Kain't Be This Chilly

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  1. [08:44:02] <Kain> Anyway! A certain bunc is wanting to visit a certain wall~
  2. [08:44:09] <Natbuncle> That is correct.
  3. [08:44:27] <Kain> What time of day is she planning to go, and is she heading over by herself?
  4. [08:45:02] <Natbuncle> Nah, it was probably during the 'dicking around town looking for stuff to do' stage, unless Cait got bored somewhere in the middle of that and went back by himself.
  5. [08:46:32] <Kain> Alright then, you arrive at the Eidolon Wall in the dead of night.There isn't anyone here, though a few torches are lit around the area, providing light.
  6. [08:46:32] <Natbuncle> SO, it's probable that it's still late at night where fewer people would be around!  Then again, *tourists*, so that likely doesn't matter all too much.
  7. [08:46:40] <Natbuncle> WAY TO PROVE ME WRONG
  8. [08:47:23] * Natbuncle happily marches through, anyway. On seeing the torches she gives a little "huh" and turns off the forehead flashlight she had on. Sure is convenient.
  9. [08:48:35] <Kain> They seem to be set up so that people can see if they DO come at night... or so that vandalizers can be spotted, or something. Yeah, that really worked well the previous night.
  10. [08:48:39] * Kain is now known as Cait
  11. [08:49:12] <Cait> "So what are ye hopin' ta find here?" he says, looking around at the pictures.
  12. [08:50:01] <Natbuncle> "Lessee."  Nat yaaaaaawns- last time was a pain in the ass with all the HEY CAN I SEE YOUR TIARA so this is really nice.  She's in humanform and probably let Cait ride on her head or something.  "Last time I was here I got to be old-me again... I bet I can find some stuff I'm missing."
  13. [08:51:43] * Natbuncle waltzes up, index finger extended, ready to poke the wall. "Y'know, maybe why I looked like this in the first place? I mean, I could always talk to the crystal but that's cheating."
  14. [08:52:10] <Cait> He does ride around up then, yawning too and stretching. "There are little messages written 'round some of tae areas, if yer interested. A lot of its is some generic blabber about having figured out how we work."
  15. [08:52:30] <Cait> Awareness!
  16. [08:52:42] <Natbuncle> "Y'been here before?"  She starts to tilt her head then realizes he's on there, whoop.
  17. [08:52:44] <Natbuncle> 2d6 k~
  18. [08:52:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, k~: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  19. [08:53:16] <Cait> Cait tumbles off without a care in the world.
  20. [08:53:18] <Cait> 3d6
  21. [08:53:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, 3d6: 12 [3d6=4,2,6]
  22. [08:53:25] <Cait> 1d6 reroll 4
  23. [08:53:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, reroll 4: 1 [1d6=1]
  24. [08:53:29] <Cait> 1d6 reroll 2
  25. [08:53:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, reroll 2: 1 [1d6=1]
  26. [08:53:33] <Cait> 1d6 reroll 6
  27. [08:53:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, reroll 6: 2 [1d6=2]
  28. [08:53:38] * Natbuncle tries to catch him on a foot or something.
  29. [08:53:48] <Natbuncle> However that works!
  30. [08:54:00] <Cait> He lands sideways on your foot, still relaxing, and yawning.
  31. [08:54:34] <Natbuncle> In fact super pretentious suemode she conjures a reflect wall like a platform at the end of her toe, then dispels it after the landing.
  32. [08:54:45] <Cait> He pushes himself up and does a more intricate balancing act though, as he looks closer at the wall.
  33. [08:54:47] <Natbuncle> What's that?  Power abuse?  NAAAH
  34. [08:55:47] <Natbuncle> "Well they sure TRY to figure out how we work.  Mumble mumble power save mode..."
  35. [08:55:47] <Cait> You do notice a set of drawings nearby that depict the icy eidolon, Shiva. multiple forms. There's a smaller, fairy-like child that would remind you of Fimble if you could remember who the fuck that was, and a mature, adult woman wearing very little.
