves constant-vox-ping from your signal! As long a band as you can!++
  327.         Bellerophon     ++What is this about "breaking from the Materium"?++
  328.         Sinbad  ++When it breaks realspace, the severed signal will cause it to blow!++
  329.         Bellerophon     ++We canot be in the Warp, so what is the problem?++
  330.         Balmung ++The ship is trying to leave real space!++
  331.         Omniel  ++It is done, Brother Sinbad.++
  332.         Bellerophon     ++With a Shark in its bridge?++
  333.         Bellerophon     ++That seems unlikely, Brothers.++
  334.         Balmung growls ++Fine use the transport!++
  335.         Sinbad  ++Very likely! Move, or I shall try you for insubordination! Save the mortals, and get out the hangar bay in whatever transport you commandeered!++
  336.         Bellerophon     ++Not being an expert on the functioning of voidcraft of this scale, it still seems that in order to navigate the Warp, a functional bridge would be required.++
  337.         Bellerophon     ++Understood. Sir.++
  338.         Bellerophon     ++Wait a moment, Brothers. If the ship is attempting to escape into the Warp, could we not simply destroy the engines? If the Shark is still voidworthy, perhaps another pass could be made at the ship's warpengines.++
  339.         Sinbad  ++We literally have not the time to go find its engine room!++
  340.         antoine The Salamanders hold out their hands to haul you into the Shark attack boat, the odd angle of the ram means it stick out at 45 degrees from the decking.
  342.         Anselm  straps in, cradling his trophy, mumbling prayers.
  343.         Bellerophon     ++We are perpetrating a terrible shame. But there will be other oppurtunities, I suppose. And, at the very least, one example survives.++
  344.         Balmung snarls over the vox
  345.         Omniel  does a quick once-over of the room while the others begin to board.
  347.         Anselm  tightens his grip on his trophy. ++Your sudden xenophilia makes me sick. We'll be having a talk about this when we return.++
  348.         Bellerophon     makes sure the hangar bay doors are open, and climbs into the cockpit of the (Dark) Eldar transport ship, and tries to figure it out
  349.         Bellerophon     ++Your puritanism runs contrary to the mission of the Inquisition.++
  350.         Bellerophon     ++Regardless of your opinion, I am attempting to operate the transport I am in. I will need some time.++
  352.         antoine Once the group was locked in the call to the sealed cockpit was made and the ship door was sealed. As it did so all you could see was the banner on the back of the wall is half burnt the upper half of the eye is all that remains, the lack of air having suddenly stopped its burning. The ship reverses and drags its battered form out of the bridge.
  353.         antoine wall, half
  354.         Sinbad  ++You deeply, deeply misunderstand the role of the Inquisition, and moreso our role in it, Brother. Throne be with you, and especially those in your care.++
  355.         Bellerophon     ++To view the Deathwatch as an instrument of death is to view our purpose through the narrowest of focus.++
  356.         Sinbad  ++To view it our ascension as an auspex demeans your 'wings,' Brother Devastator. We have made void-touch. You must pull out soon, before the ship leaves.++
  357.         Balmung snarls ++you forget your place++
  358.         Omniel  ++Let us not squabble. The mission is nearly complete. Brothers, save your vitriol for when we have all safely returned.++
  359.         Bellerophon     ++Again, I am attempting to pilot, an activity unknown to me, a xenos craft.++
  360.         Bellerophon     ++There will be a learning curve.++
  361.         antoine The ship continues before suddenly there is a spike in the sensors and a massive warp hole is formed
  362.         Omniel  ++Good timing...++
  363.         Sinbad  makes the sign of the Aquilia in thanks
  364.         Sinbad  "...Oh DAMN."
  365.         Sinbad  "I forgot something."
  366.         Bellerophon     ++I and the humans are clear of the ship.++
  367.         antoine the ship guides its way in but just as it does so a another spike is registered. A massive energy burst fires off and consumes the ship mid-entry.
  368.         Bellerophon     ++Just in time, it seems.++
  369.         Sinbad  "...Oh, there it went. All is good then.
  370.         antoine The ship is buffeted by a massive wave of energy
  371.         Omniel  holds on tight.
  372.         Balmung growls under his helm
  373.         Sinbad  ++Brothers! Recite the Hymn of the Throne's Light!++
  375.         Balmung mumbles a something in fersian
  376.         antoine Everything finally settles before a beeping occurs. Enemy void craft on your tail!
  377.         antoine ++Apollo 3 here, enemy transport behind us. Bastards must of gotten off the ship. We'll take care of it++
  378.         Sinbad  ++Check for its pilot! It may be one of ours!++
  379.         Sinbad  ++It's pilot should go by the name of Bellerophon!++
  380.         Bellerophon     ++No! It is I!++
  381.         Sinbad  ++It is him! Don't shoot!++
  382.         Sinbad  ++Bellerophon, what is your favorite color?!++
  383.         Bellerophon     ++Ultramarine, of course.++
  384.         Bellerophon     ++What sort of silly question is that.++
  385.         Sinbad  ++See! Only Bellerophon would know Bellerophon's favorite color!++
  386.         Sinbad  ++Hold fire!++
  387.         antoine ++Uh, understood. Breaking off.++
  388.         Sinbad  "...I can't believe that worked."
  389.         Omniel  ++An interesting turn of events, certainly...++
  390.         Bellerophon     ++Indeed.++
  391.         Bellerophon     ++I fear the humans in the back fared less well.++
  392.         Sinbad  ++...What occured?++
  393.         Bellerophon     ++I am not sure yet. I only heard screams.++
  394.         Sinbad  ++Oh dear.++
  395.         Bellerophon     ++My thoughts.++
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