Jabber Work: Monday

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  1. Fetishes include kissing, licking tentacles, coitus, office lady dragons and clothed sex in an office. Also romance and tenderness.
  3. ---
  5. "Princess! My office. Now."
  7. A shudder ran down my spine. Catrine's voice rang over the intercom with a silky menace. Many times she'd called me by that nickname, and it had been the prelude to a verbal reaming that had reduced me to the verge of tears. After last weekend, it still made me shiver, but for a very different reason.
  9. I passed Brenda's cubicle on the way towards Catrine's office. The pale-skinned woman sat, smelling of salt, in her office chair. Damp kelp covered her body, clinging to her lithe frame, her face sunken into the lines of depression. "Talk about a case of the Mondays, huh? I wonder what got up the Dragon's ass." My memories flickered back to the weekend, and I tried hard to not let the flush show on my cheeks. Thankfully, Brenda was busy with a cup of coffee. "Mmm. Hey, Princess, you smell different." Her eyes narrowed as she sniffed, a dreamy expression running over her lips. "Oooh. Did you get laid this weekend?"
  11. "Ah, can't talk, gotta see the boss!" I sped up my pace, face flushed. It wasn't like I was that feminine. A bit pale, maybe, skinnier than I would like, hardly small. But the nickname had stuck the moment I'd been given it. The office wasn't a terrible place to work, really. Long hours, maybe, but I was tearing through my student loans. It was just... tricky, working with monsters. Getting used to things. Like the casual attitudes towards sex. The total lack of concern about sexual harassment. It wasn't the kind of work environment I'd expected when I'd gotten out of school. And last weekend, I'd confronted Catrine. About the name-calling, about the teasing, about all of the trouble I was having with the attitude of the women in the workplace.
  13. I frowned as I entered the office. Catrine wasn't sitting behind her desk. I had a tenth of a second to be puzzled, before the door shut behind me with no more than a whisper of movement. A pair of warm, gentle arms wrapped around my shoulders, skin the color of coffee and milk, soft breasts pressing right against my cheeks. The tall, terrible woman enfolded me in her arms, pulling me off my feet as she held me tenderly. "What took you so long?" she hissed, frowning. "I was worried when you didn't come right away!" She let out a sigh of annoyance, setting me down, and walking over to her desk, pulling the chair out for me. I took a seat as she leaned back onto the desk, towering over me.
  15. "I came as soon as you called," I protested, but without much conviction. I was too busy admiring her. Her large black claws tapped out a slow rhythm on the desktop, contrasting with her dark purple wings. She was a dragon, but more eel-like than reptilian. Slippery-smooth flesh covered her arms and legs, her horns organic and curving. The jacket she wore was struggling to stay buttoned, her breasts straining the fabric to the bursting point.  Her skirt was pencil-thin, clinging to her legs, but never tripping her up. A bowtie rested around her throat. Two tentacles, gaping-mawed and white-toothed, danced on either side of her. They swayed like lovestruck serpents, heads dancing from side to side happily even as she frowned at me.
  17. "What are you grinning at? You realize, if we're not careful, this little- arrangement- It could mean both of us get fired, right?" She crossed her arms, her eyes narrowed as one of the tentacles slipped forward. It gently licked my cheek like a nervous puppy, before she tugged it back, her face red. "So, we need some ground rules. We can't let any of your fellow employees know we're fraternizing like this. We can't do anything disgraceful on company time, or in the office. We should try to avoid any displays of affection or any bragging or reference to having a relationship."
  19. "That might be difficult, considering the way you drink," I said, smiling apologetically. She gave me a sharp look, and then bit her lip, her eyes turned down to the floor, her shoulders hunching.
  21. "It would be bad enough to lose my own job, but for one of my precious subordinates to be disgraced and fired, all because I was a foolish serpent, too lustful to know how to keep them safe...! I would be an embarrassment to all dragons, even Jabberwocks, if I didn't know how to keep my legs closed for long enough to at least seem professional...!"
  23. I rested a hand on her knee, and smiled. "Hey, look. This job doesn't mean that much to me. If I got fired, it wouldn't be your fault. And I wouldn't stop caring about you one bit."
  25. There was a moment of silence, as her wings shivered, her eyes wide as she stared down at me. Her expression was somewhere between annoyed and amused, but her tentacles were practically salivating, dancing from side to side like wagging tails, her wings flaring slightly in agitation. "Like I need you to say such silly things! You're my subordinate! It doesn't matter what you say about me. I just can't... Can't..." She sniffed at the air, licking her lips. "H-Haven't you had a shower since we fucked? You smell..." She leaned closer, her eyes closing, as one of her tentacles reached forward, licking at my side. "You smell divine."
  27. I didn't have enough time to dodge the kiss. Her clawed hands rested on my cheeks, her bowtie yawning open to reveal a slender pink tongue. Both tongues lapped at my lips, teasing and stroking at them as her palms rested on my cheeks, caressing my skin with slow movements, sharp claws resting with infinite delicacy on my cheeks. When my jaw dropped, she dove in for the kill, tongue swirling around mine, her hips pushing down onto my lap. Legs spread around my waist, she began to grind into me affectionately, her warm groin swaying back and forth slowly. Her breath escaped in quick little huffs. I tried to protest, but the peach-sweet tongues twirled in my mouth, keeping me from saying anything. I settled for letting my hands rest on her hips.