  36. [08:55:59] <Natbuncle> ♼
  37. [08:56:01] <Natbuncle> ... no
  38. [08:56:03] <Natbuncle> ♡
  39. [08:56:21] <Natbuncle> (NOW PICTURED: what happens when you use the same keyboard for 12 years and its numpad gets stuck)
  40. [08:57:58] <Natbuncle> "Whoa hey, who's this?"  Totally unnecessary since she may just instinctively know!  Even if she did, though, she'd ask anyway, as she balances the smaller cat and turns him to face that part of the wall.  "She sure is little..."
  41. [08:58:00] <Cait> "Lessee what they got ta say on this lass..."
  42. [08:58:38] <Cait> "This is Shiva. Icy lassie, she is."
  43. [08:58:55] <Natbuncle> "Ice... if she's cold, why does she dress like THAT?"
  44. [08:58:57] * Natbuncle makes a face.
  45. [08:59:41] <Natbuncle> "Nn, whatever flies her airship I guess."
  46. [08:59:44] <Cait> "She's not cold, though. Pretty sure she gets hot, if anythin'. You wrap a snowball in a warm coat and it'll melt even faster."
  47. [09:00:05] <Cait> "Anyway, it says..."
  48. [09:00:07] <Natbuncle> "Oh.  Huh, that actually makes a lot more sense than I thought it would."
  49. [09:00:13] * Natbuncle keeps balancing and listens.
  50. [09:00:42] <Cait> The First Eidolon Discovered,
  51. [09:00:42] <Cait> Shiva
  52. [09:00:42] <Cait> Shiva took the form of a young girl when
  53. [09:00:42] <Cait> she was first discovered. She now
  54. [09:00:42] <Cait> appears a grown woman.
  55. [09:00:42] <Cait> Eidolons adapt their forms to the
  56. [09:00:42] <Cait> time and culture in which they appear.
  57. [09:00:42] <Cait> Shiva illustrates this theory.
  58. [09:00:42] <Cait> In certain areas, Shiva is depicted
  59. [09:00:42] <Cait> as a snowy fairy. This cannot be verified,
  60. [09:00:45] <Cait> since the only written document that
  61. [09:00:45] <Cait> remains is in this summoner village.
  62. [09:00:45] <Cait> People associate Shiva with
  63. [09:00:45] <Cait> the snow fairy.
  64. [09:00:46] <Cait> Why she changes forums remains a mystery.
  65. [09:00:47] <Cait> OOPS
  66. [09:00:50] <Natbuncle> cute
  67. [09:02:56] <Natbuncle> "Discovered... huuh.  So she's the first one humans met," balance balance, "Or something like that...?"
  68. [09:03:26] <Natbuncle> "'Mystery' is a silly thing to write though," she doesn't even notice 'forums.'
  69. [09:03:47] <Cait> *forms, fuck whoever copied this down
  70. [09:04:02] <Cait> "Yep, seems to be how it went! I don't really change forms, m'self, Least not from cait to cait. Pretty sure the stories about me are consistent."
  71. [09:04:06] <Natbuncle> It's hilarious to think there's just a glaring typo right there and the illiterate amnesiac doesn't even say it.
  72. [09:05:41] <Natbuncle> "Yeah... but that's kinda weird."  She kicks him up in the air lightly and switches legs, conjuring another temporary reflect platform, then continues to balance.  "If THAT'S how it works, why'd my form totally change from old-me just because Ammy made a painting?  I mean, I remember seeing old-me last time I came here, and it felt way different."
  73. [09:06:45] <Natbuncle> "Something's fishy," Nat salivates a little as she says this.  Just a little.
  74. [09:07:28] <Cait> "Ehh, come ta think of it, I haven't heard much in tae way of your stories lately, eh? Mebbe that was potent enough by itself because o'that?" He salivates a little too.
  75. [09:08:35] <Natbuncle> "Well..." She leans back a bit while balancing and pulls the diary out, flipping to the point where she recorded Ammy's stories about the Carbunkels.  "There're some in here... I dunno how real they are or not though.  I don't remember back that far."  :<
  76. [09:08:53] <Cait> He does a backflip off onto the edge of a flaming brazier, sort of dancing around the flickering fire.
  77. [09:09:07] * Natbuncle finally sets her leg back down and stretches.
  78. [09:10:13] <Natbuncle> "Is it... 'cause it's only me hearing 'em?  I mean, I GUESS it's only me."
