[F4M] Date Night With Mommy

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  1. [F4M] Date Night with Mommy
  3. [incest][romantic][md/lb] weekend with Mommy part 2 [dirty talk][cheating][creampie][good boy] couldn’t wait to get home for some fun [foot play][exhibitionism] [road head][fantasy]
  5. *(optional) ambient noises of people talking accompanied by soft, romantic music*
  7. Honey? Hey, what’s wrong? You seem a little distracted *giggles* Its this sexy, low cut dress, huh baby? I knew this color looked amazing on me, and it shows so much cleavage for you too, my lucky son. You like my finger slowly dragging across my full, soft breast? I’ll never forget your face when I first came out of my room in this dress. Especially since... *whispering* I’m not wearing a bra *giggle*
  9. *soft moan* I love having my tits and perky nipples demand your attention *giggle* plus my bare sexy legs being on display for you. I know you love caressing Mommy’s soft thighs so I didn’t wear stockings.
  11. Come here, Mommy needs a kiss from her sexy son all dressed up *soft kisses*
  13. Baby, maybe it’s all the wine but let’s get going soon. *quickly* no no no, don’t worry honey, our night’s far from over *soft moan*
  15. It’s a good thing each table has such long table cloths, we can be a little naughty before we even get the check *soft moan and lip bite* you feel that under the table baby? Mommy’s soft foot wants to tease you. I want to get my handsome man nice and hard for me. *giggle and moan* There’s Mommy’s delicious dessert right on cue.
  17. Today has been amazing baby. From waking up and fucking, to being naked together and naughty all around the house, and now our romantic dinner. Be a good boy and come sit next to Mommy, I have a secret to tell you. Make sure to hide that bulge too *giggle*
  19. Hi baby *moan* you’re so sexy today *soft kisses* I’m just gonna sneak my hand down and feel that... *quiet gasp* baby, oh my god
  21. *whispering* I’m getting so wet, I can’t wait to spread my legs for you
  23. Speaking of which, it’s time for my secret.
  24. *moan and sexy whisper right in son’s ear*
  25. I’m not wearing any panties *giggles*
  27. Watch me spread my legs right here for you. Play with Mommy’s pussy baby. Be a good boy and finger your Mommy. Get me even wetter and my mommy juice all around your finger. Warm me up for that thick, hard cock.
  29. *slow, deep moan*
  31. Baby, fuck yes *laughing* rub the inside of my thighs too baby, please. Mommy needs those hands all over me. Don’t worry, you’ll see my big tits soon enough *laughs*
  33. *improv kissing*
  35. *long moans* oh baby, lets get out of here, I can’t take it. Mommy needs that cock *kisses* I’m gonna get the car while you pay baby, I’ll meet you outside so we can get home right away *kissing and giggling*
  37. — in the car —
  39. There’s my good boy *giggles* get in the drivers seat so I can have some fun, baby *scooting over to passenger seat* there we go, get Mommy home for some more quality time *moans*
  41. Don’t worry what my hand is doing *laughs* you have to keep your eyes on the road while I get this thick cock out for Mommy. It’s a good thing we have tinted windows, honey. Everyone’s out enjoying their Friday night so maybe we’ll see some sexy women walking around
  43. *moans* mm baby, you’re so hard already. Look at this girl outside the bar in her tight pink dress. Holy shit, her tits are barely being contained. Imagine Mommy licking those nipples while you fucked her *hard moan* oh baby, I love that fantasy. We’d switch and I’d ride you nice and slow so you can feel how wet watching you gets me. You’re all mine though so I’d let her know who Mommy’s good boy belongs to. I might let her taste us on your cock just so I could lick her pussy clean and get you even harder. Oh baby, Mommy’s so wet and hungry for this cock, gimme
  45. *improv oral and dirty talk*
  47. Fuck, this cock is so amazing baby. I can’t take it, I gotta stroke you and touch myself but remember keep your eyes on the road *giggle* Mommy’s torturing you huh? I know but we’re almost home!
  49. *wet sounds from pussy*
  51. You hear that baby, you hear Mommy’s dripping wet pussy just calling for you *moans* I’ll be riding you before you know it honey.
  53. *improv moaning and dirty talk*
  55. Fuck yes baby! We’re here *laugh* hurry and get in the garage so I can take control of that cock. I can’t wait to enjoy my good boy after such a romantic dinner. Keep your cock out too, baby. Mommy’s gonna grab hold of it and take you to bed right now *moans*
  57. — in the bedroom —
  59. Take a seat and help Mommy with her dress. *moaning* mm baby, you like how my big tits just flop in front of your face *giggle* yes baby, lick Mommy’s nipples, I know you’ve been wanting to get your mouth on me all night
  61. *improv dirty talk and moaning*
  63. I need that tongue on my pussy lips baby, lie back so I can sit on your face *moaning and rustling as you climb into bed*
  65. Yes baby, were you waiting for this all night? I know I was *moaning* I couldn’t keep my mind off my sexy good boy making mommy feel so good. Spank Mommy’s ass while I ride that tongue baby *moaning and spanks*
  67. Fuck yes baby, more. More please
  69. *improv dirty talk*
  71. I need to ride this hard cock now baby, give it to me.
  73. *shift position to cowgirl*
  75. Lick my hard nipples while my big tits float in front of your eager mouth.
  77. *moaning during slow penetration*
  79. Oh baby, I’ll never get tired of being filled up by that throbbing cock. Were you thinking about this during dinner honey? How I’d ride this good boy cock? How you would be cumming inside Mommy again? Tell me sweetie, you like having me all to yourself?
  81. *improv dirty talk while riding*
  83. I’m so turned on for you, baby, I need to make a mess on you, I need to feel you fill Mommy’s pussy.
  85. You belong in this bed, right under me while I take this cock. It’s all mine and I’ll keep riding you till you shake from cumming so hard. My good boy always gives me the best creampies.
  87. *improv riding and escalating to the edge*
  89. Yes baby, tell me you love Mommy’s ass bouncing on you. This throbbing cock feels so fucking amazing especially when I’m in control. I know just how to fuck that cum out of you.
  91. Are you close sweetie? Is Mommy’s cock about to explode? Grab this thick ass while I fuck you baby. Squeeze it as I go faster. Get ready to pump that cum into your mommy, good boy
  93. *escalating dirty talk and riding to orgasm*
  95. Mmm, that was amazing, honey. I had such a great time at dinner and an even better time in bed. I think it’s my absolute favorite thing to end the night with a cream pie from my good boy :)
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