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  1. oOFlappyOo: Back
  2. oOFlappyOo: BAAAABE
  3. oOFlappyOo: I passed out to sleep
  4. oOFlappyOo: ; - ;
  5. VixeySalem: i figured lol
  6. VixeySalem: <3
  7. VixeySalem: youll just make it up to me later ;P
  8. oOFlappyOo: c;
  9. VixeySalem: i hope you got some sleep at least ^^
  10. oOFlappyOo: oh yea
  11. VixeySalem: good. lol
  12. VixeySalem: i just assumed when you left you either fell asleep or crashed
  13. VixeySalem: or both lol
  14. oOFlappyOo: Loool
  15. Yiazmat: .-.;
  16. ArrynVorzo: -patting the spot beside her she shouted up- Mister! You can come down if you wish.
  17. Yiazmat: Ah?
  18. Candentia: o:
  19. VixeySalem: oop everyones coming back now lol
  20. Candentia: I have to leave soon, going to celebrate my grandpa ^^
  21. VixeySalem: ? :) ???
  22. Yiazmat: your grandpa
  23. VixeySalem: bday?
  24. ArrynVorzo: have fun dear
  25. Candentia: Yeah o:
  26. VixeySalem: cute x3
  27. Yiazmat: Tell him I said Happy Birthday~
  28. Candentia: Is that not how you word it? o.o
  29. VixeySalem: no lol
  30. Candentia: Oh
  31. Candentia: Well english isn't my first language haha
  32. VixeySalem: thats normally what you say if someones dead xD
  33. Candentia: OH
  34. VixeySalem: on their anniversery
  35. Candentia: OH GOD
  36. VixeySalem: xD yeahhhh
  37. Candentia: He's very much alive
  38. VixeySalem: good to hear lol
  39. ArrynVorzo: -yawning she grabbed a pillow and frowned hugging it tight to her chin and chest, leaning on the cushions she propped herself up to mimic leaning on somebody or something and closed her eyes-
  40. Guest_ella517150: hey guys
  41. Guest_Coriane: Hey there
  42. VixeySalem: /me sneaks up next to thor steathily snatching his candycane and scooting back to her seat
  43. VixeySalem: >w<
  44. Guest_ella517150: nah
  45. oOFlappyOo: /me He look towards vix suprised as he smiled with a smirk "You have made the wrong thing to the wrong man"
  46. Candentia: o.o
  47. VixeySalem: o.o
  48. VixeySalem: /me she giggles nervously pointing to the candycane from his mouth in her hand
  49. VixeySalem: :P. dweeb
  50. Yiazmat: Uh-
  51. Yiazmat: Uhum. I'll be reading if ya need
  52. VixeySalem: sry mat x'D
  53. Guest_Queen101824105: Heyy Bitch
  54. Guest_JadeAnderson7: hiii hoe
  55. Guest_Queen101824105: wassup
  56. VixeySalem: watch the language please only warning
  57. ArrynVorzo: language PG-13
  58. Guest_Queen101824105: oh sorry
  59. VixeySalem: ty
  60. oOFlappyOo: We say the language chat is PG-13
  61. oOFlappyOo: But we all know very well
  62. oOFlappyOo: We curse to much
  63. VixeySalem: xD true
  64. Guest_Queen101824105: Lol
  65. Guest_JadeAnderson7: yep
  66. VixeySalem: /me pokes him with her boot " well some of us more than others"
  67. VixeySalem: xP
  68. ArrynVorzo: downstairs are for mods mainly
  69. Guest_Queen101824105: Hey Queen where you at??
  70. Guest_ella517150: umm :)
  71. Guest_Queen101824105: oh there you are
  72. ArrynVorzo: as in go upstairs
  73. Guest_Queen101824105: What the Heck
  74. ArrynVorzo: no one listens
  75. VixeySalem: baby , remind me what your favorit stone is
  76. oOFlappyOo: Stone?
  77. oOFlappyOo: Like which time of weed trip I love?
  78. VixeySalem: emerald sapphire ecetera
  79. VixeySalem: xD
  80. oOFlappyOo: OHHH
  81. VixeySalem: lol
  82. Guest_JadeAnderson7: idek how i got here
  83. Guest_Queen101824105: lol same
  84. Guest_Queen101824105: same
  85. oOFlappyOo: Criptonite, shratz, Aragonite,Calcite - Dragon's Blood
  86. Guest_JadeAnderson7: lol
  87. VixeySalem: kryptonite
  88. VixeySalem: x'D
  89. VixeySalem: this is why i love you lol
  90. ArrynVorzo: go upstairs
  91. oOFlappyOo: I am stoned.