  79. [09:10:20] <Cait> "Does it matter if they're real or not? You're you, no matter what people make of ye. Least, that's how I've always looked at it! No one's bothered ta correct me yet~ "
  80. [09:10:30] <Cait> "Possibly!"
  81. [09:11:31] <Cait> 3d6
  82. [09:11:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, 3d6: 13 [3d6=6,2,5]
  83. [09:11:36] <Cait> 1d6 reroll 2
  84. [09:11:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, reroll 2: 2 [1d6=2]
  85. [09:11:37] <Natbuncle> "Ehehe.  Yep!  I'm definitely me... but that means I'm the me I am."  She tilts her head a little.  "... Uhh, I think."
  86. [09:11:41] <Cait> 1d6 reroll 5
  87. [09:11:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, reroll 5: 2 [1d6=2]
  88. [09:12:01] <Cait> ...Gonna pretend that was a jackpot. Cait doesn't give a fuck about the rules!
  89. [09:12:46] <Cait> "If yer having yer doubts on things, ye could ask her a few things yerself, ye know." he points over to the portrait.
  90. [09:12:56] <Natbuncle> "Oh hey, good idea."
  91. [09:13:08] <Natbuncle> "Duhhh, I must really BE out of it if I didn't even think of that!"
  92. [09:14:06] * Natbuncle does a quick scan-over of the wall for any chocobos, but in the midst of doing so pokes the nearest Carbuncle drawing in the ruby forehead. Provided the ruby isn't shittily-rendered or something.
  93. [09:14:25] <Cait> Well, he pointed at the Shiva portrait, actually.
  94. [09:14:47] <Natbuncle> oh I read 'her' as 'yer'
  95. [09:14:54] <Natbuncle> MASTER OF PAYING ATTENTION
  96. [09:15:06] <Natbuncle> RETCONBEAM
  97. [09:15:20] * Natbuncle still looks for chocobo just because that should've been done a while ago.
  98. [09:15:35] <Natbuncle> But twirls her finger, poking at the wall.  Then touching a whole hand to it.
  99. [09:15:38] <Cait> Alertness!
  100. [09:15:45] <Natbuncle> 2d6 you mean perception?
  101. [09:15:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, you mean perception?: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  102. [09:15:51] <Cait> I mean Spot
  103. [09:16:07] <Natbuncle> You mean Notice?
  104. [09:16:35] <Cait> Hm... that's enough to see a rather massive, feathery bird wearing a sort of familiar crown. But that's not what you're focused on at the moment, is it?
  105. [09:16:54] <Natbuncle> It's 'mental note for later' material, for sure!
  106. [09:16:58] <Cait> Nothing seems to happen at first, but Cait grins, and gets out his megaphone, then hops down, raising it. "GO TE SLEEP." he shouts into it, with enough force to knock you off the ground and into the wall. You lose consciousness shortly.
  107. [09:17:15] <Cait> ....
  108. [09:17:18] <Cait> ........
  109. [09:17:21] <Natbuncle> ..................
  110. [09:19:24] <Cait> You slowly come to in an unfamiliar area. You're in a patch of snow, still dressed as you normally are, which is thankfully warm. Frost-laden trees dot the landscape, and a gargantuan iceberg juts out of the ground nearby. Snowmen dot the landscape, and you see the shadowy forms of unfamiliar, tiny creatures, like fairies without wings, playing in the snow. They don't seem to be substantial.
  111. [09:20:13] <Cait> The sky is clear and crisp, but a light snowfall is coming down anyway. Flakes brush up against your face as you wake up.
  112. [09:20:21] * Natbuncle rubs her forehead - tiara check! - and groans a bit. "Nnnng... that kinda hurt."
  113. [09:20:27] <Natbuncle> "... Didn't it?  I think it did..."
  114. [09:20:29] <Cait> Tiara's still fine!
  115. [09:20:56] <Natbuncle> "Oof!"  She jumps up!  "Oh I get it, this is..."
  116. [09:20:58] <Natbuncle> "..."
  117. [09:21:03] <Natbuncle> "Nevermind, I don't get it."
