My Veran Warp setup (revised)

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  1. This trick will warp you to the final boss in Oracle of Ages.
  3. Prerequisites:
  4. - You must visit the rightmost area in the secret passage in Ambi's castle, or the underwater area below it. Otherwise nothing will happen.
  5. - You must not have visited the top-left of symmetry city in the present. If you do, you won't get the red ring (but you can still warp to veran).
  7. - Get out-of-bounds by doing an owl warp. It's a frame perfect trick, but there is a location you can line up with to do it consistently.
  8. - Play the tune of ages to escape from the glitched room.
  9. - Go up 3 screens. Do not move horizontally.
  10. - Use the harp on the second square from the bottom to go to the past.
  11. - Put link in a specific x-position near the top-right of the screen. His y-position should be at least as high as in the video - it should not be lower.
  12. - Load the ember or pegasus seeds into the seed shooter. (It will crash otherwise.)
  13. - Equip either the bombs, the harp, or the flute to A. Equip the rocs feather to B.
  14. - Jump and open the map on a frame where link's shadow is visible, and select the glitched tile once (3rd tile from the left). Press B to close the (now glitchy-looking) map. Your rupee count should change, and it will also glitch your ring box.
  15. - Land, and open the map again.
  16. - Select the glitched tile multiple times until your cursor becomes purple. Then exit the map and go through the text boxes.
  18. Differences from before:
  19. - I don't check the portal color anymore. I'm not sure if it matters. I recommend YOLOing it.
  20. - Your y-position is not pixel-perfect. But if you're too low, it will crash.
  21. - The harp, the flute, and the bombs all work as your A-button item. Using the harp will take one less equip.
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