  92. oOFlappyOo: SHUSH
  93. ArrynVorzo: click the dots
  94. VixeySalem: its okie lol
  95. VixeySalem: <3
  96. VixeySalem: its cute
  97. oOFlappyOo: Pfffft  -_- you are cute
  98. VixeySalem: and your adorable ;P
  99. oOFlappyOo: PFFFFT
  100. VixeySalem: xD
  101. VixeySalem: why wont you let me be smooth x'DD
  102. oOFlappyOo: BECAUSE
  103. oOFlappyOo: This is my damn job
  104. VixeySalem: xDD
  105. Yiazmat: .-.;;
  106. ArrynVorzo: -gags and tries to suffocate herself with the pillow-
  107. VixeySalem: ah fuk off x'DD
  108. ArrynVorzo: sorry some of us don't like mushy gooey PDA
  109. Guest_Queen101824105: Im sneffing Pixie Sticks
  111. ArrynVorzo: I mean there's two people whom obviously dislike it. And you'r emaking the dude feel uncomfy.
  112. Guest_JadeAnderson7: we doin cocaine over here
  113. oOFlappyOo: Guest_JadeAnderson7: we doin cocaine over here
  114. oOFlappyOo: Best replay
  115. VixeySalem: im not going to be ashamed that im happy in my relationship.-.
  116. oOFlappyOo: o - o
  117. ArrynVorzo: no need to brodcast it in a public room with other people
  118. VixeySalem: so light flirting during a conversation is wrong of me ?
  119. VixeySalem: ill remember that next time your in a relationship love
  120. VixeySalem: :/
  121. ArrynVorzo: it's the fact you ignore the awkward signs and discomfort fo those around you
  122. VixeySalem: im not ingoring them
  123. ArrynVorzo: and I'm not constantly PDA, I may do small things here and there. PLus fuck relationships XD
  124. oOFlappyOo: I am tripping so bad right now...
  125. VixeySalem: all we are doing is small things...
  126. ArrynVorzo: \shrug
  127. oOFlappyOo: Mind blowen
  128. Yiazmat: Sorry what.
  129. oOFlappyOo: Wb
  130. Yiazmat: I've been getting info from this Roleplay to get myself back into it.
  131. VixeySalem: and im getting tired of you getting mad at me for being happy when i hardly get to see him
  132. VixeySalem: just ignore us if you dont like the pda
  133. VixeySalem: /me shrugs
  134. oOFlappyOo: ...
  135. oOFlappyOo: Whats a PDA?
  136. oOFlappyOo: xD
  137. VixeySalem: public dysplays of affection
  138. VixeySalem: Displays *
  139. ArrynVorzo: Not getting mad, respect others around whom don;t like PDA. Not my fault you cant snag him in PC and then LITERALLY cuddle, hug, kiss, much as you want.
  140. oOFlappyOo: o - o
  141. oOFlappyOo: Affection is sepose to be public....
  142. Yiazmat: .-.;;
  143. oOFlappyOo: I never even thought PDA is a thing
  144. oOFlappyOo: o - o
  145. oOFlappyOo: I am serious
  146. oOFlappyOo: never heard of it
  147. VixeySalem: i can i just dont feel the need to hide away like a wreatch
  148. ArrynVorzo: shrug
  149. VixeySalem: like i said
  150. VixeySalem: if you dont like it
  151. VixeySalem: ignore us
  152. ArrynVorzo: -goes back to supernatural and munches popcorn-
  153. oOFlappyOo: > - >
  154. oOFlappyOo: < - <
  155. oOFlappyOo: Sooooo, why do americans come up with things that the world never heard of... xD
  157. VixeySalem: xD
  158. VixeySalem: no clue i always thought it was stupid
  159. oOFlappyOo: I mean more then PDA
  160. VixeySalem: ? :o
  161. oOFlappyOo: There is this SJW thing
  162. oOFlappyOo: That spreaded across the world
  163. VixeySalem: xD
  164. VixeySalem: the social justice warrior ? xD
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