  118. [09:21:26] * Natbuncle headshakes and tries to get up, treading forward. To the iceberg seems like a benevolent idea!
  119. [09:23:53] <Cait> You march through the snow a bit! Snowballs dart over your head, pitched by the jolly little creatures as they laugh. You notice a little door in the side of the iceberg as you approach, as well as windows, and a welcome mat.
  120. [09:24:44] <Natbuncle> Natty basks in the cheeriness of the scene!  She's not even upset at being a target- in fact at the snowballs whizzing past she waves at the creatures a bit, wearing a bit smile.
  121. [09:24:59] <Natbuncle> "Hoo right.  That's what I was coming in here for."
  122. [09:25:01] <Natbuncle> Big smile.
  123. [09:25:04] <Natbuncle> not bit
  124. [09:25:25] <Natbuncle> "Um..."  Nat raises a fist toward the door, staring a bit...
  125. [09:25:40] <Natbuncle> ... Then shakes her head and lowers it, kicking it instead.
  126. [09:25:44] <Cait> There's also an unfamiliar sort of button next to the door.
  127. [09:25:50] <Cait> BAM
  128. [09:25:53] <Cait> BAM BAM
  129. [09:25:58] * Natbuncle stops at three.
  130. [09:26:05] <Natbuncle> "Uh, hi!  Anyone home?"
  131. [09:26:05] <Cait> ....
  132. [09:27:20] <Cait> The door swings open, and the woman from the wall is standing there. Unusually tall, with blue skin and long strands of icy, light blue hair, she's wearing a sleeveless, backless formal dress that shimmers with the same color as her hair.
  133. [09:27:49] <Natbuncle> "Ah..."
  134. [09:28:00] * Natbuncle drops stance and pulls her foot back, taking a deep breath.
  135. [09:28:04] <Natbuncle> Then waves.  "Hi!"
  136. [09:29:27] <Cait> Shiva: "Well, this is a surprise. I was expecting Ifrit..." She steps back, confused a moment. "Well, come on in, Carbuncle."
  137. [09:30:09] <Natbuncle> "Oh good, you recognize me!"  :D  "I thought I was gonna have to explain my... er, sorry, didn't mean to drop by uninvited or anything."
  138. [09:30:18] * Cait is now known as Shiva
  139. [09:30:26] * Natbuncle coughs and takes the invitation, walking in.
  140. [09:31:17] <Natbuncle> "So we met before, Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeva?  That's good~"
  141. [09:31:22] <Natbuncle> "I have amnesia!"  :D
  142. [09:32:04] <Shiva> "It's fine. I... don't get many visitors lately. Just don't make a mess." She glances out behind you, then shuts the door. You walk out of the cold and into... the colder, There's a living room with several comfy chairs and couches, with a pot of soup freezing over a large crystal of ice in a brick... fireplace? Weird. You also smell something nice, though.. and much warmer, coming from a
  143. [09:32:05] <Shiva> nearby room.
  144. [09:33:33] <Shiva> "Amnesia? You too, huh. You're not the only one that's had problems lately."
  145. [09:34:15] <Natbuncle> "Hee."  Grinning at the introduction, she sniffs a couple times and plops down in a couch, trying not to shiver.  "Yeah... I heard."
  146. [09:34:21] <Natbuncle> "Phoenix, Titan..."  :<
  147. [09:34:42] <Natbuncle> "... Ultros.  Still dunno if he counts.  Funny guy."
  148. [09:34:54] <Shiva> "Who? ...Well, nevermind."
  149. [09:35:29] <Shiva> She makes a face. "I was making... hot cocoa, expecting a different guest. It's not really my thing, but... if you'd like some..."
  150. [09:35:49] * Natbuncle stretches out. "Yeah, I guess he's pretty unpopular! But~ I just wanted to come by and talk. The best way to get my memories back is to make new ones, yeah? Uh..."
  151. [09:36:10] <Natbuncle> "W-Well, I don't have to stay all THAT long."
  152. [09:36:12] <Natbuncle> "..."
  153. [09:36:17] <Natbuncle> "Okaymaybejustalittle."
  154. [09:36:50] <Shiva> She smirks and heads into the other room, then comes back shortly carrying a steaming mug while wearing crystal oven mitts.