  29. After a long few seconds, she broke the kiss, reaching down to yank her skirt up, exposing her bare crotch. She'd gone commando. "You're a real tease, you know that, P-princess?" Her voice shuddered slightly as she pulled herself up, onto the desk, her clawed feet resting on my chair's handrests. Her tentacles reached out, gently wrapping their tongues around my wrists, pulling at me gently, urging me to stand. "Acting all sexy and smelling so nice, you must want to really embarrass your superior, huh...? Think you're better than this job?"
  31. "No, ma'am," I responded, smiling as I stood up obediently. The tentacles tugged my arms forward, pulling them around Catrine to embrace her, pressing my hips against her bare mound. The heat pulsing out of her was intense, and the long kiss had already gotten me ready. I could've protested the fact that she was asking me to fuck her over her desk not a minute after she'd chastised me about no sex in the office. Somehow, though, being right didn't seem very important with her legs spread out in front of me, her clawed fingers running across her stomach.
  33. I took my time, slipping my pants down a bit, trying not to smile as her eyes grew more agitated by the second. The slick tongues of the tentacles lapped affectionately at my arms, and I leaned forward, resting my head against Catrine's chest. "Mmmph, what are you waiting for? Do you want me to- Oh~"
  35. The moment of penetration was as sweet as ever. Her body was warmer than a human's, almost oppressively hot inside, and she was terribly tight. Despite this, it was easy to lose myself in the moment, leaning against her soft chest, arms resting comfortably around her. The fact that her legs closed around my hips the moment I was inside of her certainly discouraged me from trying to be too active. Her warm pussy simply squeezed and milked at me, running along my shaft as the tentacles licked lightly at my cheeks, planting little kisses. It was the kind of thing that I could lose myself in. "Aaah, Princess... It'd be nice to just stay like this for a while... But we've got that deadline."
  37. Catrine's warm, muscular thighs wrapped tighter around me, forcing me all the way inside of her. Her hips began to pump back and forward on the desk, rocking it noisily, as she arched her back, forcing my face further into her cleavage. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, drooling slightly. "Ah~<3 So good~<3 Come on, Princess~ Show me you love me!" She was the only woman I'd ever met who could produce a sound shaped like a heart. I just buried my flushed cheeks against her chest, enjoying the beat of her heart as I panted for air. Even being held still inside of her was an exhausting experience like this. Her arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders, and she clung to me, her expression fierce. "My Princess!"
  39. It was hard to resist the sudden, intense suction. I closed my eyes, and let out a gasp, wheezing as she pressed her hips to mine. The urge to orgasm built rapidly, overpowering what little resistance I had. Her voice pitched up into a high wail that cut through the walls of the office floor like a siren as she came around me, hot juices rushing across my legs, splattering onto the ground. I responded in kind, feeling a profound sense of relief as I came inside of her, slumping against her.
  41. "Now, as I was saying, don't let anyone know about this. I don't want you to get in trouble." I nodded sleepily, arms wrapped around her. "And don't think that we're going to be doing this again! I'm a professional, you know. I don't just screw in the office all the time. No matter how cute you act." She ran her tongue across my cheek, licking me affectionately, tasting my skin as she shifted her hips. I was still buried balls-deep inside of her. "Have you had your lunch yet?"
  43. My stomach growled, and I bit my lip, looking a little bit embarrassed. "Ah, with the deadline- I figured it was better to just work through lunch, you kn-" She gave me a ferocious glare.
  45. "I can't have my employees starving! Tsk. You're so careless! What would you do without me to watch over you, huh?!" She sighed, and gently pushed me back. There was a wet, slick sound as I slipped out of her honeypot, flopping back into the chair. One of her tentacles dipped between my legs, licking me clean, as the other pulled my pants back on. Catrine herself was bent over the desk, her ass wiggling from side to side, as she rummaged through the desk. "Ah!" She pulled out a large, elaborate lacquered black-and-red box. "I made you this, this morning, because I know you never feed yourself properly, Princess. Keeping so skinny isn't good for you, you know?" She smiled, placing it on my lap. "Now, don't let anyone know that you got that from me. It'd look unprofessional."
  47. "I'll make sure not to brag about it," I said solemnly, standing up. As I turned to go, Catrine grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me into another long, slow kiss, her eyes closed as her tongue ran gently across my lips, both of her claws resting on my shoulder. She stood up straight, once again towering over me, and crossed her arms, doing her best to look fierce and intimidating. The effect was only mildly spoiled by my semen dripping down her inner thigh. "Now, back to work. We all need to pitch in if we're going to meet that deadline."
  49. I stepped quickly past Brenda's cubicle, aware of the way she was sniffing at the air suspiciously as I quickly moved past. I sat down at my own desk, and unable to contain my curiosity, opened the box.
  51. The warm scent of rice and meats filled the air. The lunch box was piled high with a dragon-sized portion of rice layered over meat, vegetables, and who-knows-what else. And painted in soy sauce across the rice, clear for anyone to see it, were the words "<3, Catrine."
  53. I flushed, and set to eating the evidence as quickly as I could.
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