TezreciLeGrim Feb 25th, 2020 90 Never
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  1. Chat
  2. Darkfairypalepinkdim has joined the chat
  3. SinMay has joined the chat
  4. Darkfairypalepinkdim: it was hard but you got this sin hey brother
  5. SinMay: Hurts
  6. SinMay: T//T
  7. Tezreci: Why'd you invite me?
  8. Darkfairypalepinkdim: i wanted to see you
  9. SinMay: Glad That's over with lol
  10. Tezreci: Mhm, I am aware
  11. Tezreci: But you're causing drama for my father, so I have no interest in seeing you
  12. Darkfairypalepinkdim: i snapped once
  13. Tezreci: and now there's drama going on with you
  14. Tezreci: So, respect my need for distance for you
  15. SinMay: Ow my core x.x
  16. Tezreci: or don't talk to me at all
  17. Darkfairypalepinkdim: drama what drama im fine
  18. Darkfairypalepinkdim: oh i seei get it thanks
  19. SinMay: O.o
  20. Whispering to
  21. Stop whisper
  22. Send
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