  155. [09:37:27] * Natbuncle :Ds and grabs it, not even thinking of the consequences! "Thanks a bunch!"
  156. [09:37:35] <Shiva> OW hot mug.
  157. [09:37:46] <Natbuncle> OW
  158. [09:37:58] * Natbuncle recoils a bit and...
  159. [09:37:59] <Natbuncle> ...
  160. [09:38:08] <Shiva> "It's nothing." she mumbles and has a seat.
  161. [09:38:11] <Natbuncle> Tries to grab it again, thinking something like 'it won't be as bad the second time.'
  162. [09:38:23] <Natbuncle> atai wa geniusu
  163. [09:38:40] <Shiva> STILL PRETTY HOT, but the mug is rapidly cooling in the supercold room.
  164. [09:39:36] <Natbuncle> Good enough for the Bunc!  She takes a little sip, not entirely sure what this drink is because ~amnesia~, but goes on, wearing a little smile.  "So... I guess we do know each other, right?  Phew, I was a little worried I'd be treated like a stranger."
  165. [09:39:58] <Natbuncle> "... Heeeeeey wait a sec.  I'm not me-me right now," she looks down, "how'd you know me like this?"
  167. [09:40:18] <Natbuncle> ... sorry
  168. [09:40:25] <Shiva> You do notice that you're in your trance form, by the way.
  169. [09:41:03] <Natbuncle> Ohhh.  ... Well she's just dumb and doesn't even notice her tail then because that's silly and cute.
  170. [09:41:11] * Natbuncle swishes it around. "... Oh."
  171. [09:41:15] <Shiva> Shiva takes off the mitts and sets them aside, having a seat. "Ruby, green fur, bushy tail. It's not -that- difficult to identify you. Last time we met was... ten years ago. Our last summoners were friends."
  172. [09:41:41] <Natbuncle> "Oh... eheheh.  Good point."  She rubs her forehead.
  173. [09:42:20] <Shiva> "Bismarck, the Mist Dragon... I hear even Atomos is having problems these days, but I couldn't tell you what."
  174. [09:43:04] <Natbuncle> "Well, sitting around and chatting about old times'd be great!"  She frowns a bit.  "... But I dunno how good at that I'd be with my problems.  See, I just wanted to come ask about a teeeeeeny little thing that's probably not that big of a deal..."
  175. [09:43:15] <Shiva> She raises an eyebrow.
  176. [09:44:38] * Natbuncle takes another sit and stands up, posing. Her tail poses with her of course. "See, I look like this now! Instead of... you know, the usual me. It feels pretty nice, being able to do human-stuff."
  177. [09:45:05] <Natbuncle> "But uhhh..."  She pushes her index fingers - *sip not sit - together and blushes a bit.  "See, I met someone, and..."
  178. [09:45:22] <Shiva> The hot cocoa takes sweet and rich. It's... kind of eh, though. You get the feeling this drink would be better, but Shiva doesn't seem like the best cook.
  179. [09:45:36] <Natbuncle> (+500 reference points, level up)
  180. [09:46:08] <Shiva> "You came to me for relationship advice." she stares.
  181. [09:46:41] <Natbuncle> "Naw," she waves a hand.  "I guess we were already together a while ago!  I'm only just now remembering him, it's a really weird feeling."
  182. [09:47:15] <Natbuncle> "It's just, he doesn't like what my human form looks like now."  :<  "Too little or something?"
  183. [09:47:57] <Shiva> "...Oh. ....Ohhh." Her face starts to turn a shade of purple. "You... you know about -that-, do you." She glances away.
  184. [09:48:16] <Natbuncle> "... Which -that-?"  She tilts her head, totally clueless.
  185. [09:48:37] <Natbuncle> "I remember... uh...."  Nat starts holding up fingers.  "Like, the past... four days?  Five?"
  186. [09:48:40] <Natbuncle> "And that's it."
  187. [09:49:09] <Shiva> She points across the room, to a portrait of a younger version of herself, dressed in a tank top and skirt, tossing snowballs with the creatures outside.
  188. [09:49:37] <Natbuncle> HNNNNNG.  "Oh... THAT -that-!  Yeah, that's one of the pictures on the wall, right?"
