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Robot World Tournament: Tournament Status

BetaManfromMMRPG Feb 2nd, 2017 (edited) 97 Never
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  1. Public Stages Available:
  2. -Cut Man's Stage
  3. --Uncleared
  4. --Beta Man is here
  6. -Battle Arena
  7. --Go HERE for PvP!
  8. -----
  9. Break Areas:
  10. -Light Labs
  11. --Roll's Outfit Shop: OPEN
  12. --Auto's Shop: OPEN
  13. ---Hyperbolt Access: Nobody
  14. --Light's Upgrades: OPEN
  15. --Recruit Mega Man: AVAILABLE
  17. -Wily Castle
  18. --Disco's Storage Unit: CLOSED
  19. --Spar w/ Sniper Joe Elite: OPEN
  20. --Wily's Archives: OPEN
  21. --Recruit Bass: AVAILABLE
  23. -Cossack Citadel
  24. --Rhythm's All-Access: CLOSED
  25. --Kalinka's Stages: CLOSED
  26. --Cossack's Recruitment: OPEN
  27. --Cossack's Enforcer: OPEN
  28. --Recruit Proto Man: AVAILABLE
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