  189. [09:50:31] <Shiva> "I don't see why they felt that was important enough to document..." she mutters at the floor, but looks at you. "Yeah, I guess."
  190. [09:51:27] <Natbuncle> "Well -I- don't think it's that bad... but I don't think me being little is that bad either."  She mumbles a little bit herself, then wears a huge smile.  "But you know how to change like that then, right?  That's why I thought you'd be the best choice to ask for help!"
  191. [09:52:24] <Natbuncle> Oh, right, her tail swishes around too.  The usual.
  192. [09:57:48] <Shiva> She sighs a bit. "Fiiine... For our natural form, we're usually bound by what humans envision us as. Because when they have an idea in their heads, it gets returned to the crystal, which makes 'corrections', right? Sometimes an eidolon wants to make a change to themselves. Whether through spreading different stories, or just... sheer force of will, a fish can become a dragon, or a little girl
  193. [09:57:48] <Shiva> can grow older. Assumed shapes, like you having a human form, is a bit different. Being able to change that is more about experience and skill, like a brand of magic. ...I suppose that a rapid change of personality might be able to do it, too, but wouldn't recommend trying to force something like that."
  194. [09:58:32] <Shiva> "I've always been mostly human in appearance, so it's been a bit of both worlds for me. ...I did want to become older, more mature."
  195. [10:00:24] <Natbuncle> "Oh, you mean like... if someone gave you a bunch of fake memories and forced you to act different..."  The Bunc prattles to herself a bit, probably making no sense.  Then with a WHOOSH she jumps off the couch and spins to transform!  Assuming there's nothing holding that back and lands as a green cat and yawns.
  196. [10:00:35] <Shiva> She pulls out a curved stick of white and red striped candy, breaking off a piece and letting it hang in her mouth a moment.
  197. [10:00:43] <Shiva> Thump, green cat lands.
  198. [10:00:57] <Shiva> "...I... guess?"
  199. [10:01:03] <Shiva> She seems confused at the question.
  200. [10:01:15] <Natbuncle> "3I get it, kinda."  Both tails swish around as she watches.  "3But... that's still weird.  THIS form changed just because my friend drew a picture."
  201. [10:01:26] * Natbuncle waves a paw around. "3Oh sorry, I was just kinda talking to myself there."
  202. [10:01:37] <Shiva> "Well, did you like the picture?"
  203. [10:01:52] <Shiva> Munch munch.
  204. [10:02:19] <Natbuncle> "3Hm... yeah.  We had lots of fun arguing over what to draw in there.  She ended up drawing both this and what she thought older human-me would look like."
  205. [10:02:46] <Natbuncle> "3But, this is the only one I actually changed into... and it still took a couple days.  I did that... Trance, I think it's called?"
  206. [10:03:11] <Natbuncle> "3WHOA."  The cat sits up, eyes wide.  "3So all I need to do is Trance again!"
  207. [10:03:22] <Shiva> "...I think you're running a bit wild there."
  208. [10:03:32] * Natbuncle rolls over and transforms back. "Oops~"
  209. [10:03:38] <Natbuncle> "... Yeah, that sounds pretty me.  Sorry."
  210. [10:03:43] <Shiva> "If it didn't happen when you first tranced it's not likely to happen after a second time."
  211. [10:03:52] * Natbuncle takes another sip of the cocoa which is probably ice-cold by now.
  212. [10:04:06] <Shiva> Pretty coldish, yep.
  213. [10:04:21] <Natbuncle> "Okay, I getcha.  I'm pretty sure what I looked like then was what I look like now... well, only glowier.  And I think with different clothes?"
  214. [10:05:07] <Natbuncle> "Anyway... nah, I was listening."  Siiiiip.  "If I want to be older-looking, then I just have to... act more mature?"
  215. [10:05:08] <Shiva> "Pretty standard trance, then."
  216. [10:05:27] <Shiva> "That's one path to try out."
  217. [10:05:29] <Natbuncle> "That sounds like I'd have to stop being me."  :<
  218. [10:05:54] <Shiva> "I was also saying you could try and practice changing your human shape when you change into it."
  219. [10:06:12] <Natbuncle> "... Ooh.  Okay, I like that one a whole lot better."
  220. [10:06:30] <Shiva> "Don't expect instant results." Munch.
  221. [10:06:32] <Natbuncle> "I dunno WHAT I'd do if I had to stop being cheerful, or lazy, or..."
  222. [10:06:36] <Natbuncle> Siiip.
  223. [10:06:45] <Natbuncle> "Ohh, whatever those things that make me me are."
  224. [10:07:32] <Natbuncle> "Ehehe.  Well we're not in a HURRY or anything.  I still have to save the world and put back the crystal together and help my summoner get a boyfrie"SLURRRRRRRRRRP "I MEAN just the first few things."
  225. [10:07:34] <Shiva> "That's so Carbuncle." she just shakes her head, smirking.
  226. [10:07:42] <Natbuncle> "~"
  227. [10:07:51] <Natbuncle> "Thanks, Sheevy!  I'll work on it."
  228. [10:08:37] <Natbuncle> "But... uh..."
  229. [10:08:43] <Shiva> "...?"
  230. [10:08:55] <Natbuncle> "If you tried to rush something like this and do it all at once by 'forcing' it... it'd be dangerous?"
  231. [10:09:48] <Shiva> "Ehh, probably not so pleasant, no. Even humans, short as their lives are, have problems with rushing things."
  232. [10:11:08] <Natbuncle> "Ooh.."  She stares down in the mug, at her own reflection.  "Maybe I should say something... eh, maybe not."  Natbunc shakes her head and takes another slurp.
  233. [10:11:15] <Natbuncle> "Nevermind, was just wondering, that's all!"
  234. [10:11:54] <Shiva> "It's not like I have anything better to do than help..." she mutters.
  235. [10:11:59] <Shiva> BAM.
  236. [10:12:00] <Shiva> BAM BAM.
  237. [10:12:01] <Natbuncle> "So," she hops up.  "If you're still expecting someone.... actually!  Wanna hang out some other time?"  :D
  238. [10:12:06] <Natbuncle> "Oh whoa."
  239. [10:12:09] <Shiva> A much louder set of kicks assaults the door.
  240. [10:12:16] <Natbuncle> (bisonyes.mp3)
  241. [10:12:38] <Shiva> "...If... you want to." she says, acting rather neutral. "And that's probably him."
  242. [10:13:31] <Natbuncle> "Cool!"  Maybe she's making a joke!  Maybe she doesn't even realize?  "I've been hanging out with mostly humans all the time lately, and it might be fun... to..."
  243. [10:13:37] <Natbuncle> "... I should probably go, huh."
  244. [10:14:19] <Shiva> She reaches over and flicks you on the forehead. "Yes, for now. ...I wouldn't mind if you dropped in again later, though." she mutters.
  245. [10:14:35] <Natbuncle> "Nn!  Can go, see you later!"
  246. [10:14:39] <Natbuncle> "Have fuuuun~"
  247. [10:14:47] * Natbuncle ...
  248. [10:14:48] <Natbuncle> ...
  249. [10:14:50] <Shiva> She just sort of nods, turning purple again.
  250. [10:14:52] * Natbuncle HAS NO IDEA HOW TO GET BACK OH GOD
  251. [10:14:57] <Shiva> POOF
  252. [10:15:01] <Natbuncle> WORKS
  253. [10:15:05] <Shiva> You sort of... wake up.
  254. [10:15:19] <Shiva> You're laying in human form across Cait's lap. ...Oh, he's in human form, too.
  255. [10:15:25] <Natbuncle> "Aaaah."
  256. [10:15:31] <castfromhp> (kyaa)
  257. [10:15:31] * Shiva is now known as Cait
  258. [10:15:43] * Natbuncle wakes up swooning then~ ... Or maybe she's still hurting from being slammed into a wall.
  259. [10:15:43] <Cait> Seems like he's been holding you while you slept.
  260. [10:15:56] <Cait> "Have a good trip?" he asks with a knowing sort of smirk.
  261. [10:16:05] <Cait> You don't actually hurt that much.
  262. [10:16:40] <Natbuncle> "Nnnnn..."  Being eideloins is p. good!  "Yeah, actually.  It was pretty cool."  Now it's almost impossible to tell whether she knows she's joking or not.
  263. [10:17:19] <Cait> He helps you sit up, then bursts into cat again, standing up.
  264. [10:18:00] <Cait> "Me mischief always seems ta work out in tae end~"
  265. [10:18:04] * Natbuncle shakes her head and doesn't turn back when he does, despite definitely considering it! "I guess we were friends a while back. Kinda. Sure lucked out, huh?"
  266. [10:18:28] <Natbuncle> Ain't even mad.  "Well I have NO clue how I woulda got there by myself anyway!"
  267. [10:18:30] <Natbuncle> "So thanks~"
  268. [10:18:47] * Natbuncle leans over and 1,1kisses him on the forehead. Without changing back. Chu~
  269. [10:18:57] <Cait> Mrow.
  270. [10:19:09] <Cait> He sort of staggers backwards in an exaggerated swoon.
  271. [10:20:02] <Cait> "I hear the lass is chill, hehehe. Oh me, that was so terrible."
  272. [10:20:06] <Natbuncle> "Doing the thing I needed is real easy apparently.  It's just... 'use magic,' pretty much."  Nat stands up, stretching, then makes a face at herself.  "Wonder why I was thinking it was such a big deal..."
  273. [10:20:16] <Natbuncle> "Oh, yeah."
  274. [10:20:19] <Natbuncle> "She's freezing!"
  275. [10:20:25] <Natbuncle> . . .
  276. [10:20:36] <Cait> The cat snickers.
  277. [10:21:12] * Natbuncle STILL seems to not even realize she made a joke.
  278. [10:21:28] <Cait> Poke. Pokepoke. The cat is poking you.
  279. [10:21:34] <Natbuncle> Ow.
  280. [10:21:40] <Natbuncle> "Nn?"
  281. [10:21:50] <Cait> "Feh!"
  282. [10:22:03] <Natbuncle> "Oh, guess I should."
  283. [10:22:10] * Natbuncle whomps facefirst on the ground and poof cat.
  284. [10:22:16] <Cait> He walks off, looking 'round again. "Almost disappointing if it sounds that easy."
  285. [10:22:34] <Cait> "What's life without a bit of challenge, eh?"
  286. [10:22:45] <Natbuncle> "3Yeah... especially since I'm all about illusions and making things different-looking and stuff."
  287. [10:22:57] <Natbuncle> "3But oh well~  It's not like it'll happen right away or anything."
  288. [10:23:16] <Cait> "Disregard device, do what ye want?" he says, innocently.
  289. [10:23:20] <Cait> *advice
  290. [10:23:21] <Cait> not device
  291. [10:24:13] * Natbuncle sticks out a tongue. "3You mean cheat? Hee hee~ I'm sure you can wait a LITTLE while."
  292. [10:24:16] <Natbuncle> "3Silly."
  293. [10:24:36] <Cait> "I'm not in a hurry, lass, I'm just saying what sounds more fun ta me!"
  294. [10:25:46] <Natbuncle> "3Oh yeah, it probably WOULD be fun.  But I dunno, I could just finish my mission and come back when it's all over... I mean, my memories probably won't be blowing up then and all..."
  295. [10:26:08] <Natbuncle> "3And there's like, no WAY I wouldn't be all tall and sexy and stuff by then."
  296. [10:28:03] <Cait> "Whatever ye want, lass." he nods, then stretches and yaaaawns.
  297. [10:28:11] * Natbuncle yaaaaaawns too.
  298. [10:28:15] <Cait> "Think it's time for a bit o' tae' ol catnap."
  299. [10:28:41] <Natbuncle> "3Good idea~"
  300. [10:28:55] <Cait> He calls down that giant stuffed moogle thing again, hops up one shoulder, curling up, and patting the other shoulder.
  301. [10:29:13] * Natbuncle backs up a bit and jumps on then!
  302. [10:29:28] <Cait> The moogle walks back off into town as Cait curls up and goes to sleep~
  303. [10:29:29] <Natbuncle> Then spins around 3 times and curls up.
  304. [10:29:50] <Cait> Aaaaand
  305. [10:29:51] <Cait> </>
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